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tv   News 13 at 1230pm  ABC  February 8, 2016 12:30pm-1:00pm EST

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look at where the snow is falling. we are seeing some of the darker blues. that is indicating the heavier snow bands. north of bakers have as well. the northern end of mcdowell county. otherwise, it is a mix of rain snow. western zones here, they saw some of that snow early this morning and now the last couple of frames over jien and graham county seeing more snowfall across the region. 60% chance to see the snow today. this is wanesville, now we are seeing blue sky. this is 42 degrees. the skycam network, we are just above freezing. this is balsam gap. this is another location, we saw flurries and the road got damp. we are starting to dry out. that's 3400 feet at balsam gap.
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currently under this, graham, swain, northern jackson, haywood, madison, mitchell counties. it is throughout the entire day overnight and through tuesday morning. those locations that will see the most snow, not as much snow down into the valley. the southern mountains down into the foothills not going to see much of anything. buncombe is is under this advisory until this evening. the winter storm watch kicks in for the tennessee border counties. continued snowfall in those zones through even wednesday. temperatures this morning were cool at 26. this afternoon, warming above the freezing mark in asheville at 40 degrees. still in the 30's in burnsville and towards boone. 49 into the upstate stateupstate. 51 into greenwood. this is the system right here,
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some of the snow and that mix. as the cold front moves through, the northwest flow will enhance snow showers throughout the day. and even overnight in some locations. not seeing too much activity but watch as we go through the second half of the day near the tennessee line, seeing the snow develop overnight into tomorrow morning. you can expect a messy commute for northern counties. that's lunchtime and even overnight into wednesday morning, once again going to continue to see the chance for snow. here is the snowfall map, this goes through wednesday morning. three days to add this up. the not going to be a huge snow event, for most of us into the values but enough to delay schools. in the pink, that's four to eight inches, three to six in turquoise, one to three in the
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nifrj areas like bird, mcdowell, rutherford and the northern mountains. for today, temperatures staying around that 40 degree mark. at times we'll have the snow and a rain mix. tonight is when temperatures will likely drop below freezing through this evening and definitely by midnight. temperatures will be below freezing and we'll see the snow fall. and into greenville, 49 degrees with cloudy skies and light rain. it will be breezy as well. tonight, if we have any lingering precipitation, the chance for snow flurries. the chance for snow lasts through wednesday for most of us. look at the temperatures. this is another story. cold. 30 for a high on wednesday. overnight lows, about 15 to 17. wednesday night thursday morning we don't warm up much into valentine's day with sunshinine and 40 degrees.
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>> we have live team coverage of the latest snow. students in madison heading home four hours early. lauren joins us live. lauren, you are seeing conditions where you are changing a little bit. >> yeah. check this out, seeing sunshine and blue skies. just 15 minutes ago there were snow showers coming down here in marsville. this is how quickly conditionon can change in madison county. school officials have to be ready to make that call. students were able to get in a half day before heading home. they are expecting more snow this afternoon. at 10:00 this morning, we were seeing snow coming down at that time. the elevation is more than 3700
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that's an idea of the different elevations across the county. by 141:00 a.m., students were boarding buses. some of those we spoke to say they have grown to anticipate quickly changing conditions here in madison county. >> it gets worse. >> changes quick, a few minutes makes a difference. >> a few minutes definitely makes a difference. we are seeing that here today. the various elevations makes a big difference when it comes to making a decision for the school system. we caught up with local dot crews. they were ready to roll before the snow began. they are preparing for 12 hour shifts. as for the number of days, the
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to five days which is not so bad when it is compared to years past. as far as how they make the days up, that is yet to come. >> kimberly king picks up the coverage. conditions are changing rapidly. >> that's right. for anyone that was tuning in at the top of our newscast, at noon, this -- the j jungle gym behind me was covered with snow. we are at bald creek in yancey county. we are seeing grass behind me but also as holly mentioned blue skies, nothing but blue skies. right now out here we had snow coming down a half an hour ago. we began our trek from asheville two and a half hours ago, that's when we saw light flurries as we went into yancey county, this is video we shot at 141:00 a.m., you could see the flurries were small, not big flakes at that
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steady and increasing, not accumulating. this is 7-year-old cooper robinson. he got word they were getting a snow day and hopped in when mom arrived. >> i like it because i get to go snow boarding. that's one of my favorite sports. >> there is definitely snow and i feel it in the air. like the wind and -- the condensation. >> we could feel it for sure. monica cooper -- monica cooper is a stay-at-home mom. she headed to her daughter's preschool so all could be safe. back out live as holly mentioned, the sun is comin out here. we can feel the temperature even warming a few degrees so the kids are home, the kids are safe. right now, we have a little sunshine.
