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tv   News 13 at 530pm  ABC  February 3, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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news 13 at 5:30 starts now. >> kim: live in henderson county where we had flash flood warnings this morning. this colvert is looking a lot different than it is now. we'll show it to you coming up. high water making driving impossible. what dot crews are telling folks to stay off the roads. now from western north carolina's news leader, this is news 13 at 5:30. >> tammy: record rain overnight and this morning pushed the swannanoa river out of its bank. >> frank: thanks to viewer barbara for sending us that picture. we'll have live reports from our crews in henderson and transylvania counties in just a moment. first, let's get right over to
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>> tammy: jason, we've got pounded. >> jason: new record for the date. the rain finally starting to move out. eastern and southern portions of the upstate from spartanburg county through laurens and union county. it's not terribly heavy than it was compared to earlier this afternoon. look at all this rain off to the east of us. this is what's left. it's still holding its own pretty good here from the carolinas to virginia to the gulf coast. we're done with the rain but the damage is done. two inches from asheville to hendersonville. five and a half inches in portions of transylvania county. leicester carpet sales news13 sky cam network down in cullowhee. there we go, jackson county at the western carolina university. getting a little shun sunshine going on right now.
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and your temperatures will stay mild, too. only mid 50s by 11. i'll talk about bigger changes that are coming for the rest of the work week. stick around for that. >> tammy: meteorologist zack green joins us from brevard. >> frank: zach, what are the road conditions looking like now? >> zack: the water has since receded but we're still looking at very saturated and soggy conditions. brevard saw up to three inches of rain. drivers were immediately deterred when coming across the high water. even when they did try to avoid it, debris left over caused more hazards. full trees were even getting swept away. >> one after the other. it was like taking logs to a saw mill. they were just banging. you could hear them.
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water was moving. >> zack: coming back live here, i want to show you this area is so prone to high water. they have these permanent signs on the side of the roadway and they simply just flip them down. on top of that, dot crews about an hour ago placed two more road signs just to deter folks to the dangers. zack green, news 13. >> tammy: and we continue our team coverage in hendersonville where rapidly rising flood waters forced one office park to actually close. >> frank: news 13's kimberly king is live on upward road. kim, how quickly did the flooding take place? >> kim: you know, frank, it just took about 45 minutes. and they had some serious flash floodings all across the county. early this morning this culvert was full with raging water and heavy rains across the area.
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hendersonville. a fedex box losing ground to water. this jeep rolling the dice driving out to beverly hanks office park. >> it was above my patients and staffs' knees. most of my staff arrived about 8 o'clock. at 8:30 when i arrived, you could see the water was right at street level. by 9:30, 10 o'clock, there was about two and a half feet of water through the office park. >> kim: medical offices post the news. >> i had exactly ten minutes to get here from where i work. i got here and now it's closed. >> kim: a creek in the middle of the lot is what flooded out. water still stands on area roads. >> i don't know how we'll get to the house. way over through the woods
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>> kim: harry ledbetter keeping a sense of humor about the new pond in his yard. down here there's a culvert where all the water is going. and is that culvert active. across the street the flower shop had a foot of water. now drying out. some say it's one of the worst they've seen. now back out live in that area, take a look at this grassy field. it is back to the way that it was early this morning. it just took about four hours from all that water to clear out. as they wait for another possible storm in the weeks and months to come. reporting live from henderson county, kimberly king, news 13. >> tammy: another area hit hard by today's record rain was cherokee. it washed out a section of
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residents there stranded. >> frank: neighbors say it's happened before with gravel road washing away. one resident says she's like to see a more permanent fix. >> i understand it will take time but my grandparents live up here and they're not doing good. >> frank: four homes were affected. a swift water rescue team had to evacuate residents until the water receded. >> tammy: we also had numerous reports of localized flooding. ryan sent us this video. earlier in the day, there was also some flooding at the mountain view rv park. marion. >> frank: not to mention all the accidents around the area. >> tammy: from all the heavy rain on the road. >> frank: we continue our team coverage from the on time traffic center.
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issue, right, jaclyn? >> jaclyn: right, tammy. high water is reported on some of those side roads. if you live in this area, be careful on those back roads. this is also a problem also in rutherford county. hanson road is one of those roads that is impassable right now. there are reports of a car stranded in the water. be careful if you are hitting the road soon. we have these problem areas listed for you by county on our website on under the traffic tab. that's a look at your on time traffic report brought to you by debruhl's used car superstore. >> tammy: new at 5 o'clock tonight -- 5:30, rather, a pair of break-ins has triggered a special connection between two local families that have never met. news 13's ashlea surles reports tonight on what it means to be a
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social media. >> the first time they climbed up in to the upstairs. the second time they came back, they pried the downstairs. >> ashlea: to have two break-ins in just one week. >> i'm invested in this neighborhood. i'm building a rental house that my wife and i are going to keep. >> ashlea: whoever did this got away with nearly $1,000 worth of the company's equipment. but developer ben edson says he wants their stuff back. >> it's important to me. i like the people who work for me and i want to take care of them. >> kim: police . >> ashlea: police are on the case but edson wants his neighbors to be careful. he made flyers and put them in mailboxes. >> that's awesome.
