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tv   News 13 at Noon  ABC  February 9, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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northeast georgia. we have already seen inches of snow on the ground. more than two inches in wanesville. a half an inch in canton and these totals came from this morning. it is cold at balsam gap, 3400 feet. now it seems to be a bit clearer. you can see through the time lapse, the snow continuing to fall. news 13 skycam network. coming up in my full forecast, we'll talk more about how much more snow will fall, the timeline of that and how cold we turn. back over to you. >> lauren brigman continues our live team coverage. and lauren, you have noticed the snowfall add up there. day? >> we have seen people venturing out for breakfast as well as stepping outside for a few minutes to capture the beautiful
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i want to show you how much snow has accumulated. you can see the picnic table. here. portions of maggie valley seeing three and four inches. that goes to show how a difference in elevation can mean a difference when it comes to snowfall. earlier we saw the snow begin to fall in maggie valley before the sun even came up. the only people we saw on the roads were the dot crews focusing on roads like soco road as the morning went on, we saw more people venturing out. we caught up with a family heading back out to alabama after being here for a couple of days to ski at catlucci. the girls told me this snowfall, even though it is a few inches is a beautiful sight because they never experienced anything like this. they had to catch it on camera
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>> it never snows. nice to see it and have the cold and it is beautiful up here. >> of course, we traveled up to the top of soco road, one of the higher eleletions in maggie valley. that's one of the first places that sees snowfall. dot crews heavily treating the route and drivers have to take it slow as they migrate down the mountain. as you come back live, you can see what a beautiful scene it has painted here. coming up at 12:30, you'll hear from locals on how they are spending this snow >> karen picks up our live team coverage in our northern mountains. you saw heavy snow showers on your way up there. >> yeah, i did. right now, light snow going on. we are along highway 19, right outside burnsville. we have these snow flakes flying
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it was on the way over here as we were traveling through madison county that we saw a heavy snow shower, big flakes, very low visibility on the road. fortunately, highway 19 it is clear right now. the secondary roads, many of them that we saw, actually, most of them we saw in madison and yancey counties completely covered with snow. definitely a challenge to navigate those roads. in addition to the snow covered secondary roads and these on again offagain snow showers, it is windy and cold. we haven't seen too many people out and about. you can't blame them. coming up in the next half-hour, hopefully we'll have heavy snow showers we did shoot mid morning. >> stay with news 13 for the most up to date information on the winter storm. you can find the latest forecast and school closings on
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sign up for text alerts for weather, traffic and closings. we'll, of course, continue to post updates on our facebook and twitter pages. >> the new hampshire primary is under way. the candidates are stumping for last minute votes. the latest polls have gop front runner donald trump and bernie sanders in the lead. anything can happen tonight. it has been one polling place to another, this morning, the candidates including hillary clinton were out and about trying to influence those undecided voters. >> we'll keep working until the last vote is cast. >> so much crisscrossing that at one point clinton ran into the husband of carly fiorina. they put differences aside for a picture. clinton is trailing bernie sanders, banking on a strong
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>> unbelievable! >> donald trump is preparing for a victory party. he posted a video on facebook to get out the vote. he even mentioned tom brady. >> tom brady is a great friend of mine. he said so many nice things about me and my ability to win. >> kasich carried the community of knox. >> i hope they keep underestimating me. >> today's primary has that do or die for the candidates at the bottom. they vow to continue on to upcoming contests including south carolina and nevada.nevada. >> president obama will deliver his eighth and final budget proposal today. the president's budget director usually testifies before the senate and house budget proposal. this year the committees are refusing to grant the usual
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the fiscal plan includes a $10 barrel oil tax for infrastructure and transportation projects along with money for cancer research and opiode abuse program.program. >> three people were killed in november is set to reopen next place. it has been closed since black friday when a police officer and two civilians were killed and nine others hurt in a shooting spree that lasted several hours. schools and hospitals were placeded on lockdown. in december a judge ordered a mental competency evaluation for the suspects. he faces 17 felony counts including murder and attempted murder. the clinic will reopen february 15. >> employees at a radio station are having to work at another studio today after a car crashed right into the station in the
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>> espn 7:30 team was lapping up one of its shows when it happened yesterday afternoon. the operations manager said there has always been concern something like this would happen. luckily no one was hurt. so far, it is not clear what caused the car to crash. >> we do everything we can to avoid car crashes. why wouldn't we do the same thing to avoid making bad repairs to our cars? a news 13 investigation exposes what auto body shops may not want you to know if you are in a wreck. industry insiders say mechanics are cutting corners at the risk of your safety while no one is watching. >> i started the campaign seven years ago to get licensed. you have to be licensed to braid hair. and i have talked to the house
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and -- a car can do down the road at 150, 160 miles an hour. you are or myself tomorrow with no expertise whatsoever, you can open a body shop tomorrow. >> tomorrow at 6:00, part one of a two part investigation into collision repair. how aftermarket parts performed when put to the test. what your rights are when it comes to choosing parts your insurance company might not want to pay for. >> heart disease is the leading cause of death among women. many don't know the warning signs. coming up in health headlines, what you need to look out for. >> in the business report, the prices at the gas push keep getting lower.
