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tv   News 13 at 530pm  ABC  February 10, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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$4 million bond set for a man accused of harassing his own parents. why a judge said it needed to be so high. now from western north carolina's news leader, this is news 13 at 5:30. >> tammy: another, well they say chilly, but i'm going to say cold day in the mountains and the upstate. >> frank: several school systems were affected by this weather. >> tammy: chief meteorologist jason boyer starts us off with the forecast. >> jason: 17 degrees and here we are over seven mile ridge on our leicester carpet sales news13 sky cam network. these are snow clouds hanging on the black mountains. mount mitchell right about here if you can see it. mount craig as well. they're finally starting to thin out a little bit. we're getting a little bit of visibility down there. flakes flying right underneath the cloud cover but very few. this is snow fall i'm watching
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not much is reaching the ground yet. some of this will expand east ward. toccoa, back in to fontana village. future radar until about 7:30. look at the snow fall totals the last couple of days. location, location, location. southern end of the county, nothing. northern end of the county, up to seven inches north and east of say barnardsville. nothing to five inches in the ground in jackson county. one inch to 11 inches madison county. 11 inches in faust. we see a trace to eight inches in yancey. 17 inches at mount mitchell. i'll show you all the details of the warmer weather that's coming. >> frank: a man charged with manufacturing marijuana appeals his case in raleigh this afternoon.
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home in fletcher in 2013 after a raid turned up 75 pot plants. he has maintained that he was growing the plants to help people suffering from conditions. the court has not made a ruling on today's appeal. >> tammy: the search for a missing haywood county man is with urgency due to the cold weather. >> frank: news 13's rex hodge is live in waynesville. rex, his family is part of this massive search. >> rex: yes, family members have left haywood county to join scores of searchers looking for turner in south carolina. people like carol chambers have lived on dutch cove road in canton for years. she says scott turner and his wife are good neighbors. she's heard he's been missing. last spotted at his work place mid morning on monday.
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touch with him since monday. according to oconnee county emergency services, family members found his pick-up truck in the cherry hill, big bend area. family and searchers began looking for turner at first light tuesday. it includes k-9, helicopters. deputies are asking for the public's help in finding scott turner. >> from what i hear they are really nice folks. hopefully he's okay. >> rex: turner is 37 years old, blonde hair and blue eyes. he was driving a black 1987 toyota pick-up like this one. in a statement, a family representative asks for respect for the family's privacy at this difficult time. >> hopefully he'll be okay.
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>> rex: despite the bitter cold, the search goes on. if you have any information, call the information center. reporting live from waynesville, rex hodge, news 13. >> tammy: new at 5:30 this afternoon a convicted felon in and out of jail may now be behind bars for a very long time. bond for kevin dalton has been increased to $3.9 million. kimberly king tells us why dalton's family is relieved to have him locked up. >> kim: 50-year-old dalton we've learned through documents obtained at the courthouse has violated a protective order filed by his mother eight times. because of that and his prior record, a judge has granted a da's request to raise his bond to over $3 million. a bond to protect the public
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dalton's filing include possession of meth, breaking and entering charge. dalton also charged as a habitual offender. >> second degree arson because in one of those cases he tried to set fire to the house where his parents live. >> kim: dalton repeatedly violated the court order to stay away from his parents' house. >> hundreds of thousands of dollars which he makes days after committing these crimes. he's back committing the same crime again. >> kim: the alleged protected order violations now rise to felonies. >> they obviously were afraid enough of him to go before a judge and have that protective order issued for a year. >> kim: a judge signing off to raise what was a half a million dollar bond to a now three plus million dollar bond. >> hopefully that means he'll stay in jail and won't be able
