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tv   News 13 Tonight  ABC  February 2, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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haywood county. >> the child died from blunt force trauma to the brain. >> larry: what authorities are now saying about the death. >> darcel: new details tonight of a man who killed three people in asheville. >> larry: an international emergency. >> compared to other viruses in well known. >> larry: tonight, we're talking with local doctors who have treated birth defects associated with the zika virus. now from western north carolina's news leader, this is news 13 at 11:00. >> darcel: breaking news in buncombe county, firefighters are battling a house fire in woodfin woodfin. >> larry: firefighters telling us that the home appears to be a total loss.
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seen of . >> larry: developing tonight, an autopsy reveals a haywood county toddler died from blunt force injury to the brain. >> darcel: emergency workers responding to a call for help were not able to revive the toddler. he died at the scene. >> larry: do investigators know how it happened, frank? >> frank: the sheriff tells us that his detectives are still in the middle of trying to sort all of this out. so he's not releasing many details at this point. now what we do know is that kyler pressnel was staying with relatives at this home near underwood road. they say the little boy was unresponsive. that he could not be revived and
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hour later. kyler's grandmother told news 13 that she believed her grandson died of carbon monoxide poisoning. but it was blunt force trauma to the brain. >> anyone that's had any kind of contact with the child has been interviewed at this time. >> they are doing such a wonderful job to get justice for kyler. >> frank: kyler was staying with relatives because his father and mother were behind bars in connection with a breaking and entering case from last month. officials say jail is where the parents learned about their son's death. now grandmother jane webb tells us that kyler was staying with his other set of grandparents at that underwood home.
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that his detectives are interviewing anyone who has come in to contact with that child. reporting live in waynesville, frank kracher, news 13. >> larry: an update tonight on an asheville triple murder case. a grand jury has indicted pierre griffin on three counts of murder. he's accused of killing alexandra king, tatianna diz and uhon johnson. the two women were shot to death. their bodies recovered from the french broad river a week later. griffin also allegedly killed uhon johnson in pisgah view apartments that very same night. district attorney todd williams tells news 13 he's considering the death penalty. he has 45 days to make that decision. a grand jury also returned a first degree indictment for
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she shot tim fry, a wlos employee, in his home in december. richardson claims she shot him because he assaulted her. she remains in jail without bond. >> darcel: new tonight, asheville city schools held a community forum about restructuring hall fletcher elementary. many people spoke out against the change saying it would revive the school community. tonight there was a packed house. the plan currently on the table will turn it in to a school for kids in 4th through 8th grade with a focus on science, technology, math and the arts. >> it is our understanding that it is only a proposal. it may be the one recommended by the central office staff. but it is not one that has been voted on by the board and that all options should be on the table. >> darcel: parents and teachers at tonight's forum ask the school officials to go back to the drawing board.
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pros and cons of breaking up the school that is currently pre-k through 6th grade. >> larry: today carolina and health officials joined the cdc world health organization has declared the virus an international public health emergency. >> reporter: the zika virus might be making headlines right now but physicians say we've known about it since the 1940s. >> in comparison to o oer viruses in the community, it's not as well known. everyone is seeking to completely understand right knew. >> reporter: what's really gaining attentionn isn't the virus itself that's carried by mosquitoes. >> for healthy people, only one in five actually get sick with it. if you do get sick, it only causes mild fever, red eyes, joint pain and joint aches. >> reporter: the concern is a birth defect now associated with
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a doctor at park ridge health is taking it a step further linking the two. >> if you're pregnant when you're affected with it, your baby could be born with a small head known as microcephaly. that could be dangerous. >> babies who are born with microsefaly have a very small ed head. >> reporter: now knowing what could happen to an unborn child, the emphasis is on prevention. >> how well will that baby be able to eat, move. will they need a lot of support through early intervention? >> reporter: until there's a
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the area is recommended for expect expectant mothers. >> larry: jason is here with what to expect. >> jason: tornados down in mississippi and portions of alabama. not saying that threat is going to be greatest for us here. but we're going to have our chances tomorrow. heavy rain coming over portions of the upstate. simpsonville all the way up to spartanburg. mcdowell, rutherford county, burke county steady rain. this is the main event. we had some flash flood warnings out for areas in huntsville. new severe thunderstorm warnings coming in. we had tornado warnings earlier, but we still have a potential of severe weather tomorrow. watch out for damaging wind. that's going to be the biggest
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our severe storm index. rain in our leicester carpet sales news13 sky cam network over greenville. temperatures have held steady in the 40s. temperatures by in the 60s by the lunch hour. i'll show you when to expect the roughest weather in just a bit. >> darcel: haywood county deputies are looking for the men who broke in a home while the owner was there. deputies say he kicked in the door and started taking things from the house but dropped them when the owner stopped him. if you have any information, call the haywood county sheriff's office. >> larry: tonight buncombe county commissioners approved a spending project for the next ten years.
