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tv   News 13 at 1230pm  ABC  February 5, 2016 12:30pm-1:00pm EST

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i'll have your weekend outlook coming up after the next a couple of stories and our forecast with snow. >> a henderson county man is now charged with his father's murder. this comes after the suspicious death investigation that began just yesterday. lauren is live from the henderson county sheriff's office. horts say the father and son actually lived together. >> they did. authorities spent much of yesterday searching for the son to make sure he was ok. early this morning they arrested joey butler. he is charged with second degree murder in the death of his father terry. terry butler was found dead in his home yesterday morning. a wooden ball bat was used to kill for ri. after spending much of the day searching for terry, authorities found him last night. >> we were doing follow up investigation at one of the locations that he is known to
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it just so happened two of our detectives were in this establishment and owey walked in. we were able to speak with him and early this morning he was charged in the death of his father. officials say they have received more than 200 calls in the last five years from the home that the two lived in. at this point, officials say there are no other suspects in the case, nor additional charges expected to be filed against joey butler. evan donovan was inside the henderson county courthouse as joey made his first court appearance. he was visibly emotional as well as joey's sister who was sitting in the crowd. he spoke with the sister. you'll hear from her coming up later today on news 13. >> a missouri couple wanted for kidnapping and armed robbery in a multistate crime spree has
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the story starts today's newsreel. it happened during a standoff in florida. fits gerald was pronounced dead at the scene. britney harp er harper took police on a chase. the florida department of law enforcement took over the investigation. >> two nypd officers are hospitalized after a shooting in the bronx. they were on routine patrol inside a housing complex when shots were fired. one officer was hit in the head. neither officer is facing life threatening injuries. one suspect died at the scene from the self-inflicted gunshot wound. two others are in custody. >> waters leave a homeless man trapped in tennessee. the man became stranded in east ridge tennessee. the man's wife told reporters they are homeless and were camping in the area. she left to get coffee and returned to find her husband trapped, yelling for help. it is not clear how he got
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crews came out and put a rescue boat bringing the man back to shore. >> the ceo of a georgia hospital is one of six people facing charges after a prescription drug sting. agents arrested mike gotter in union county. he is facing multiple prescription drug charges. the arrest comes after a multistate investigation. officials say prescription drug abuse is a growing problem across georgia. >> two million people each year start their drug abuse with pain killers. many heroin addicts start off becoming addicts with prescription drugs. >> police say dr. james heaten wrote 15,000 fraudulent prescriptions over a three year period. four of gouter's family members were among those a rehen. >> the clean-up under way after
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in parts of the southeast. for two days, surveillance video shows the moment a tornado hit. they will determine be out to determine if it was caused by an actual tornado or straight line winds. >> hopefully nothing like that in our weather. >> no, nothing like that. look at the camera shaking. it is very windy out there. 34 degrees, conissey falls. 32 degrees on wcu campus. likely folks wearing a nice winter coat even into this afternoon, especially when that wind hits you. 27 in balsam gap. notice beautiful blue sky. at least we have a little bit of something to smile about. radar satellite, calm conditions
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we'll continue to see the sunshine throughout the rest of the day. let's talk temperatures now. as warm as we have gotten, 35 degrees, not very warm at all. typically, we are around that 50 degree mark. we'll get there beginning on sunday. look at this record in 2008, very nice. 73 degrees, four below zero is the cold temperature record back in 1917. with all the rain we had earlier this week, still dealing with one river issue, the flood warning is out for french broad, it will continue to recede finally back below action stage by 7:00 p.m. on saturday. so the water still pretty high across that portion of the region. it is cold in boon, it is 30 degrees below freezing. 35 right now in asheville. a little bit warmer in bryson city at 44. 40 degrees in franklin to 30's in hendersonville. 10 degrees warmer in greenville. upper 40's further south down into greenwood.
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been gusting anywhere from 15 to 25 miles an hour throughout the day in asheville. right now, it is at 18. 12 in hendersonville and 14 in gaffeny. the windchill right now, if you are about to head out the door, grab the jacket, the coat. 24 degrees is what it feels like in buncombe county right now. the dip in the jet stream is funnels the cold air into our region. eventually we'll see colder weather into next week and a chance for snow showers. enjoy the sunshine and more mild conditions into saturday and sunday into sunday and monday, start to see the precipitation turn blue. the chance for a wintry mix. sunshine, 2:00, clear skiesskies. return to sunshine throughout
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well. we'll make it to the 40 degree mark, staying windy. still cold, back down to 23. mostly sunny, 49 degrees for a high in the upstate today. tonight back down to 28. 50 for sunday. the cooldown begins. snow possible monday and again on tuesday. the coldest yet, wednesday's high, 30 degrees and overnight lows in the teens. seven-day forecast does show mild conditions for the weekend. back over to you. >> looking for the most updated weather coverage, download our weather app to stay on top of the advisories and alerts. >> here's a look at the stories trending if your lunch hour. rock and roll lost another electricaled. maurice white the leader of the band earth, wind and fire died. among the group's more famous
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and sing a song. white was 74 years old. >> also trending, if you see a lot of folks wearing red, here's why, it is national go red day, working to raise awareness about heart disease in women. the group says heart disease and stroke kill a woman every 80 seconds. learn more by going the our website and clicking on news links. >> a deep sea creature qualifies early life. it has no brain or reproductive organs. food goes in and waste goes out in the same opening. they learned the creature has
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biologists says discovery helps them understand how animals have evolved over time. >> coming up in the kitchen t recipe to highlight an event for the american red cross. protesting uber drivers, the
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>> welcome to the carolina kitchen. i'm joined by anthony seranno in the social lounge and amanda edwards. we are painting the town red. what better way to do that than benets.