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we'll see if anything accumulates in terms of snow. >> in other news, an 8-year-old girl is rescued after being trapped for more than 61 hours. that story starts today's newsreel. more than 70 people remain unaccounted for after a 6.4 magnitude earthquake. on saturday, a 7-year-old boy was pulled from a mountain of wreckage that used to be a 147 story apartment building. at least 20 people are dead. >> a police officer is recovering in the hospital from head injuries after being hit by a car yesterday morning. he was responding to a call of a suspicious vehicle. on the scene he was hit by another car. the 46-year-old is a 13-year veteran of the force. >> california highway patrol say it started after officers tried pulling over a chevy sedan seen
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the sedan then crashed into a taxi. one person was ejected from the car and flames trapped two others inside. all three were pronounced dead at scene. the taxi driver was taken to the hospital with injuries. >> tomorrow, voters will head to the polls for the first in the nation primary in new hampshire. the latest polls have donald trump and bernie sanders in the lead but their opponents are closing in. >> it is crunch time the day before the primary. >> we need a political revolution. >> bernie sanders fired up by taking presidential punches from his rival's husband, former president bill clinton. >> for her, this is not about grand theories of revolution. this is about whether we can improve people's lives. >> the president was in new hampshire while clinton was taking on the lead water crisis.
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immoral. >> the latest poll shows clinton closing in on sanders. trump continues with a double digit lead. the republicans fought it out during the dot debate. the attacks continued after jeb bush enlisted the help of former first lady bush. >> poor poor poor jeb bush. walk in the snow, mom. >> marco rubio defended his debate fumbles. >> let's start with this fiction that barack obama doesn't know what he is doing. he knows exactly what he is doing. let's start with this fiction that barack obama doesn't know what he is doing. >> i am going to say this every chance that i get, barack obama is want -- trying to change america. >> the candidates have a total of nearly 40 campaign events. donald trump, bernie sanders and
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bring big crowds for rallies, 24 hours million the first votes.votes. >> the biggest game night of the year celebrated its 50th year. super bowl sunday has grown into america's consistently most watched sporting event getting more and more viewers and fetching higher and higher ad prices. >> the broncos defeated the panthers. >> super bowl 50 was a close game until nearly the end, serving up a euphoric victory for the broncos. >> a bitter defeat for the panthers. >> and for denver's peyton manning, the oldest starting quarterback in super bowl history, the big game may have delivered a perfect ending. >> manning was coy when asked
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about his future.future. >> he couldn't have scripted it better. and as always, the game was about much more than tackles and touchdowns. half-time was a musical blowout, coldplay plus beyonce. another super bowl half time veteran bruno mars. and ending with highlights from 50 years worth of half-time shows. of course, there were the high concept commercials. one raised eyebrows. >> he is eating doritos on the ultrasound. >> another big winner sunday night, cbs charging the highest amount of commercial time in super bowl history at $5 million for 30 seconds. also trending, she wowed fans as part super bowl half-time show. beyonce announced an effort to help the residents of flint,
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she will partner with united way and community programs to get equipment and water to residents. beyonce is asking fans to be part of her campaign, hash tag bae good. she announced a new world tour following the super bowl performance. it opens in miami. >> that picture at the oscars is officially a horse race. leaving the three major hollywood guild divided. the producer's guild of america shows the big short as its top film. we'll have to see which way the academy goes february 28. >> a new take on a favorite salad.
