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tv   News 13 This Morning  ABC  February 3, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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>>jay: a home in2 is destroyed by2 >>holly: utah video broke hearts. >>jay: it caught a father with his daughter to traffic court,. >>ingrid: when it was his time to go inside, the cop offered to babysit. they said they watched cartoons on his phone and then she fell asleep. >>holly: oh,. >>jay: that's really nice. >>holly: so cute. that is really nice. good morning, it's wednesday, february 3rd outside it is pouring in some areas. >>ingrid: yes, indeed. we are at a flash flood watch for this eve2 transylvania county, henderson county, buncombe county, parts of mcdowell county and burke, yancey, mitchell and avery county as well. another issue this morning, there is a wind advisory out through 10 a.m., above 3500 feet, gusts up to 55 miles per hour. we already have had some reports
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heaviest rain in swain county right now, but wet pretty much every where. coming up in my full forecast, we will talk more about the timeline of this rain, how much more will fall, and when a big cool-down happens. but right now let's get a first look at the morning drive with jaclyn. >>jaclyn: thank, ingrid. we are accident free right now in the asheville area, thankfully. if you are taking i-26 east towards henderson county, you may see some delays on your commute. traffic is tying up to exit 44 in four seasons boulevard so keep that in2 mind. patton avenue is looking good through your morning drive. you can see everything is moving right along there at louisiana avenue. and like ingrid mentioned we are dealing with rain this morning, so of course the roads will be wet. remember to take it slow on your morning commute. give yourself a little bit of extra your on-time traffic report brought you by the wired mouse computer solutions. >>holly: new information this morning about a fire that tore through a home in woodfin overnight. >>jay: news 13's lauren brigman is live from the woodfin fire department and, lauren, crews had trouble with the water system while patting that fire? >>lauren: that's right, jay. one of the firefighters on the
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hydrant closest to the home was actually not working so the crews had to go up the road about 500 feet to find a working fire hydrant. backup2 also called in to help put out the blaze last night and to provide water. so, dozens of firefighters from multiple departments responded to this house fire on stratford drive around 9:30 last night. they until 2:15 this morning and when our crews arrived on scene, flames were visible as the fire spread through the attic. thankfully, no one was hurt. >> everyone got out of the structure. when we arrived on the scene tonight there were flames already through the roof. everyone was out of the structure and we began firefighting operation. >>lauren: the fire marshal continues to investigate the cause of the fire but officials believe the home is a total loss. and we are told that smoke alarm 2 alarms were in working order
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that is what saved this family of four. lauren autopsy reveals a toddler caused from a brain injury caused by blunt force. earlier this week, a family member believed die her frez now suffered from carbon monoxide, he was staying with family members in candler. first responders were called to the home and they tried to revive him but he was pronounced dead at the scene. >> anyone who had any kind of contact with the child has been interviewed at this time. it's by far incomplete, but they are doing such a good job. >>jay: kyle her learned of dieler's death while in jail for breaking and entering charges. that's why he was staying with family members. >>holly: kim bishop turned herself into police monday and
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yesterday to one count of embezzlement. she will be sentenced later on that charge. bishop resigned in may of 2014 after investigators found dozens of fraudulent checks came from her office totalling more than $50,000. >>jay: investigators in mcdowell county are searching for a fourth suspect in a counterfeiting case. three others are already in custody but the sheriff offense office is still looking for april evans. last summer the sheriff offense office received several reports of fake money being passed at local businesses. in september, they stopped one of the suspects for driving a stolen vehicle and found 11 pages of fake, uncut 20-dollar bills. two others were also arrested. >>holly: there are suspects on the run from buncombe county and deputies need your help finding them in "fugitive files." natalie bailey joined us who are we looking for? >> stephanie saliska, wanted for civil nonsupport. >> next we have melanie taylor,
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and eye, she is wanted therefore civil nonsupport. and we are trying to locate david toe, 32 years old, five foot 11, weighing 150 pounds, he is wanted for enforcing an active 50b. >>holly: if you know where these people may be, you can call (828) 255-5050, anonymously, deputies are standing by, (828) 255-5050, if you want to see the pictures again go to in the "fugitive files" section. you will be back in the next half hour. jay? >>jay: an employer in rutherford county files for chapter 11. horse head holdings ceo and president said it will allow the company to restructure. they plan to continue operations, but idled the local plant last week. local residents say the bankruptcy will be felt throughout the county.
