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tv   News 13 Tonight  ABC  February 3, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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>> larry: a local rescue took her in after she was found malnourished and discovered more was wrong with her. and they're trying to help save her life. now from western north carolina's news leader, this is news 13 at 11:00. >> larry: tonight mcdowell county emergency officials are dealing with issues caused by rain. >> darcel: we'll have a look at the damage county by county. but first, aaron adelson shows us a situation that caused a lot of concern tonight at nebo. >> reporter: they had to rescue someone from high water from their car this morning. a lot of rain fell in a short amount of time and it washed out this culvert. people here said they could hear it washing away and it sounded like a rock hitting the water. >> it was basically a little lake in our backyard. >> reporter: the storm knocked out the bridge.
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was going to wash away. >> reporter: lexi coil watched from her home. she took a sick day but she didn't really get the day off. >> we thought it was that deep. and i stood in it and i sunk in it. >> and still a foot deep. >> reporter: the storm also shut down gilbert road. david connelly just got back from hunting. >> they can go back to the barn and go back to the water. but i've heard that my neighbor up the street, his horse is up to its neck and nobody's even moved it. they put some dams up to slow the creek down. >> reporter: around the same
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management worried the dam was about to fail. the breaches were fixed as the water went down. >> i'm happy it's gone. >> reporter: we spoke to one lady who made it across the last passable moment. she's lucky to have made it across safely. this is a good reminder for folks not to drive through water covered roads. >> larry: flooding caused problems on roads all across the mountains. one hard hit area was biltmore village. merchants spent the morning moving some of their products to higher ground. some businesses and property owners cleared storm drains on their own. it left a muddy mess behind. the heavy rain also forced several offices to close in henderson county. the beverly hanks complex office. also forced a doctor's office to
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>> and by 9 o'clock, 9:30, it was up over the road. and by 9:30 or 10 o'clock, there was about two and a half feet of water in the middle of the parking lot over there. >> larry: some baskets at a nearby flower shop were damaged. employees used dry vaks to clean up the mess. >> darcel: a swift water rescue team had to evacuate residents in cherokee until the water receded. soco creek flooded and washed out a section of smiley little john road. neighbors say it's happened before where gravel repairs simply washing away in heavy rain like today. >> i understand it will take time. my grandparents live here and they're not doing good. >> darcel: four homes were affected.
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had more than three inches of rain. it caused streams and rivers to breach their banks including the davidson river. drivers quickly recognized the danger when encountering the high water when they tried to avoid it, leftover debris caused more hazards. even trees were swept away. >> larry: that system is moving off the east coast tonight. it will be a while before we see rain in the forecast. >> darcel: and when we do, we may see snow along with it. jason boyer. >> jason: we'll track that system later in to the next week. it's going to bring a lot of cold with it, too. hey, how about the rain? look at all this rain. it may not be as intense as it was today over the western carolinas. but it's still a big deal for the neighbors east. in the last 12 hours, hendersonville 3.61 inches of rain. two inches in asheville at the airport.
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the date. you saw over an inch in spartanburg and greer with two plus inches in places like franklin, andrews and cashiers. 40s for temperatures now in most mountain locations from the northern end to the southern end of the blue ridge. mid 50s over the upstate. your morning planner starts us out in the 30s. it it will be chilly with that wind blowing, too. 45 for the lunch hour. look for the fog. it will be pretty thick over the upstate. you'll gradually burn that off. 53. wintery weather is in the forecast next week. i'll show you when it gets here. >> darcel: developing tonight, a dog abuse case so severe in anderson county, she was transferred to an animal hospital in flat rock. >> larry: tonight that female boxer is in the care of a rescue in arden. jerrika insco joins us with this very sad story.
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>> jerrika: she's a stray and was found deaf and behind. >> she is a cute girl. >> jerrika: it was almost instant for heidi wagner. >> i think the minute i laid eyes on her. >> jerrika: a connection she's made with other dogs as the founder of a non-profit rescue group. but this one is special. >> as soon as you open the door, i mean, it's hard not to get emotional when you see a dog like this. >> jerrika: this two-year-old boxer got a new name. amara. >> it means strong, beloved warrior. >> jerrika: that name suits her. how she was treated by her previous owner does not. her recovery started at western carolina animal hospital where she stayed until tuesday night. >> she had blood work done.
