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tv   News 13 at Noon  ABC  February 11, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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3 nother cold start to our day, and ingrid.... you say we >> another cold start to our day. ingrid, you say we have another chance of a wintry mix coming. what to expect in the next 7- days. 3 3 4,000 feet, this is cold springs ranch, we are at 20 degrees. notice still a good amount of cloud cover there. this is our windchill map showing it is 26 degrees, the feels like temperature in asheville. 22 in burnsville. 7 still in boone. down into the upstate, it is a mixed bag, anywhere from the low 30's to low 40's with that windchill. back here in the valley, 35
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4:00 p.m., 36 and freezing once again when the sun begins to go down around dinner time. overall today, it is actually warmer than what we have been feeling, moving above the freezing mark. coming up, i'll talk about just how cold we'll turn for valentine's day and our chances for snow next week. back to you. >> some schools remain closed today because of lingering snow and ice on the roads. madison county was one of those. this is video in the town of mar rl. shl. the snow was light in many areas. crews started clearing the secondary roads yesterday. buncombe county schools back on regular schedule today but officials have pushed the last day of school to june 8. they are also conducting a parent survey through tuesday. you can log onto to get that information. >> new details, we now know the
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a crash in asheville yesterday afternoon. police say a car hit a tree, killing passenger 72-year-old barbara barkley of hendersonville. the 89-year-old driver of the car and another 89-year-old passenger were taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries. it happened on sweeten creek road. so far, no charges having filed in the case. >> at least 50 are dead and 70 others hurt in a riot and fire at a prison in mexico. some were said to have es scaped from the prison near the city of monterey. smoke was billowing from the building after 12:30 this morning. police say the inmates start the fire by burning their mattresses. streets outside the jail were totally blocked by people inside. >> a north dakota police officer shot in the line of duty is not expected to survey. the officer, 33-year-old jason mozer was responding to an active shooter situation in
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the police chief said mozer called police to tell 911 that neighboring homes should be evacuated. when police arrived, the suspect shot them. the suspect was later found shot in a home where he barricaded himself inside for about 11 hours. >> the four remain oregon refuge occupiers may turn themselves into the fbi t. group is 40 days into that occupation. last month the standoff leaders were arrested during a traffic stop. the group's spokesman was shot and killed. this morning 74-year-old clyden bundy is behind bars. he was taken into custody by the fbi while flying in support of remaining oregon holdouts overnight. >> in the race for a white house, a more narrow playing field exists. candidates can sit on one stage after two more left the race. democrats are now preparing for tonight's debate. >> we may have to stage a phony
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that's the only way they show the size of these crowds. this crowd is amazing. >> donald trump with more spring in his state following his win in new hampshire, forcing two more candidates, chris christie and carly fiorina out of the race. now trump says he is ready to take on democratic challenger hillary clinton. >> we'll beat her. women don't like her. >> in new hampshire, clinton lost women and lost young people 16 to 83 percent. nationally clinton has the advantage over bernie sanders. >> if the election were tomorrow, do you think you could win south carolina and nevada? >> no. fortunately for us, the election is not tomorrow. >> the another candidate grateful for extra campaign time -- jeb bush. >> he is an entertaining person,
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you are hispanic, unless you are a pow, unless you are a disabled person. >> john kasich says he is unlikely to go on the attack. >> i'm not going to be a pin cushion or a marshmallow but i'm not going to spend my time trying to trash other people. >> back in kasich's home state of ohio, a controversial bill to defund planned parenthood including support for aids patients and domestic violence victims has passed the legislature. >> casic says he'll sign it. >> the republican presidential candidates are hitting south carolina hard ahead of saturday's gop debate in greenville. ben carson will be at the visitor's center from 3:00 until 4:00 this afternoon. ted cruz is is speaking at winthrop university at rock hill at 6:00 tonight. >> candidates will be making stops throughout south carolina as pryimaryies get closer. you can get a list of who will be here and when at >> happening today, democrat
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campaign for reelection. turner is seeking another term for north carolina house district 116. that cles buncombe to arden and lester. the event is tonight from 6:00 until 8:30 at the holiday inn west. turner is running unopposed and will face kay olsen in the general election in november. >> the presidential campaigns are in full force after new hampshire. now spending will double down on political ads in the states ahead. in this week's full measure, cheryl atkinson talks with two men who leads superpacs. they control huge amounts of money in campaign spending. they talk about what is key in winning the undecided vote. >> we talked about social media and the role it plays in getting votes. they are going over undecided