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county. we are -- the county is already struggling for employment, and i have several customers and they are kind of at a loss what to do. >>jay: horse head employs 400 people from north carolina to pennsylvania, including 300 in rutherford alone. a small crew will work there during the temporary shutdown. >>holly: no rest for the weary, with the iowa caucus behind them, they are rallying in new hampshire. >>jay: it's less than a week away from their state's primary. bazi coe nanny shows how they are working there. >>bazi kanani l0: i'm so thrilled i'm coming to new hampshire after winning iowa. >>bazi kanani l0: just a week before the next round of voting, both hillary clinton and bernie sanders are hoping the iowa
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>> in a political revolution continues, next tuesday, here in new hampshire. even clinton's inner circle acknowledges a win in sanders own backyard will be tough. >> make no mistake, we are in a fight to the finish. >>bazi kanani l0: on the republican side, donald trump says he is more confident about his chances to win in new hampshire but defends his finish in iowa. >> there was 17 people when we started. now you have 11. i come in second, i'm not humiliated. >>bazi kanani l0: i first place finisher ted cruz a sweet victory in a bitter contest. >> six weeks ago, donald trump was saying every day that i was his friend, and he loved me, that he had terrific things to say and nice and now i'm an anchor baby. >>bazi kanani l0: marco rubio is defending himself from a new round of attacks after a strong finish in iowa and is striking back. >> i think ted's calculated and
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>>bazi kanani l0: donald trump admits skipping the last republican debate may have hurt him. we expect him at the next republican debate on abc this weekend. >>bazi kanani l0:, abc news, washington. >>holly: this just in, cherokee county north carolina schools are operating this morning on a two-hour delay. that's because of the potential for high winds. so, a ain, cherokee county north carolina schools are on a two-hour delay. happening today former president bill clinton will travel to columbia to rally support for his wife. the event will be at allan university starting at 6 p.m. doors open at 4:00. you must rsvp to go. clinton is expected to outline why hillary is the best choice for voters in south carolina. he will also join the democratic members of the south carolina general assembly to discus several issues facing communities across the state. the south carolina primary is february 27th. >>jay: rick santorum postponed his event for today at limestone college in gaffney.
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and greet at voters in spartanburg. his campaign says it's because of low gist acl issues. his campaign is cork working to reschedule the event. >>holly: in this morning's news reel, authorities in massachusetts are investigating death of a 13 year-old boy. >>jay: just outside boston, the boy was struck and killed by a commuter train. transit police say the teen was on the track when he was hit. a spokesman for the local prosecutor's office says the boy's death does not appear to be foul play. >>holly: a homeowner and his wife narrowly escape a house fire in new york. officers say the man drove into his garage and accidently hit a gas line. the explosion could be heard and felt throughout the neighborhood. >> i thought my house blew up. i thoughtn it was my water tank or something like that. it shook the house. i ran downstairs and there was nothing there. then i saw people running down the streets. >>jay: the home is a complete loss. the couple was treated for minor injuries. >>holly: firefighters in fresno, california, are working to detetmine what caused a fire at this historic home. it was so big, firefighters were
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forced to fight it from outside. the fire destroyed the 100 plus rehorn home. catholic church convent and other purposes. most recently, firefighters say it had been vacant. california could have good news. >>jay: why they have spring. your "harry's on the hill bus . make sure the kids have an umbrella and rain jacket, maybe both if they have to stay at the bus stop. 60s by lunchtime with a chance for thunderstorms. coming up after the break, we will end. but first, how much will fall and, also, who is under a severe
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now, in high definition, this is your news 13 skywatch forecast. >>ingrid: welcome back to a very rainy start to the day and it's not going to look much better throughout the afternoon either. let's look at the first hour. this is looping. you can see rain all across western north carolina, down into the upstate, not as much. let's highlight the zones, where we are seeing the most rain. these heavy rain bands and thunderstorms pulling over the state line from tennessee, now seeing cherokee county, clay county, also parts of graham,. >>jaclyn:son, macon, up towards swain county. all the western assistant district attorneys seeing heavy rain this morning. over the next hour, this is what you will continue to see, indicated by the yellow and the orange. the heavier rain. so, into northeast georgia, this zone right here, likely going to