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include the new isaac dixon as well as an intermediate school in enka. >> darcel: a rutherford county employer has fiid for chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. horse head holdings is the nation's largest zinc processor. the company's ceo said today's action will allow the company to restructure. the filing includes the request that employees continue to be paid. the company plans to continue . >> very sad for rutherford county, because like i say, the county's already struggling for employment. and i have several customers and they were kind of at a loss about what they're doing to do. >> darcel: horse head employs 730 workers, including about 300 in rutherford county.
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work there during the temporary shutdown. a family is crushed tonight after a bizarre attack involving their chihuahua. up next, how it happened and a warning for others with small dogs in the area. >> larry: and ted cruz continued his momentum from iowa with a rally in greenville.
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>> darcel: we have an update on the house fire in woodfin. >> larry: it's happening right now on stratford drive. just minutes ago a firefighter told us that flames were shooting through the roof when she got there. multiple fire departments are working to get it under control. >> darcel: a family of four who was inside when it all started, got out safely. the home appears to be a total loss. we will continue to post updates on this fire on and our news 13 app and have the latest on news 13 tomorrow morning. senator ted cruz arrived in the upstate. >> larry: he's now turning his attention to south carolina at the td convention center in greenville. >> darcel: darren, what was his focus tonight? >> darren: well of course he
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night in iowa. but he also talked about his call now to conservative south carolinians. >> texas's senator and your next president, ted cruz. >> darren: the conference room became standing room only. >> i think they want a christian person, a christian man, a christian senator. someone who is going to do what he says, says what he means. >> last night, the people of the great state of iowa sent notice to the country that the republican nominee and the next president is not going to be chosen by the media. >> darren: ted cruz targeting the new hampshire and south carolina primaries. cruz is lagging behind in the palmetto state by double digits
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and elect a candidate just like himself. >> the next president of the united states is going to be chosen by the most powerful force in all the politics, we the people, the grassroots. >> darren: these grassroots coalitions are terrifying establishment politicians. >> the men and women in this room terrify washington d.c. >> darren: and cruz says he plans to keep that going all the way to washington with the help of south carolinians. >> if every person in this room brings nine other people in the primary, we're going to win the south carolina primary. we're going to win the nomination. we're going to win the general election. we're going to beat hillary clinton. and we're going to turn this country around. >> darren: and it's worth mentioning that after cruz's win last night in iowa, south carolina senator tim scott put his endorsement behind marco
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goudy last month put his endorsement behind marco rubio. so it will be interesting to see how marco rubio fairs. right now he's third behind trump and cruz. darren botelho, news 13. >> darcel: a family is in shark and heart broken tonight after a hawk flew in to their backyard and attacked and killed their chihuahua. it happened outside of raleigh yesterday. the dog's owner walked outside to check on coco and saw the dog in the claws of a red tailed hawk. the hawk flew a few feet with the dog in its grasped. he yelled and the bird let go but it was too late. >> i called my son and said she's gone. there was a gaping hole and the neck was broke. her eyes were still moving. i was just kind of shocked because i had never seen a hawk
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>> darcel: the family buried coco this morning. police are warning pet owners to be careful if they have small dogs outside. >> larry: check out this tornado caught on video tonight in alabama. spotted near the mississippi line. the storm system that spawned it damaged a federal corrections institute and several homes. but no reports of anyone getting hurt. >> darcel: no tornados expected here in the mountains. but we can get ready for rain. >> larry: jason, will most of us in the mountains and the upstate be seeing that? >> jason: absolutely. that starts later tonight, more so in the morning. here's your tyson furniture bus temperatures will actually get in the 60s. but you won't be able to enjoy it that much because it's going to be wet and stormy. even severe weather. i'll explain that.