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>>. >> heart disease kills more women than any other cause. four out of five women don't consider heart disease the most serious threat to their health. the american heart association posted a statement on heart attacks written specifically for women. topping health headlines, why that is an important first step. by checking pulse rate and blood pressure, caramella canan spot the most subtle signs but she would ignore them. she would get a pain in her jaw and would have no idea it was a symptom of heart trouble. >> it would erupt. it would come on real strong. and then it would go away. >> after ignoring the pain for years. caramella had three heart attacks in a matter of days.
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attacks can be more subtle in women. >> what are the types of heart attacks that women experience. >> now it has been compiled and published by the american heart association in an 87-page scientific statement. she said heart attack differences in women can be stark and are often deadly. >> when women are having heart attacks, their recognition is often delayed. could be hours, could be days. >> both sexes have chest pain but women can have shoulder or jaw pain or may mistake heart attack for heart burn or flu. >> women can have different types of heart attacks. one type is where they have intense spasm of their heart artery. >> it is information doctors need and now it is all in one
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>> this is a go to document for physicians or healthcare provides to take a look at. that document points out that risk factors like diabetes tend than men. as for a heart attack, women are surprisingly worse than men at getting follow up care. >> >> snow in the black mountains, here at 3700 feet, carpet sales 19 degrees. we have already seen some snow fall. i'll show you the future cast model hour by hour. when we'll see the snow stop.
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valentine's day coming up a
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radar and show you -- i almost said rain snow. these are the same locations where it has been snowing all morning long. these are the zones where it is starting to pile up. northern haywood county, northern swain county, also out towards mcdowell county. around marion seeing the light snow, even down into the upstate, in our northern mountains here. over the next two hours, it is going to be the same thing. light snow. this is not a significant snow event especially in the valleys but it was enough to cancel school delays andnd cause tricky conditions with the roadways. this is way up, this is at 5,000 feet and beach mountain parkway, it is 11 degrees, reduced visibility and a good amount of snow on the roadways. this is up at 4,000 feet. this is elevation dependent.
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winter weather advisory until wednesday morning. no winter storm warnings out, buncombe county. all those tennessee border counties as well. temperatures today will stay very chilly. 25 degrees is as cold as weapon this morning and right now it is 29. we'll stay below that freezing mark for most locations today in western north carolina. plus that wind. it is brutal out there. 33 in forest city. 20 right now up towards boone. 27 in andrews. 37 in gaffeny, 40 degrees out towards charlotte. here's the the wind at 10 miles an hour. 18 in gaffeny. 18 also into clemson, anderson at 16. here's the windchill right now about to leave for lunch.
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feels like the teens still from andrews to franklin and 25 degrees in greer. feels like 8 degrees in boon. brutally cold. look at the windchill advisory, hasn't even started yet. this is at 7:00 tonight, goes until noon on wednesday, above 3500 feet for all of the county. it is not going to be down into the valleys we'll have that gusty winds. the high ridge tops will be the worst locations. looking at the big picture, seeing the northwest flow. here's 6:00 tonight. once again favoring the north carolina tennessee area. we'll see light snow showers down into the valley, maybe some flurries into tomorrow morning. we won't see tons of snow on wednesday. we'll get most of it out of here. a quick shot in our northern mountains through thursday morning. snowfall totots indicating a
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three to five in the turquoise, five to seven in those northern mountain counties. snow showers possible throughout the day. high temperatures around 30 degrees. 17 for tonight. 42 for our high in greenville today. more sunshine than what we are seeing and tonight we'll be cold back into the 20's for most. the seven-day forecast showing we are going to stay very cold, even into valentine's day. maybe some indoor plans. >> those lows at night too. >> we'll cuddle up with your special someone. >> a north carolina state park set a new record in 2015, more than 17 million people visited the state 39 parks up from just
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>> among 39 state parks, 30 reported increases. improvements in bike trails and visitor centers are just some of the reasons for high numbers. >> honda adds millions more cars to the growing list of recalls. >> coming up in the business
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affected and how soon the >> stocks back in negative territory for midday trading. at noon, the dow was down 17 points at 544. hopda added more than two million more cars to the growing list of recalls over tocatta recall.
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the 2005 to 2016 models are being recalled to replace the air bags. the latest addition brings the number of vehicles recalled to eight and a half million. the new parts will be available this summer. aaa says the price per gallon is down to $1.74, that's the cheapest it has been since 20092009. the seven-eleven is sending it for $1.11. aaa says gas prices are likely to stay low unless there is a major disruption in supply. >> regulators in india blocked three basics which is a controversial facebook service that gives people limited access on mobile devices.
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disappointed by the decision.decision. >> a private jet taxied to the runway and a flight crewcrew, the unusual vip. >> coming up, letting care givers take a break.
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offering relaxation. . >>. >> there is an important guest on board a private plane that landed in pittsburgh. maybe a famous actor, maybe a world leader. how about a sloth? a baby sloth was the guest of honor. the sloth was flown in from florida en route to his new home at pittsburgh national aviary. they are such a unique animal. just knowing what is natural for a sloth is the first step.
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integral role in outreach and education programs. it will serve as an pedro martinez for rain forest. >> the sloth will make its appearance on friday. >> quite the ride for that little guy. >> the red carpet. goor for him. >> he deserves it. >> that's why you have to be careful. we may get more snow than waynesville gets. >> portions of haywood seeing significant snowfall.snowfall. >> the game is over, the trophy and the super bowl rings handed out.
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