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tv   News 13 at Noon  ABC  February 10, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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tonight. with that continued light snowfall. dropping back down to 22 degrees. we are not going to warm up at all today. coming up in bit, i'll show you the future cast model for the wind and when we could see more snow. >> the snow continues to add up in madison with some areas getting an additional six incheses overnight. early this morning, our crew found many secondary roads. the city snowfall makes travel difficult on main routes. dot crews are working around the clock to clear the roadways. those snow totals are not as significant as those from a few weeks ago. officials say this kind of winter storm can be more coastal than bigger snow events. >> we move off to another roroad, hits the same road already cleared.
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we end up using more salt. with big snow, we just push until the snow slows down. >> 24 dot trucks and three motor graders used across the county for snow removal efforts. >> more photos are coming in. caitlin sent us this video as she was driving in mars hill around 8:30 this morning. a beautiful scene but drivers need to be weary of those slick roads. >> the snow flakes continued to fall overnight in asheville. she says she took it near the asheville mall. sheila sent us this video. she says to be careful if anyone is crossing across mountains. not going to bring a lot of melting and things could refreeze tonight. >> michael hauler sent us this photo of the french broad river this morning. it is a gorgeous scene.
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beauty of our mountains and the snow. >> mark says snow is falling in robinsville. this is a shot of his dog having a blast. he said they had around five inches and it was still snowing early this morning. remember to send us your pictures, all you have to do is post them to our facebook page or e-mail them to pics at remember current school closings as well as several church closings are scrolling at the bottom of your skraen. find a complete list at we'll continue to post updates on our twitter pages as well. >> we have an update on i-26 this morning that tied up traffic for awhile during the morning commute. crews had to detour traffic around the crash saying a tractor-trailer overturned past the brevard county exit. it shut down i-26 westbound for a time. the wreck was not weather related and luckily there were
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>> a search for a missing haywood county man has shifted to the upstate. jeffrey turner was last seen tuesday. the truck was found near the river in oconee county. family members say the 57-year-old was last seen leaving work at 10:00 tuesday morning. he is just more than six feet tall, brown hair, blue eyes. if you have any information on his disappearance, contact the sheriff's office. >> in the race for the white house, two gop presidential candidates are campaigning in the upstate today ahead of the upcoming south carolina primary. senator marco rubio is holding a rally in spartanburg right now. the event is at the marriott on church street. darren is there. he will have a live report at 5:00. we'll stream that event live on our website at >> donald trump will attend a gathering in clemson starting tonight at 7:00. news 13 will also have a crew at that event. for more information on how to
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links section of our website. >> joe biden is in north carolina. he will be at the school of medicine to discuss the new national cancer initiative. the goal of nashville cancecer moonshot is to improve cancer detection and prevention. >> in new hampshire, voters came out in near record numbers shaking up the race for the white house. outsiders donald trump and bernie sanders won big. hillary clinton says she will keep fighting. elizabeth has the latest. >> reporter: oh, wow. >> republican donald trump and bernie sanders victorious in new hampshire. >> we'll make america great again, maybe greater than before. >> together we have sent a message that will echo from wall
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>> the outsiders crushed their competition. the voters in the granite state angry at washington, angry about the economy, looking for honesty, not electability. emerging, a surprise second place winner, john kasich. >> if you don't have a seat belt, go get one. >> the fight for third in the gop race is between ted cruz -- >> your victory has left the washington cartel utterly terrified. >> reporter: jeb bush. >> you have reset the race. >> reporter: and marco rubio who admitted saturday nighght's debate was his downfall. >> listen to this, that will never happen again. >> a tough night for hillary clinton who promised supporters she is marching on to the nomination. >> now we take this campaign to the entire country. we are going to fight for every vote in everystate. >> her opponent proved he won't
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>> today it is on to the next one, south carolina. the state gop primary is set for next week. the new hampshire governor chris christie is heading home to decide if he'll stay in the race. >> news 13 investigate a loophole in gun laws that could put machine guns into the wrong hands. north carolina, the local sheriff has the final say on gun. a loophole lets you buy a rifle without law enforcement approval and your friends can use it without background checks. >> a gun trust is what we call a purpose built trust, it is built for a specific purpose, in this case to hold weapons. it can be nfa weapons or any kind of guns or rifles or handguns. >> tonight at 11:00, john austindorf investigate how easy it is to get a machine using
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any plans to close it. >> get a jump start on spring cleaning. coming up in our health headlines, learn the best place to start and why. >> breast-feeding mothers have a secluded spot to feed their
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how some people feel about >> it is easy to accumulate medication, that's pain reliever for when you had a root canal or for last winter's cold. what should you get rid of and what should you hold onto? we have tips to help you clear out the clutter.
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cleaning. the best place to start is with your medicine cabinet. >> it is not the best place to keep things, there is humidity, moisture can get into them. >> i'll remove all my medications as i go through them and put them in a safer spot like my dresser drawer. we needs rules to follow. the products might separate if the tablets looks crushed or discolored or cracking, they may have been exposed to temperature fluctuation. >> i can't just keep these old ones in the trash. >> take any of your tablets, medications ha you have that are expired, add a little bit of water. they recommend to either throw in old coffee grounds, food
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>> keep in mind for prescription medication, you'll want to cross out any personal information or scrape it off of the container before you dispose of that. >> going through your medicine cabinet, make sure to check the exper ration for items like sunscreen sunscreen sunscreen. coming up more confirmed cases of the zika virus. what it may mean for the summer olympics games. >> we are seeing blue sky, 16 degrees. don't be fooled. it is cold out there. we are seeing light snow. i'll zoom into the forecast coming up after the break, show you hour by hour how windy it
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and our next chances for sno >> deja vu if you look at radar. we are still seeing same areas seeing the flow along the north carolina, tennessee line. just some light snow showers in northern swain county, mostly the tenneee side of the line. northern haywood county and also that area in little creek, that's north of mars hill, heavier snow right there around hot springs. these areas, highest elevations around here, reports of decent snowfall even overnight. over the next few hours, a few light snow showers but nothing significant whatsoever. the mount pisca campground, light snow. this is 21 degrees. very cold on our skycam network. 13 in balsam gap. you can see the road was snow covered but starts to dry outout.