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another threat throughout the afternoon especially severe thunderstorms, back here in western north carolina, up towards tennessee and a marginal risk. so this is a greater chance to see these storms turn severe. so, damaging wind, isolated tornadoes cannot be ruled out. so, make sure to sign up for a text alert and also keep it here on news 13. we will update you if there are any sort of severe thunderstorms or any sort of tornado warnings out. flash flood watch is out now. this is out for the evening. flash food football, avery, yancey county, buncombe county, henderson county, transylvania county, and parts of mcdowell county, burke county and rurd have seen more than half an inch of rain. at the ashville airport, forest city closer to the 1" mark and same thing henderson- county and into this area i was just highlighting continuing to see the heavy rain this morning, not so much down into greenville at the ent no. but, visibility is cut in half in greer at 5. down to 3 in forest city. 6 in asheville.
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come down on the interstate, you will want to take it down a notch, of course. please use caution this morning. also a chance for some fog out there. in asheville, very mild outside in the 50s. 60s in the western zones but 40s to the east. 60s further south as well. the wind, this is an issue. we have already had reports of downed trees in haywood county. 12 in asheville right now. 17 down into greenville. and this is, of course, a ahead of the front that's moving towards our region. we will move through and continue to give us this chance for rain at 8 o'clock, showing heavy rain bands in our western zones, through asheville by about 9 to 10 o'clock, lunchtime into the foothills. then we start to see some things calm down, dryer weather expected after dinnertime tonight and clearer skies. it will be cooler as well, a return to the 30s for a lot of locations. how much more rain? this model is pulling in an inch or two across much of western north carolina, but isolated zones could be closer to that 3"
6:15 am
of the thunderstorms develop. heavy rain at times, middle 60s here in the asheville area will be very windy. 38 degrees tonight. overall, cooler, still breezy. foggy, rainy in the upstate. comfortable temperature-wise in the 60s and 40s tonight. and the next several days will continue to see temperatures in the 40s and it will be sunny into next week. we will see a chance only 30% chance for rain and snow. here is your upstate seven-day forecast. back over to you. >>holly: there are record level snow packs in the california sierra mountains. >>jay: the sierra know spake is double what it typicallys this time of year. it's already at 72." forecasters pay attention to the april 1st number to see how much water will run off into the aquifers. >>holly: panthers are picked as the favorite to win the superbowl this sunday.
6:16 am
that separates them from the >>stan: good morning, in sports, panthers solid 6 point favorite to win superbowl 50 this sunday against denver and this is despite the questions surrounding all pro line backer thomas davis. remember he was hurt in the title game against arizona. he brokes his forearm on a weird tackle really against the cardinals. he had surgery the next day. hard cast put on and he
6:17 am
will davis really play? his coach is counting on it. >> i thought thomas looked really good in practice, you know, he used the hand, that arm. and again one of the concerns with it really is just, you know, what would happen if he had to deliver a blow, to use it, toonkke.-5n-kkwg44q yesterday very nicely. he looks good. again, like i said, i don't doubt thomas. >>stan: santa clara will cover superbowl 50 and we will send reports back friday. wrestling playoffs began, 14 pods wrestling across the state, only one in the mountains at inca. jets wrestled pisgah and inca won the pod. they advance to third round thursday and they beat pisgah and robinson looking forhe first ever title. lexington knocked out the title,2 smoky mountain lost, mitchell defending champ knocks out robinsville and rosman beats 46-30, they will wrestle
6:18 am
the location. morning. i'm stan pamfilis. we will see you again tonight at 6 o'clock. have a great wednesday, everyone. >>holly: and carolina panthers fans are preparing for the superbowl. >>jay: not only are fans excited but so are military personnel overseas. staff sergeant clifford jones of spartanburg had this to say. >> hi, i'm staff sergeant clifford joan, 35th squa drand turkey, why did cam cross the road? to get to the superbowl! yeah! we're going to win2 superbowl! go panthers! woo! woo! >>jay: he is as excited as cam. >>holly: i love it. everyone in here loves it. hopefully you at ohm are laughing, too. we may have to play him again. >>ingrid: i love that. and he's just as stylish as cam newton, too, in the blue suit looking got.