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>> kim: i spoke with dalton's mother on the phone. she told me she's not afraid of her son but expects him to go to prison for decades. he could face a minimum prison sentence of 46 years. reporting from the mcdowell county courthouse in marion, kimberly king, news 13. >> tammy: new developments in a buncombe county murder case. >> frank: a grand jury indicted juan jimenez of swannanoa, in the killing of an asheville artist. and also of child porn. >> tammy: this was some kind of a love triangle? >> ashlea: that's right. and the young girl in the middle of the love triangle gave her version. . after his death, friends say chris ortega was fun, smart, a
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when he was found with no pants on and strangled in his apartment in october of 2014, it didn't make sense to many. >> you see that sort of thing in the movies, but for that to really happen, that has to be somebody that is seriously disturbed. >> ashlea: a grand jury has indicted juan jimenez in his murder. a 16-year-old girl said he did it. knocked on the door and when ortega answered, punched him. according to warrant applications, the teenager said she told jimenez, ortega was her ex-boyfriend and he hit him. the 38-told her now he won't hurt you again. today, ortega's mom said her son would never hit anyone. the grand jury also slammed
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charges of exploitation of a minor after seeing photos he allegedly took of that young girl, who appears turned him in, with sex acts. >> it shows his character. >> ashlea: now ortega's friends say that the young girl they believe is at the center of this case had lied to him about her age. when he found out how young she is, he broke it off. >> frank: jeb bush rallied for support today. while ted cruz rallied in myrtle beach. on the democrat side, bernie sanders appearing on the view today. while hillary clinton recovering from a big loss. tonight at 6:00 we'll show you marco rubio's stop in the
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donald trump's rally in clemson. congressman mark meadows is responding to redistricting. two districts redraw their congressional maps by next week after ruling they were unconstitutional. lawmakers relied too much on race when they drew the lines. now the state wants the u.s. supreme court to step in. but the question remains will this dispute disrupt north carolina's primary vote? >> as far as western north carolina, i don't see it having a great impact. we've tried to make sure that our focus is on all 750,000 people we represent regardless of party. but certainly it could push those primary dates back if there's not a stay. and that will affect, i think, some of the primaries. not as much in the asheville area but certainly as you go further east. >> frank: you can watch the
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you can find it under the connect to congress section. >> tammy: plan ahead if you're taking i-240 near downtown. >> jaclyn: the shoulder is closed here on i-240 west bund bound. this is causing major backups. try to avoid this portion of west i-240. we are seeing improvements here on smoky park highway. an earlier wreck was tying up traffic. be careful if you are heading out in any of our northern counties. the back roads are snow covered and slick like mitchell and yancey counties. that's a look at your on time traffic report brought to you by debruhl's used car superstore. >> tammy: mcdowell county's board of education has signed off on a new stem school. it will be called foothill
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the school will focus on project based learning and accept 150 students. more recalls over a potentially deadly airbag problem. which companies are now involved. cold season is here, but do you know which treatments are
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coming up on a full >> frank: mixed results on wall street today. the dow down 99 points to finish at 15,914. the nasdaq closed at 5283. >> tammy: daimler and mercedes benz have issued recalls in the u.s. because of airbags that may be defected. hyundai hyundai, ford, explode violately without warning. they have caused at least ten deaths world wide. nine of those in the u.s. >> frank: the u.s. economy could be facing a bumpy road in the near future. >> tammy: the federal reserve
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and says she sees warning signs ahead. >> intensified uncertainty about china's exchange rate policy. >> tammy: there are several risks to economic growth in the u.s. borrowing costs are rising, stock prices declined. >> frank: well no uncertainty here about the weather. it's been cold. >> jason: we can't stay this cold forever. you know that. 28 degrees for the high. it was just bitter cold. 22 degrees below the average of 50. 16 this morning. that wasn't a record but it wasn't that far away from a record. no rain or snow today. two and a half inches of liquid for the month.
