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tv   News 13 Tonight  ABC  February 9, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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>> we're not looking after people that nobody would look at >> who is watching your back at the repair shop >> tonight we have a news investigation into the unfair practices into the auto body shop, and why everyone is pointing a finger at someone else >> and the winners in the new amountshire primaries have been declared. donald trump and top >> this is >> the snow is slowly moving out of the mountains, and really cold wind chills will turn dangerous tonight. we have live team coverage >> we start out with jason with the situation out there now >> up in the high country it is still snowing and there is over a fat of the snow in some high
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news skycam, up in avery county. this is a fence with only two rungs left. so it is hard to tell how much is there >> and the wind chill is much colder than that, 20 in asheville, can see some of these light snow showers, this is snow on the sidewalk, very light dusting and nonetheless, there are some slippery spots, slamming into the mountains, the darker the blue, the heavier the snow. and up in the greater smoke i national park, and still snowing in places north of i 40 and it is going to be rough. winter storm warnings not for north carolina do you understand, but along the border into tennessee, significant snowfall occurring, and icy spots all throughout the day, and here are are the winter weather advisories, accumulated
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some of it last post daybreak, and still have the icy temps. and we're going to see temperatures get down into the teens for air temperatures in the mornings, wind chills just above 0 to start the day >> we will talk about the cold that is here to stay for a while, and when the next round of snow may come around >> this latest weather system, it is the snowfall is not blanketing a wider area. its no surprise that the higher elevations are getting high snowfall, but lower it can be a bit of a mystery. are you seeing any snowfall tonight? >> let me show you what we're seeing in waynesville, some accumulation on the sidewalk from earlier this evening, and in fact, it is been spotty, and unpredictable. it is at an
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they're seeing this dusting, blowing around, and the gusting winds have temperatures falling fast, creating uncomfortable conditions, in waynesville, there was plenty of snowfall, and scattered nature of today's storm pay be puzz willing to some but faithives expect it >> i'm used to this. this morning, they had the road covered. that's on the highway, and see you learn >> that's just the way it is, it is the mountain >> that is the mountain. that is it. >> it was a great day, quite a few skiers taking advantage of the new snow, the temperatures dropping fast as the day went by, here at waynesville we are at 18 degrees, it feels like five. try to stay inside, safe
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be careful and be aware of black ice. frank crocker, news 13 >> donald trump and bernie sanders have won new hampshire's presidential primaries >> /trupl i'm speech ended about an hour ago, where he's ready to take south carolina, and bernie sanders has promised what happened in new hampshire will happen all over the country. precincts are still coming in, here's a break down of how the voting has gone so far in new hampshire, 34 percent of the vote, followed by ohio governor john kasich, who finished second with 16 percent, there is a tight race for third between ted cruz, jeb bush and marco rubio, still too close to call >> for the democrats, bernie
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votes, and missouri has 39 percent. he thanked his supporters saying that when we stand together, we win, thank you new hampshires, and donald trump's supporters waived fingers, stating the phrase, you're hired >> new hampshire we love you, we are going to be back a lot. remember you started it >> together, we have sent a message that will echo from wall street to washington from maine to california. and that is that the government of our country belongs to all of the people,
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wealthy campaign contributors and their super packs >> after finishing second, john kasich's campaign manager says he expects an increase of contributions after his strong showing. and candidates will be turning their acontinuing to the south carolina republican primary february he 20th, and for the democratic prime air any south carolina, it is the 27th. north carolina has one primary for both parties, set march 15th >> two presidential gop candidates are holding rallies, marco rubio at the marriott, in spartanberg, and donald trump will be holding one in clemson >> the update on the redistricting battle in north