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in fact it's can see all the rain on the camera lens. same thing in greenville at 65 degrees. leicester carpet sales skycam network, 8 a.m. stays in the 50s, 60 by lunchtime with a chance for thunderstorms. and we are dealing with weather relateded problems on the roads. there is issues in polk county and haywood county. >>jaclyn: there are several downed trees reported across haywood county. one is completely blocking francis farm road in waynesville. the fire department is on the scene right now working to clear that2 but just be careful if you are heading out in haywood county this morning. over in polk county, crews are working a minor wreck on highway 108 near mountain range road. the dispatchers are not sure whether this is are dealing with this morning. and, ock, rerember, the roadways are very wet right now. remember to take it slow on your morning drive. that's a look dunkin' donuts' unbelievable selection of breakfast sandwiches freshly made all day -- and now you can enjoy two english muffin egg and cheese breakfast sandwiches for $4.
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the new caramel macchiato from dunkin' donuts. let hand-crafted layers of espresso, milk, and a caramel-flavored swirl uplift your mood. indulge in a hot or iced macchiato today. america runs on dunkin'. >>jay: in2 this morning's "morning surf" we are honoring carrot cake because it's
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>>ingrid: did you know carrot cake is my favorite cake. >>jay: mine, too! >>ingrid: no way. >>jay: we look at the history of cakes,, under news links. we will not start with carrot cake, what are we starting with? >>jay: let us start first, i believe, with cheesecake. >>ingrid: you like cheesecake? >>jay: i love cheesecake but i think of i i more as a pie than cake kind of in between. >>ingrid: i agree. >>jay: ante shent greece, it was a popular dish in ancient greece and served in the olympic grams 776 b. c. >>ingrid: that2 credible. this next is from the middle age, fruitcake. >>jay: that can be from the middle age, too, because they linger. they don't ever go away. >>ingrid: the one you have could be from then? >>jay: absolutely.
6:22 am
popular and holidays, wilt was carried by crewcrusaders and hunters for long journeys. >>ingrid: it doesn't spoil. >>jay: that's it. black forest, lays of sponge cake with cherries and whipped cream, believed to have originated in the black forest region of germany. >>ingrid: carrot cake. >>jay: dates back to the 18th century, core ingredients include of course carrots and spices. variations2 the addition of raisin, nuts and cream cheese frosting. evolved from medieval carrot pudding. >>ingrid: mmmm. my wedding cake was a carrot cake. >>jay: was it really? did >>ingrid: uh-hmm. >>jay: yeah, a lot of people do that. >>ingrid: it wasn't as good a year later. >>jay: it never is. >>ingrid: it's it's not like fruit cake, doesn't last as long. it's rainy outside, have a umbrella. 59 degrees. it's very comfortable, temperature-wise. but the wind, really gusting right now at 15. coming up after the break, we will talk about the timeline of
6:23 am
how much will fall today, and the severe threat across the region. back over to2 >>holly: coming up, how the family of four made it out safely. >> it's hard. i would say if anyone knows anything -- >>jay: a plea from a high school coach about what was
6:24 am
to >>holly: this is a live view of the greenville zoo. we broke the story yesterday that autumn the giraffe gave birth and if you look there, there is the baby with mom. >>jay: right at the end of her nose there. >>jay: sitting on the ground. she was walking around earlier. >>jay: autumn and her companion have been at the zoo since 2007. >>ingrid: their first calf2 chico was born in 2012. we followed that birth, too. she was transferred to the toronto zoo last year. i'm sure mom and dad are happy to have another little one. so cute. >>holly: it is cute. we still don't know if it's a boy or girl. i keep calling her a girl. but -- >>ingrid: you're having a little girl, that's why. >>holly: it could be why.