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that's when we found out what was going on. >> jerrika: and what her doctor found possibly happened to amara two weeks ago. amara had survived a gun shot to the head. after hearing that, it may seem strange to say amara is one of the lucky ones. but she is because she gets a second chance. >> no. it's not the worst medical case. i think as far as this one hitting me right in the heart really hard, it's probably one of the top five, for sure. >> jerrika: he's an underdog many people are pulling for and let go. >> it's never easy but there's always another amara out there that needs that spot. but we have a ways to go. >> jerrika: heidi wagner hopes someone knows something and will say something. anderson county sheriff's office darcel.
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detectives are investigating a suspicious death after a man was found shot to death in his home in cashiers. deputies got a 911 call from the home of timothy nars this morning and found his body inside. they're not saying who made that call and no one has been arrested. a family friend says he can't believe this happened. >> i mean, this is a real place where you can leave your doors open, your windows open once in a while. you know. and you just don't expect things like that. >> darcel: the sbi is assisting the sheriff's office with the case. >> larry: the sold out guitar jam was tonight at the orange peal. 99.9 kiss country puts on this event every year for the same reason. >> mission is our hometown hospital. and we always support them. and we love the kids. so and i'm glad that it's a benefit for them.
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years, kiss country has donated more than a million dollars to mission children's hospital. >> darcel: another candidate is out of the race tonight. and donald trump is sounding off about what happened in iowa. why he wants a new election. >> larry: and the panthers had better win the super bowl because charlotte's mayor has a
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coming up, the bet you're watching news 13 with darcel grimes, larry blunt, chief meteorologist jason boyer, and sports with stan pamfilis. this is news 13 at 11. >> darcel: two major developments tonight on the campaign trail. republican presidential candidate rick santorum announced he's out of the race. here's marcy gonzalez with the latest. >> reporter: tonight the republican field narrowing again. rick santorum dropping out. and announcing he's supporting marco rubio. the cruz camp sent this e-mail to caucus day suggesting dr. ben
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>> i thought it was an unfair advantage. >> he insulting ben carson by doing what he did to ben carson. that was a disgrace. >> reporter: cruz apologizing to carson. >> it was a mistake for our team not to forward your subsequent statement. >> reporter: things starting to simmer on the republican side, too. bernie sanders calling in to question whether hillary clinton is really a progressive. >> some days, yes. until she announces she's a proud moderate. >> because if it's about our records, hey, i'm going to win by a landslide. >> reporter: clinton and sanders will face off in a debate tomorrow night. then the republicans will debate here in new hampshire saturday night right here on abc. marcy gonzalez.
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clinton spoke at allen university in columbia to rally voters. he told the crowd that hillary is the best choice for south carolinians. before the event, mr. clinton met with local leaders. the south carolina democratic primary is february 27th. >> larry: a barbecue restaurant in raleigh has started a trend. clyde coopers barbecue put signs out asking people to stop profiling muslims. since then, the message has spread around other businesses downtown. >> oh, i agree with the message. it's definitely not right to profile people. my barber is a muslim. i know plenty of muslims. they're all fine people that i've met. there's crazies in every bunch. >> larry: they have not received any negative feedback about the signs.
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roberts and the mayor of colorado. should the broncos win, mayor roberts says she's post a picture of herself in peyton manning's jersey. if the panthers win, the mayor will post himself in a cam newton picture. >> it's a really beautiful blue and it's going to go really well. it's going to look great on you. >> i appreciate that. >> darcel: the mayor says she's confident she won't be wearing manning's jersey. >> larry: we will see. >> darcel: hopefully she's right. >> larry: really. well the rain's out of here and the temperature is about to drop. >> darcel: jason, is there something else on the way? >> jason: wintery weather could be on the way. it's looking a little more likely. first of all, your tyson furniture bus stop forecast. definitely colder in the
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37 degrees with that wind blowing. 15 to 20 miles an hour. we'll burn off the fog and get back to sunshine. it gets us to 49 by drop off. 63 for the high today. 48 the low. 20 degrees above average. we'll talk about that snow so far today, two inches of rain. nothing in the way of wintery weather yet. >> larry: and a little later, more problems caused by a strong storm system that moved across the southeast. one woman had to be res that feeling. you know the one. that "grand-slam, aced-the-presentation" feeling. multiply that feeling. it's the deal of all deals. a moment worthy of celebration. now multiply that. you're everyone's hero in the championship of all championships it's that feeling. multiplied. introducing the new multiplier scratch-offs. a chance to win. and a chance to multiply your winnings.
