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tv   News 13 Tonight  ABC  February 5, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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in the middle. now from western north carolina's news leader, this is news 13 at 11:00. >> larry: tonight a new ordinance in hendersonville gives some employees the ability to carry concealed weapons. >> darcel: justin, how are people there reacting to this new rule? >> justin: well the residents that we spoke with are a little divided. some say they thought it was a good idea while others said it was a bad one. at city hall in downtown hendersonville, it's pretty quiet. but a new ordinance has people talking. >> created an ordinance that would permit city employees that had a concealed permit from the state to carry conceal. >> justin: that unanimous vote opens the 225 employees to care concealed weapons. >> i believe that the wrong person can get their hands on it.
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>> response time for officers, you know, can vary. it's the people that are on the premises that are the first responders. so to have someone there, um, it could be in any area of the building anytime that maybe could react to an adverse situation would be the best thing. >> justin: it's intended for those who may find themselves in dangerous positions while on the job. >> develop the program and then look at potential employees this may apply to. and put them through a process that won't make them or anyone in harm's way. >> justin: he says the process has taught council members that a number of safety protocols in place.
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when you can make a mistake. >> justin: we're told that the program should be up and running about a month and a half to two months. if you would like to weigh in on this ordinance, head over to our facebook page and leave a comment there. justin hinton, news 13. >> larry: we have breaking news out of raleigh tonight. a panel of federal judges has struck down two majority black north carolina congressional districts. the judges said race was the main factor in drawing those lines. state legislators lacked the justification for doing that. the ruling means that the first and the 12th districts violated. it must be redrawn. we'll keep you updated on the impact this ruling could have on the march 15th primaries. well a henderson county man is charged with killing his father. joey butler appeared in court this morning to face a second
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beating death of his father, terry butler. family members who attended the hearing were very emotional. including the victim's daughter, tanya butler. she said there were typical family issues but nothing that past. my brother never hit my dad. daddy argued with everybody. was. and i don't know. i don't know what happened. he flipped out. >> larry: joey butler is in the henderson county jail. bond is set at $200,000. >> darcel: a former priest in the mountains is facing allegations of sexual misconduct. howard white was director at grace church in waynesville from 1984 until 2006. today the diocese of western north carolina released a statement saying a woman claimed she was sexually abused when she was a minor by white. the claim comes to light after
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students at a private school in rhode island came forward saying they were molested or raped by white 40 years ago. police are investigating. >> larry: new tonight, sink holes are causing concern in an asheville neighborhood. the people who lived near the intersection of london road and iris street are worried about their safety. darren botelho joins us from one of the largest sink holes. when did neighbors start noticing the problems? >> darren: larry, one neighbor tells us this problem started about two weeks ago. this problem as gotten far worse with more sink holes throughout these properties. residents in this asheville neighborhood noticed this sink hole opening up. the problem seems to be contained for now. but nearby residents are worried
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>> i'm concerned that possibly that it's going to spread over towards this area. >> darren: and residents want answers. we called an asheville city engineer to come look at this. he confirms it is a sink hole. he did an inspection of the house next door. he says he believes that there's a storm water pipe running near these two houses. he says most likely it's old and now collapsing. problems may be mounting for this neighborhood because that engineer tells us that stormm pipe is privately owned and the city would get in trouble for even trying to fix it. so residents are left without answers. so far no solutions and many concerns. >> the majority of the kids i've seen in this neighborhood they play in this corner, basically. >> darren: neighbors tell us they haven't seen anybody coming in or out of this house for nearly two weeks. the city can't help and these
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afternoon which leaves little assurance for these residents. we tried to reach the residents in these houses who have been directly affected by these sink holes. they havengt been home all day. he's been in contact with the women who lives in one of the houses. >> darcel: we apologize, some obvious audio problems with darren's report there. well enjoy the mild temperatures. >> larry: if you have to go outdoors, bundle up. it will be cold. >> jason: right now it's just cloud cover that we're tracking. you can see mid and high level cloudiness cloudiness. our temperatures have dropped quickly in to the upper 20s in asheville.