6:25 am
>>holly: got it. >>ingrid: let's look outside. we have a lot of rain and we have a flash flood watch out. this is through this evening and county, yancey, mitchell county, avery, burke county, mcdowell county, rutherford and polk county. heavy rain falling across the region and wind advisory is out through 10 a.m., especially above 5500 feet, gusts at 55 miles per hour and look at this radar. lots of green and even some of the orange and yellow in our western zones, indicating heavy rain right now. coming up in my full forecast, i will talk about when this rain will stop falling and a cool-down into the weekend. this2 morning's weather is causing problems on the roads. jaclyn? >>jaclyn: ingrid, there are reports of several downed trees across haywood county. one is completely crews are working to clear the roadways over there now, but
6:26 am
this morning. heads up for drivers in polk county, you will want to look out for this minor wreck on highway 108 near mountain range road. there is no word if this is a weather related crash, but of course that is possible with all that rain we are dealing with this morning. so, of course, give yourself a couple extra moments of travel time before heading out the door. take it slow on the roadways this morning. that's a look at your on-time traffic report brought to you by the wired mouse computer solutions. >>holly: the wind2 ingrid mentioned is is the reason cherokee county north carolina schools are operating on a 2 hour delay. they are concerned there about high winds so again cherokee county, two-hour delay. now we have new information on a fire that forced a family out of their home. lauren brigmin joins us live from the wood was out of the home by the time firefighters arrived? >>lauren: they were, jay. we learned this morning that the home was equipped with smoke alarms so that may have helped alert that family to get out of the home. it is unclear if that is the case. but they did make it out safely. and when our crew arrived on scene overnight, flames were
6:27 am
of this home on stratford drive. multiple fire departments responded to the fire just after 9:30 last night. they were on scene until 2:15 this morning, battling hot2spots. a woodfin firefighter says they encountered issues as they tried to put out the fire, because the hydrant that was closest to the home was not working. >> we have issues a little bit with the water system tonight but we have multiple trucks here providing a lot of water and we are getting that job done as we can. >>lauren: firefighters had to go up the road 500 feet to find a working hydrant. they also used a lot of water from the fire trucks and backup was actually called in to help provide that. the home is believed to be a total loss. thankfully, no one was injured in this fire and the fire marshal contain you yes, i dos to investigate the cause. i have reached out to him and we will provide you that update once it is available both on air and on-line at live in woodfin, lauren brigman, news 13. >>holly: we have an update
6:28 am
crash that killed 12 marines off the coast of hawaii, including one from the upstate. >>jay: search crews have now recovered some of the remains of those marines. one of the marine, sergeant jeffrey stemp her is from woodruff. it's not known if his remains are among those wreckage of the two helicopters. >>jay: a grand jury indict a asheville man on first thrhr counts of first degree murder. warrants state that griffin held king and diabetes at gunpoint with the intent of stealing griffin's car and he held johnson at gunpoint at pisgah view apartments that night. todd williams tells news 13 he is considering the death2penalty. >>holly: and there is a first degree indictment for robin richardson, she shot wlos employee tim fry in december. she told authorities she shot him because he assaulted her.