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sweet and sour cucumber salad >> bruce is back with us. >> you are doing something fresh, light and yummy. >> coming up for spring. i know we are aways from spring but still, you can never be too prepared. >> all right. we do a sweet sour cucumber salad. i have five ingredients. i have expanded on that recipe to make a greek sweet and sour cucumber salad. if you have a mandolin, paper thin. one cup and those can be however -- if you want half
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>> you have more coverage with the dressing. the dressing, which i have ready to stir. half a cup of white wine vegetable oil, three-quarters cup white wine vinegar. i get it stirred together. bring it up to a low boil and let it simmer. stir it through, that's the dressing. we have a cucumber and the onion, about one cup of half black olive. one cup of feta cheese. >> this like our pizza topping.
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feta. and half cup, barbara doesn't use these, peppercini, once you have this simmered, just pour the dressing over top. all you have to do is toss it with tongs, make sure the dressing has a great smell. you have great color mountain salad between the purple and the red onion, the black olive, everything about it, put it in a glass bowl and go ahead and cover it up with plastic wrap, refrigerate it. if you can make it overnight, make it better. >> looks great. go to our website,, click on the carolina kitchen link. send a self-addressed envelope to 110 technology drive. check out bruce in marion. >> i like being checked out.
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>> that looks great. >> that's what is cooking in the carolina kitchen.
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happen >> all it took was the promise of money for a con man to lure people. >> the accomplice is viewed as harmless turned out to be a serious federal crime. >> he had a serious cocaine problem at the time. that's why he initially started. >> he is brian willingham, the ring leader of a scheme that cost banks more than $200,000. he pulled off a scam by luring in neighbors. >> different residents of this housing complex, they use their
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accounts, knowing that the only thing they were going to do is receive the checks in the mail. >> here's how it works, willingham used neighbors to set up bank and credit card accounts. once accounts were active, willingham wow deposit phony checks. >> went and withdrew as much as they could before the bank realized the checks were worthless. >> willingham recruited 100 people, all promised a small percentage of the money promised. >> they thought they would have bad credit. they didn't see it as stealing. you ultimately helped steal $200,000 from this bank. >> willingham recruited family members including his uncle and cousin who lived nearby. he made one move that was viewed as out of line. >> they realized he used his deceased grandmother's
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that's the only time i saw an understanding of, hey, that's wrong. >> if you are approached by someone who tells you, oh, this is a quick easy way to make money, you can't get into trouble, no one is going to get hurt, it will hurt your credit to absolutely know that money does not belong to you, you could end up federally indicted. >> brian willingham was convicted of bank fraud and sentence today five years in prison. >> how a two-fer went above and beyond to help his fellow man. >> an energy company pitches an alternative to duke's power
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why the gas plant m >> an alabama couple had a good excuse for getting out of speeding ticket. >> they were heading to the hospital to have a baby. >> andy has their story.
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would have a baby today. >> this little guy barett had something else in mind. his mom says she woke up around 3:00 a.m. sunday morning with what she thought was just gas. but to her surprise, it was actually contractions. >> when the contractions are less than five minutes apart, i knew we had to get in the car and go. >> they hit the road. >> she started grabbing the handle on the truck. i knew she was in pain. i knew she was getting closer. i wanted to get there. i started speeding up a little bit more. >> as luck would have it, trooper mike took notice of the speed? we saw the lights. i knew it was going to be bad from there. >> it was then with his parents facing a speeding ticket that barett decided to make his big entrance. >> there was no time. it just happened if a matter of seconds. >> danny jumped into action delivering his own son on the side of highway 72.
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head and pull him out. >> in the end, danny and shawna drove away with a newborn baby boy and a special ticket. >> this is an official birth certificate because this gave us the time. in the details he wrote i was speeding and wife had a beautiful baby boy. >> congratulations to them. >> good excuse. >> that could add another issue on the roads. >> we are seeing a light snowfall across portions of the region including yancey mitchell, avery counties. another wave pulling back in from the west, northwest flow pulling into swain county, graham county, parts of jackson county as well. we keep that chance in the forecast through tuesday morning. winter storm warning for those
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