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tv   News 13 Tonight  ABC  February 10, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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has is they have found convicted felons and other, what they call non-qualified individuals on trust, you know, owning machine guns. >> darcel: it's a way to buy a machine gun without sheriff's approval. and your friends can use it without background checks. what's being done to close this gun loop hole. now from western north carolina's news leader, this is news 13 at 11:00. >> larry: another dangerously cold night tonight. the wind chill will put us down in to single digit temperatures. >> darcel: and there's another chance of winter weather in the forecast. chief meteorologist jason boyer is here with the latest on the situation. >> jason: yeah, certainly cold enough to get your attention. you step out the door now we have single dit temperatures. i checked mount mitchell's wind chill, i know nobody is there. 27 below. that is rough stuff.
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we also have snow showers happening. it's still snowing as another system dives in to the tennessee valley. light snow in swain and cherokee county. temperature wise, it's already down in teens in some places. six below in boone. five in newland. 20s in the upstate. it gets colder from here on out. the wind may relax a little bit but the temperatures are all of these counties. that's almost everyone in western north carolina above 3500 feet. you have a chance for getting dangerously cold. 15 degrees by morning. the air temperature in ashevillement . 30 by the lunch hour. upstate, you'll start out in the 20s and you're headed for upper 30s by the lunch hour. not as cold either.
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week. yes, the weekend, another arctic blast. >> darcel: donald trump was in the upstate trying to continue his momentum. >> larry: news 13's aaron adelson was at trump's event. he joins us live. aaron. >> aaron: larry, the crew continues to tear down but a few thousand people filled up this arena. if you're looking at me wondering why i'm bundle up, there is no h hat in this building. the folks who showed up were really committed to hearing and seeing donald trump. trump started off celebrating his new hampshire primary win. >> we won by a lot. really a lot. calderon, the head man, top person, he said he won't pay for it.
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i said the wall just got 10 feet higher. that's right. >> aaron: calderon is no longer mexico's president. >> you get a guy like bush. >> aaron: and he frequently mentioned him. >> he's a low energy person. no, i said he's a stiff and i said if he was in the private sector, he wouldn't be able to get a job. other than that, i think he's excellent. >> aaron: trump also mentioned bernie sanders and hillary clinton. >> we're going to beat her. men don't like her. women don't like her. look at what's happening to her. a guy nobody ever heard of, literally, it beating her. i don't know. >> they preserve their job. they're good at getting reelected. they're great at getting money.
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this stuff and they'll never help you. >> aaron: told the crowd he doesn't want their money, he wants their votes. >> if we win here all of these characters are going to give it up. we're going to run the table and we will make america great again. that i can tell you. thank you all. i'm going to sign. i love you. i love you. >> aaron: south carolina primary about a week and a half away. all the candidates will be in town this weekend. live from clemson university, aaron adelson, news 13. >> darcel: marco rubio was campaigning in the upstate as well. he made an aappearance around midday at a hotel in spartanburg. rubio finished fifth but supporters say he'll do better in south carolina. rubio thinks the appearance is actually a good sign. >> it's interesting, the people that were wearing the costumes were actually america bridge
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democrats. i'm the only republican they've been attacking. which tells me they're scared to run against me. >> darcel: right now rubio averaging about five points higher than clinton in a general match up. former hewlet packard ceo carly carly fiorrina announced chris christy is also out of the race after finishing sixth just ahead of carly fiorina. a lot of the support he hoped to get from republicans ended up going to donald trump. >> larry: a federal court has ordered two districts to redraw their congressional maps by next
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unconstitutional unconstitutional. lawmakers drew the lines largely based on race. now the state wants the u.s. supreme court to step in. but the question remains will this dispute disrupt the primaries? >> i don't see it having a great impact. certainly it could push those primary dates back if there's not a stay. and that will affect i think some of the primaries. you know, not as much in the asheville area but certainly as you go further east. >> larry: you can watch the entire mark meadows interview on it's under the connect to congress section. >> darcel: new tonight, a 2003 murder case is getting another look as a national story is set