6:29 am
found in critical condition at hit home in burke county sunday has died. as we reported the baby was take ton a hospital in winston-salem along with his twin brother. their havener, are in jail. the district attorney will decide on new charges in the wake of the baby's death. >>holly: a developing story out of haywood county. deputies are looking for a man who broke into a home in lake junaluska while the owner was inside. we have surveillance video of the suspect and his vehicle from monday night. he kicked in a door but ran away when the owner confronted him. he was driving a white mercury suv with a temporary tag. if you have any information call the haywood county sheriff offense office. >>jay: more than $3,0002 of baseball equipment was stolen from chase high school in rutherford county, including bat, balls and gloves. it happened two weeks before the
6:30 am
>> i would just say if anyone of anyone that may have done this to contact our school, our resource officer. >>jay: you can also contact rutherford county crime stoppers at 286 tips. >>holly: suspects are on the run and the deputies need your help tracking them down. in day's "fugitive files" we are teaming up with the buncombe county sheriff offense office. joining us one last time is natalie bailey. thank you for coming in. >> we are looking for william clack,2 five 10, wanted for three release violations. curtis 6-foot 3 and wanted for one pretrial release violation locatee zeek y'all johnson, five 11, 170-pound brown hair and hazel eyes. he is wanted for one pretile release violations. >>holly: if you know where the suspects are you can call anonymously at the crime stoppers number, (828) 255-5050. again, (828) 255-5050.
6:31 am
again, log on to the "fugitive files" section of thank you for coming in. >>jay: a spending survey has the next tenner yes, i dos laying out plans for upgrades for existing schools an building new ones. projects already in the works include the new isaac dickson and asheville middle schools as well as an intermediate school in inca. the survey now goes to the state department of public instruction. also last night, commissioners delayed approving economic brewing. the vote was put off until march 1st. >>holly: it is back to the drawing board for asheville city school officials. they told parents about restructuring hall fletcher elementary. >>jay: many people have spoken out against change saying it would divide the school community. >> >>holly: it was a packed how as the superintendent discussed other options to reschiewr the school. the plan on the table includes making fletcher elementary a 42
6:32 am
through 6 ltth. the school board has not made a decision. >>jay: drivers in asheville will see signs urging them to slow down. the effort to make roads safer was started by a local law firm. min inc. law firm represent add family of a woman who tried to has been installed at the intersection of coleman avenue. >> that's just one part of merryman avenue, however. and our office used to be on merryman avenue right across from trader joes, and we probably saw a car accident every week or heard screeching tires every week. and people just go so fast down that road. >>jay: the campaign kicks off a week from today with the signs available at local businesses. >>holly: a local coach is raising money for residents in flint, michigan. citizens there don't have clean water after high2 of lead were found in the water supply. the asheville high school girls basketball coach started an on-line fund-raiser to help. her goal is to raise $5,000 which would buy 15,000 bottles
6:33 am
>> okay, what can i do to bring the area together to send many people are faced, 40% of the city is poor, 67% is african-american, so what can i do from north carolina to, you know, push the effort forward? >>holly: if you would like to donate go to "news links" at >>jay: new belgium is delaying the opening of the new asheville brewery. that i say winter weather delayed construction. the brewery recently hired 20 employees to meet and greet customers, the pushback gives them time to make sure everything is2 ready. >> we are going to take the time we need to make sure they are ready for you to come in and we are also in the process of test brewing and we want to make it just right as it comes out of asheville. >>jay: new belgium is scheduled to open if late march or early april. >>holly: a proposal to change
6:34 am
state employees could workers with haywood county schools. the superintendent and associate superintendent say they were just notified about the proposal monday i. would eliminate the popular 80/20 plan for retirees and recommended eliminating coverage for spouses and leaves state workers with lower coverage and out of pocket costs up to $4,500. >> these are significant detrimental and costly changes for our2 employees. >>holly: milton points out there is no contact information for the health board of trees which is recommending the plan. however, youtube video from the state employees association of north carolina urges workers to contact their state representatives. if approved the changes would take effect 2018. >>jay: don't forget, you can enter to win our valentine selfie contest. send the most creative selfie of you and your valentine for a chance to win a 150 pair of diamond earrings from allan's jewelry and pawn. >>holly: go to and click on "contests." the winner will be announced
