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tv   First News at 5pm  ABC  February 2, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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out bernie sanders. >> darcel: meanwhile the winner on the republican side, ted cruz. >> tammy: he's in the upstate tonight for a rally. that's where darren botelho, joins us live. >> darcel: darren, when does the event get started in. >> darren: tammy, the event is supposed to get started at 6:30. right now there aren't many supporters at the convention center in greenville. we are expecting it to heat up when ted cruz is expected to arrive. you see a couple of reporters right there heading up the escalators. as we've been reporting, ted cruz with a strong backing of evangelical support won iowa over donald trump last night. cruz was only trailing trump by about five points going in to the caucuses. meanwhile, here in south carolina, right now cruz is
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which means cruz is going to need an even bigger miracle to beat trump in the primaries here in february. also it may be no coincidence, cruz plans several rallies in the upstate after an iowa win. >> whenever you're not predicted to win and you win, it's like the underdog. basically they're saying that he can't win. ted cruz can't win. ted cruz can't win. but it has been proven that he can win. and i think whenever you prove something through facts, they're hard to ignore. >> god bless the great state of iowa. >> darren: and it's worth mentioning following cruz's win in iowa last night, senator tim scott in south carolina is
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and upstate congressman trey goudy support of course we'll have more from this cruz event tonight throughout our newscast this evening. live in greenville, darren botelho, news 13. >> darcel: we have new information in a triple murder in buncombe county that happened back in october. a grand jury has indicted pierre griffin ii for the murders of uhon johnson, alexandra king, and tatianna diz. we'll bring you much more on what he finds tonight at 6. >> tammy: an update now on the zika virus. north carolina health officials
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kim berly, r . >> kim: one of whom is already traveling in these regions. advertises their popular but not cancelling trips. allen mitchem, an independent agent. >> people should be aware of it. i don't know that people should be frightened. >> kim: he's talked with them by phone about precautions against zika. >> i have in the different countries coming up the coast of south america, i have land tours booked for them.
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the precautions, are one, have insect repellant. i think they get some repacking for the trip just to be able to have the skin protected. >> kim: long time asheville travel agent glen wilcox has run wilcox travel. the agency handles church travel nationwide. >> the group is going but one lady who is pregnant decided not to go. >> kim: the trip planned for march. wilcox said the woman canceled two weeks ago due to concerns. >> most of every place that we send people, to resorts and all, they spend enormous amount of money and have in the past. they will continue to keep the mosquitoes down. i understand that probably this is happening out in the suburbs.
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not in the suburbs. >> kim: no agents we spoke to have any canceled trips. some feel stories like zika end uf sensationalized. scaring travelers. darcel, tammy. >> darcel: certainly not one of our prettiest days around here. >> tammy: cloudy and damp for many. but not for all. chief meteorologist jason boyer explains why and when rain comes. >> jason: tomorrow. but for the here and now, this is our leicester carpet sales news13 sky cam network black mountain east side of buncombe county socked in with clouds. that's been the story for many of us. but not everyone. franklin, temperatures now dropped to 60. but you had highs in the mid to upper 60s. even 70s out here in the southern mountains. 40s, boone, newland, morganton,
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60s. that's because of the cold heavy air just kind of sloshes back from the continental divide east ward. there are the showers coming in. most of it is still well to the west of us. even some thunderstorms. we'll continue to track this. your evening planner, show, drizzle. fog, damp and even breezy. it's miserable weather here. 50s in the upstate. who is in line for severe thunderstorms. stick around for the details on that. >> darcel: a new campaign is coming to asheville urging drivers to slow down for pedestrians, kids and pets. hope, where is the area concentrated? >> hope: this is what has folks
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soon see these signs all over town. time has come to take action for some asheville neighborhood. >> people drive by and i think there's no way they could possibly stop if my kid ran in the street. >> hope: concerned parents are fed up. >> it's the most dangerous place for pedestrians in north carolina. so knowing that and handling a number of cases where people are catastrophically injured and killed, i know how bad it can be if someone is driving too fast and not paying attention. >> hope: this campaign to slow down asheville is headed by a group of lawyers who are also parents. >> the more that we can help the community on that front, i think the better off we all are. >> hope: they represented the family of the woman who was killed at this intersection a
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it's taken that long just to get this light up. >> too bad it's an unfortunate incident causes things to get fixed. >> hope: local businesses are concerned, too. >> it's a pretty important thing for us. >> hope: handing out signs here for free because they're not just serving drinks, they say they're serving the community. >> i've actually been to meetings and just trying to organize around bringing more crosswalks or see if we can get more attention from the city. >> hope: soon it will be a city wide effort taking action to slow it down. >> you don't just go slowly because you don't want to get in to a crash. you go slowly because people and pets and kids and moms and dads walk across the street. >> hope: so next wednesday, the whole campaign launches. you'll be able to find the signs
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if you're interested in getting involved, go to and click on this story. reporting live in asheville, hope hanselman, news 13. >> tammy: happening now, crews are working a head-on collision in jackson county. >> jaclyn: both lanes of traffic are closed near bass lake drive. several injuries are reported. there's no word on the extent of these injuries. a wrecker is heading to the scene so hopefully that will be cleared up shortly. there are two problems you need to worry about. one, pisgah drive. you can see traffic in the area slowing down to 19 miles per hour. things start to clear up as you head towards 240. another area we're dealing with is keep that in mind if you're heading that way on your
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traffic report brought to you by debruhl's used car superstore. >> tammy: how a basketball coach
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>> darcel: plus an annual i don't know what i'm doing. i can't find anything just when i think it's just not going to work. this woman that works there comes over and asks can i help you? and he was so happy, to do it amazing right? i never would have expected would have thought that anyone would find that do that. make that go out of their way for me. right then, right there i couldn't believe it he was so helpful i know it's such a small thing little thing. simple thing but it made me smile
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made my day share your story. publix. where shopping is a pleasure.