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the case involves the lucas family whose son is one of four people shot to death inside a motorcycle shop. justin, what are they hoping for? >> justin: answers, darcel. and maybe someone who watches their story will remember something and call in the tip that solves the case. >> it's a lifestyle change. it's like a nightmare. it's a parent's worst nightmare. >> justin: tom and lorraine lucas have been searching for answer in the death of their son and three others. >> what would be so drastic that you would shoot and kill four people. >> justin: they say it was around 3:00 p.m. when someone killed scott ponder, defrly guy, and their son. all inside the store they worked in chesney. >> someone or somebody approached the shop. they went through the back and the front with the sole purpose of killing the people and
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>> justin: now this is the shop where their son and three others were found dead. while it has since closed down, their efforts have not 12 years later. >> we feel like we're getting somewhere. people are still providing tips. and at other times, you just feel so tired and stressed out that you can't go on but you can't quit. >> justin: they're not quitting. and now they have a little extra help thanks to crime watch daily. >> brian wasn't supposed to be there that day. he had the day off. he was going away with his family for a long weekend and was called in just minutes before the homicide. because there was a customer that something had not been done to his motorcycle. >> justin: they're hoping people will watch, remember something about that day and call crime stoppers. >> i don't think it will ever be closed in our minds but at least
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try to move on from that point. >> justin: after all, they say it's what brian would have wanted. >> i know he would have wanted us to do everything absolutely possible to seek justice for he and his friends. >> justin: and if you have any information call 888-crimesc. you can watch it live tomorrow at 9:00 a.m. >> larry: juan jimenez of swannanoa is set to go to trial for first degree murder. he watched ortega's home and waited for his roommate to leave before knocking on the door. ortega was found partially naked and strangled inside his apartment on october 14th. an update tonight on a bank robbery suspect. police are looking for in
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police released this new picture of the man. 47-year-old tony reams of lenore robbed the first citizens branch. he was last seen driving a 2006 burgundy ford expedition. if you know where he is, you can contact the madison county sheriff's office. you can get one of these fully automatic weapons with little to know oversight. no background check. up next, a news 13 investigation that exposes a loop hole in to law. >> darcel: and later, a great story just in time for valentine's day.
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>> darcel: a little known loop holele lets you buy an automatic rifle without approval. >> larry: john ostendorf investigates this loop hole and what's being done. >> john: no one wanted to discuss it. it's becoming a popular way to legally own and share machine guns. it's called a gun trust and it's a loop hole that's closing fast with a new set of rules. >> john: you want one of these? all you really need is machiny.
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basically in north carolina, if you can legally purchase a handgun, you can own a machine gun and silencer after going through the proper paperwork. >> john: it's like a standard background check but with extra oversight. >> five years, ten years down the road, that's a legal transfer. >> justin: but if you can't get the sheriff to sign off, there's a legal loop hole. >> the a gun trust is a built for a specific purpose. it could be nsa weapons or any kind of guns or rifles or handguns. >> john: a lawyer can set up a gun trust for just a few hundred dollars. a trust is a legal agreement that allows guns to be shared with friends and family and
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the person who sets it up, has to have a background check. >> it takes multiple people using the same item without having to go through regulatory process. >> john: those other people check. >> not if they're considered part of the trust. >> john: machine guns, sawed off shotguns and silencers. in fact, a private watch dog called the vast majority were silencers. >> i think part of the issue the atf has is they have found convicted felons and other what they call non-qualified individuals on trust owning
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>> john: the big fear that that part of the loop hole is going to close with a new federal rule this summer. the atf will require everyone in the trust to be photographed and fingerprinted. >> larry: now time to talk about the weather. >> darcel: jason, you say you have some good news and not so good news. >> jason: 28 degrees for the high today. that put us 22 below average. it wasn't a record cold day. but not far from it. 16 the low this morning. no rain or snow. we still have a surplus. slight for the fire year. stubborn winds, they will relax. the cold and snow again in the forecast.
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>> larry: and later, a life
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his wife. now your news 13 skywatch weather. >> jason: we certainly have been under the influence of arctic air and certainly some snow. here's why. carving out that trough and jet stream here. bringing that snow down from the north and west.