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next tuesday, february 9th. good luck to you. >>jay: a panthers fan is not afraid to show her pride. >>holly: the sacrifice she made to show a giant logo on her
6:36 am
>>2 now, in high definition, this is your news 13 skywatch forecast. >>ingrid: welcome back, everyone. let's look at the radar to see
6:37 am
falling. we are seeing rain across our viewing area especially in the western zones so a closer look here does indicate a line of thunderstorms around andrew, we are seeing some powerful ones so where it is headed. 6:54 it will hit this region and wright place at 7 o'clock, this sim packeting 13,000 people. so you can see the direction of these storms. up towards bryson city as well. so, please, use caution this morning across these regions especially in the next couple of hours. when this line of showers will then pull into transylvania county and henderson county as well. around 9:00 to 9:30 so the next several hours here, going to see heavy rain fall.2 about the severe risk? this is also an issue. out of the thunderstorms, it's a marginal risk in the southern portions of our regions
6:38 am
morning. polk county and haywood county. and the chance for isolated tornadoes, just a slight chance there. now for transylvania county, henderson county, buncombe county, yancey, mitchell and avery county, this goes through this evening and we have seen more than half an inch of rain at the airport and more than an inch in isolated zones. visibility cut in half in many locations, down to 4 miles in franklin, 5 down into the the fog. please be careful on the roadways. temperatures in asheville in the 50s, 60s further south. but it's 40s in our eastern zones. wind right now picked up in asheville to 13 miles per hour. 17 into the to 20-25 miles per hour. above 3500 feet, gusts could reach 55. looking at the satellite radar, look at these showers and storms pulling through the region. this will continue throughout the day. in fact, here is our timeline. 8 o'clock, showing those heavy rain bands pulling through the french broad river valley.
6:39 am
foothills by about lunchtime. dinnertime, starting to see things wrap up. and clearer conditions tonight, means cooler skies. we will see temperatures in the 302 looking at the futurecast for our rainfall, this model is pulling in an inch to two inches across much of the region but keep in mind this is in addition to what we have already seen fall. heavy rain at times with thunderstorms, 65 degrees in asheville for a high. and rain ending tonight back down to the 30s. what about greenville? well, severe threat is there. windy condition, possible. seven-day forecast shows sunshine and 40s through the weekend and a return to rain/snow mix possibly monday and tuesday. into the upstate, also turning cooler. temperatures at night below freezing. heads up for drivers in henderson county, jaclyn, there are downed power lines reported? >>jaclyn: ingrid, downed lines are blocking crab creek road at blue star highway.
6:40 am
this up for you but you want to avoid this area on your commute over in henderson county. drivers in the fletcher area, 2 out for the new wreck on cane creek road and gap creek road. thankfully, no injuries are reported here. and turning over to jackson county, watch out for this accident on u.s. 74 at exit 85. now, there are a few other traffic issues that we are dealing with right now because of the site at under the traffic page. >>i'm jaclyn deaugustino. this on-time traffic report is brought to you by the wired mouse computer solutions. >> back over to you. >>holly: high wind is a concern for some folks. cherokee county folks on a 2 hour delay, graham, haywood county, macon county all reporting 50 power outages right now each. at least one carolina fan near charlotte has gone all out to show panthers pride. >>jay: all right. this is a 20 by 20-foot black and blue panthers logo painted on her lawn. homeowner says she has been planning it2 weeks and her husband painted it. he did a really good job, didn't he? >>holly: yeah he did.
6:41 am
to mow the lawn when snow was on the ground last week to make sure the snow was even. >> it's got to be big. >> much support for our team out there. and go panthers! >>jay: the large logo has caught some neighbors off guard. many say they love it. >>holly: i think i'm the last person in the world to answer this, but what is it like to mow your yard when there is snow on the ground? how does that even work? >>jay: yeah. >>holly: you don't go outside when there is snow on the ground. i know you won't be out there mowing. >>jay: did they clear it off? >>holly: maybe, and then -- i don't know. it's cool though.2 it is. they did a great job. >> nicole touched many people throughout her short >>holly: an emotional memory
6:42 am
>>jay: comin that feeling. you know the one. that "grand-slam, aced-the-presentation" feeling.