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>> we'll put sugar on top. we'll serve rice with them. >> rice? >> with an old cow bell. >> all right. while you do that, i'm going to have amanda tell us about paint the town red. this is a fund-raiser. how does it work? >> we have ticket sales for $40 a ticket, you can visit all six of our venn use and get a small bite and what anthony is preparing is what the social lounge is serving. this is his bite and sip. our celebrities will be out helping serve and may be behind the bar competing for tips. >> this all happens fat tuesday, which is a big celebration. >> it is. there is not a lot going on in asheville it is a great reason to come outout. we have the wrap up celebration.
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but they are a treat from louisiana served on fat tuesday. >> it is basically a donut. >> you are creating a dough. they look brown right now from the outside. >> but they are red on the inside. >> this is the swizle part, it goes into the bell. very nice. this is a rye whiskey. >> some ginger, we took some mint. >> i saw you crushing the mint earlier. i could smell it. smelling great.
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>> all right. well, what do we do -- do you roll the benet -- >> i'll top it with sugar. >> top it with sugar. i'll tell you folks at home how you can get the recipe for the drink. you can send us an envelope to 110 technology drive or you can go to and you can find it there as well.well. >> coming up monday in the kitchen, a recipe that incorporates yummy red peppers. >> up next, what can make those
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>> you can always watch our
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device. >> a lot of people tune in for the super bowl ads just as much as for the game. >> the ads can cost as much as $5 million each. brian looks at what -- why it is worth every penny. >> super bowl ads cost a record breaking $5 million this year. for the first time ever, the same ads will be streamed online. is it really worth the price? the investment is a platform
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all the announcements is worth it. >> 75,000 displaced and every one of our retailers two weeks leading to the super bowl is the biggest push on snacks and beverages. if you look at the interiorty of it, it pays off. >> did you worry about offending one of the 100 million people watching? >> especially with a brand like doritos, we are always going to get creative. >> a common theme in doritos, animals and babies. >> sense of humor. you have to entertain the consumer and obviously kids and animals. >> pepsi on the other hand is focused on celebrities, from michael j. fox, to britney spears and elton john in recent years.
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celebrities front and >> no longer the case. we want to understand what is their narrative and what they are adding to the brand story. >> as for what you can expect this yearyear, you'll have to wait until super bowl sunday. >> luke will be live starting at 5:00 and throughout the weekend, bringing us stories of local fans also making that trek to santa clara. >> they are taking over at wlos instagram page. look for photos and updates there. they'll post updates on facebook and twitter. >> earlier this week, some drivers protested in california, announcing plans to protest on sunday during the super bowl. >> they say they hope to block traffic around the stadium. that obviously could further snarar traffic.
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they will refuse to take people to santa clara for the big game. >> they claim some of the drivers make less than $4 an hour. hour. >> i came from los angeles. that's where i live, los ngeles. angeles. >> uber however says it guarantees drivers up to $35 an hour during demand and drive time. >> a lot of people probably going to have a beer or two at the game. uber is probably the way to go. >> when it comes to predict whoing will win the big game, sometimes animals are the smartest. >> what misha the tiger is predict. >> a priest accused of sexual abuse has ties to the mountains.
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saying about the accusation. >> also tonight, fighting the system for social security, a western carolina university student gets his day in court after waiting years for
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cerebral palsy. >> miza has chosen the tigers to win. >> walked over to the carolina panther box, she knocked it over and she proceeded to tear apart the broncos box. >> that's what we like to hear. one of the zoo's biggest cats picked the cats to win. we'll have to wait and see. i think the cat knows what she is talking about. >> or he is not going to jinx it. >> all right. finally weather now, everyone.
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a bit milder conditions if you will be outside, maybe grilling hamburgers, 50 degrees expected. then it turns colder. maybe if you are sleeping in, lucky you, we'll see a chance for a rain snow mix, same thing again on tuesday. then it turns very cold. >> now i want a hamburger. >> you can have one. >> good idea.
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ask your doctor about stelara . >> announcer: super bowl sunday is coming at you faster than a hail mary pass, so we're giving you everything you need to make the big day a touchdown. michael and mario are going head to head in our fifth annual chili cook-off. which mouth-watering chili will our nbl superstars crown the winner? then, carla's got the perfect decadent game day dessert that'll make you the mvp of the party. plus, it's a special heart-pounding round of football food pyramid, so huddle up,
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