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asking the supreme court to delay a ruling that requires two congressional district be redrawn by next week. they ruled the first, and 12th districts unconstitutional, because they relied on race too much to draw them. they argue that it is too close to change them this close to the primary >> anoint and i man's murder, his son is charged with second degree murder, joey put letter confessed to killing his father, and said his dad used a cane to beat him. they won't say if butler acted in self-defense >> a south carolina victim of a local /popbzee scheme is speaking out about the thousands of dollars he lost, last year in
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businessman, barry, pleaded guilty to money laundering, they talked about why he -- >> this was high risk, we knew we could lose it all. once the five kids were out of the house, steve hall and his wife had a late start. it was hard to invest, because it was important that we eat. and investing their money into forex, and we stopped at the outback, and cindy heard a phone conversation, andrew my attention to it, after the phone conversation i went up to him, and asked him if he traded forex, he said that he did. by mid 2010, red flags were flying, court records say since 2011, taylor solicited money from 18
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$2.5 million. much of that money was not invested and instead was used for personal expenses. we gave him about $9,500 and wound up losing about $8,900. >> hall and others were fooled by the legitimacy of taylor's two businesses, court records showed that taylor described trading losses, with false statements that he sent to his victims, what the halls are hoping is that no one risked their life savings with taylor >> if someone did, and the fbi can reclaim any money, i would rather it go to them than us >> hindsight is 0/20, but they hope others can learn from their mistake >> just be careful, that's all i can say >> taylor could face up to 30 years in prison, and one and a
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his sentencing has not yet been scheduled. >> if we had done an inspection on this vehicle, you would have seen this pretty plastic cover on the bumper and the consumer would never have known >> how would you know if the let pairs made to your after a crash are safe, and how do you know you're getting what you paid for >> what to happen if your fix
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>> mistakes made and short can you tell us taken by mechanics, news 13 is investigating the unsafe fixes happening in shops across the state >> anybody can open a repair shop in north carolina they do not need to be licensed, jennifer here with information you need to know >> it needs one garage putting any one of us at risk, being an informed consumer and knowing defense. >> i get emotional about this. the marks on this car are a risk to every driver. this must have letter is touching the plastic flash shield, that is a fire
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really ticks me off. brian alan understands the danger better than most, and i'm he thinking in court, and what we do if it was my kids, there is a buckle where the seat bag is, and who sits right back in that sit, my son sits on this side >> mechanics were supposed to replace the bumper, and the must have letter >> if we had not done an inspection, you would have seen that real pretty plastic cover on the bumper and the consumer would never have known >> despite the insurance company paying 40 new parts, and you see it's still damaged it was not replaced, and that is a huge safety issue >> a simple experiment shows why. take an aplume can, it can hold a lot of the weight before it collapses. but if the can is compromised with a simple dent, even a little weight can
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it to collapse easier. cars are engineered to collapse and crumb pelin specific ways for your family's safety >> and it was done a good footage a half on this frame rail. if somebody hits this frame rail just right coming from behind, how far is it going to trap he will now >> putting those riding in the car at risk, and mechanics call it fraud >> it is the mechanics stealing from the owner, >> you have to be licensed to braid hair, and i've you canned talk to the house of representative senators, and a car can go down the road at 150, 160 miles an hour, and you or myself tomorrow with no expertise whatsoever, you could open a body shop tomorrow. but in north carolina it's become a pass the buck situation >> most of them want to put it
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insurance, and the department of insurance wants to put it off on the attorney general's office >> the attorney general's office sentence us to the department of insurance. the commissioner wayne goodwin put it back on legislators >> there has not been a stomach by the legislative branch to create a new license for body shops >> so you have to be your own advocate. ask to see the parts that your mechanic replaced and look at the seems between panels >> those are tell tail signs that you don't have alignment, if you have unibody damage or frames >> lawmakers i've checked with say that the issue has never been pushed with in legislature.
