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tv   First News at 5pm  ABC  February 10, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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mitchell, mount craig and all the black mountains. moisture trapped over the mountains and wringing out in the form of light snow there. we look for the clouds to stay in place over the mountains for the next couple of hours before they break up. these are two-day snow fall totals from nothing in buncombe county to seven inches in the corners of the county. the range is nothing to five inches in jackson county. madison, 1 to 11 inches. faust coming in with 11 inches of snow. a trace to eight inches of snow. yancey county to 17 inches at the top of mount mitchell. temperatures in the teens and 20s this evening. and we're going to keep dropping these wind chills down now below zero in boone. notice your temperatures dropping to 19 by 11 o'clock in asheville.
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>> darcel: another snow day for buncombe county schools leads to calendar. >> tammy: karen wynne joins us live. karen, when were the changes announced? >> karen: confusing morning for some families. the first notification went out just before 6:00 a.m. buncombe county schools were on a two hour delay. >> and the primary roads looked pretty good this morning. we decided that -- dr. baldwin decided a two hour delay was going to be sufficient. second notification. >> widespread icy roads, black ice and things. as we saw those, we made the decision for safety reasons to close the school. >> i was out in barnardsville
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i can't believe they waited until the morning to let you know it was out. >> karen: problem areas were widespread. from the usual snowy areas in north buncombe to parts of the owow district. once the sun came out, it didn't take long for the snow and ice to melt off many of those roads. but nikki bishop mother of two, said the schools made the right call. updates in the school calendar with the last day of school pushed back to june 8th. >> it's reflective of all the hours and days we've needed up to this day. >> independent survey we're asking about preferences about possibly taking days during spring break or having school during memorial day or possibly good friday. just some of the options available. >> karen: for more information on buncombe county school's updated calendar or the parents
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i'm karen wynne, news 13. >> tammy: police are investigating a deadly crash in asheville. it happened this afternoon on sweeten creek road in the royal pines community. officers say one car hit a tree. one person died and two others hurt. the names have not been released. >> darcel: turning to vote 2016, two more presidential candidates are dropping out of race. chris christy is expected to formally suspend his campaign this evening. and carly fiorina officially ended her's this afternoon. >> tammy: two of them visiting the upstate. this comes on the heels of the primaries in new hampshire. >> darcel: bernie sanders won on the democratic side. and donald trump was victorious among the republicans. >> tammy: we find news 13's aaron adelson. >> darcel: aaron, he's getting
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>> aaron: that's right, darcel. the doors just opened. people filing in. hundreds still outside. some people have been waiting here since noon. we just got in ten minutes ago. it is freezing outside and they've been outside there waiting to see donald trump who won the new hampshire primary last night with 36% of the vote. supporters say they like trump's business experience and one man told us he's the best leader in the republican field. >> positive no doubt, he means business. that what i like about trump. he means business. he's going to get it done. >> aaron: he's already committed to voting for trump a week and a half until the primary here. he just heard it's expected to get smaller. this arena next hosting a rodeo. kind of an interesting metaphor. >> tammy: news 13's darren
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where he was following marco rubio today. >> darcel: what does he think about coming in fifth in the new hampshire primary. >> darren: darcel, they believe that senator marco rubio will do much better here in south carolina. he's averaging about third in the polls behind donald trump and senator ted cruz. but these latest polls don't reflect his "disappointment" following the new hampshire primary and debate last weekend, when he got in a little bit of a tussle with chris christy. referring to rubio as robotic and rehearsed. >> it's interesting the people that were wearing the costumes were actually american bridge which is the top super pack for democrats. i'm the only republican they've
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which tells me how scared they are to run against me. >> darren: there may be some truth to that. in the national polls rubio is averaging about five points higher than clinton in a general match up. protestors. coming up on my40 at 6:30, we'll be speaking with those protestors and why they won't be just protesting rubio but other candidates. >> tammy: we spoke with mark meadows about the race for president. he says bernie sanders and donald trump's wins last night in new hampshire speak to the frustrations americans have. voters are tired with the way washington d.c. does business. he also believes the south carolina primaries are up for grabs. >> it's an open debate right now
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that momentum in to south carolina. obviously he's going to have real competition with ted cruz and jeb bush there. i understand the president is actually coming down or president george w. is coming down to campaign on behalf of jeb. >> tammy: we also talked with meadows about the battle of redistricting. that's coming up in our next half hour. >> darcel: be careful if you're northern counties. >> tammy: jaclyn, the secondary roads can be slick. >> jaclyn: right, tammy. side roads are still covered right now. if you need to head out in any of these areas, try to stay off of these back roads if you can. back over in asheville, we're not seeing any weather related
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congestion in smoky park highway. backing up traffic near i-40. tunnel road is also very busy right now. you're going to run in to delays in both directions if you are heading out here anytime soon. that's a look at your on time traffic report brought to you by debruhl's used car superstore. >> tammy: breaking down north carolina's new drug screening program for welfare recipients. how many people tested p pitive in the first four months. >> darcel: plus how many zika cases are now confirmed in the u.s.
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reconsidering going to this you're watching news 13 with darcel grimes, tammy watford, chief meteorologist jason boyer, and on time traffic with jaclyn deaugustino. this is news 13 at 5:00. >> tammy: north carolina's new drug screening program for welfare recipients is undergoing its first evaluation. and the numbers might surprise you. >> darcel: statistics for the first five months indicate the vast majority of people who go to health and human services for help are not users.
