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tv   News 13 Tonight  ABC  February 6, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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a major development in north carolina that will change some congressional districts. the state lawmakers have two weeks to come up with new maps after a federal court ruling that says two were drawn unfairly. a three judge panel decided race was a key factor in two predominantly african american districts. it's likely the ruling will have an affect here. justin hinton joins us live. do we know what impact this might have on next month's primary? >> justin: not exactly. especially since a number of people already participated in early voting. but this decision opens the potential for more challenges, as well as, appeals in the near future. a decision made by the republican led general assembly in 2011, was struck down friday by federal judges so changes are coming to congressional districts across the state.
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districts that historically elected african americans and they raise the rate of minority voters in the district. >> two in particular. the first which serves voters in the coastal plains. the board of commissioners chair says it will also have an effect on people in the mountains. >> it'll affect us because the 12th district, which counts like a snake, impacts the sent district. if they have the redistribute there will be presum bli more in the tenth district that does touch part of asheville. >> justin: it's nothing new. >> the democratics over did it in 2004. and the federal court said you can't do that. >> justin: that's something that will have to be fixed calling it if win for everyone. >> you want your vote to matter. the way they drew the district they purposefully made people's vote not matter because it made it such a high minority voter representation in the districts.
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you have to spread everything out and give everybody a chance. >> justin: not everyone is happy with the decision. the gop chairman of the general assembly redistricting committees issued a joint statement saying, we are surprised and disappointed by the triri courts eleventh hour decision that throws an election already underway into turmoil. this decision could do far nor disenfranchise north carolina voters than anything alleged in this case. and it's possible that the primary could be pushed back, but we'll have to wait and see. live in asheville, justin hinton, news 13. >> frank: we switch to national poll tigs. the gop show down in the granite state. with the new hampshire primary three days away, candidates are scrambling far votes. republicans took their campaigns to television in the latest debate. >> the final fight in new hampshire.
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property from an elderly woman? >> quiet. a lot of times -- >> seven republican candidates. >> that's all of his donors and special interests. >> battling it out for the last time before tuesday's primary. >> that's what washington, d.c. does. the drive by shot at the beginning with incorrect and incomplete information and p memorized 20 second speech. swinging. >> i think the experience is worked out. >> candidates trying to did i have rememberuate themselves on the committee and terrorism. >> use overwhelming force and get the heck out. >> we're going to repeal obama carry. replace oemz care. >> donald trump at center stage at times brushing off booing from the audience. >> the people that are
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>> it is. >> ahead by 21 points in the polls here and trying to hold onto his lead. >> we will galvanize the people of this country and we will beat hillary clinton. >> and tomorrow it's back out on the trail for them and the democrats. all of them fighting for the more than 40% of voters in the state undecided. hampshire. >> frank: a henderson county community is mourning the loss of a father killed in a freak accident working on his suv. 28-year-old william "andy" arrowood became trapped beneath his jeep on friday. it happened outside his home. deputies believe the siz sor lift he was using gave way the jeep lappeded on top of him. he was front in manager. coworkers say testifies well
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everyone who knew him. the north carolina department of labor says the state does not need new regulations for the zip line industry. official weres asked to research spobl changes in interesting rules after a 12-year-old camper died in an accident last summer. the department found most deaths are caused by human error and no amount of regulation can remove all the risk during a zip line ride. a former priest in the mountains faces allegations of sexual misconduct almost a thousand miles away. rector at grace church from 1984-2006. the diocese released a statement claiming a woman says she was sexually abused by him when she was a minor. now other students come forward saying they, too, were molested by white 40 years ago.
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schools agreed to hire a third party investigator to handle that case. >> the pain suffered decades ago poured out through tears when former classmates gathered to hold a news conference about the allegations. >> it was an environment that was taken over by evil. >> but now the private school in middle town is trying to make good with the 40 victims who have come forward since the alleged abuse began in the 70s. announcing a third party independent investigator the school and victims agree upon will oversee an investigation of school. we caught up via facetime. >> the speed with which the school responded after the press conference held in boston, is concern that they get their house in order. >> a representative of the board of trustees told us over the phone, the board, us the trees and the administration of the school felt for some time to
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investigation. this is a positive first step and everyone will look at the facts in the same manner. attorneys say seven of the alleged perpetrators worked at the school and four were students. most of the victims won't be able to prosecute because a majority were not raped but they hope the facts finally come to light. >> what we're hoping for is justice for everybody in the sense that they will all be able to have their story told. they will all be able to get the help they need and the school will do everything it has to do to make sure things kind of things never happen again. >> frank: waynesville police say they are investigating sexual abuse claims against howard white. the state highway patrol academy just graduated a new class of troopers but is looking for more. troopers met with potential cadets at the fire department today. the second of two recruitment
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the highway patrol is looking to fill about 160 spots statewide. eight of those in western north carolina. more than 70 eligible men and women interviewed here this week. troopers say the patrol officers a livelihood like none other. >> if you just want a job there's a lot of places hiring. but as far as a job you can be proud of and lay down knowing you made a difference, this is a good krooer to have. it's more than just a career. it's a lifestyle. >> frank: you have to be between ages 21-39 to apply. basally ranges from 36 of the $60,000. a chilly and dry start to the weekend. snow returns to the mountain forecast. karen wynne joins us with the sky watch forecast. >> karen: we have the cold right now in place. we are feeling the chill.
