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tv   News 13 at 6pm  ABC  February 10, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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highest elevations. here's our leicester carpet sales news13 sky cam network. seven mile ridge up in yancey county 16 degrees. very cold. mount mitchell, right about there. mount craig, right about here. finally the clouds are breaking up. these are snow clouds that are hanging very low over our ridge tops. now we see more clearing and more sunshine. look off to our west, looks impressive. most of that is just flurries. at best it would cause a light dusting. look at the range in total snowfall. every county pretty much close to the tennessee border saw as little as a trace or nothing five, seven, 11, even 17 inches atop mount mitchell. wind chills below zero in boone. we have wind chill advisories that kick in here 7 o'clock to
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elevations above 3500 feet. >> larry: snow covered secondary roads. >> darcel: it's led to buncombe county schools updating the calendar. karen wynne joins us. >> larry: karen, the last day of school has been pushed back, right? >> karen: larry, it has. it's been pushed back to june 8th. school leaders say it was a tough call to make this morning because originally it looked good. but after transportation workers found widespread black ice, they decided to close school for the day sending out a second notification an hour later and frustrating a few parents. >> you know, it's just that it's closed or it's not closed. kept it one way or another. i went back it sleep and got woke up again by, well, school's out. >> karen: but bishop says she
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did the right thing by cancelling today. the updated calendar also a parent's survey. for more information on that survey and the updated calendar, log on to live in buncombe county, i'm karen wynne, news 13. >> darcel: north carolina's new drug testing program for welfare applicants started in august and the first numbers are now out. the state just released the statistics from august to december. news 13's frank kracher joins us live from health and human services in downtown asheville. frank, how does the program work? >> frank: well if you come here to apply for help under work first, you see a social worker. if there's any suspicion of drug use, you get tested. if you test positive, no benefits. here are the stats so far. over the first five months of
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applied for help. that means of the total number of welfare applicants, less than 0.3% were denied benefits. >> i think it's a total waste of money. >> frank: he believes drug screening before granting welfare benefits is mean-spirited. >> it's using the stereotype that people who are financially struggling must be using drugs. that's an unfounded stereotype the oppression of people who are struggling financially. >> frank: most who walk through these doors have kids and that the young ones are hurt the most. >> >> we pull the benefits away and
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>> frank: public opinion is mixed. >> they're not going through and giving them the leadway that they need to try and clean their lives up. so they end up turning back to it because they have no other path. >> oh, i think they should definitely do that with anything. food stamps, medic aid, any kind of insurance they give. definitely they should. >> frank: well the state legislature enacted a law. 20 states have some kind of policy testing welfare recipients before they can get any kind of benefits. they also are reporting low numbers of people testing positive. >> larry: no charges will be filed against the henderson county sheriff's office after a man died in their custody. district attorney greg newman has concluded stafford had a
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newman cleared all the officers protocol. the grand jury has indicted the man accused of killing chris ortega. in new documents, one woman said he watched ortega's home, waited until his roommate left and knocked on the door. ortega was found strangled and naked inside his apartment. >> darcel: police released a new photo in the suspect of the madison county bank robbery from last week. they believe tony reams of lenore robbed the first citizen branch in marshall. he was last seen driving a 2006
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tonight a convicted felon's parents are relieved after he's put in jail on nearly $4 million bond. 50-year-old kevin dalton of marion faces multiple felony charges for violating his mother's protective order eight times. his bond was set at half a million dollars but it was just increased. the district attorney said dalton kept posting bail and committing crimes at his parents' house. >> he was also charged with second degree arson. in one of those cases he tried to set fire to the house where his parents live. >> darcel: his mother expects him to go to prison. if convicted, he could face a minimum 40 year sentence. >> larry: happening now, donald trump is gearing up for an appearance in the upstate. after his victory last night in new hampshire, he scheduled to speak at clemson university in
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aaron adelson is live for us this evening. aaron, trump is drawing a huge crowd it looks like. >> aaron: people still filing in. it's packed behind me. we're looking at empty seats in front of me. donald trump looking to bring mojo. since 1980, south carolina republicans have picked the eventual nominate except with newt gingrich.h. one person here tonight told me this is no longer bush country, this is trump country. he's expected to speak at 7:00. we'll show you what he has to say starting tonight on news 13. live in pendleton, south carolina, aaron adelson, news 13. >> darcel: marco rubio also kicked off his campaign blitz in the upstate.
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13 he drew in a crowd. this after he placed fifth in the new hampshire primary last night. rubio is expected to participate in the next gop debate this saturday in greenville. news 13 will bring you live coverage of that event. presidential candidates will be making stops throughout south carolina as we lead up to the primaries. you can find a list of who will be where and when on i guess as a consumer we're really left in the dark. >> larry: next in our reality check, cutting out costly emissions tests. the concern over the value of that testing and why the state's now considering changing the inspection program. >> darcel: and the search for a missing man in haywood county ramps up. what was left behind in south carolina that now has efforts
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tonight in the search for a missing heyaywood county man. he was last seen in canton monday at the evergreen paper plant where he works. >> darcel: turner's family of more than 60 searchers are looking for him. it includes a plane, two helicopters and k-9 teams. turner's neighbors are hoping he'll be found safe especially because of conditions. >> hopefully they'll find him. this cold weather is terrible, you know. but like i said, our prayers are with him. and like i said, they're outstanding folks. >> larry: scott turner is 6 feet tall, blonde hair and blue eyes. if you have any information, call the haywood county sheriff's office. >> darcel: some counties have it, others don't. it's emissions testing.