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were checked, only 0.3% were check r . >> my position is that it's absolutely mean spirited. i think it's part of a larger political push to reduce the benefits that people who desperately need them receive. >> tammy: the state legislature passed the welfare drug testing law over governor mccrory's attempt to veto it. concern grows as athletes prepare for the summer olympics in brazil. zika is spreadly rapidly in that country. some top u.s. athletes are worried about the virus. >> darcel: soccer star hope solo says she would skip the olympics if forced to make the choice today. some say she will not be the last. >> women are closing to 50% of
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and almost all of them are of child bearing age. >> darcel: it's closely monitoring the situation through the cdc and passing on the recommendations to athletes. >> tammy: speaking of mosquitoes. >> darcel: the bugs should be dead because it's so cold. >> jason: you would think so. 28 degrees for the high temperature today. that put us way below average. 22 degrees below average. 16 the low this morning. that wasn't a record. no rain or snow today. we have a surplus that's been chipped away. down to a little more than 7/10 for the year. a warm up that lies ahead of us
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now your news 13 skywatch weather. >> jason: location, location, location. it doesn't always work in real estate, it does work often in weather. look at this, in mount mitchell, our leicester carpet sales news13 sky cam network. it's two degrere and the wind is really pushing these trees around. and they are already weighted down. over a foot of snow in mount mitchell. mount craig, a glimpse.
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you can see the cloud line here. it's already north of i-40. madison, mitchell, avery, graham, cherokee county you're stuck in the clouds. that means a chance of flurry action and even light snow. look at this band of snow coming right down i 24 here from paducka in to nashville, all the way to chattanooga. there is potential. most of this isn't reaching the ground. but some of it will reach the ground as flurries. here's the future radar here the next couple of hours. cherokee county, graham. you might get flurries redeveloping as this band works its way southeast. overall, the theme is dryer but still cold. 26 degrees outside at unca. wind chill down to 14.
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digits above and below zero tonight. 6 degrees the feels like temperature in asheville. less wind in the valleys. that means your temperatures will feel like they should without the wind. zero in burnsville by day break. five degrees for the wake up. wind chills improve somewhat. lunch time tomorrow. 17 to 23 degrees for wind chill around the region. we'll get a little better in late afternoon. yes, there's still the wind and there will still be a factor. cold blast number one in place now. here comes our next system. a very weak one diving south and east. may actually get some snow showers going with the next blast of cold coming from the great lakes. this cold front sweeps its way in to the ohio valley. midnight saturday. get some snow going in the high country mostly i-40 again. light accumulations up there. madison, yancey, mitchell and avery county once again.
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we have mostly sunny skies. the clouds increase in to friday and we'll see those clouds hang out with us in to friday night early saturday with chances of snow in the high country. teens for lows tonight. 20s in the upstate. it is going to be chilly but a little milder. upper 30s in hendersonville. low 40s in the mountain valleys south. mid 40s in the upstate. saturday, teens. we'll have our shot of snow returning by monday as we get actually do warm up. we'll warm up a little bit. we get back in to a snowy scenario, possibly. we'll watch that osely. could be a lot of accumulations. >> darcel: keeping your romantic side alive. how your diet could play a key role with that. very unusual. >> tammy: a $4 million bond for
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coming up at 5:30, why a j >> darcel: the real key may be in the produce a ale.
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vegetables have you had today? >> not yet. >> do you like fruits and vegetables? >> yeah, i love them. >> reporter: there is now a lot of evidence that eating fruits and vegetables is a good idea. the problem is many of us aren't vegetables. it comes to something called flavanoids. these are natural compounds that come in fruits and vegetables. they actually help cell pathways. for guys, it can also help something else. it could help prevent the need of the little blue bill to help erectile dysfunction, or ed. >> a manifestation of us, a western diet.
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diet for a lot of us includes more meat, more fat, and fewer plant foods. and that's not good for overall health. researchers in american journal of clinical nutrition looked at more than 25,000 men as part of a ten-year study. 14% risk of developing ed, compared to those who did not. >> there's been a lot of information about anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory. >> reporter: play a big role in maintaining sexual performance. >> people who eat well that are healthy tend to do better. certainly erectile dysfunction is no exception.
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in a lot of those plant foods. we are showing kind. >> tammy: cards and letters of
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>> darcel: students at hillendale elementary school are more than half way through the school year. >> tammy: as a matter of fact, today is their 100th day of school. >> 40, 50, 60, 70. >> tammy: students are counting to 100 in multiples of ten. they're also marking the occasion with hats and necklaces. students are using the day to pass random acts of kindless. ms. price's students are making inspirational cards for people at the mission. students a you can create random acts of kindness every day. >> well i like helping my friends a lot. >> tammy: you do? what do you do to help your friends? >> well if they're, like, sad or mad, i ask them what's wrong and tell the teacher. >> if someone fell down on the playground, you can help them up. >> tammy: and what else would
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>> you could say sorry. >> we have food for people who are hungry. and a place for people who don't have a place or a home or a bed to sleep in at night, they could come stay with us. >> tammy: talked with students about his work with the men, women and children that they serve. he says they offer assistance to people in crisis in hopes of helping them get back in their feet. so it was a lesson rolled in to everything. random acts of kindness, the rescue mission. a lot going on over there. >> darcel: coming up, a new stem magnet school. >> tammy: find out on news 13 at 5:30 starting now. i hope he's all right. >> frank: the hunt for a missing haywood county man. why the focus is in the upstate and what's increasing the urgency of the search. house where his parents live.
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