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but i have gotten a few phone calls by people saying hey, i heard. that's awesome. >> well my fiancee i guess got it in the mailbox and showed it to me. >> ashlea: he instinctively scanned the letter and posted it on facebook. it's now drawn support and suggestions from residents nearby. he says he wanted to catch the thieves but also wanted to help the stranger and return a favor. >> i felt like he was trying to help the community in a way by letting everybody know and giving the heads up. >> ashlea: ashlea surles news 13. >> tammy: if you have any information about the break-ins contact the asheville police department. >> frank: now to a developing story out of washington d.c. where congress held its first
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contamination that's left the folks in flint, michigan exposed to lead. the epa failed to respond appropriately. >> i'm from north carolina. long way away from flint, michigan. but in a way we're connected. i got texts this morning from people who have been affected by region four not region five. but with water quality issues for years and the epa's failure to address them. >> meadows says he heard from many local constituents ahead of the hearing about the epa's failure in asheville. coming up, good news at the
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how gas prices in the carolinas average. >> tammy: many people are searching for the perfect way to
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why it's a >> frank: mixed results on wall
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the dow up 183 points. ending at 16,336. the nasdaq was down 12 and closed at 4504. cheap oil prices are leading to lower prices at the pump. >> tammy: but first in our business report, home depot is hiring workers. a bold sign that the housing market remains strong. the seasonal hirings mean each of the 2,000 stores in the u.s. will hire 40 to 45 workers. >> frank: the first cvs pharmacy inside a target officially opened in charlotte today. it will be the first of many joint locations. cvs agreed last june to pay $1.9 billion to acquire the
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all of target's pharmacies will now be branded cvs. >> tammy: filling up cost even less than the national average in some states, like here in the carolinas. in north carolina, the average is 1.77. and south carolina's prices are well below the nation average at 1.58. missouri and oklahoma have the lowest prices at 1.50. >> frank: i've actually seen 1.69 in fletcher. surprising. >> tammy: today you had to swim to the gas station, didn't you? >> jason: or take refuge. 63 degrees for the high temperature today. boy, that was mild, wasn't it? 14 above the average at 49. 20 above average at the start this morning. 48 degrees.
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that gives us two and a half for the month. rain is out. but the runoff continues. our next cold blast is coming.
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st now your news 13 skywatch weather. >> jason: as is typically the case in these kinds of events, the run off will continue for days to come. in many cases south and west near the mouth of the french broad river. still some light showers coming down here along i-85. jonesville, union county, south of spartanburg, woodroffe, laurens, laurens county, gaffney. big picture. there's the line of heavier showers and storms marching east ward. it's been another heavy rain event.
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the one we're concerned about, the french broad river at blantyre. i know you've heard this before. this is one of those places that typically floods. this data the courtesy of noa and geological survey. peaking at 20 feet tomorrow afternoon and starting to recede below flood stage in to saturday. a lot of low lying farm land and some of the roads near blantyre flooded out. this is going to kind of even out here and come down more swiftly. it's not going to be like the french broad river when it continues to rise overnight, in most cases. this is great news. no chance of any rain for the next seven days in asheville. but notice this, friday 30% chance of some snow coming to
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we're talking the high elevations about 3500 feet. may get a skiff of snow from the system from the great lakes down to the ohio valley. 60 degrees. south-southwest wind at 7. we'll start to see that wind kick up from the northwest tonight. it will be gusty tomorrow with that wind 15 to 20 miles an hour. you'll notice a chill, too, in the air. the clouds will linger overnight tonight in many places. it will take until probably the afternoon tomorrow to get them cleared out of that location. but we'll see sunshine prevail much of the weekend. saturday and sunday, too. 30s for lows tonight in the mountain valleys. look for 40s in the upstate. upstate, you're looking at temperatures mostly in the mid 50s. so you go down the road and you see a lot of changes here. colder friday. highs only in the 30s tuesday
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these numbers have come down and will continue to drop. and we're looking at a chance of snow mixed in monday and tuesday here in asheville. >> tammy: time to check out today's "see it, shoot it, send it" picture. mike parker sent us this shot from sylva. >> frank: he's calling this a selfie -- an elkie. can you see it? >> tammy: behind his daughter. instead of a selfie, an elkie. >> frank: to send us your pictures, log on to or you can e-mail them to coming up, senator thom tillis reveals some of his super bowl superstitions. why he says his clothes will
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with u.s. cellular, you can do all the things you like, from the middle of anywhere. that is my line! >> frank: the excitement is building ahead of this weekend's super bowl match-up between the carolina panthers and the denver broncos. it's even happening in washington d.c. >> tammy: in today's connect to congress, senator thom tillis talked about his own superstitions to help the team. >> i have no doubt that my unwashed t-shirt and the playoff gear are the reason we're going to win on sunday. we're going to do something
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senator mccain. >> tammy: the senator was even wearing his carolina panthers tie for the interview. he said the only time he washed his lucky shirt was the weekend the panthers lost to atlanta. >> frank: he hasn't shaved in a while, either. that's the playoff beard right there. >> tammy: it will look better when it's shaved, no offense. the super bowl is a great excuse to buy a new television. and prices haven't been lower. >> frank: with all the options, how do you know which one to buy? >> reporter: retailers offer deep discounts this time of year as they clear the shelves for the latest model. big screens to watch the big game have never been cheaper. you can get a 60 inch high
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>> a regular hd set is a great choice. plus the game isn't being prod cast in 4hdtv this year. >> reporter: also important, a wide viewing angle. >> that means everyone in the room is going to get a great view no matter where they're sitting. >> reporter: consumer reports tests how each performs. if you want to invest in the latest and greatest, check out the ultra hdoltv. $3,000 and it's one of consumer reports highest tvs.
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you for when more 4k content becomes available. >> reporter: brand new models hit the store shelves in late february and early march. several recommendations for good deals on big screen tvs available now. you can get that information on our website on under the consumer reports section. he's just an awesome guy. he's a real awesome guy. >> frank: coming to grips with
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don't wait. call this number today. get more choices to bundle and save. because with at&t, it's whatever works for you. right now at 6:00 flash flood warnings trigger . >> rivers raging and a lot to clean up. >> karen: it's a slippery muddy mess at biltmore village. >> larry: and a weather coverage
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now from western north
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