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problem, why aren't all cars tested tested. >> reporter: the air quality here is getting better but emissions testing is not the sole reason. and as a result, lawmakers are now looking at ditching the testing for thousands of drivers. they've been called smoke stacks on wheels. tailpipes that spew pollutants in to the air. north carolina began inspecting vehicle emissions in the early 80s. first in the big cities and then additional counties based on populations. today emissions tests are only required in 48 . >> everything i own is below a 95. >> reporter: james mc craw drives an older toyota.
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safety inspection. the state says cars 95 and older don't have the onboard computer to test the emissions system. and other testing methods are too expensive. so therefore, they're exempt. >> my guess as a consumer we're really left in the dark. >> reporter: he wonders about the logic since newer cars have better pollution controls. >> the older ones, if they pollute more and they didn't have good emissions systems, you would think those would be the ones that had to have the tags. >> reporter: last year north carolina finally implemented a 2012 law. since newer cars almost never fail emissions tests.s. >> i think it's kind of ridiculous. >> reporter: now the state's considering eliminating emission testing in as many as 30 of the 48 counties because our air is getting cleaner. >> the legislature is
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counties from the program. >> reporter: state environmental officials believe the emissions testing is helping improve the quality. they say they know that by collecting data from monitoring stations like this one. >> what county should and should not be included in the program, we take in to account years of air quality data. >> reporter: but it isn't the only reason for cleaner air. epa requirements for cleaner fuels with less sulfur and other pollutants have also helped. improvements that could end the need for thousands of drivers. >> of course we'd like to save money. but if we're going to spend our money, we'd like to see something good come out of it. >> reporter: leading some to believe it's simply another tax. but most of it, about $23 goes
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we will continue to follow the proposal called house bill 169 as lawmakers consider the future of emissions testing. if you have a story, write us at reality check at larry. >> larry: well the snow's moved out but not the cold. >> darcel: jason, the wind is making it feel even colder. >> jason: it is. it's lightening up in many cases and that's a good thing. 28 degrees for the high. 16 on the low this morning. none of those were records, though. no rain, no snow. we still have a surplus for the year. stubborn wind, i'll show you when that relaxes more.
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now your news 13 skywatch weather. >> jason: well i had to do it,
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flake-o-meter is going back up here. we're watching closely a system which is looking more promising to bring us more accumulated snow. here we go. we have the clouds decreasing slowly but still some snow flakes flying underneath these clouds. most of the accumulations will be wrapping up shortly, if they haven't already in your location. right down from paducka, nashville to chattanooga. there's snow. i'm trying to see if it's actually reaching the ground. some is, not all of it, though. look at this, in the next couple of hours, some of this affects clay, cherokee, macon, graham. high pressure overall is building east ward. this is going to shove the cold air off to the east. big dip in the jet stream here with this trough.
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cold and the waves of moisture. they just get rung out in the form of serious snow fall. this is the also the reason for serious wind. that's going to lessen and that's a good thing. 24 degrees. clear skies in asheville. the clouds will start to thicken later on. north wind at 10. wind chill down to 14. cold blast number one, moving out slowly. all the way out to canada, there's another cold blast. reinforcing shot of cold air for the weekend. this system down here we'll watch closely. friday morning, some clouds. by friday late day, we may have some snow in our hands again. near along the tennessee border going up to southwest virginia. light accumulations expected then.
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here in the mountains. we do have the wind. it won't be as strong. 10 to 15. in the afternoon hours clouds mixed with sunshine. break out in to more clearing before we cloud back up again friday. snow showers right along the tennessee border, haywood, madison county. 20s over 20s over the upstate. you'll stay below freezing in the mountain communities. foothills for mcdowell county and rutherford county. tempmpatures warmer on friday. 43. there's a slight chance of late day snow in asheville. i'm not expecting anything to accumulate here. we get cold for valentine's day weekend. snuggle with your honey. 32 for the high. significant snow fall possible for the mountains. and we see our temperatures warm and then cool in the upstate for the weekend. >> larry: actually every day should be valentine's.
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what did you get me? >> darcel: roy williams gives tar heel nation a scare when he collapsed. stan tells us how he's feeling today. next in sports. >> larry: it is a legal way to buy a machine gun without the sheriff's approval. tonight at 11:00, news 13
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>> stan: roy williams is okay today but he sure scared a lot of folks last night. during the game, coach going back to the huddle after a discussion with the ref and he goes down. collapsing with another bout of vertigo vertigo. it's been a problem for him on and off for years. roy said he's thankful to be alive. he said he'd be fine. he congratulated the boston college team and went to their locker room. class act. just like that, ely carter had the eagles flying high most of the night. 60-59.
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that slump, steps up big from the corner. doesn't convert the free throw. they win. carolina leads louisville and virginia. duke on wednesday. prep basketball games affected by the weather again. the two biggest of this evening are still on. smoky mountain at fifth ranked north henderson after the girls' game. each team with one loss. in the mack, north buncombe at asheville. asheville beat them earlier. a cougar win wraps up the mack. mcdowell at enka, pisgah at brevard still scheduled to play. huge game in women's hoops in the big south saturday. liberty at unc asheville.
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first place all by themselves. it's the biggest game for the asheville women in years. that will be the subject of our game changer on thursday. for asheville, big news as well. and unc asheville men on national television thursday. bulldogs host ratford at 9. a game ahead of coastal. radford going 6 and 6 but they beat asheville in their first meeting this year. it's all good news. teams. >> jason: good news if you like snow and you like cold. we've got more of that in the forecast. most of us here would not say yes to that. 30s tomorrow. 40s friday. blast of arctic air for the weekend with snow showers.
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turn over to news 13 on my40. breaking news tonight in the race for 2016. at this hour, two big names dropping out of the race. and can any republican stop donald trump? his major victory in new hampshire. also, the surprise in second place. one-on-one with marco rubio and his stunning admission. plus, clinton versus sanders, and the brand new battle tonight for the south. also breaking at this hour,
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