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tv   News 13 at 6pm  ABC  February 6, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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factor when the maps were too predominantly african american districts were changed. justin hinton joins us live. primary? >> that's a good question. the judges said the current map must be redrawn within the next couple of weeks. early. mcnorthbounding? the redistricting from several years ago moved parts of asheville from the eleventh to the 10th district. presumably more black residents would be moved out of the 12th and placed in the 10. we spoke with david gant who said the new redistricting that has to take place is a win for everyone. >> you want your votes to matter. the way the general assembly drew the district they purposefully made people's vote
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such a high minority voter representation in the district. you can't do that. you have to spread everything out and give everybody a chance. >> justin: the gop chairman of the redistricting committees issued the statement saying we are surprised and disappointed by the decision but throws an election that's already underway into turmoil. this decision could do far more to disinfranchise north carolina voters. we'll bring you the latest development in the case that do arise. live in asheville, justin hinton, news 13. >> frank: a community is mourning the loss of a father killed in a freak accident working on his suv. the sheriff's office says 28-year-old william "andy" arrowood becece trapped between his jeep on friday. it happened outside his home. deputies believe the siz sr lift he was using gave way with the
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he's survived by his wife and two children. he was a front end manager. he was well liked. a former priest in the mountains also faces allegations of sexual misconduct almost a thousand miles away. howard white was rector at grace church in waynesville from 1984-2006. the diocese released a statement saying she was sexually an i bused by white when she was a minor. students came forward saying they were too were molested by white 40 years ago. the school agreed to hire a third party investigator to handle the case. the pain suffered decades ago poured out through tears and hugs where former classmates
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>> it was an environment taken over by evil. >> now the school is trying to make good with the 40 victim who is have come forward since the alleged abuse began in the 1970s. announcing a third party independent investigator the school and victims agree upon will oversee an investigation of sexual abuse at st. jormg's school. we caughts up with car minute that represents the victim's group. >> the speed with which the school responded after the press conference that was held in boston, is indicative to us of the schools concern they get their house in order. >> the representative of the board of trustees told us over the phone, the board, trustees and administration of the school felt for some time to complete an investigation. this is the positive first step and everyone will look at the facts in the same manner. seven of the alleged perpetrators worked at the school and four were students.
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able to prosecute because the majority were not raped but they are hoping for the facts to come to light. >> what we're hoping for is justice for everybody in the sense that they will all be able to have their story told. they will all be able to get the help they need and the school will do everything it has to do to make sure this never happens again. >> frank: police say they are investigating sexual abuse mountains. the north carolina department of labor says the state does not need new regulations for the zip lining industry. official weres asked to research changes in existing rules after a 12-year-old camper died in a zip line accident last summer north of boon. the department found that most deaths are caused by human error and no amount of regulation can remove all the risk during a zip line ride.
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dry start to the weekend. but there are some some snow coming on the way. karen wynnnn joins us with the sky watch forecast. >> karen: we have that chance of snow early in the workweek. enjoy that sunshine for the second half of the weekend. right now it's a bit on the chilly side. 39 in asheville... franklin 42... newland 36. it is breezy in some locations. winds have just recent le come down a bit in asheville. out of the north at 8 miles per hour. still feeling a little bit windy. go ahead and pack up that windbreaker if kwour about to go out for dinner. that is going to feel good. your evening planner will be partly cloudy and chilly. 36 at 7:00. down to 32 at 9:00. 30 degrees by 11:00. the wind should be coming down by then. we look at the evening planner in greenville, also a night on the cool side. jackets and sweaters down to 39
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37 at 11:00. and as frank mentioned earlier, we do have the meter up and we're looking at it once again with the next system coming in. closely. a rain snow mix. coming up i'll show you when that arrives and how much snow could fall in the mountains. sdmrf some folks in transylvania county braved cold water. a dip to help something special. dozens of people gathered for the second annual polar plunge. this event is the main fundraiser for transylvania county special olympics team. money collected payss for uniform, transportation, meal and hotel rooms when they are on the road. >> to see the joy on their face when they cross the finish line, winning their gold medal. there's nothing in the world like it.
