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tv   News 13 Early Edition 530am  ABC  February 11, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EST

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3 temperatures are remaining too cold to melt off snow this morning. news 13's lauren brigman is in our mobile track in mars hill with the latest on road conditions there. lauren how are the roads this morning? 3 3
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3 intense new developments overnight in the standoff at the oregon wildlife refuge.
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occupiers now plan to turn themselves in to the f-b-i in just a couple of hours. ...and they will meet with reverend franklin graham right before doing so.the only way we're leaving here is either dead or without charges 08)3 that phone call between the protestors and an activist in washington state unfolded on the internet via a live stream. all as the f-b-i surrounded the protestors. reverend franklin graham, along with nevada lawmaker michelle fiore, plan to meet with the group this morning. 3 michele, what are you hoping to do? 3 3 3 the presidential playing field has narrowed. all the republican candidates now fit on one stage after two left the race. lana zak reports democrats are now preparing for another debate tonight. 3 trump sot: we may have to stage a phony protest. that's the only way they show the size of these crowds. this crowd is amazing."donald trump
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step following his major win in new hampshire--forcing two more candidates--chris christie and carly fiorina out of the race.trump says he's ready to take on democratic challenger, hillary clinton trump sot: we're ing to beat her and honestly women don't like her, //(gfx) in new hampshire, clinton lost women voters 44 to 55% ---- and young people 16% to 83%.but nationally, clinton still has the advantage over bernie sanders, who tells abc's cecilia vega he has work to do. vega: if the election were tomorrow do you think you could win south carolina and nevada?sanders: no. fortunately for us the election is not tomorrow. gw bush ad natsand another candidate grateful for some extra campaign time--jeb bush--who confirms his brother will join him on the trail hitting trump hard yesterday after his fourth place finish in new hampshire bush sot: he is an entertaining person. unless you are a woman. unless you are a hispanic, unless you're a pow, unless you're a disabled person. //but second-
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he's unlikely to go on the attackkasich sot: i'm not gonna be a pincushion or a marshmallow but i'm also not gonna spend my time trying to trash over people.tag: back in kasich's home state of ohio, a controversial bill to cut off funding for planned parenthood programs on aids and domestic violence, has passed...kasich says he will sign it. lz abc n, w. 3 3 as the democratic candidates focus on tonight's debate in wisconsin... the republican presidential candidates are hitting south carolina hard ahead of saturday's g-o-p debate in greenville. ben carson will be at the gaffney visitor's center from three to four this afternoon. ted cruz is speaking at winthrop university in rock hill at six tonight. 3 3 fresh off of his win in the new hampshire primary, donald trump packed in quite a crowd in the upstate. he spoke to supporters inside a clemson univeristy live stock arena.. frequently mentioning his rival jeb bush. 3 41:32 "he's a low energy
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was in the private sector he wouldn't be able to get a job, other than that i think he's excellent" jeb bush was joined by senator lindsey graham on the campaign trail in mount pleasant near charleston. graham threw his support behind bush when he ended his own presidential bid last month. 3 3 back in the upstate, florida senator marco rubio made an apperance at a hotel in spartanburg. rubio finished fifth in the new hampshire primary ... but his supporters say he will do better in the palmetto state. demonstrators were outside the event, but rubio said that was actually a good sign. 3 03:58-04:09 "well, it's interesting. the people that were wearing the costumes were actually american bridge, which are the top super pac for democrats. i'm the only republican they've been attacking, which tells you how scared they are to run against me." there is some evidence of that claim in the polls. right now, rubio is averaging about five points higher than clinton in a general election matchup. 3 3 and be sure to stay tuned after news 13 this morning for good morning america's
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race for south carolina. jon karl will be live in clemson... begining at 7 a.m. 3 3 3 3 our valentine's day early bird gets the win giveaways continues this morning. we are giving away a package of beautifully decorated love- themed cookies from "perfectly pretty sweets." go to facebook dot com slash news 13 to enter. we will announce the winner just before seven this morning. and coming up live, jan and jackie from "perfectly pretty sweets" will give us some easy cookie decorating tips. 3 3 3 bad news for twitter. coming up in our business report ... how the social media platform is under performing. 3 all new at six... in this morning's facebook feedback we asked you about your most romantic valentine's day memory. there's still time to tell us yours and we will read some of your comments live on air during our six o'clock half hour. 3
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3 it's 5:xx. let's take a look at business headlines. the dow was down 99 points yesterday ending at 15- thousand 914. the nasdaq up 14 points yesterday ending at 4-thousand 283. 3 3 federal reserve chair janet yellen says global economic troubles and the recent sell- off of stocks could rattle the u-s economy. and that could raise the prospect of a delay in interest rate hikes some were anticipating another interest rate hike in march, but her remarks suggest current conditions could threaten plans for a rate hike. she also noted the fed is hesitant to raise rates without clear signs that inflaaon is picking up. 3 southwest airlines is looking to add service to and from the long beach airport near los angeles. this would give the carrier its fifth airport in the greater l.a. area and its tenth in california. the news comes amid local media reports that the city of long beach is expanding access to the airport for commercial passenger airlines, opening up nine new slots for interested airlines. jetblue and delta
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3 shares of twitter fell nearly three percent in after-hours trading on wednesday. this comes after its latest quarterly results showed the social media service is still struggling to attract new users. twitter reported it had 320 million users in the december quarter, flat from the previous quarter and up only 9 percent year to year. while twitter is popular with media outlets, politicians and celebrities, it has never been able to match the broad appeal of facebook. 3 3 3 the time is now 5:xx. it's not exactly where you might expect the pope to pay a visit. coming up... the dangerous location he plans to hold mass in mexico.
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3 during his upcoming visit to mexico, pope francis is scheduled to visit a prison. in the courtyard of the state prison, a group of inmates
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ready for francis' visit. five years ago, this prison was considered one of the most dangerous in the country, housing gang and drug cartels members who operated in the region. things have changed after a strong fight against corruption inside the prison. 700 from the total of three- thousand inmates were chosen to participate in the mass that pope francis will celebrate in the prison grounds. 3 3 3 3 here is a look 3 at what you can expect for the next three days. 3 3 3 the time is now 5:xx. get ready to sit back and enjoy
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with no obligation.3 the united states got one step closer to a true driverless car this week. regulators have long insisted "driverless" cars still need a driver. this week, regulators gave google the go-ahead to build a car without any of that. no steering wheel. no accelerator. no brakes. states can still pass laws that require vehicles to have those things, but federal regulators have opened the way for -- perhaps -- faster development of truly driverless cars. 3 3 3 3
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conditions.. in our next half hour we'll talk more about what to expect in the next 7- days. 3 3 3 cookies are a popular gift on valentine's day. but decorating them can take some work. joining us this morning is jan bell and jackie rowley from perfectly pretty sweets. thanks for being here.3 3
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