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tv   News 13 at Noon  ABC  February 3, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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the line of showers moves eastward. our western zones begin to see a break. the hardest hit areas will see light to moderate rainfall, not going to see as much rain that has fallen this morning. that's good news. here's some other good news, we have dropped the thunderstorm threat in western north carolina. it continues into zones to the north. the marginal risk is mostly out of our area. we could see thunderstorms develop. the chance for them to turn severe, not as likely as we once thought. flash flood watches out, this is through this evening. flash flooding is still possible in all of these counties here shaded in green. it does include us in buncombe. this flash flood flood warning doesn't expire until 4:30 this afternoon afternoon. muck dowel, buncombe, transylvania and rutherford county, this threat for flash flooding.
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rain, the rivers are very high right now. coming up in a bit, i'll talk more about how much more rain will fall, the severe threat once again and just how cold it will turn in the extended forecast. back over to you. >> an update, a rock slide in buncombe county for a few hours. both directions of town mountain road had to close. the dot got to work clearing the road and it is now back open. >> karen, how is it looking right now? >> until an hour ago, this part of sweden creek road, much of it was under water. it has reopened and traffic is flowing smoothly. we are here at the cantina restaurant. in addition to builtsmore, there
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much of terrier park also under water this morning. one merchant in biltmore said her workers had a channeling time coming into work. >> the creek has flooded. some of our staff that was trying to get here, the other side of the village is fine coming from 25. >> even though business is going on at the cantina. we heard another merchant saying he would close for the day. coming up in the next half-hour what we saw some city workers doing to help floodwaters go down down. >> heavy rain is causing flooding in other parts of our area as well. the beverly hanks area is already under high water. we have this video just into our news room. local law enforcement are asking people not to try to enter or leave that area until the water recedes. they say asheville highway in
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flooding at this time. >> the high water caused a number of problems for drivers along heriman avenue. the water came down fast and furious but has since receded. this is a look at things at weaver park. it didn't cause damage but the entire park flooded. >> we have video from rex hodge. you can see the river rising rapidly and already flooding that park. high water. so far, emergency officials tell us they do not have any roads closed due to flooding from that river. >> in other news, the investigation continues into what caused a house fire. flames were seen shooting through the roof of the home on stratford drive. crews arrived after 5:30 and remained on the scene putting out hot spots until 2:15 this morning. crews had issued with the water system because the hydrant
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>> yancey county deputies charge a man with felony child abuse. they arrested 20-year-old jacob howl, charging him with one count of child abuse, inflicting serious injury. howell is in the yancey county jail. >> in other news making headlines this noon, the u.s. marine corp. says trace elements of d.n.a. have been found from marines killed in a helicopter crash last month. a spokesperson said the family members were identified. 12 hawaii based ma reebs died when two helicopters crashed january 14. is it cause of the crash is still under investigation. investigations updz way after an explosion on a plane in somalia. about 14,000 feet up, passengers say they heard an explosion in the cabin. two people were hurt. the pilot was able to land safely. initial tests of the damage came back positive for explosive . >> a day care director is under arrest for child abuse after
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given to police. the video was captured by an employee who said she was uncomfortable with the director's behavior. >> capturened on the cell phone of the employee handed over to law enforcement for evidence. clermont police arresting 41-year-old kimberly reed, the director of the children learning center. police say the video shows reed hitting the 4-year-old with stuffed animals and lifting him in the air to drop him on the ground, all while the boy is appearing to be resting. >> it is disturbing as a parent. we want to get it out there, if there are other victims -- this is a 4-year-old child. >> the employee notified the department of children and families. police. reid telling police she was only playing with the child. >> in the report she said she was rough playing. once you view the video, it does all. >> police say reid was already on probation out of orange county for welfare fraud and grand theft.
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whether she should have been working at the day care in the first place. investigators looking for other victims. >> who knows, this could not be the first incident. this could have been going on for quite some time. she is the director of the day care. we happy to have an employee there that had enough courage to come out and let somebody know. >> police say the child was not seriously hurt. >> the field nar road in the race for the white house today. although today i will suspend my campaign for the presidency, i will continue to fight for liberty. >> kentucky senator rand paul announced he is dropping out of the presidential race saying his campaign is short on cash and support. it comes two days after finishing with less than 5% in the iowa caucuses. >> it is slowing down on the campaign trail with iowa caucuses behind them, the candidates are rallying voters in new hampshire less than a week away from that state's
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>> today donald trump once again on the attack, tweeting ted cruz didn't win iowa, he stole it. accusing cruz fraud, calling for gnaw election in iowa after the cruz campaign falsely suggested that dr. ben carson was dropping out of the race. >> what an incredible victory we had in iowa. >> cruz holding five events in new hampshire today, hoping to keep the momentum from his first place finish in iowa. while trurp is bypassing the granite state today. >> know where he is? arkansas.