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franklin 24 right now. mid 20s in burnsville. morganton 30... greer 41. moisture we do see a little bit of it over the i-77 corridor. actually, let me go back and show you that once again. it's a little light wintery mix that we have and it's not in our region. it's actually across the i-77 corridor on towards greensboro a little light snow shower activity and more moving towards raleigh. this should be moving away from us. through the overnight we should be mainly clear by morning. it's going to be chilly at 8:00. 27. 38 at 10:00 and 43 at noon. we look at the morning planner in the up state. degrees at noon. all about the sunshine. we're also keeping our eye on the flake meter watching it closely.
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round of rain and snow arrives and who could see the most of it. >> frank: some folks brave cold water. a daring dip to help with something special. dozens of people gathered for the second annual polar plunge at the lake. the events main fundraiser for the transylvania county special o limbics. team. helping to pay for uniform ks, transportation, meal and hotel rooms onto raleigh the state special olympics. the biggest football game in the world. superbowl 50 will kick off in california on sunday night. live outside of le vie citied yum, i'll tell you why one carolina panthers cheerleader has special motivation to be at her best on football's biggest stage.
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stop folks from leaping into the lake.
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>> frank: superbowl 50 is about 19 hours away from kicking off. the panthers and the broncos take the field along with the women who cheer them on. live in santa clara with a story with one of them that happens to be from here in the mountains. reporter: shannon phillips graduated from erwin high school. she is getting ready to perform in one of the most glamorous venues in sport and doing it for all the right reasons. one step at a time, shannon phillips is doing what she always wanted to do with her life. >> i am living my dream. i am a professional dancer. i am supporting an amazing organization.
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ballet dancer she's ecstatic the panthers play in the superbowl. when she takes the field on sunday... >> my heart races and i get chills. i think that there will probably be some tears and the biggest smile of my life. >> her passion is strong as ever, the reason she keeps doing it is clear. >> mom has been fighting cancer and i'm doing this for her. >> her biggest fan, her mom, provieted the motivation to always live life with enthusiasm. >> when i asked mom last week how she was doing she held up her fist and said keep pounding. that's what this is all about. at the end of the day. >> it seems like the whole practice was focused around shannon's mom and we were practicing and dancing fer hr mom. >> when she takes the field on superbowl sunday, everyone
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should give a big round of applause to shannon phillips and her family. shannon has become one of the most popular dancers on the cheerleading squad. if carolina gets a win on sunday you will not find a happier group of people than shannon, her teammates and mother. 3, 2, 1... >> frank: california might not be so bad but here the water is plain cold. news 13 leading the pack. dozens of others took the challenge and dove in for the annual polar plunge. crazy but for a great cause. the event benefits the waterways kids in the creek and youth
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we'll take a break and be weather. >> karen: we light rain showers almost making it into the up state but we are dry in the mountains and mostly clear in the up state, as well. this moisture is going to continue to pull away from us. but we are going to eventually get our turn. right now in asheville, dry, cold, clear skies, 34 degrees.
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at #. asheville. in the up state, more clouds and milder at 41 degrees, light winds out of the north, a windchill of 38 right now. now we're going to take a look at the bigger picture and this future cast shows this area of low pressure off the atlantic coast. this is the one moving moisture across the eastern part of south carolina and north carolina bringing those light snow showers to the triad. we can see that moisture stays to the east of us as we put this into motion. notice the snow showers around raleigh durham tomorrow and over the outer banks. it's this ridge of high pressure that is going to influence us in the mountains. enjoy that sunshine. we are going to end up the weekend warmer than we were today. we do have a cold front on the move and by 6:00 tomorrow it's still well to the west of us.
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along with it, some rain and snow showers, mainly snow at 6:00 on monday morning. that commute should be quite interesting. as that front moves on through, we'll have the rain/snow mix. once the sun goes down on monday we see it turn back to all snow and we'll have a chance of lingering light snow showers on through tuesday, even a few into wednesday morning. how much snow are we talking about? we could see two o three inches in some western mountain locations. higher elevations towards gatlinburg, lower totals elsewhere in and around asheville. maybe a light dusting, if that. then really not much as we go south. lows tonight very cold and lower 20s in asheville. franklin down to 21 for your low. lower 30s in most of the hundred state and highs tomorrow a little bit warmer. 49 in asheville... 50 bring son city.
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we can see that system monday through wednesday. we're also getting bitterly cold
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the c we are less than 24 hours away from superbowl 50. two honors time. ron rivera named nfl coach of the year. cam newton named mvp of the year. luke is following the panthers and joins us from levi stadium. they feel like they aren't getting a lot of respect. >> that's right. it's been a season where the panthers have done nothing but win ball games except for the loss to the falcons.
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respect they deserve on the national stage. you see the superbowl 50 logos everywhere. the 50th anniversary but the panthers don't care what the outside voices say. their confidence is where it should be as they prepare for sunday. >> we don't spend a lot of time trying to convince people otherwise. we take a lot of -- we have a lot of confidence and pride in the way we pray and handle our business. we sdrobt guys getting in trouble or kicked out of places. we score a touch down in a hard fought game and the guy celebrates and hands a ball to a that's fun. >> i can't think of a better way to really cap this season and everything we accomplished as a group to win the superbowl. >> it certainly would be exciting for fans if they can go out and get one more win tomorrow on sunday against manning ten a broncos. we'll be here and bring you coverage from this game on
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it's going to be fun to watch to see how newton can perform on the biggest stage in the world. live from santa clara, news 13 sports. all right. tar heels trying to bounce back from their first acc loss. notre dame and the irish beaten them two times in a row. in this one it is berry, up 15. then the irish rally and cut this down to nine at halftime. they keep of keeping on. collinses with two of his 19. they take the lead and beat carolina by a score of 80-76. when we come back unc asheville stays in first. they struggle against coastal. one big play got them back on
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