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tv   News 13 at Noon  WLOS  February 5, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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had to respond to that area. >> the arrest warrant states a wooden ball bat was used to kill terry. news 13 evan donovan was inside the as joey butler had his first court appearance related to this case. he says he was very emotional and his sister was also in the crowd, also visibly emotional. joey's probable cause hearing is set for february 23. evan will have much more on this story later today on news 13. and you'll hear from the sister. a man from polk county behind bars after a drug investigation. he faces several charges including possession with intent to manufacture, deliver and sell marijuana and cocaine.
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cocaine at his home after executing a search warrant there. >> the winter cold is back. >> yes, indeed. it is chilly outside. 32 degrees. notice the camera is shaking. that is because of the wind. lester carpet sales skycam network. right now, it is 36. still in the upper 30's in forest city. lake toxaway, below freezing. at 4:00 p.m., 40 degrees at best with sunshine. back here in buncombe county, dinner time athe sun goes down, dropping back below that 40 degree mark. quickly going back down to the 20's. our headlines indicate still windy. i'll show you the wind map coming up. what about the weekend outlook? forecasting snow, i'll tell you
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>> one person is dead after a massive crane collapses in lower manhattan. at least 15 others were hurt, some of them seriously. the crane land on parked cars and stretched for what appears to be a full city block. it is unclclear what caused the crane to come down. >> concern is mounting over growing reports of zika virus inside the united states. it is so concerning, one state is declaring a health emergency. >> we'll get ahead of it. we always say, we'll prepare for the worst and hope for the best. >> florida governor scott comparing preparing for the zika hurricane. reports of infection continue to grow. >> yesterday we had nine cases. today florida has 12 zika cases.
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urban environment. florida isn't the only state facing the threat. more than a dozen states have confirmed cases including warm weather states where mosquitos thrive like california, florida and hawaii where the first u.s. case of a newborn born suffering from brain damage was reported. >> zika will continue to spread around the world and that number could increase significantly. >> new details about a plane that nearly blew up in the african sky. investigators believe they have found explosive residue. they are looking at isis and the african terror group. two passengers were hurt and it is believed one person may have been sucked out of the jetliner. >> the airline has suspended
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>> a u.n. rights group, the founder of wiki leaks should be freed in london. the group found he has been detained by sweden and the uk since his arrest in 2010. he spent the last three and a half years at the embassy.embassy. >> extreme sports pioneer dave mira was found dead yesterday in a suspected suicide. he was just 41 years old. he rose to f fame in 1990 as the top athlete in bmx. greenville police say his body was found in a truck with an wound. >> the vatican reported pope francis will meet with the head of the russian orthodox church. it will be the first meeting wean the heads of the catholic
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history. pope francis has made concerted efforts to heal the breach. both s sides consider cuba neutral ground. >> democratic presidential hopefuls, the last debate before the primary was the most spirited one yet. hillary clinton and bernie sanders battled over their records on multiple issues and defended against each other attacks on the campaign trail. >> the top two democrats face to face for the last time before the new hampshire primary. >> i think it is time to end the very artful smear you and your campaign have been carrying out. >> the candidates clashing over charges of not standing to wall street. >> i helped lead the effort against deregulation. >> while hillary clinton dodged a question about releasing the transcripts of his paid speeches to banks and big corporations. >> i will look into it.
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she showed her muscle on foreign policy. >> i fully concede that secretary clinton who was secretary of state for four years has more experience but experience is not the only point, judgment is. >> a vote in 2002 is not a plan to defeat isis. >> bernie sanders again refused to go after clinton for her e-mail controversy. >> i will not politicize it. >> instead going after her connections, the political establishment. >> the republicans are up next. their final debate before the primary is this saturday night.
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boat and recreation show is under way in fletcher. rv's boats, atv's and more are on display at the wnc ag center. some offering special deals. orgrgizers say with spring only a month away, it is time to check out the options on the market. >> the dealers are ready to make a deal and slash prices. spring is just around the corner. you can have your camper ready or your boat, jet ski or both, all of the above ready for the springtime fun hitting the water. >> determining your risk for heart disease coming up at 12:10, the number that officially defines who is underweight or overweight and how that plays a role. >> coming up in business report, the latest menu edition at mcdonald's that has more calories, fat and salt than a big mac. >> sign up for our mobile app if you vice president already. you can get local news, weather and sports and traffic updates. all you have to do is search
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fush >> heart disease can be a weighty manner but your scale may not be the only measure of your heart health. dr. timothy johnson explains how your body mass index may play a role. >> your doctor's office will always get your height and weight. they need these numbers to calculate a body mass index, your bmi. it defines who is underweight or overweight. you may not know it comes under fire for not treating pounds of fat different from pounds of bone or muscle. researchers use national survey information and blood tests to
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markers of heart risk. they looked at cholesterol, triglycerides and c reactor protein. they found higher bmi c came with less healthy blood markers but not always. that left one in six people with healthy markers. 31% of people with normal weight always had at least two abnormalities. a proper diet and physical exercise may trump the number on the scale, increasing your risk for heart disease so people with normal weight don't sit on your laurels. >> it is now a problem, many people don't want to talk about, male fungus. it is contagious and causes changes in the nail.
