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tv   News 13 Tonight  ABC  February 4, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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for from applicants. now that's probably the number one feedback is why would we want to legalize another drug. >> darcel: support tonight on a new push to bring marijuana to the mountains. and how the cherokee tribe could be the key to making it happen. now from western north carolina's news leader, this is news 13 at 11:00. >> darcel: developing tonight, henderson county deputies are investigating a suspicious death. they're also trying to find the man's son who they're hoping knows something about what happened. >> larry: 66-year-old terry butler was found dead in mountain home this morning. news 13's aaron adelson has been on the scene all day. what do deputies know about the son, aaron? >> aaron: when i checked back just a little while ago, they said they're still chasing down leads but we mayave some new information in this morning. but right now they're still
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happened to terry butler. this morning, terry butler was found by his sister in this home dead. she called 911 and her other brother. john butler came up from spartanburg after he heard the news. >> he didn't deserve to die. that man would give you his shirt off his back. and him poor as all get out. >> reporter: born on the same day 14 years apart, john is trying to make peace with another side of his older brother. >> i love him so much that i told my mom on her death bed that i'd take care of him because i'd known he was an alcoholic. and i didn't stick to my guns otherwise he wouldn't be dead. >> reporter: he says terry got his daughter out of jail wednesday night and was happy to have her back. >> they had a heck of a party and my brother got killed at that same party. he wouldn't hurt a fly unless he was drunk.
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was drunk. >> aaron: authorities are trying to find his son, joey butler. deputies want to know if joey is okay. he lives here with his dad. >> my brother was a very loving man. he had a drinking problem but he would let anybody stay in his home and not charge him a dime. he would feed them, give them a place to sleep. and now my brother is dead. >> aaron: terry's sister said she was walking with joey, who she calls jobo. he had been drinking and became belligerent. >> i'm leaving it in the good lord's hands, folks, is all i can say. >> aaron: officers very familiar with this house where this happened.
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times for things like domestic violence, fights, and disturbances. >> darcel: an update tonight on another death investigation. the death of a man in jackson county has been ruled a homicide. timothy norris was found dead in cashiers. investigators say he was shot to death. his wife found him when she came home from work. no one has been arrested. >> larry: investigators have released the 911 call from a home where a 17-month-old had died. a 911 call was made that kyler presnell was blue and not breathing. when first responders arrived, they were unable to revive him. blunt force trauma caused his death. >> our thoughts and prayers go to the family. >> larry: authorities are still investigating. no charges have been filed. >> darcel: community members
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a buncombe county landfill should or should not be converted in to a park. tonight, they spoke before representatives of the department of environmental and natural resources. that agency will review the comment before making the decision. news 13's justin hinton joins us live from ab tech where the meeting took place. people from all walks of life weighed in. >> justin: that's right. from environmental activists to coaches to even a former major league baseball player. just beyond the tree line at the former site of a bsaf it will become a park filled with greenway, ball field and more. to be decided after public comments. most supported the concept from state rep brian turner. >> it would be a tremendous
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enka-candler region, but also the community as a whole. >> what kids can get from this and be able to play close from home. not only the short term but being able to play collegiately. >> reporter: the building is on a former landfill. >> what's in that landfill nobody knows. >> specifically we recommend monitoring ground water and surface water for the full sweep of known coal ash contaminants. monitoring seep number one for the full range of industrial landfill contaminants. >> justin: specific requirements must be enacted. including a minimum of two feet of soil and monitoring of
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>> we will take those in to consideration along with any documents, things about the property in the past and other things that we've gathered along the way and use those to make our final decision as to whether to proceed with this project. >> justin: and there is no set timeline on when a decision will be made. reporting live in asheville, justin hinton, news 13. >> larry: madison county deputies are searching for a bank robber tonight. the thief was caught on surveillance video seen here. if you have any information that can help investigators, call the madison county sheriff's office. new tonight, the north carolina highway patrol is recruiting. recruitment sessions were held throughout the year. but this week there are two sessions that are the biggest. right now there are eight
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the mountains. news 13's jerrika insco joins us live. jerrika, what are some of the requirements to be a trooper? >> jerrika: to name a few, having a high school diploma or ged and being 21 to 39 years old with no felonies or serious misdemeanors. if you meet those requirements you might be able to become a trooper, making more than $36,000 a year. every day they hit the road not knowing who is behind the wheel of the vehicle they're pulling over. >> i just caught you speeding a little bit. >> jerrika: but day in and day out at every traffic stop, highway patrol troopers have the same thing in mind. >> taking the impaired drivers off the road. >> jerrika: when you ask a trooper why they love their job, most answer the same saying the reward makes it all worth it. >> the pay is decent. but as far as what you can get out of the job itself, it goes
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you're actually helping your community and saving lives and it's something you can feel good about. >> jerrika: tonight and saturday afternoon, they're sharing information about what they do. highway patrol has 162 vacancies state wide right now. 139 of which are troopers. that means 10% of their positions need to be filled. >> we're not in dire need. the public's not in anyway in any danger. but we do need more people on the organization. >> jerrika: these concessions are really for people considering putting on the uniform. the job entails a long list of duties. the most important, saving lives on our highways. now if you missed tonight's session, there is another other saturday from 10:00 a.m. to noon at reynolds fire department.