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hundreds of millions to go after relatively few voters. they are primarily using social media to do it. >> cheryl will report on president obama's record breaking 4.1 trillion dollar budget and why republicans are opposed to it. full measure airs 10:30 right here on abc 13. >> in other news making headlines, the city of ferguson is facing a new challenge after the federal government announced it is suing the city. the justice department is trying to force ferguson to overhaul its troubled police department. this comes after the fatal shooting death of michael brown. >> a new battle in ferguson, the justice department is now suing the city for violating its residents' civil rights. >> the violations were expansive and deliberate, stopping people, arresting them without cause and
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these violations were not only egregious, they were routine. >> the lawsuit comes after a surprise move by the city council, voting to push back against the settlement the city had reached with the justice department after months of negotiations. >> i think the things we asked for were reasonable. >> city leaders want to amend the agreement which they say the city can't afford to implement. argument. >> the city's own negotiators came to an agreement that was fair and cost effective. >> she said city leaders leave her no choice, forcing litigation to protect the rights of residents who she says are treated unfairly by police. >> they have waited decades for justice. they should not be forced to wait any longer. >> this case goes to trial unless the city and justice
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first. first. >> exercise does a body good and specific workouts target our brains. coming up at 12:10, some simple steps for staying sharp as you age. >> travelers spending less on
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what is driving lower >> we all know the importance exercise has in our bodies. what about workouts that target our organs like our brains? you can't grow your brain but you can keep it sharp as you age.
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>> games that we are told will make our brain grow. >> the brain matures as the rest of the body matures. >> after that it is a downward slide. >> after it fully develops, it is like the rest of the body, nothing works as well as it did in the mid 20's and 30's. >> sharper and quicker problem solving and better thinking power. >> the question that pops up to what degree do these cognitive tests practice on help maintain cognitive skill in a variety of real world tasks? >> there are things we can do to make our brains function better, healthy living and a fair amount of exercise will keep your brain strong. >> the social interaction you have and the broad types of activities in which you engage are related to maintaining that level of function.
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brain games, it is probably not the worst thing you can do. but don't forget to get outside, see people and try something new, because those brain boosters are free. >> coming up, prices at the pump have plummeted. for the second year in a row, you'll save money, how much a typical household will save. >> this is a black mountain 22 degrees, you can see snow in the distance. at the airport, it is cold at 35 degrees. wind is 13 miles an hour. coming up after the break, i'll talk about how cold we will be
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chance for snow. >> welcome back.
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bitterly cold conditions expected into the weekend. how low those temperatures will go in a second. we'll talk about snow chances. we saw a few lingering snow showers just in the madison county area. temperatures warming above freezing will help those locations. now back in the french broad river valley, we have seen clouds develop over the last couple of hours. conissey golf club, look at the beautiful blue sky. it is chilly at 26 degrees. we'll head to mount mitchell. look at the reduced visibility, gets a little bit clearer, not much. still snow on the ground that high up. this morning, it was cold at 20 degrees at the asheville airport. anywhere from 5 to 10 degrees below normal. nothing record breaking, anything like that. 1955 is our record, seven
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our departure still in the positive territory. we'll get another chance for some snow and mixed precipitation into next week, is going to be the best chances for that. northern mountains, still cold in the 20's. 35 right now in asheville. 30's in our western zones. down into the upstate, a variety of temperatures, we have 30's in gaffeny, clemson and anderson in the middle 40's. the wind, this makes things worse. out of the northwest at asheville, 13 miles an hour. 16 in boone. 7 in gaffeny. the windchills, about to leave the office, grab the coat, it is cold. 26 degrees, feels like 10 in boone. >> we'll stay steady around 10 to 15 miles an hour with the wind in the asheville area. notice these numbers continue to drop. windchilling not going to be as bad. no windchill advisory out.