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about 40 athletes every year for the state special olympics games. gop presidential hopefuls are hours away from their latest face auchlt how the contenders stack up going into tonights debate in new hampshire. an earthquake half way around the world. how weather is adding urgency to
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missing. >> frank: the count down to tuesday's new hampshire primary is on with candidates spending this weekend in search of votes for the gop. it's also debate night. just hours away here on abc 13 wlos. marcy gonzalez is in manchester. >> the state stage is set for what is expected to be a slug fest. presidential candidates not stopping today. >> we have to save this country. >> before facing off for the last time before the new hampshire primary. >> on that stage tonight, you're going to see a difference. we will make sure you see a difference. between those who are prepared to lead and those who are just continuing to talk. >> the latest polling showing donald trump with a 19 point lead going into the debate followed by marco rubio. the target on his back getting bigger. >> he's willing to break his
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deals with democrats to force through amnesty. >> cruz supporters out hoping he can push ahead for a repeat of iowa. >> one vote is worth it. >> a beautiful day in manchester. >> today hillary clinton going door to door, too. >> i need your help on tuesday. convince others to come along. >> fighting for momentum as he leads bernie sanders in the latest national poll by two points and is behind by double diggs here in the granite state. >> if question bring out a decent vote i'm confident we're going to win. >> a lot of confidence from candidates on both sides. the republicans hopeful success in the debate will translate to votes here on tuesday. new hampshire. >> frank: seven of the off tonight. you can see the debate here beginning at 8:00. coming up next on news 13
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>> frank: at least 18 people are dead. many more missing after an earthquake jolts taiwan. that tops tonight's newsreel. at this point, authorities believe 12 of the victims died when a high-rise building collapsed. more than two hundred people rescued from damaged structures but dozens of children were among at least 150 still unaccounted for. the frantic search efrt continues. cold weather is moving in and adding to the sense of you are jen sichlt the 6.4 quake hit this morning. about 475 people were hurt but most rr treated for minor injuries. new details in the search for answers after friday's
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crews are still working to remove the wreckage left behind after this crane smashed onto the street in manhattan. they'll cut it into 35 sections so that investigators can examine it more easily. a wall street worker died when the more than 50 story boom came crashing down hitting parked cars and sending debris flies everywhere. investigators are already recovering the trains movement recording computer. >> it is not the equivalent of a black box. it will likelyive us the angle of thes boom. of the two piece that is were in action at the time. if it gives us more than that that'll be an extra. but i don't want to set expect takes too high it's not going to give wind speed and actions of the operator. >> frank: the city did authorize large tower cranes to resume work today but the crawler type cranes similar to the one involved will have to be
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a sea lion makes an appearance as a san diego restaurant. the sea lion came in on thursday and started napping in a booth. the pup was malnourished and looking for food. she's now at sea world to be fattened up and eventually returned to the ocean. it's great they can help her out. maybe not exactly the order of herring she was looking for in the restaurant. but life is good there now for her. here is meteorologist karen wynne. that was southern california. we're looking north at this point. superbowl 50 in santa clara. >> karen: yes. today i'll show you what we had today. the high only 45 degrees. a chilly morning low of 23. california right now. help. check out what we're looking at for tomorrow for superbowl clara.
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nice. 72 degrees and sunny. at halftime mid 60s. fourth quarter 62 degrees. still feeling so good there. meanwhile mac in the mountains, it's february. dry and chilly. sunny but cool for tomorrow. more on when the wintery mix arrive and how long it sticks around.
