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tv   News 13 at 1230pm  ABC  February 9, 2016 12:30pm-1:00pm EST

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great ads. >> welcome back. let's check in with ingrid to find out where it is snowing. >> if you are heading north through haywood, through wanesville, near the tennessee line. this is the area where we continue to see light snow fall. north and east of hot springs and mars hill, light snow over burnsville. even in marion, snow flurries falling. down south into columbus, this
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southeastern portions of henderson county and flurries. flurries all day long in the asheville area, over the next two hours. some more light snow pull into northeast georgia. this is almost 5,000 feet. it is 26 degrees. you can look at the sidewalk covered with snow. through the time lapse, it starts to return to normal. still on the grassy surfaces there, same thing at balsam gap. our news 13 skycam network. you can see in the far distance, the major roadways. 18 degrees. that's another thing to talk about, howow cold it is now and how long it will stay. winter weather advisory is out. this is until tomorrow morning. does include all those counties shaded in purple, including us
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it is 29 in asheville. it is cold in boone. 33 in morganton and 33 in forest city. 20's in western zones. warmer further south. not by much. it is a chilly day in the 30's. the wind at asheville, 18 in clemson. 14 in greer, the windchill. 25 in greenville. right now, if you are about to leave for lunch, make sure you have the hat and gloves. windchill will kick in tonighttonight. that does include us in buncombe county. continuing to see the snow into the region. 2:00 this afternoon, going to see snow in our northern mountains. the same places seeing snow all morning long. same thing through tomorrow morning. we see the event mostly over. this is a snowfall total. within these counties, but not
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near the tennessee line is where we see snow. 30 degrees for a high today, tonight, the few snow showers an very cold with the wind. in greenville, 42 degrees with a little bit more sunshine and 24 tonight. seven-day forecast shows breezy and cold conditions through the entire weekend. high temperature on valentine's day, 29 degrees. overnight lows will feel below zero. zero. >> with all this bad weather hitting our mountains, it is more important than ever to make sure you receive the latest weather warnings advisories and alerts. download our weather app for free, search wlos in your app store. >> we continue our live team coverage. snow is falling in haywood county. news 13 lauren brigman joins us live in maggie valley.
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looks to be not too bad behind you. >> the wind helping out things. dot crews are doing an excellent job. we have seen them out here since at least 5:00 or before. of course, it is wet and ice will be an issue as the temperatures are in the mid 20's right now. you'll need to be cautious for black ice as well through tonight, this road right here, moody farm road was snow covered. crews are doing an excellent job. we caught up with locals, i was asking one couple as they were venturing out to breakfast what they thought about today's snowfall. they tell me it is a welcome sight, especially after what mother nature previously dealt them a couple of weeks ago
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>> we had 18 and a half inches. this is great, it is beautiful, love it. >> higher elevations, even right here in maggie valley will make a difference as far as what you see. we saw conditions change pretty quickly up there. dot crews having to focus efforts heavily at the top of the mountain because we saw three to four inches an hour ago. drivers taking it very slow as they make their way down the mountain. use caution if you are heading out here in haywood county. even though portions of soco road like where i'm standing at this park look pretty good as you make your way up the mountain, conditions can change. students here enjoying a snow day. >> karen wynne picks up our live team coverage. karen, you have seen some heavy
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>> right, we did earlier today. not much going on, we have actually seen a little bit of sunshine. we did encounter heavy showers in madison county by the time we made it here, things had definitely lightened up quite a bit. take a look at this video of that heavy snow in madison county along highway 19. highway 19 was clear but visibility definitely reduced. by the time we reached the yancey county line, we saw sun along the heavy cloud cover. light snow is still coming down, most of the secondary roads are completely covered in addition to those snow covered roads, very windy, very cold. we haven't seen too much activity going on. i think most people are staying inside if they can. and we really can't blame them.them. >> stay with news 13 for the most up to date information. find the latest forecast and
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go to our website to sign up for text alerts. we will also post updates on facebook and twitter. >> it is voting day for the people of new hampshire. plenty of them are doing their civic duty. that story starts today's newsreel. new hampshire is holding the first primary in the country today. a state election official says voter turnout is steady. . >> ahead on commuter train collision, kills nine people and injures 90 others. the accident was so bad. it was almost as if the two trains fused together. dozens of people hurt, many of them seriously. two other people remain unaccounted for. >> an inmate mistakenly released from the los angeles sheriff's office is back in custody. officials say steven wright was
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city nevada. wright was released erroneously from a reception center. he is now awaiting extradition. he will not face additional charges. >> winter weather to blame for an accident in connecticut injuring 30 people. six are in critical condition. an icy road hampered efforts to get them to hospitals. other tour buses were turned back because of the bad conditions. >> conditions forced the closure of a highway in iowa. at least one driver had to be pulled from a wrecked vehicle. part of the road has reopened. look at that video, wintry weather continues moving east. that same winter storm causes coastal flooding in new jersey and new york. strong winds have pushed water into the streets. the entire new jersey shore is under a flood warning.