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going to funnel in arctic air for the weekend. we'll have a quick shot at light snow tomorrow. then it is another system that will give us a greater chance for winter precipitation late day sunday and again on monday. future cast for snowfall in the short term, not impressive at all. maybe a light dusting through tomorrow evening. through the overnight hours, friday, the high mountain tops that have seen a lot of that snow could pick up more. above freezing to help with the snow melt some and so will that sunshine. partly cloudy skies, it will stay gusty today. staying cold, 21 degrees. in greenville, middle 40's. not as chilly with the wind down to 6 miles an hour. 27 for a low. here's seven-day forecast showing the 30% chance for a mix tomorrow and into the first part of saturday. warming only to 27 degrees
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sad night, a low of 10, freezing on valentine's day. a greater time for a wintry mix, same thing for tuesday. the upstate won't be left out. it will be cold for valentine's day and a rain snow mix on monday. >> when you say freezing, you mean literally. >> 32 for a high. >> the federal reserve plans to raise interest rates.
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raised risk to the u.s. economy. snooch. >> stocks are in negative territory for midday trading. let's get you to the boards. the dow down 173 points at 15741. the nasdaq was down 25 points at
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in ter testimony, federal reserve chair said global economic trouble and a recent selloff of stocks could rattle the economy raising the prospect hikes. march. her remarks suggest current conditions could threaten plans for that to happen. >> including the possibility that low oil prices will boost u.s. economic growth more than we expect. >> she noted the fed is hesitant to raise rates further without clear signs the inflation is picking up, inflationinflation. >> adding service to and from the long beach airport near l.a. this will give carriers its fifth airport in the greater l.a. area and the tenth in california. jet blue has also applied.
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says domestic airfare has dropped to a six-year low. airline ticket prices have fell to 15%. the average price is $372. expansion of low cost airlines and plunging fuel costs are big drivers of the change. >> she had no idea the reason why. still to come at noon, how a quick thinking deputy saved the day. >> coming up tonight at 5:00, following the resurgence of slopes, how that area h i drive a golf ball. i drive to the hoop. i drive a racecar. i have a driver. his name is carl. but that's not what we all have in common. we talked to our doctors about treatment
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any kidney, liver, or bleeding problems. xarelto is the number one prescribed blood thinner in its class. well that calls for a round of kevin nealons. make mine an arnold palmer. same here. with xarelto there is no regular blood monitoring and no known dietary restrictions. treatment with xarelto was the right move for us. ask your doctor about xarelto . >> an ohio woman said a man helped her deliver her baby. >> she started feeling sick. turns out the high school student was pregnant. she delivered a baby boy in the bathroom just as the deputy arrived to help her. harris said she had been going to school and work and she is
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>> the officer unwrapped the umbilical cord and kept him warm until medics arrived. >> a cute baby. could have been fine. >> this is not a guy, he spent a number of years in the department of corrections. >> suspect wanted in a madison county bank robbery is arrested in north dakota. coming up live, what authorities say about his criminal past. >> under pressure from a federal judge, hundreds of e-mails from hillary clinton's private server will be released this weekend.
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the m with havertys furniture, your home can be perfect. even when life isn't. our presidents day sale is happening now. from classic to contemporary,
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>> look at this camera shaking, it is windy. this is pointing down towards jeff bowen bridge. >> it is sunny outside, it is still cold. >> yes, indeed. >> 35 degrees, this is in rosamond. we are seeing nice skies and fluffy clouds. temperatures in asheville are 35 degrees. 36 in brevard. cherokee, 27 degrees. 30 in hendersonville. freezing in waynesville. good news is most of us will warm above that freezing mark today. this is the warmer day of the
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it is hard to believe.
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