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from the virginias and in to pennsylvania. over towards the west here, we're dealing with a whole different story. 65 degrees in denver today. that air is sliding east ward. we're going to see a significant change as a big ridge of high pressure slides off to the east and provides us with warmer weather. a few days. showers going on again right along the tennessee border. gatlinburg, south of knoxville. very light. mostly clear with a north wind at 7 means it feels like 13 degrees when you factor that wind in to the equation. cold blast number one is overhead and settling south. eventually will it retreat farther to the north. weak one at that diving down to the north. i think a lot of those clouds will hold off until friday. then on the leading edge of some
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snow showers breaking out in to high country friday night in to saturday. that's going to be an interesting go for you in to i-40. yancey, mitchell, avery, madison county. in the morning some clouds to wake up to. clear skies in to the afternoon hours in to the evening. the wind will be less overall. the wind 10 to 15 miles per hour. friday night in to saturday, here come the snow showers again. then we look forward to monday and tuesday. we're going in to next week. this is the global forecast system, the american model. several different models put together to form one solution. 60% chance of giving us an inch or more in asheville. 30% chance of three inches or more. 10% of six inches or more. that's monday through tuesday of next week. we'll watch that closely. teens for lows tonight in most mountains and vallee.
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yeah, you'll find 40s in the southern mountains and throughout the upstate. look at the highs only in the 30s in the mountain valleys for asheville, hendersonville, burnsville, 32. seven day forecast. warmer still, though, friday before we get that next arctic blast. highs only 20s saturday. valentine's day 32.
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>> larry: the department of justice is suing the city of ferguson, missouri. this comes a day after the city rejected a plan to address civil rights violations.s. ferguson has been under scrutiny since michael brown was shot and killed by white officer darren wilson. resigned in november 2014. >> darcel: two deputies have been killed in a shooting in maryland. that deputy later died from his injuries. the gunman was also killed. so far there's no motive but authorities believe the first deputy was shot because he was wearing a uniform.
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need of a kidney transplant. he's getting one from his wife. the husband has kidney disease and was told he'd have to wait seven years for a kidney. that's when his wife stepped in and she was a perfect match. >> darcel: north henderson is ranked fifth in the state with only one loss to smoky mountain.
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>> stan: big games in prep basketball tonight. maybe the biggest at north henderson. north henderson knights hosting the only team that's beaten them this year, smoky mountain. mustangs up two at the half. tommy brennan from the corner for three. jase willford drives through that zone. they're up six. ryan decker from the wing. it goes in. three pointer. 31-28. mustangs pull away. outscore north 25-13 in the third. that was the difference. smoky mountain sweeps north
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wnca season. great in the fourth quarter, black hawks up by three when blake matthews finishes the lip off the glass. cougars will hang around. damon scott drives the rim. game tied at 81. three seconds off the clock left in the game. colby at the free throw line. he makes it to put the hawks up. damon scott who had 32. the shot is blocked by brendan. tied with asheville for first in the mack with one game to gogo >> we had our ups and downs a al year long just like any team. there's just something about this team that's just special. i don't know, it's been all year long we've just rallied against each other. that's how we practice.
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we've just got a great group of guys. >> stan: girls 3a, erwin still third. one of the biggest games in unc asheville women's hoops history set for saturday at 2. both teams 12 and 2. first places in the big south. subject of our game changer thursday. for asheville, more big news there. they're voted 25th in the mid major poll. unca men on television. big south standings. radford only 6 and but they beat asheville in their first meeting. >> larry: all right. we're looking at it getting colder. >> jason: it's going to warm up before it gets colder.
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36 by drop off tomorrow afternoon. it will be a cold start. but a milder day overall. layer up. then we get a chance of snow by next week. >> larry: thank you for joining us. remember you can always check us out on
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"captioning provided by u. and now abc's "jimmy kimmel live." >> dicky: from hollywood it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonighgh sacha baron cohen, zendaya, and music from mana.
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now, stay focused, here's jimmy
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