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place finish in iowa, he is more >> the event will be at allen university starting at 6:00. doors opening at 4:00. you must rsvp to go. clint is expected to outline why hillary is the best choice for voters in south carolina. he will join the democratic members of the south carolina general assembly to discuss several issues facing communities across the state. south carolina primary is february 27. >> rick santorum has postponed upstate. it was supposed to be this
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gaffeny. he was scheduled for a meet and dpreet with voters in spartanburg. republican presidential candidates campaign says it is because of logistical issues. they are planning to reschedule those events. >> don't you know there is a quick way to look slimmer, taller and more confident. the . >> in the business report, gas prices have dropped to their lowest level in years. why the national average is
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low prices may last. >> there is a quick fix to look slimmer, taller and more
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health and you don't have to be a movie star to get it. >> stand up straight, sit up. it sounds like nagging but it is helpful advice. >> good posture is aligning your joints and your body in a way that puts the least strain on your muscles. bad posture. the biggest mistakes made while sitting are jutting the head forward, crossing legs and leaning to one side, especially when driving. >> if you have bad posture over time you can have back pain, neck pain, headaches. >> you can work to improve your posture. >> feet flat against the floor, back against the chair and her head is neutral. it is not too far forward. >> to check your standing
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if you have good posture your shoulders, head and buttocks should touch the wall with room to slide your hand behind your back. >> imagine a string from your head to the ceiling. >> the world health organization declared a public health emergency over the rapidly spreading zika virus and mosquitos are not the only concern. officials say one infection happened in the u.s. through sexual contact. the virus has been found in 24 countries, sweeping through central and north america. the virus is spread primarily by mosquitos but apparently those tiny insects are not the only concern. >> we have confirmation that it is spread through sexual activity. >> zika is linked to babies being born with abnormally small heads causing developmental
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the mothers sometimes discovering they had the virus after damage to their child is done. >> coming up, a look at what tornadoes and a blizzard are doing to parts of the country. >> we are continuing to see rainfall in buncombe county. 59 degrees. look at that line of showers that moved through the region. afternoon? an answer after the break and
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areas so far throughout the day. . >>. >> quite the morning and into the afternoon. we are continuing to see this rain fall across the region. look here at our western zones, starting to see this rain pull out of that region, a lot of rain has already fallen across these zones. we still have multiple warnings across the region including here
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this flash flood warning is out until 4:30 this afternoon. further south down into transylvania county, henderson county, this does expire earlier at 1:45 this afternoon. in our eastern zones in polk county and rutherford, seeing these warnings out until 2:00 this afternoon. what about our northern areas, making a lot of rain already continuing to see that rain fall. this is for mitchell until 3:00. same thing for avery and yancey. keep a close eye on this radar with us. we'll continue to monitor it. look at the next hour, things start to get better. that line of showers and thunderstorms will move out of our region. the heaviest rain has fallen today. the water will begin to recede. the outlook for this afternoon in the way of severe weather, the thunderstorm chance in the light green marginal risk further south. that's good news as they pull the marginal risk out of our
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three inches of rain has fallen in transylvania county. about an inch in some locations in asheville, at the asheville airport, almost two inches at midnight. that much. the flash flood watch, this is through evening, the flash flooding is a possibility. they have pulled into the foothills. once again all these counties shaded in red. the flash flood warning. if you live near these rivers, you know they are raising out of their banks, including the french broad. there is a flood warning for the specific area. right now, just under 15 feet, pulling up to 16 1/2 by this evening. tomorrow morning and into the afternoon, it likely will be at 18 feet so that is near moderate flood stage. those farm lands around that region, they are used to seeing the flooding when we have had this much rain. keep in mind, it is going to take awhile to recede.
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reduced visibility. nashville down to three miles, two in morganton and seven in greer, half a mile still into greenwood. temperatures very mild in the 50's and 60's. winds not terribly gusty right now at 7 in asheville, 9 in greer and 12 in greenwood. those higher elevations, the threat for gusty winds today. here's the front moving through the region ahead of that, that instability, here's the line at 2:00 this afternoon, should be mostly out of our area, doesn't mean we'll be completely dry, likely not going to be heavy rain continuing to fall throughout the rest of the day. the possibility is there for a thunderstorm and at times heavy rain bands. mostly moderate to light throughout the rest of the today. tonight the rain is ending down to the 30's. in greenville, 60's today. tonight, back down to the 40's. then we see gusty and cooler air return thursday, friday, into the weekend. and it will start to feel like
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overnight lows back below freezing in the 20's. in the upstate, rain today but drier tomorrow. >> shoppers, you may see a
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who is changing that s >> stocks are back in negative at noon. the dow was down at 16449. the nasdaq down 75 points at 4441. the first pharmacy store located inside target celebrate grand openings today. the ceo of both target and cvs say they are confident their companies will maintain their distinct identity. last june cbs agreed to pay $2 billion to acquire the target pharmacy business. target pharmacies in 47 states will be rebranded as cvs
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to eight months. >> jet blue adding non-stop flights between buffalo and los angeles. the flights will begin june 16. the success will hinge on finding enough passengers flying between l.a. and buffalo since that airline will not be relying on connecting fliers to help fill the seats. >> united going back to an old policy. families with smaul kids get to board first. families with kids 2 or younger will be able to preboard after passengers with disabilities and active duty military. united dropped the policy many 2012 but said going back to it is the right thing to do. >> the pain at the pump seems to be a thing of the past this year. the national average for a gallon of regular unleaded gas is now $1.78. filling up costs less than the national average in some states like missouri and oklahoma. gas prices there are under $1.50.
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, of course, drivers in hawaii. they are at $2.63 for a gallon of regular unleaded. >> still to come at noon, why they are taking on the empire state building. . >>. >> tonight at 5:00, finding animals forever homes. how staff and volunteers at a
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to do that. sdmoo. >> the elevator ride to the top of the empire state building takes less than a minute. >> how long would it take you to run all 86 floors up to the top? >> these people are trying to figure out, this year's runnup is held in new york city. of course, it is the world's oldest and most famous race. >> additional heats include celebrities and real estate brokers. the fastest runners can reach
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building in about 10 minutes. >> what do you think it would take? >> now or eight months ago? there is a big difference there. >> i'm thinking there is not a challenge we need to be taking on. >> i don't want to walk to the top. >> coming up, a look at government fail yours when it
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