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mid and lower 20s farther to the north. notice knoxville is 32. chattanooga 32. those clouds will certainly, again, slow the cooling process and kind of level our temperatures off. no wind in asheville, franklin, andrews, nor in the foothills. and with no wind, there's no wind chill right now in these places. 23 degrees in the morning. partly to mostly cloudy skies to start our saturday. upper 20s by 9:00 a.m. upper 30s by lunch hour. your upper 20s to begin the day in the upstate. headed for low 30s by 9:00 a.m. mid 40s by lunch hour. more layers in the morning. yes, the flake-o-meter is back. we have a couple of shots of snow. i'll show you when and where. coming up. >> larry: as the carolina panthers put the final touches on their preparations for the super bowl, one western north
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mark in the bay area. >> darcel: luke notestine has been meeting north carolina people now in san francisco. and one of them is from here in the mountains. >> luke: one of the local people from the asheville area we caught up with here in san francisco over the past couple of days is liza shilo. she currently works for levi straus here in the bay area hoping to make the company more environmentally friendly. she is working very hard over the next couple of days and beyond. liza was a former track and field athlete from ac reynolds who uses what she learned on the prep athletic level to help her with every day life. >> the camaraderie. it's also a really healthy place to get friends. i learned a lot. >> luke: she got her undergraduate degree at chapel
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>> day to day, what i work on is strategy level. i'm looking at our energy efficiency. our alternative energy procurement. >> luke: her job allows her to work on interesting ways to make the company better. >> helping them to think about water savings as they design the finishes that they want to apply to our products. >> luke: being a lifetime carolina panthers fan, liza is thrilled that her hometown football team will be playing home. >> it's cool. i was kind of hoping it would be a patriots, like a rematch. but i'm also happy the patriots didn't make it so far. >> luke: she wants the carolina panthers to have one more day of greatness at levi stadium. of course liza is going to do everything she can to watch the game on sunday.
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works. reporting from san francisco, i'm luke notestine, news 13. >> larry: the super bowl match-up is creating some issues for one local brewery. oscar blues has breweries in both colorado and north carolina. so who are they rooting for? the broncos or the panthers. news 13's aaron adelson is live at the hickory cavern tonight. aaron, how is oscar blues dealing with this divide? >> aaron: larry, the super bowl brings a big day for beer. the employees at the brevard brewery have been talking trash back to their coworkers back in california. the two breweries have not made any official bets. oscar brews employs mostly locals. tonight we couldn'n' find a broncos fan working there.
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newest teams. oscar blues employee josh had felt disrespected. >> a couple years ago the panthers didn't do so great and everyone still thinks -- they think we got by on a lucky streak this year. but we're in the super bowl. if that doesn't prove that we're a good team, i don't know what does. >> aaron: colorado carolina connections run team in the tavern. we found two customers who used to live in colorado. they've had nothing nice to say about the broncos. live in asheville, aaron adelson, news 13. >> darcel: developing tonight, rescue crews are trying to save people from the rubble after a powerful earthquake in taiwan. the latest. >> larry: what investigators first thought was a homicide
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what they're now saying happened
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fired. >> darcel: developing tonight, more than 200 people have been rescued from a high rise that was knocked down.
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authorities say a 22-year-old man found dead in his truck was playing russian roulette. investigators initially thought it was a homicide. but he shot himself while trying to buy a gun in lancaster county. the gun owner told him he could take it if he played russian roulette. the gun fired the second time he pulled the trigger. >> larry: well that was a magic moment during a high school basketball game. matthew poole has been the varsity manager. he has cerebral palsy. he suited up and made that three-pointer about 10 seconds in to the game. >> she was emotional. i was emotional.
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but it was absolutely wonderful for him. you know. he's just so special to everybody. >> larry: matthew said that scoring those three points was not his favorite part of the night. the best part he says was having his team mates and h his coach give him a hug afterwards. >> darcel: very special. get ready for more winter weather. >> larry: this weekend we'll be spared. but it will be here next week. later on. jason is here with more on the time line. >> jason: one thing i will guarantee, it will be nothing like jonas a week and a half ago when we had 12 plus inches of snow. 41 degrees for the high temperature today. we did start out close to average at 27. no rain or snow today. still have 5.71 inches for the year. thank goodness the winds have weakened. then we get a brief warm up before the snowy scenarios.
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now your news 13 skywatch weather. >> jason: fairly quiet across the u.s. now that we have the storm over the northeast moving out. some rain in the mid section of the nation. another storm coming on shore. what we're going to focus on is the cloud cover rolling in here.