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temperature, possibly the sun and the wind blowing that snow off the roadway. winter weather advisory until 7:00 today for those tennessee border counties. we could see slight snow continuing. maybe a few flurries. because the wind is blowing so much, it looks sometimes like it is snowing. 17 was our low this morning and we haven't warmed up that much. 23 in asheville. 18 in burnsville to below freezing in some locations in the upstate. right there at clemson, anderson and gaffeny. 34 in greenville. wind, this isn't helping the situation, making it colder out of the north at 14 miles an hour. 17 up in knoxville, same thing in clemson and anderson and down into greeood. this is a windchill map. still it feels like 11 degrees in asheville. 25 in greenville. this is the type of weather you have to work outside if you'll be outside for a long period of
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skin. above 3500 feet, the windchill advisory will start once again at 7:00 p.m. tod until 10:00 a.m. tomorrow. this is the future cast model, 2:00 showing 20-mile-an-hour winds back in the french broad river valley. through the overnight hours, 17 in asheville. lighter winds further south. tomorrow morning, 7:00 a.m., 13-mile-an-hour winds. you get the picture here. winds not going anywhere, leaving us with very chilly conditions. what about our snow, this is 2:00 p.m. showing some of those light areas in the northern mountains. we'll have mostly clear skies with the light snow along the tennessee line. we'll see clearing and then more clouds friday. late day friday, a slight shot of snow into the weekend. 27 degrees, that's our high temperature today. hard to believe.
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very cold tonight. 15 for a low. greenville, low 40's. windy conditions. sunshine. tonight back down to a low 20 degrees. seven-day forecast does show that thursday and friday, we actually will warm above that freezing mark. that will help with the snow melt, for valentine's day, the weekend will be cold, saturday night, a lot of folks going out, it will be 10 degrees, maybe they are going home if they have access to a fireplace or at together.
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who use tocatta air bags. >> stocks are in positive territory for midday trading. et's get you to the boards. at noon, the dow up 162 points at 16176. the nasdaq up 72 points at 4341. the tocatta air bag recall is expanding. recalls with 840,000 recalls. they have been forced to recall the air bags. they have caused 10,000 deaths worldwide. >> the number of job openings in the u.s. is near a record high. there were 5.6 million unfilled jobs in november. that is shy of an all time
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the breast-feeding mothers traveling through atlanta airport now has installed nursing pods inside their benches. there are four pods installed so far. >> we work diligently to find the best locations for their lackation stations and we have gotten terrific feedback so par. >> the airport is looking for ways to create spaces for breast-feeding moms closer to the atrium and check-in as well. >> this next story might be more than you can handle. the rare find and why this price hasn't even been set.
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romantic side alive, how your >> if diamonds are a girls' best friend, ladies, meet your second best friend. the canadian company that owns it held a public competition to find the perfect name for it. it means our life in botswana. that's where the 1100 karat stone was discovered in november. >> the price hasn't been set because it is too big for conventional scanners. the larger diamond ever found, the 3100 karat diamond was discovered in south africa in 1905. that is massive. >> it is almost the size of my weather clicker. >> what do you to with it? >> you don't wear it. >> a billionaire. >> icy roads caused schools to close for a second day in a row.
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at home will affect the school calendar. >> democrats will hold a hearing on the ongoing water crisis in flint michigan. details as we get word there
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coming. >> welcome back. 12:28.
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wolf ridge ski resort in madison county. or not. let's get ingrid and let's find out, is the snow still coming down. >> yeah, northern zones seeing light snow, the same areas that have been seeing this light snow now for almost 24 hours in a lot of cases. looking in our northern zones in northern swain, haywood counties, up towards madison county as well, seeing a little bit heavier snow bands out there. all in all, down into the valleys, we are seeing light flurries and of course with the wind gusting like it is. that light snow, it is flying around. it is still covering roadways there. slick conditions across the region here. cold springs ranch, 4 thoushs feet. it is very cold. 9 degrees. news 13 skycam network, not as cold. 25 degrees, the gulf club, this actually looks beautiful.
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outside. a winter weather advisory. look at the counties still under this. until 7:00 p.m. today. from the avery county all thehe way down to cherokee, covering the state line and clay county as well. light snow still possible in northern mountains, nothing too significant at all. look at the record, 6 degrees. not going to be that cold today but 17 was our low, cold enough with that wind. 18 in burnsville. 23 degrees in buncombe county. same thing in bryson to franklin. greenwood 33. 35 in columbia. 34 in greer. the wind right now in asheville, gusting at 14 miles an hour, 10 in forest city, 12 in greer. 17 in clemson and also into anderson. here's our windchill map, feels like 9 degrees. 11 back here in the french broad river valley. feels like 2 below, if you
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