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of next week now your news 13 sky watch weather. >> karen: overall, a beautiful day if you had that sweater or thick jacket going for you. a dry day. right now we can see a few clouds in our region. we do see rain off to the southeast and light showers happening over eastern tennessee. but for us it was all about high pressure in control. we can see on our unca cam, blue skies, 39 degree, breeze out of the north-northwest at 8. so the windchill we feel like we're around 33. bundle up if you're going to head out. meanwhile, in greenville, a few clouds. 45 degrees and light winds. the windchill of 43. cool for you but not too cold. however, we have so many changes coming up on this future cast. we see it begins at midnight tonight and we see this area of coast. this is going to continue to
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eastern third of the carolinas. meanwhile, we have this area of high pressure, which is going to keep us dry for the second half of the weekend. but check it out. a little bit of snow is possible in the raleigh area tomorrow towards the outer banks. if you have travel plans into eastern north carolina keep that in mind. for the mountains and the up state, it's going to be a weekend of sunshine. however, we have this cold front approaching as we go through late sunday night into monday look what happens. we have this mix of rain and snow, mainly snow showers in the mountains. as we head into the morning commute, 6:00 a.m. monday, so it is going to be an interesting monday morning commute. that front will be moving through. we'll see more of that rain and snow mix as we go through the day and changing back to all snow as we go into late monday and rlly tuesday. into the overnight hour, we
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to linger on through tuesday even into wednesday morning. snowfall totals we're not looks at much in the heart of the blue ridge and northern mountains. heavier totals in the western mountain counties. brysys city could pick up over two inches along with gatlinburg, three inches possible. rob sinceville and in andrews. this is through tuesday morning. we could see more light snow showers through tuesday afternoon and tuesday night. lows tonight... a cold and dry night 23 in asheville... burnsville 22... franklin 22. tomorrow we're going to be a little bit warmer than we were today with highs in the upper 40s in asheville around 49. burnsville 47... 52 forest city... 58 clemson. we do see our best chance of getting that snow is going to be monday when it's part of a rain
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then on tuesday lingering light snow. we're getting really cold going down to 18 by wednesday morning. wednesday the coldest day of the week with a high of only 31. 16 by thursday morning. here's a quick look at that up state seven day forecast mainly going to be rain for you on monday. can't rule out a few flurries with that. and chilly for you with lows dipping into the lower 20s. the panthers are just about 24 hours away mr. kicking off in superbowl 50. live in santa clara outside the stadium we're going to tell you everything you need to know
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quarterback cam newton
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right now the panthers are a five point favorite to beat the broncos. luke in the middle of it all outside of san francisco. joining us live near the city by the bay. a >> cam newton has been probably the best player in the nfl all season long. he's done a great job of keeping defenses on their toes and on their heels. he can beat you with the pass. 35 passing touch downs during the regular season. he can beat you on the ground. ten rushing touch downs during the regular season. no quarterback has ever done that. 45 combined touch downs throughout the regular season. a couple more in the playoffs. he's been outstanding. he's expected to be named the nfl's mvp later on tonight. his teammate and coaches agree. we caught up with a couple of them this week to get their take on how good cam newton has been this season. >> he's been as good if not better than anybody in the
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he's had an incredible year. he has bigger reasons why we're in this position. we're going to try to take advantage of it. >> he's been great. you watch him and see the things he's done. when hes been where he's needed to be he's been all business. he comes in the morning and does the things he needs to do. does his workouts like he's supposed to with the strength and conditioning guys. does the extra meetings after practice. >> not only does cam do the extra meetings he probably leads the league in dabs and team pictures taken. giving football ace way to kid after touch downs. he's been remarkableful fans hope that continues in the superbowl a little over 24 hours away here in san francisco. we're going to continue to bring you reports including another one tonight about one of the panthers cheerleaders who has local ties.
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for now reporting live in santa clara, news 13 sports. inca looking for its first and one a michel looking for a three pete. one a no word yet on michel's match at rosewood. would this be the year they end that streak in duke leads most of the way but he jams it home and state takes the lead back. they had 14 threes and that was the key as duke wins as they beat nc state 88-80. they are staying in first place. >> frank: we'll be getting back to football at 10:00 and 11:00 tonight. >> you are correct. >> karen: we are going to be cold and try tonight. sunny storm. then that chance of a rain snow mix on monday. light snow showers on into
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>> frank: thanks for joining us. we hope to see you back here
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have a good welcome to a special edition of "world news tonight." the high stakes showdown right here in new hampshire about to begin. the republicans prepping for the spotlight. their last chance to plead their case. we have the all-access pass, just moments away. the candidates stepping up their game. >> i almost want to just go in and pray. >> and stepping up the attacks. >> he's willing to break his word to the voters. >> just three days until new hampshire, voters weigh in, and the results could send some packing. the urgent new warning about one of the biggest scams in america. fake phone calls demanding back taxes, threatening arrest. why you're more vulnerable now than ever. and tonight, the health alert for women. do not drink alcohol.
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