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tv   News 13 Tonight  ABC  February 8, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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elevations north of asheville are expected to get the most of it. >> we're prepared. we know how to take care of it. i'd like for him to become a therapy dog eventually. so i figure this is a good start. >> darcel: it's a growing trend turning household pets in to service dogs sxvment what are the rules and are people abusing the system? we have a news 13 investigation you need to see. now from western north carolina's news leader, this is news 13 at 11:00. >> larry: snow is falling in the mountains tonightht and it could impact your morning drive. it's expected to continue through wednesday morning. >> darcel: there are already some school closings and delays. those will be updating on the bottom of your screen. depending on where you live, you could get anywhere from a half inch to five inches of snow. >> larry: we have live team
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winter weather. >> darcel: but first chief meteorologist jason boyer. >> jason: we're watching these snow bands. i'll show you the radar in just a second. this is how poor the visibility is in some of the highest elevations with the snow blowing. this is avery county, our leicester carpet sales news13 sky cam network at 5,000 feet at beach mountain parkway. dark blues along i 81, i 75 and i-40. some of the heavier snow bands now working in to areas like mars hill, madison county. western madison getting pretty good. there it goes moving in to haywood county. transylvania, jackson county and even georgia.
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anything that falls is going to stick. mostly the grassy surface. winter weather advisories now until 7 o'clock in the evening buncombe county and up towards watauga county. significant snow in the border counties, dangerous travel. yes, a lot of black ice, too. so be aware of that. 23 in the morning. light snow possible. periods of snow late morning and early afternoon. i don't think the accumulations will be nearly as great. look at temperatures in the upstate.
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i'll show you all the details on how much snow i expect will fall in the area, in your neighborhood. stick around for that. >> darcel: always a critical concern is whether roads will be okay to get to work and school. >> larry: news 13's frank kracher joins us live from weaverville. frank, are you seeininany snow in north buncombe county? >> frank: just a little bit. it started falling about 10 minutes ago. regardless of what's going on here right now, staying ahead of the storm means better safe than sorry. and getting started early. chopping off a very big tank to deliver a salt and water mix. 4,000 gallons of brine. the goal taking on snow and ice before it ever arrives. >> the forecast isnot the amount of the previous storm. we're trying to take a more proactive approach. >> frank: it's an approach that involves treating many miles of mountain interstate. releasing a salty load. >> we've done our best to prepare for it. i think we'll handle it fine. >> frank: mountain residents
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at places like ace hardware where the sign tell the story. >> it was so crazy busy in here on that thursday. >> frank: that thursday was more than two weeks ago now. the eve of the storm that brought record snowfall. they sold out of so many things from shovels to ice melt, which means most people ought to be all set for this one. >> they probably have their shovels. but i would guess as much ice and snow as we had in the last storm, they probably used up their ice melt and should probably get some more. >> i'm buying a sled for my husband for valentine's day. and this. >> frank: but there must be food beyond that chocolate bar. serious food in case of serious winter weather. >> did you buy supplies? >> yes, bread and milk, eggs, the necessities. >> frank: crystal's son brian right there hoping for what any kid his age hopes for, miss a day of school tomorrow.
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far he's not getting his wish. frank kracher, news 13. >> larry: and after the winter storm about two weeks ago, two inches of snow does not seem like much to a lot of mountain towns. news 13's jerrika insco from yancey county. what's it like there right now? >> jerrika: larry, we've got some pretty good flurries right now. so far only a dusting has stuck to the ground. now people here in yancey county say they're already prepared with shovels, ice melt, and of though we have not seen much snow today. accumulate. after getting a foot of snow in the last winter blast, people here feel prepared for anything thrown their way. >> the big one i think is over. i think a lot of people still
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don'tant to venture out in to too much mess. >> jerrika: now right now the main concern is black ice because the roads are wet from that snow that fell earlier today. jerrika insco, news 13. >> larry: keep it right here for continuing coverage of this winter weather. our morning crew will be working overnight to keep you updated. coverage begins at 4:30. make sure you have our news 13 app for push alerts and updates. also check in with our facebook, twitter, and >> darcel: the buncombe county district attorney has taken another step to determine whether to seek the death penalty in a triple murder case. the da has requested a hearing in the case of pierre griffin ii. the outcome of that hearing could determine the punishment griffin could face if convicted.