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raising money for residents in flint, michigan. >> tammy: citizens there don't have water after lead was found. >> darcel: her goal was to raise $5,000. >> i thought what can i do to bring the area together to send relief to those people. 40% of the city is poor. 67% is african american. so what can i do from north carolina to push the effort forward? >> darcel: if you'd like to donate, we put a link to maria young's site. nibbles was the main event at the western north carolina nature center. it was tough to tell but the
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did not see her shadow. >> tammy: so that means spring will come early this year, if she's right. >> she's really a special animal. nibbles came to us from folks that tried to keep her as a pet. that did not work out. we got her about three years old. come in nature, that's a really long life. >> darcel: gravy the groundhog at chimney rock state park said the same thing. they say he has a 60% success rate. jason, i think yours is higher than that. >> jason: let me see, am i seeing my shadow? in here i am. tee time did not see his shadow. three degrees above average. gloom and lots of low clouds and fog.
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still 3.33 in the bucket for the year. heavy rain is on the way.
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and also now your news 13 skywatch weather. >> jason: so the rain isn't going to start in the next hour. it's going to take a couple more
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rain move in from the south. this is just the initial push from the moisture. and even getting some sun. but it's a lot of rain, folks. 100% chance of rain tomorrow in asheville. really it's all or nothing tomorrow for us. and i think there's going to be plenty of rain for the entire region. same thing in the mountains starting tonight lasting through at least tomorrow. there is rain, very likely. 100% chance of you getting showers. sunshine and mild temperatures have been replaced by a lot of clouds and eventually a lot of rain. fog now at the airport in asheville. 50 degrees. this is unca. south wind at 8. that's usually a good sign that you're going to have warmer temperatures. yes, it's been milder than average but we just can't enjoy it.
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when you step outside, not very nice. north west wind at 18. that's miserable. 100% humidity. the fog is locked in there with a wind chill of 45 degrees. damp chill down there. not very good. here's the big contrast. there's cold air getting pushed down from high pressure north. and warm air trying to get nudged up here from the tennessee valley. that's winning out now farther west. but the cold air is not budging just yet. it will overtime as this warm front noses its way north. cold front comes through and puts us right back in to the chill starting tomorrow night in to wednesday. along this cold front, near it as well, we're looking at a lot of rain. i think the severe threat is going to be imaginal.
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isolated wind threats and tornado. if you're farther west, you have a chance of seeing that. it's going to be west and south towards georgia where the severe weather threat will be greatest. here's your future cast at midnight. a lot of rain initially. this is moderate rain coming in spreading northeast ward. look at this line of heavy showers and storms. that may be the severe weather coming out of tennessee. 9 o'clock tomorrow morning, there's noon almost, it starts to break up and move east. and will still have the potential for stronger thunderstorms east. could see over three inches in places like transylvania. jackson county. temperatures tonight. look at this. 40s and 50s for lows. that is way above average. even closer to 60 degrees in places over the upstate. tomorrow we're back in to the 60s. mid 60s in asheville,
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temperatures will certainly be very mild for this time of the year. above average. but then we start to crash. we go down in to the 40s thursday. 40s friday. 40s saturday. that's the day of the polar plunge for me, by the way, in lake junaleska. it gets cold again next week. in the upstate, you're looking at mild before colder, too >> tammy: you get money for that, too? >> darcel: new ways to enjoy cold cereal.
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also having a little bit of fun. >> tammy: day or night, cold cereal tends to be a hot trend and not just for kids. >> darcel: a new trend for cereal parties and combinations should pique your interest. >> reporter: as a collegiate athlete, jim lessons to her children. >> it's very important to me what my kids put in to their bodies. having them be a part and having choices, healthy choices is very, very important. >> reporter: kim is a number of growing moms throwing cereal parties.
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pizza, soda and snacks, kim sets up cereal bars including fresh fruits and whole grains mixed with yogurt. >> traditional breakfast meal and making it fun. >> reporter: karen is a registered dietition. besides being healthy, she says cereal bars can also be educational. kids often try new foods in these situations and learn to take ownership in their diet. >> i think when we have more choiois we're likely to eat the food we create when we make it and design it ourselves. >> reporter: in some cities, cereal restaurants are adding it to their palate. jay siltzer, news 13.
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>> tammy: searching for . >> darcel: they're reflections of ourselves and they're dark. what are they? shadows, of course. >> tammy: in my never stop learning, first graders learn about shadows.
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they can be? >> short. >> tammy: perhaps the most famous shadow is the one punxsutawney phil looks for every year. students learn if they want to see their shadow, they have to have one thing. >> when you have, like, light, your shadow will appear. it's all over where you at. >> it's a good thing because you can play shadow tag. >> because i like hot but not cold. >> cold's not really my favorite. >> tammy: well madison might just be in luck because the students at jones elementary school learned that phil did not see his shadow this morning which means the groundhog is predicting an early spring.
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