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erosion as wave heights reached 8 to 12 feet. here's a look now at stories trending in your lunch hour, actor hugh jackman facing another bout of cancer warning fans to wear sunscreen. he showed a bandage over his nose saying it is an xachl of what happens when you don't use sunscreen. he wte that it was a basel cell. he has been treat at least three times for skin cancer. >> opening statements in the trial of a man accused of stalking gwyneth paltrow. he has stalked paltrow for 16 years. he was found not guilty by reason of i sanity in 2000 in a previously trial. his lawyer said he was simply writing those letters as a christian manman. >> you may remember leeman
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synonymous with disaster after sparking a financial crisis. now it is back in a whiskey form. references to leeman disaster in his new brand suggesting that one of the whiskeys goes with long gambles and explosive consequences. he is currently taking orders and hopes to open up his own bar. >> what do you do with left over grits.
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benefit of being gluten free. >> welcome into the carolina kitchen. cathy with west end bakery is
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you are doing something that sounds very different. >> well, it is very exciting. a lot of people think grits, crackers are the new way to enjoy grits. this is a great thing to do. it is gluten free. it is fat free, very low fat. we have a couple of cups of grits. >> plain grits, whatever you have. >> it will work, yes. this is oat flour. it is about three-quarters of a cup of that. these are flaxseeds which are really crunchy and delicious and
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you are sesame seeds. you'll to three-quarters of a cup of sesame seeds, a teaspoon of salt. you can mix it just with your bare hands or you can wear gloves. you can try using a spatula or a wooden spoon or something like that to mix it with. it is kind of stiff. i find it easiest to use my hands. our hands are greatest tools in the kitctchen. if you don't like getting your hands messy, gloves are a good way to go. after we get this mixed, we'll press it out in a pan. we'll grease the pan lightly. and press it out as thin a we can. >> you want to get it good and
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i don't feel like a rolling pin. >> you'll press it with your hands. if you have gloves on, it works a little bit better because then it won't stick to your hands. otherwise you can have a little bowl of water and dip your hands in water and that helps. >> while you put that on there, go to our website, click on the carolina kitchen link or send an envelope to 110 technology drive. don't forget to check us out on pinterest. you can find the carolina kitchen recipes, how long do you bake this for? >> it bakes for a long time. it bakes at a low temperature. pu it bakes for about 45 minutes. then you cut it with a pizza cutter. >> you cut it with a pizza cutter before you put it in the oven. that's the trick. >> i can't wait to try it. thank you so much. >> that's what is cooking in the
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any kidney, liver, or bleeding problems. you know xarelto is the #1 prescribed blood thinner in its class. that's a big win. it is for me. with xarelto there is no regular blood monitoring and no known dietary restrictions. treatment with xarelto ... ...was the right move for us. ask your doctor about xarelto . >> some people can't stop watching the creepy puppy monkey super bowl commercial. according to you tube most people watch the super bowl ads after the game. we break town the ads in today's consumer watch. >> i'm helen mirren. >> if you think people will only watch this spot once, think again. people went on during the game
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the number of views ads got on you tube adds up to about 300,000 hours of commercial watching. makes that price tag worth it. it is not while football that ad watchers tune in it is after. youtube said more people watch, rewatch and share the commercials in the days after the >> the mini spot rounds up the top three. >> google says before and after the game the super bowl commercial has been watched for four million hours so far. there is more opportunity for an ad to go viral as more brands release commercials early which may or may not be a good thing if you can't get a certain scene out of your head.
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actually seen. it is baby related. >> coming up, we are talking the latest blast of winter. stay with us for a final look at snow covered roads. >> coming up, just after the break, we'll show you what drivers are facing on the roads in maggie valley. >> later today on news 13, icy surfaces can present a danger in the winter weather, how a gain traction. also tonight, what you need to know about the replacement parts put on your vehicle. tune in at 6 for a news 13
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untested parts being used. . >>. >> we want to take one last check. >> lauren brigman in haywood county where the winter blast is bricking several inches of snow. >> dot crews working hard to clear roads in maggie valley. >> they are. we have seen some improvement on
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out here this morning. more people starting to venture out as well. black ice will remain an issue here as well into overnight hours. i want to show you video now just up the road, soco road, d.o.t. crews dealing with rough conditions at the top of the mountain on soco road. we were seeing three to four inches of snowfall a couple of hours ago. drivers having to take it very slow, making their way down the mountain. the change in elevation can make a difference. we are continuing to see light snowfall. that has been the case with bursts of snowfall off and on. again, the bigger concern as we make our way into the night. independent crews working in maggie valley to clear areas like the ski area, the road leading up to there.
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have much more on that coming up. >> that one looks greatgreat. you can see the snow falling across the region, especially near that tennessee line. that will be the case on again off again snow showers throughout the day. winter weather advisory in effect until tomorrow morning. it does the include us in buncombe county. maybe a dusting in the valley. light snowfall will continue today and bitter cold tonight. once again tomorrow morning. >> all right. thanks so much for joining us this afternoon.
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live update on snow. >> announcer: bust out the beads and fire up some beignets, it's fat tuesday, people, so we're bringing you a taste of the big easy with our ultimate mardi
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clinton's kicking things off
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