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>> larry: he's already a hero for what he's done for our country. now he's being recognized for something else. >> darcel: coming up, what an iraqi veteran did when someone tried to rob him at work. >> reporter: a group has formed and it's sent out a survey asking residents what they say about marijuana use. the results so far coming up. >> jason: plenty of cold to go around tonight and plenty of wind. 35 in burnsville now. the same in asheville. dropping closer to freezing in bryson city. still holding in the 40s, though, as you go south over the upstate. 20s in the morning for asheville and many of the mountain communities. 36 by lunch hour. wind chills in the morning will be in the teens. freezing in the upstate. frost and back to 40s by the lunch hour. we'll talk more in detail about
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you're watching news 13 with darcel grimes, larry blunt, chief meteorologist jason boyer, and sports with stan pamfilis. this is news 13 at 11:00. >> larry: there's a new push to legalize medical marijuana in western north carolina. >> darcel: a group called common sense cannabis is now trying to convince the eastern band of cherokee it's the right move. news 13's rex hodge looks in to why it may be a tough sell in tonight's reality check. >> rex: some in cherokee see marijuana, even personal use, consistent with nature. >> it's plants. i think it would be a good thing. >> rex: they say it helps calm the nerves. not everyone feels the same. tribal leadership recently voting against spending money on a feasibility study looking in
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in to medical, industrial use. >> cannabis is just not some drug, it's a plant and a form of medicine, first and foremost. >> rex: with tribal leadership saying no to a wide ranging marijuana study, he's refocusing. >> we're listening to our community m mbers and also we're listening to our council members who also receive feedback. and a medical cannabis resolution. we're looking to provide our members and patients with access to that medicine for a variety of ailments. >> they have spoken to many of their constituents who were supportive. >> rex: the cherokee have seen harmony between plants and healing.
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the museum of cherokee indians. >> everything has a use. >> rex: tribal member amy walker's parents were herbalists. >> my mom would gather. >> rex: about joseph owl's survey. >> people can say yes. here's what i agree to. no, for recreational use. i think most of the people would agree to that. >> rex: owl says medical marijuana can help cancer and epilepsy patients and possibly bring other benefits. >> it isn't the only solution but we think it is part of the solution to curbing opoid addiction. >> rex: rex hodge, news 13.
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results will be presented to tribal council in march. >> larry: five days until the presidential hillary clinton and bernie sanders faced off in their final debate before the new hampshire primary. clinton is trying to build support in sanders' backyard. >> secretary clinton does represent the establishment. i represent, i hope, modern america. >> a woman running to be the first woman president as exemplifying the establishment. >> larry: on the republican side, donald trump is still the frontrunner in new hampshire. and the latest poll shows that rubio is surging to second
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you can see the debate on saturday night at 8 o'clock. >> darcel: some areas could see a little snow. >> larry: yeah. jason is here with how the weekend is shaping up. >> jason: it looks pretty good. it's not going to be warm but warmer. sunshine is in the forecast. here's your tyson furniture bus stop. teens and 20s for wind chills. 41 at drop off. not bad. but it's colder than average. it will stay windy tomorrow. the next wintery blast is going to be colder. there will be snow involved this time. i'll show you where and when, next. >> darcel: and later, an iraq war veteran's reaction when
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he was trying to do his job. now your news 13 skywatch weather. >> jason: enough wind out there tonight to prompt the national weather service to issue wind advisories which kick in now and go in to 10 o'clock in the morning on friday. 45 miles an hour. stretching up in to watauga. we have mcdowell and buck burke county. 45 degrees. the wind has lessened. it's down to 20.