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diabetics are at higher risk. the good news, it is treatable. >> what i typically tell patients, topical antifun gal and they have to do that daily for a year. the second option is an oral medicine, the patient will take that daily for three months and you'll see changes 60% of the time. one of the newer treatments which is the most effective one is laser treatment. that we see effective changes about 85 to 87 percent of the time. >> as for prevention, don't go barefoot in public. don't get professional pedicures and if your feet sweat a lot, you can use antifun gal powder or spray. >> cbcvs will sell an antidote. states.
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reverse the effects of opiodes in case of overdose. customers have to ask the pharmacist for it. $50. the drug is being sold at walgreens without a precipitation. >> coming up, super bowl costs cause a breaking $5 million. take a look at what can make them more so. >> take a look at this, this is our cataluci camera. it is headaching because it is so windy outside. the skycam network, 35 degrees in asheville right now. coming up after the break, we'll talk about what you can expect for super bowl sunday, plus our
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>> a big weekend to talk about super bowl. this is chimney rock 31 degrees. let's see if we can spot any brave souls climbing to the top. i see one or two maybe. if you are going to go out for a lunch break. 25 degrees, this is way up in mount pisca at 5,000 feet. it shows how breezy and it is milder. radar and satellite not too exciting this afternoon. clear skies so at least we have sunshine. if you look out the window, it looks warm. this morning it was cool. 47 for a low at the airport. four below zero. that's the record in 1917. high temperature record, wouldn't that be nice, 73 degrees back in 2008. don't forget the sun sets around
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that's when temperatures will continue to plummet back below freezing tonight. the rain earlier this week kept us in the positive territory. an inch and a half for that departure and still we are seeing some issues with the river flood warnings. we'll continue to recede through saturday evening. keep in mind if you live in those zones. 35 in asheville, 40's further south in the upstate. the wind is 18 miles an hour in buncombe county, 12 in forest city, 14 in morganton. feels like 24 degrees outside. feels like the 30's in the foothills. this is a front that moved through. it is finally going off the coastline in north carolina. take a quick look at the big picture, not a lot to show you. nice clear skies into the weekend, including super bowl sunday. we have our chance for snow
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watch here as we head into monday, especially monday morning into the afternoon. that chance for snow returns. 2:00 p.m. today, clear skies. same thing through 4:00, dinner time as well. clear tonight, maybe a few passing clouds to wake up to at 6:00 a.m. other than that, we'll be milder back to the 40's. it is going to be around 50 degrees for sunday and it looks like it is going to stay nice and clear in the mountains. windy today, gusts up to 34 miles an hour. can happen. 40 degrees for a high. tonight a low of 23 degrees, calmer winds. in the upstate, temperatures will stay relatively mild. 49 degrees. it will stay windy as we just showed you on that camera. tonight we'll be chilly as well, back down to the 20's and 30's all across the region. the weekend forecast looking milder for super bowl. 450 degrees, holly, look, the high temperature next week, below freezing. that's wednesday.
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yesterday we only had a 17. colder. a look at the upstate shows a cooooown, a return to the 20's next week. >> the american economy jobs machine cooled in january. >> coming up in the business
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interest rates next month. >> stocks are in negative territory in noon. >> the dow down 40 points at 16276. nasdaq also down 85 points at 4423. hiring slows as employers added 151,000 jobs last month. it still performed well enough to push employment to an eight-year low. the labor department said the slowdown makes it more likely
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not raise rates when it meets next month. >> consumers will likely be the one to pay for the proposed $10 per barrel gas tax. the president is set to propose the tax when he reveals the budget as part of an effort to reduce carbon emissions. the tax would be saved in over five years and would apply to both domestic and imported oil but it is likely to run into political opposition from republicans. >> mortgage rates fell amid volatility in the world markets. freddy mac says the 30 year rate sled to 24.73% rates have continued to fall despite the decision to raise rates. as the price of commodities have dropped, it has pubbed down long term rates. >> mcdonald's latest salad has
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a big mac. the premium southwest salad with butter milk crispy chicken starts with a nutrition base but once the restauranttiles on the chicken, the corn and the dressing, it comes in as a whopping 710 calories, 43 grams of fat and 1330 milligrams of salt. the big mac turns out to be a better choice.choice. >> still to come at noon, the idea behind these designer footballs.
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edition of pet pals, where this >> you won't be seeing footballs like the ones you are about to see. >> these fashion footballs were dreamed up by the council of fashion designers of mechanic. it is all part of the super
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designers with glamorous takes on the ball. among the participants, big names such as tiffany a and company and betsy johnson, gold leaf, metal spikes can be seen throughout the series. >> each piece is being auctioned online from now until february 14. proceeds will go to the nfl foundation. it is a charity serving various causes. >> some of those are pretty cool. >> buy that for your sweetie for valentine's day. >> a henderson county man is arrested for his father's murder. coming up in our next half-hour, the latest following his first court appearance. >> two nypd officers hospitalized after a shooting in the bronx. what the officers were doing
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no interest financing. come in today for our best prices of the year. with havertys, your home can be perfect. even when life isn't. sfx: knocking. we're early! the presidents day sale. from classic to contemporary, havertys. >> this is a live picture of 240. the jeff bowen bridge, this is from our camera on top of the hotel indigoindigo. 40 degrees right now in franklin. sunshine, lester carpet sales news 134 skycam network for you. 2:00 p.m., staying in the 30's back here in many locations. still near the freezing mark. 36 by dinner time.
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