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alex king, tatianna diz and uhon johnson back in october. >> larry: news 13's aaron adelson joins us from tonight's meeting. aaron, when will asheville start wearing those body cameras? >> aaron: larry, tonight apd police chief tammy hooper says this summer. the sheriff's office does not release any footage to the public. civil rights attorney says video capturing an arrest or use of force complaint should be public information. criminology professor sat in on the discussion. says he sees both sides. he points to chicago's recently released dash cam video of a 17-year-old shotot6 times by a police officer. >> they really drug their feet on that one a whole year. i can also understand the need
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to information that's out there and available to them. transapparent, maybe. >> aaron: s sriff van duncan recently fired two deputies after use of force complaint. he made the decision after watching the body cam footage. the public has never seen what happened. da todd williams was part of the discussion. he says it's not public information and should not be shared. aaron adelson, news 13. she's not my pet. she's my . >> darcel: a lot of people have service pets to help them through the day. but there are concerns people are turning their pets in to service animals for the wrong reasons. >> larry: north carolina lawmakers are trying to manage what could be chaos before the election.
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a federal court ruling from >> darcel: service dogs are mostly associated with people who are visually or hearing impaired. now they're increasingly being used to provide emotional support. >> larry: it's a trend that some people are using to abuse the system. news 13's john ostendorf investigates how easy it is to turn your household pet into an emotional support dog. >> john: all it takes is a little bit of cash and you can get a certificate to let your pet go anywhere. bob brown was so small as a young man, the marines wouldn't take it him. but the army did. and they found a use for his slight build in vietnam. he was a tunnel rat.
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underground, armed with only a pistol. >> ptsd is something you're never going to get rid of. you've got to adjust. >> john: and then he met a special lady. >> take it off. take it off. thank you. thank you. >> john: her name is amy. >> the bond we got, i mean, we got us a strong bond. >> john: emotional support animals are improving the lives of veterans. >> she sees anxiety starting to build up, she's right there pulling me out of it. >> john: bob and amy train every year to get recertified. >> if you don't get recertified -- >> john: that will get your dog
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anywhere else. but it's not a legally certified service dog. >> the problem of course is there are some legitimate uses of these animals and they can perform a really important service. so what this does is it cheapens the whole enterprise. >> john: the federal americans with disabilities act doesn't offer protection for emotional support animals. and if your dog is not trained or disruptive, you can be asked to leave. >> they have to learn to be calm in public areas. they can't bark. they're not allowed to bark. and they have to be house broken. >> john: but landlords often waive fees for emotional support animals or allow them when they might be allowed otherwise. that's certainly true in asheville's public housing. >> we have an elderly and disabled population. and for many of them they need an animal to provide that source of support for them.
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that will allow them to go through proper procedures in order for them to have that support in their home. >> she's got more cheese in her hand. >> john: the problem is not everyone is honest about it. >> i've come across this whole world of semi-bogus certifications, therapists associated with the use of animals to get you in to places. which i found pretty horrifying. >> john: it's a world that also bothers bob brown. >> when that vest is put on her, she knows it's time to work. she's not my pet, she's my tool. just like any other dog. him. a brother, a fellow veteran killed himself. but amy was there. >> she can sense that. >> john: there are easily a
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we reached out to a popular one for comment on this story but didn't hear back. >> darcel: these are the last hours before the first presidential primary of 2016. and tonight in new hampshire, the candidates are fighting down to the wire for every vote. polls give donald trump a big lead among republicans, while bernie sanders from next door vermont, hangs on to his edge on hillary clinton. three small precincts in new hampshire will vote at midnight. >> larry: north carolina lawmakers have requested an emergency stay of a federal ruling that struck down the state's two majority republican lawmakers say that would create chaos. for some, that chaos has already begun. >> well from a voter's
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headline or a story that says districts ruled invalid, you're left going should i vote or not. and that's the primary problem is it leaves voters in a very bad state. some cast their ballots going do my ballots actually count? and others going should i vote? >> larry: we'll keep you updated as the story develops. >> darcel: a lot of areas in the mountains will wake up with snow on the ground. >> larry: yeah, but it won't be like anything we got the first time around of winter weather. >> jason: no, these aren't going to be things that we have to shovel out. it will be light in the valleys. a lot in the high country. we'll lay it out for you next. tyson furniture bus stop forecast. 28 by lunch. drop off 30.