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our wind chills will continue to drop off as the air temperatures cool. now it feels like 24 degrees in asheville. cloudy skies right now. those clouds will begin to break up. and certainly by morning, a lot of sunshine will be ushered in. here's your midnight forecast, future cast wind chills. teens and low 20s for the northern mountains down to the french broad river valley. 6 o'clock in the morning. this is what it likely will feel like to exposed skin. teens and 20s mixed in. really cold and not much improvement through the afternoon tomorrow. there's the lunch hour around 30. it's what it's go g ing to feel like in asheville. at least the air temperature will drop off. but our wind should really slacken tomorrow night. speaking of any precipitation, nothing in the forecast. 60% monday in asheville. that's going to be that wintery mix of rain and snow.
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the rain just about 24 to 36 hours ago. now it's moved east and slowly off the coast. we'll have that northwest wind behind that for the next couple of days. then the wind will shift more to a south and southwesterly wind. that happens in to the weekend to help warm our temperatures. midnight tonight. this is over done. that model was indicating snow in the high country. i really don't think that's going to come to fruition. clearing skies in the morning. watch what happens saturday. here come clouds afternoon and evening, boom, there they go racing across the carolinas. they'll be with us again in to late saturday evening. let's go all the way to the west coast. why? in santa clara, you probably heard about this. there's a big game happening on sunday. super bowl 50 panthers against the broncos.
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3:30 coastal time in the west. 66 at half time. 62 by the fourth quarter. i don't think you can ask for much better than that. it's going to be gorgeous, if you know anybody out there, maybe give them a call. cold across all mountain locations. low to mid 30s over the upstate. look at these highs tomorrow. 30s north. chilly. 40s through the mountain valleys. 50s strewn about in the upstate. the warmest day of the next seven is coming over the weekend at sunday. colder tuesday and wednesday with our chances of snow still
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>> larry: an iraq war veteran is being recognized for stopping an armed robbery. he was working when the robber came in and demanded money. when the robber moved beside him, the veteran quickly grabbed him and threw him around and he punched the guy. the guy was able to get away and ran out of the store. police are still looking for the would-be robber. >> darcel: earth, wind, and fire founder maurice white has died. he started the group in the 60s after working as a drummer in chicago. earth, wind, and fire went on to
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"september" shining star. maurice white was 74. >> larry: panthers fans were loading up and heading out. even airline ticket agents were wearing jerseys today as passengers made their flights to santa clara. it is the trip of a lifetime for many fans to get to see super bowl 50. and of course, most of them were confident they're coming home with a win. >> darcel: we all hope. luke notestine and photo
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the trip to santa clara. >> stan: just a couple of days away now from super bowl 50. panthers and the broncos sunday in san francisco. luke notestine. >> luke: hey, stan, we are here at the marscone center. it's touted as an interactive theme park for football fans from all over the country who are here to enjoy and get ready for the super bowl. fans can test their athletic abilities with things like racing. like the 40-yard dash.
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we even have videos. that's what the fans have been talking about here. it's really a great time for the fans to kind of get pumped up for the big game on sunday. which of course is the biggest game in the world. the biggest football game where we'll see the panthers take on the denver broncos. we're going talk with some local people. be sure to stay tuned to wlos to get all your super bowl coverage as we get ready for the big day on sunday. reporting from downtown san francisco, i'm luke notestine for news 13 sports. >> stan: another rough road game for western carolina. started poorly and really never got better. mike brown scored 20 but western never really in it. cats had one
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road win. state dual wrestling playoffs tonight. in 3a, enka takes both matches. if the jets win, it will be their first state title. mitchell hosting 3rd and 4th round action. they beat elkin in the 4th. mountaineers wrestle at rosewood. another area football player signs up. caleb gilbert of brevard high school. he'll play at brevard college. congrats. ricky fowler who wants to be among the top four. looks like he's on his way to accomplishing that.
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9. those two are tied. >> larry: weather looks nice there. >> jason: temperatures in the 40s the next couple of days. we'll warm it up. the second half of the weekend is looking like the warmest of the two.
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>> larry: thanks for joining and now abc's "jimmy kimmel live." >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- jason sudeikis, lionel richie, "this week in unnecessary censorship,"
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