6:43 am
a moment worthy of celebration. now multiply that. you're everyone's hero in the championship of all championships it's that feeling. multiplied. introducing the new multiplier scratch-offs. a chance to win. and a chance to multiply your winnings.
6:44 am
>>holly: welcome back wednesday morning, it is 6 o'clock 5. new developments this morning in the death of a 13 year-old girl from virginia. >>jay: a second virginia tech student is facing new charges, 19 year-old natalie keepers previously had been charged with improper disposal of a dead body. she is now facing charges of accessory before the fact in terms of pred2 tated murder. >>holly: the commonwealth attorney said the murder happened last thursday. her mother is talking about her daughter and remembering her life. >> she had a passion for pandas, music, dancing, on "american idol" some day. her favorite color was blue.
6:45 am
nicole touched many people throughout her short life. >>jay: keepers will be in court tomorrow on the new charges. >>holly: north carolina state health officials are warning people about traveling to countries where the zika virus is present. >>jay: according to one mode2 the virus is spreading rapidly posing a future threat to as much as 63% of the u.s. population. as reed banion reports mosquitoes are not the only >>reporter: the evidence of microself-ly and other neurological complications constitute an extraordinary event. >>reporter: world health organization director margaret chan declaring a public health threat in thee shoveling threat of the zika virus present in 24 countries as it sweeps through central and south america, north ward to trust. it is spread by mosquitoes, one species in particular.
6:46 am
mosquito. this is the one.2 ( ). the primary carrier of zika is known to only exist in certain parts of the u.s. but apparently mosquitoes are not the only concern. >> the health and human services received confirmation of zika case associated with acquiring locally -- >>reporter: the cdc confirming tuesday the was transmitted sexually. >> we have, we received confirmation it spread otherwise, sexually. >>reporter: it leads to birth defects in newborns causing severe developmental issues and sometimes death. those mothers sometimes left to discover they have the virus only after the damage to their unborn children is already done. i'm reed banion, reporting. >>holly: according to the north carolina department of health and human services there are no reported cases of the2 zika virus in the state. we will tell you though there are some cases being tested in
6:47 am
even one in the upstate. >>holly: absolutely. >>jay: a staff sergeant from the upstate shows his panthers pride. >>holly: hear his message for
6:48 am
>>jay: but first >>holly: let's recap the local2 headlines. an autopsy reveal as toddler from haywood county died from a brain injury caused by blunt force. earlier this week a family member said she believed 17 month old die her preznel suffered carbon relatives at the time. on sunday, first responders were called to the home to try to revive him but he was no nounced dead at the scene. the former form -- bishop pleaded
6:49 am
yesterday to one count of embezzlement. she resigned in 2014 after investigators found dozens of fraudulent checks came from her office totalling more than2 the answer day's mind teaser, what is the longest running u.s. game show? >>jay: the price is right. >>holly: you got it right this morning. we showed you this clip earlier, but we loved it so much, we wanted to show it to you again. overseas right now and is clearly very excited about the team heading to the superbowl this weekend. hi, i'm staff sergeant clifford jones, 39th squadron, air base, turkey. why did cam cross the road? to get to the superbowl! yeah! we're going to win the superbowl! go panthers! woo! woo!woo! >>ingrid: i don't know if2 i like his excitement or the outfit better.
6:50 am
where did you get it? >>jaclyn: he brought it. >>ingrid: he knew thunderstorms rolling through western north carolina, so macon county, jacketed, up towards swain county. the next couple hours, those will continue to push up into henderson county and transylvania county. so, please, use caution in those zones. flash flood watch is out through this evening and it does include us here in buncombe county. >>holly: wind and rain causing problems? >>jaclyn: lots of problems on the road, downed power lines on crab creek road and we have the problems listed on our web site, >>jay: can2 you get me one of
6:51 am
>>holly: i'm sure. good morning, america. the battle for new hampshire. >> bernie, bernie, bernie.
6:52 am
crowds as hillary clinton tries
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