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now your news 13 skywatch weather. >> jason: thankfully we have dried out but some of the concerns now with the runoff in to the rivers locally. we'll show you that with the french broad in just a second. look at all the rain, it has moved east. it's weakening. it's all along the coastal sections of north carolina, south carolina, too. say good-bye to it for the time being. this is what we'll be watching up to the northwest. cold air bottled up will start to make its way south from canada. we'll see our chances for snow going up eventually in to next week. leicester carpet sales news13 sky cam network. we're in black mountain. 50 degrees. yeah, look at the fog really forming over here. a light wind. that means thick fog in the morning. plan accordingly. give yourself a few extra minutes on that morning commute to work or school. the french broad river at
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floods. 7.2 feet going up to about 8.5 feet. we're going to look at mild flooding. and it drops off tomorrow. watch out there in blantyre towards henderson and transylvania county. no chance of rain for the next several days here in asheville. only a slight chance of some snow. that's right. high elevations near the tennessee border friday may get light snow. it is foggy and we have the humidity very high. 97%. here's our front slowly on the move towards the coast tonight. and eventually off the coast tomorrow. here comes our northwest wind behind that. 15-20 miles an hour and gusty. mild air on the back side of
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that's a nice southerly flow. cloud free conditions for some in the morning. other than that, we'll have the fog and low clouds mostly south and east of asheville. by about lunch hour we'll clear that out. mostly clear skies right on through the evening in to friday. enjoy that. it's going to be pretty nice. even though we'll get cooler, we'll certainly have sunshine to enjoy. temperatures tonight noticeably chillier. mid to upper 30s for the mountain valleys. temperatures in the low 40s to mid 40s. middle to upper 40s as you work your way down in to the upstate. speaking of the upstate, high temperatures tomorrow under sun and clouds. still mild overall. you're going to come from today's eyes. upper 50s in anderson, greenville, spartanburg, mid 50s there. more sunshine in our foothill communities.
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the same in rutherfordton. in the french broad river valley, upper 40s. mars hill and waynesville. how about our southwestern communities down there in the southern mountains of the blue ridge. looking pretty good around 50 degrees. we stay in the 40s right through friday and saturday and eventually warm up briefly before the bigger chill moves in later in the day on monday. we'll have a chance for some rain changing to snow showers in asheville. we get cold next week.
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minus the snow and rain in the >> larry: the same storm system that moved through the mountains caused some problems all over the southeast. in boone, emergency officials had to rescue a woman from a creek near the mall after her vehicle got stuck. >> darcel: another driver had to be rescued from a river near atlanta after a driver lost control. her car went over a guard rail and flipped in to the river. the woman was able to get out of the car as it drifted down stream. firefighters helped her out of the water. >> larry: unc asheville hoping to stay in first place in the
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>> stan: college hoops, unc asheville trying to stay in first in the big south hostly charleston southern. pick it up in the first half.
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will weeks. look at this. he's going to make it. it's good. and there's a foul called underneath the basket and the bucket counts. asheville would keep pushing the ball down the court. sutton finds sam hughes. hughes with 11. then it's will weeks, he's underneath the basket but he'll find trey bryant. nail this three. good. dogs trail. 17-5 run puts it away. asheville wins. they're a game behind the bulldogs. asheville at campbell saturday. the greatest day of prep football players life, probably the day they sign collegiately. luke notestine has a story of a few of the lucky ones.
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the best athletes that western carolina has ever produced. he'll take his incredible talent to play football at south carolina. >> very emotional. just a great feeling. i feel relieved knowing that i'll be going there this summer to play the next three on four years as a gamecock. >> luke: asheville all-state lineman pete liotta. he committed to the gamecocks in september. stuck with it even when coach spurier stepped down. >> i'm looking forward to it. just playing on the field. >> luke: cameron parker from tc roberson had a big crowd to watch him sign.
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>> it's awesome. to see all the people behind me really shows me that they care about me and are my true friends and support me in everything i do. >> luke: congratulations. i'm luke notestine for news 13 sports. >> stan: those are just some of the signings. chase lineman seth ray is going to go to gardner webb. bryson buck goes to mars hill. four signees from north buncombe. kicker peter to center college. quarterback chase parker going to winkette. jake mar offensive tackle to carson newman. jordan cody to mars hill. western carolina signs 14 players today.
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defense. third best class in the sunbelt. fsu one georgia seventh, clemson 8th. a lot of other ones. >> jason: we're doing a little better tomorrow. no rain. that's the bigger issue we won't have. thursday, 40s for highs. sunshine. a little warmer especially by sunday. >> larry: thank you for joining us. check us out some time on >> darcel: and be sure to find
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ha and now abc's "jimmy kimmel live." >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- channing tatum,
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