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now your news 13 skywatch weather. >> jason: we'll get to the good stuff later. but first, i guess the bad news. we have another storm we're watching. monday's forecast, our flake-o-meter we have the potential for accumulated snow fall. how much? way too early to say. we'll have to play it out and time it out for ya as we go down the road the next couple computer model runs. it's looking a little more promising now. we have some snow showers for the here and now coming down. a lot of the accumulation is overwith. but this parallel snow is coming right down through kentucky, and now the middle of tennessee. most of this is evaporating before it touches the ground. some of these flakes will reach the ground.
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minimal at best. a dusting in clay, cherokee, graham county. a lot of that moisture is not going to reach the ground. 26 degrees. clear skies over asheville. finally took all day to do that. 14 with that wind at north-northwest at 16. the first cold blast is here. we'll get a brief warm up as we go through the next 48 hours with a system diving to our south. this looks like it could bring us something. but looks like it's going to bring cloud cover back to the region. until we get in to late friday. this could be some light snow fall accumulations in the mountains north and west of i-40. then we turn our attention to the next cold blast beyond that. that comes in to the weekend. eventually some moisture meets in with that on monday. for the here and now, though, quiet weather. up until the lunch hour
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sunny to partly cloudy skies. the wind will still be a factor. 10 to 15 in asheville. they'll turn more southerly ahead of this next system. to get going. especially i-40 north on in to early saturday morning. late friday night in to saturday morning, could be light accumulations going. temperatures in the teens tonight from around 15 in asheville, hendersonville. 14 in franklin. low to mid 40s in the upstate. tomorrow not getting out of the freezing temperatures. 32 in burnsville. 36 in asheville. the southern end of the french broad river valley up to about 40. hendersonville, we'll find 40s. big changes. we warm it up and then we get a lot colder. high only 27 saturday. about freezing sunday. lows will be in the single digits and teens.
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we have snow back in to the forecast. could be a wintery mix to begin. but it certainly gets snowier as we go in to monday and tuesday. >> frank: did you hear that, tammy? >> tammy: snowier. >> jason: whatever accumulates is going to melt. >> tammy: time to check out today's "see it, shoot it, send it" picture. michael took this that morning. that's gorgeous. >> frank: mm-hmm. icy it looks there, doesn't it? to send us your pictures, you can do that by going to you can e-mail them as well at a popular remedy for the common cold might not be as effective as you think.
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could be a mistake. >> tammy: no matter how hard we try to avoid getting sick, catching colds are inevitable. >> frank: even if you take vitamin c regularly. >> reporter: americans spent more than a billion dollars on vitamin c supplements last year. it may seem like a good idea to take a boost of vitamin c when you've got a cold, but consumer reports says that could be a
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the common cold could leave you sneezing, sniffling, and aching. while you might want to try anything to feel better sooner, think twice about loading up on vitamin c supplements. chances are you're already too late. >> it might shorten your cold by a day or so. but taking a vitamin c supplement once you're already sick, won't really help. >> reporter: and taking vitamin c supplements won't prevent a cold in the first place. taking high doses of vitamin c can cause other problems. men are twice as likely to develop kidney stones. it could cause an upset stomach and painful cramps. the nih recommends 90 milligrams
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for women daily for maintaining health. >> the best way is through fruits and vegetables. >> reporter: as for that cold, forget the quick fix. if you need some relief from your symptoms, choose over the counter medications. or a single ingredient decongestion decongestion. get plenty of rest. drink lots of fluids. and if you'd like, pick up a good humidifier. you should also be aware that some drugs affect you can find information about this story and other consumer news on our consumer report section at
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>> karen: no buses on icy roads and no school for the second day what parents need to know about make-up days. >> frank: drug testing for welfare. is it worth it? dozens wait in the cold to hear donald trump speak as the carolina. now from western north carolina's news leader, this is news 13 at 6:00. >> darcel: another blast of snow overnight coats the mountains. this was the scene in madison county this morning. >> larry: our northern counties are getting hit the worst. and causing several school closures. first, we want to get the latest forecast from jason. >> darcel: jason, are we done with the snow for now? >> jason: there's still some
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highest elevations.
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