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temperatur i don't know what i'm doing. i can't find anything just when i think it's just not going to work. this woman that works there comes over and asks can i help you? and he was so happy, to do it amazing right? i never would have expected would have thought that anyone would find that do that. make that go out of their way for me. right then, right there i couldn't believe it he was so helpful i know it's such a small thing little thing. simple thing but it made me smile made me happy made my day share your story. publix. where shopping is a pleasure. now your news 13 skywatch weather. >> jason: tracking some heavy rain in to the area now. and this is just the beginning of what is going to be a very soggy next 12 to 24 hours. that rain is moving right up in to the heart of the mountains. this is just a little bit. the big event, or the main event comes later tomorrow morning in to the afternoon.
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elevations above 3500 feet. that extends all the way back in to tennessee. we could see wind gusts in the higher elevations up to 55 miles per hour. there's a lot of wind energy with that system. some of that wind energy may be transported down to the surface as these storms kind of pull some of that down from above. that means we could have damaging wind threats as these winds move in. there's a line of strong and severe thunderstorms showing up well here in the future cast. future satellite and radar picture. that's at 6 o'clock tomorrow morning. this line already entering places like cherokee and graham county. you have greatest risk of getting some damaging wind. any one of those storms could produce an isolated tornado. as those storms move in to the mountains, you live here long enough to know they start to break up. we'll get our showers and storms.
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they'll shift east of i-26 and maybe congeal in to another line here from the foothills down to the upstate around 11:00 a.m. they they shift to had piedmont. so they're charlotte's problem by the afternoon. that's a lot of time to deal with wind, and lightning and damaging wind. we clear out tomorrow night and get on the cooler side of that system for the rest of the week. rainfall amounts, it could be over three and a half inches in jackson, transylvania, places like henderson county, too. temperatures 40s and 50s. highs tomorrow in the 60s. look at this seven day forecast. a lot colder thursday, friday, saturday all in the 40s.
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we'll have >> darcel: bill cosby was in court in pennsylvania today. cosby's lawyers are fighting to have the case against him thrown out. cosby's defense says they had a deal that he wouldn't be charged, which is why he
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no word on when they'll decide or when the case will go forward. a plane crashed just off the coast of florida. a witness says the plane nose dived in to the water. thankfully the two people were rescued and expected to be okay. the faa is investigating the cause of the crash. >> larry: the daughter was worried about her mother's driving and she called police from inside the car. police say the daughter asked her mom to pull over. she was worried because her friends were in the car. when the mother refused, the daughter called 911 who pulled her over. the mother is now facing dui charges. fans are going all out to show their panthers pride. one black and blue logo on a lawn has turned a lot of heads
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>> stan: acc hoops tonight, duke playing in its first game out of the top 25 since 2007. blue devils with underachieving georgia tech. maybe this will be the place the duke's get it going. but they will not have coach k. he's sick. first half dominates inside. jackets led by four at the half. grayson allen terrific. he puts them on their back. now it's allen and marshall plumlee, a bit of a two-man game. watch allen give it to plumlee
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duke wins georgia tech 80 to 71. now in the sec, carolina against struggling georgia. now from the low block, he scores 18. dogs up at the break. then it was jj frazier comes alive for three. then after south carolina kept it to six. an improbable three from frazier. georgia upset south carolina 69-66. gamecocks' third loss of the year. panthers thomas davis, remember he was hurt in the nfc title game against arizona. he broke his forearm. he had surgery the next day. he's wearing a hard cast. he's practiced but how is he? will davis will play? his coach is counting on it. >> i thought thomas looked really good in practice. he used that hand.
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one of the concerns with it is what would happen if he had to deliver a shock. he seemed to weather that yesterday very nicely. he looks good. again, like i said, i don't doubt thomas. >> stan: luke notestine heading to santa clara. wrestling all over the state. only one in the mountains. that was at enka. enka won the pod. they advance to third round thursday. lexington knocked out brevard. mitchell two time defending 1 a state champ kicks out rosemund. rosmind will wrestle on thursday. tony stewart in the hospital
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he was injured driving an atv somewhere near san diego. he's awake and alert. no other update until thursday. he turns 45 in may. >> larry: it's not going to be pretty tomorrow. at least the temperatures not bad. >> jason: it will be mild. hopefully you can get a few minutes to enjoy that as the rain ebbs and flows. chances of rain very high. wind threat tomorrow. we'll certainly have our chances of severe weather tomorrow. yes, tomorrow is by far the wettest day of the next seven. we get colder by the end of the week. >> larry: thank you for joining us.
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