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the cooling process more swiftly here. 29 degrees in asheville. still mostly clear skies. calm winds thankfully. and the wind chill, obviously no wind chill. it feels like 29 degrees with no wind. you have a light wind north-northeast. wind chill 34 to 31. chances of precipitation in asheville. don't expect anything this weekend. ramping up big time. monday and tuesday, the chances are high. but it doesn't mean a major snow event. scattered snow showers on tuesday. the amounts right now are preliminary. accumulations look pretty minimal for the asheville area and many valleys. the mountains are a different story. 3500 feet up and near the tennessee border, wow, you're looking at decent snow showers much of monday, tuesday, and even early wednesday. you could see several inches
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high pressure the dominant feature. we'll continue with that theme even though we'll get debris clouds coming through. area of low pressure near the coast. still far enough off the coast that we're going to see showers towards the beaches tomorrow in to sunday. it's really this system here. an arctic front that's going to blast through producing the chance of snow. again, the mountains will be favored. clouds overnight tonight again. before dawn still hanging in. we'll see those clouds depart tomorrow evening black in to clearing. a few high clouds in the afternoon on sunday. other than that, pretty quiet weekend. it will get a little milder, which is good. teens and 20s. some of the cool spots again south. we'll see upper 20s over the upstste. highs tomorrow should get in to the 50s. gaffney 50. clemson 52. mid 40s for most mountain valleys.
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you may have heard of this. lake junaleska. i'll be plunging with many others. you still have time to say hey, i want to donate. temperatures in the 30s for the plunge. it will be cold. colder still next week with our
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>> darcel: the ceo of a georgia hospital is one of four people facing charges after a prescription drug scam. gouder is facing multiple prescription drug charges. his arrest comes after a 9 month long multi-state investigation. >> two million people each year start their drug abuse witit pain killers. many heroin addicts start off becoming addicts with their abuse of prescription drugs. >> darcel: five others were also arrested including two doctors. dr. james heatton wrote four of gouter's family members were also arrested. >> larry: an entire student body came together to do the dab. that's made famous by cam newton.
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faculty at blackburn elementary showed their panthers pride by trying to pull off a massive dab all at the same time. there you go. it's pretty good. they were hoping to set an all-time record. a sign in lincoln county has people stopping to take pictures on social media. the sign shows the mileage to the town of denver and newton. if that was the score, panthers would win. one guy posted a picture on his facebook has received more than 400 friend requests. >> darcel: luke notestine is in san francisco to cover the game.
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everybody kind of getting tired of all the interviews and prognosticating. the attention can be over overwhelming overwhelming. >> luke: hey, stan. one of the best parts of this 2015-2016 carolina panthers team is they have been great and excellent and outstanding at blocking out outside distractions. especially all the buzz around this team as they prepared for the super bowl over the past two weeks. it's been one of the more refreshing parts of the panthers team. they love seeing them smile and cam newton dab. we'll see if that continues on sunday. >> this is a great thing, you know. everybody gets to have a time to sit here and kind of listen to the players and kind of see, you know, who they are. and what they're about and all of those things, you know. this week has been great for me. >> it's everything that we've
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you know, we're relaxed. we're having a good time. when we're in meetings, we're in meetings. when we're on the practice field, we're practicing. >> luke: they will keep smiling and keep having fun even on the biggest day on super bowl sunday coming up soon. it will be panthers cam newton versus peyton manning and the broncos. i'm luke notestine, news 13 sports. >> stan: in college hoops, another acc basketball program under the ncaa microscope. they are trying to beat them to the punch. louisville self-imposing a ban. sex scandal involving escorts, dancing and having sex with school players. an athletic department
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that did occur. saturday first place un c asheville women. kimball arena. asheville tied with liberty for first in the big south with 10 and 2 records. rico dowdle didn't make all state but he just made all-american. he signed with the university of south carolina. today he joined congratulations to him. prep hoops, a huge girls game in sylva, smoky mountain edges pisgah. mustangs 12 and 1 in the conference. now one game lead. smokey will be at north henderson tuesday. >> larry: okay. weekend's here. >> jason: we've got a few seconds, don't we? temperatures mid 40s. clouds and sun mix there. temperatures will drop
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we'll even have our snow chances go up monday and tuesday. >> larry: remember you can always check us out on >> darcel: be sure to find us on facebook and twitter.
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