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i'm tracking it. how much is going to fall overall. when it ends, too. and that bitter cold is back in the forecast. all those details next. >> darcel: and later, a tense situation on board a cruise ship. details on what caused the ship to turn around and head for home. steve: today is your lucky day. woman: (surprised) oh, my goodness mark: you've just won - a thousand dollars! woman: that's amazing! that's amazing! (shrieks) woman: ok, nice job. mark, way better than yesterday. maria, that delivery felt a little forced. and steve, steve: yeah? woman: i am still missing that raw emotion. woman: pretty awesome for a tuesday, but tomorrow is hump day, so let's really bring it!
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every day, for life. now your news 13 skywatch weather.
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case most of the day, the snow showers have been falling in earnest in some of the highest elevations near along the tennessee border. we get a wave come through. another wave goes out. another way comes through. light snow fall down through buncombe county, northern henderson county. mostly snow flurries. you're getting some snows over madison county, mars hill along i-26 towards sam's gap. pretty good break. jackson, macon, clay county. swain and graham county. bigger picture will show more accumulation. winter impact certainly greatest. moderately high in terms of the snow impact. the wind impact. the cold and the black ice. that's where you can find much more of an issue there. the black ice is going to be our
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snow on the light side. the cold will not be as cold. 33 degrees in asheville with flurries around. wind chill down to 26. you're going to notice that wind all throughout tomorrow and in to wednesday. here's our leicester carpet sales news13 sky cam network. beach mountain parkway, 5,000 feet up. you can see the road is covered. there has been plenty of snow blowing around up there. couple of inches. future cast, past midnight. we get the snows to come back in. may get a good lull. snow bands working through in the afternoon tomorrow. the winds will be gusty. peaks of sunshine in asheville. temperatures likely stay freezing or below. again, we're not looking at major accumulations by any standards. a dusting to an inch. northern end of henderson. southern end of haywood. the dark blue 1 to three inches.
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be the high elevations in southern swain. northern jackson. madison, northern buncombe. turquoise is three to five inches. again, the higher end of that range is going to favor the high elevations. five to seven inches in to higher elevations in the smokys. 20s over the upstate. highs tomorrow, again, freezing or colder in almost any location in the mountains. 40s farther south in the upstate. temperatures will warm eventually above freezing by friday. blast of cold could be colder by valentine's day.
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in the upst >> darcel: a dump truck slams in to a home. it happened this morning in harnett county. it ran a stop sign and hit a truck causing it to run off the road and hit the home. luckily no one was home when it happened. the driver of the truck was taken to the hospital and is expected to be okay. >> larry: a mother has been reunited with her baby after her car was stolen with the child inside. the woman was there to drop off
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her car and drove off. the car was found a short time later with the baby safe inside. they're still looking for the car thief. >> darcel: a cruise ship that was rocked by hurricane force winds is sailing back to port in new jersey. the decision was made after it hit turbulent weather overnight off the coast of the carolinas on the way to the bahammas. ceiling fans came down as waves battered the ship. no one was hurt.
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>> stan: college hoops tonight, duke has seemed to recover its footing after this losing skin we saw them drop out of the 25 for the first time in years. looking for their third straight against 13 louisville. it's rick pitino's first time to campus. that's hard to believe. nails the tray. he has 19. duke goes up 6. marshall plumlee about to lose it. watch the finish. wow. now check out plumlee
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this guy is so determined. he made the three point play. when ingram hits the three, they go up. louisville will rally and take the lead. duke great shooting at the free throw line. duke 21-28. they win their third straight. notre dame fresh off its upset against carolina. they go up nine. tigers' answw was jeron blossom. he had a career high 33. clemson down 6 at half time. jordan roper to three. they cut it to three. the irish open it up late. they win it 89-83. number one versus number two
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u-con leads. then rihanna stewart takes over. watch this. i think she shoots this from spartanburg. wow. huskies pull away to win. 66-54. well the panthers lose super bowl sunday. then got that long plane trip back. they made it back from san francisco tonight arriving around 6:30 in charlotte. they get the salute there with the water. that had to had made them feel good after that loss. i'm sure it's a downer but this had to perk them up. they make it to bank of america steadium. big crowd waiting. they still love their panthers. juan rivera says they're close. >> we talked about getting to the mountain peak and obviously we're at the top of the mountain, we're just not at the peak.
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than we did today. that's why they won. we didn't capitalize on the opportunities we had. and because of that, they won the football game. so i told the guys this though, this is the same team that got beat in new york. we have an opportunity to grow and learn from this experience. >> stan: yeah, remember the broncos got smoked two years ago. >> larry: great defensive effort. >> jason: it was defense that beat the broncos in seattle. snow in the forecast. this is a minor event in the valleys. higher up looking at good accumulation. >> larry: remember to check us out on
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