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reached out to them to prove that there have been unfair practices >> there has been some legal action >> sometimes it is the customer's only recourse to take legal action. north carolina had its largest judgment against an auto body shop, that should have been totaled they made repairs to it. >> so know what's happening with your car >>. do your due diligence >> thank you jennifer >> going to weather now, it will be dangerously cold tonight. based on the wind chill, we'll have some areas down into the single digits, it will be single digits above and below. bus stop forecast, in your east in morning, 17 with the air temperature, and snow continues, i'll show he you where and the winds, a temporary warmup too
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>> flush >> to some places with over a foot of snow on the ground near along the tennessee state line, so this is just miserable weather in the mountains, and this snow will be drifting causing poor visibility, icy spots on the roads, and almost i am passable roads especially
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skies in asheville. nine degrees for the wind chills, and the wind chills will be below 0 tonight, in yancy, mitchell avery county, even places toward marshall, down one by 6 o'clock in the morning, sub0 possibly in asheville, and you'll see single digits in many mountain locations. getting above maybe ten degrees for the wind chill at times, in the afternoon in nashville, you'll have single digit wind chills all day, and in some of the windier spots, grant, mason, bunkham, mitchell yancy, avery, all under wind adviceries, they go until late to day tomorrow, and we will wind chills, 5 to 15. and snow showers continue tonight, and by daybreak still some snow going along the tennessee state line, and we will alleget some snow showers through the high
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all sunshine, and wind will be relentless, much of 20 miles per hour, and then we'll statare the to see some cloud on the increase, and low temperatures tonight, down into the teens, pretty much anywhere you go, even some colder spots, look for twenties over the upstate, highs tomorrow not getting out of the twenties, almost any location, but forties over the upstate look at the warmup, at least we get above freezing, and late friday into saturday, and
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by monday, in >> a teacher was hit by a bus and killed at an elementary school, that happened this morning, in goldsboro, south of rail and road report. brandon kincaide was hit by a school bus, he was rushed to a hospital where he died. he was a second grade teacher, investigators are still how it happened >> ten people have died from a train collision, two commuter trains hit while on a curve, the automatic breaking i'm parentally failed, dozens were
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using helicopters and boats to amount branches >> several animals were killed from a house fire in charlotte. firefighters got there this morning, and it took crews more than a half hour to get the home under control, four dogs were found dead inside, the cause of the fire is still under investigation >> things look a lot different at the carolina panthers team store, vendors are trying to unload all of their merchandise, one of the vendors took a gamble chose to sell his gear, he's selling his super bowl shirt for 5 and 10 bucks, that is a big price can you tell cut what they
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. >> ac c hoops tonight, tar heels trying to familiar there two-game losing extreme. at boston college, it wasn't a losing streak, he goes down and faints early in the second half, collapses he has to be helped out of the arena, another vertigo episode that plagued him the last few years, keith robinson took over. they grabbed the quick lead untilee lie carter gets three from the corner, boston colleges, and page is money,hree pointer, that was huge, carolina avoids the upset 68, 65. women's games of importance, liberty went both
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saturday at two at kimmel, the biggest game for unc, women's basketball. basketball games cancelled to the mountains, and the wncac, at the smoke i mountains at henderson. north bunkham, and asheville, reynolds at robinson, hayesville at /ro-z /-fplt. those games set for wednesday, weather permitting >> cam newton was slammed for not sticking around his press conference, and leaving abruptly after his sauper bowl loss to denver >> today it was his time to respond. cam and his teammates spoke up >> when you've spent so much time, and sacrificed so much, and things don't go as planned, and i think that you're motions
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these people saying that you should have done this, what makes your way right, i've been on record to say, i'm a sore loser, you show me a good loser, and i show you a loser >> if anyone wants to question how hard he plays, thehe sacrifice he makes with his body or the way he plays that position, then not only are they uninformed they've never watched us may it down since he's been in the league >> of the and they had a million people at their victory parade, they are celebrating their first super bowl title in 17 years. they had a good time. lots of fun here. >> they'll be back though, they're good >> let's talk about what's going
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highs only in the twenties, wind chills only in single digits >> thank you foroining us for
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c 13. flush >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"!
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bill maher.
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