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tv   News 13 at 1230pm  ABC  February 11, 2016 12:30pm-1:00pm EST

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it is hard to believe. we'll talk about a weekend cooldown and some snow in the seven-day forecast coming up. >> developing this noon, a suspect in a bank robbery is now in custody in north dakota. lauren is live outside the first citizens bank in marshal where the robbery happened. authorities say he has ties to madison. >> the suspect in this robbery, 47-year-old tony reams has family ties to madison county according to the sheriff. now, although he is 22 hours away right now in north dakota, reams will be heading back to madison county to face charges for this bank robbery. among the charges already on his record, statutory sex offense, kidnapping and other sex related charges. authorities say he was living in lanore after being released from prison last august but was listed as an absconder after failing to check in with his parole officers. the sheriff explained how reams
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>> based upon everything we were able to determine, he had traded a vehicle in lanore and the last couple of weeks or months. he had used that vehicle to come to madison county. we have that surveillance going leaving. >> warrants show reams got away with more than $6,000 from the first citizens bank in marshal, clear surveillance images aided down. the sheriff says this effort was a joint operation with the marshal police department and also involved the fbi. now, the sheriff says that reams was possibly headed for the canadian border. he is now in custody and deputies themselves planned to make the 22 hour trip to get reams and bring him back to face charges.
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bell says this has worked out 75% of the time because people need to receive second chances. he says people cannot contribute to society without a job. he wants more employers to do the same. >> what i asked people to do is not to be sympathetic and every thetic for people who have been disenfranchised. >> we investigate why the housinging authority hired a two-time felon and how this felon abused his opportunity. >> the four remaining wildlife refuge occupiers may turn themselves into the fbi today. that story starts today's newsreel. the group is 40 days into the occupation. last month the standoff leaders were arrested during a traffic stop. the group's spokesman was shot and killed. this morning 74-year-old cliven bundy the father of the occupation leader is behind bars. he was taken into custody while the fbi -- because he was flying in support. the remaining oregon holdouts
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>> a north dakota police officer shot in the line of duty is not expected to survive. the officer was responding to an active shooter situation in fargo. fargo police chief said jason mozer called 911 to tell police that neighboring homes should be evacuated. when police arrived he shot at them. the suspected gunman was found shot to death where he barricaded himself inside for 11 hours. >> the state department may release some of hillary clinton's e-mails. the e-mails were from the private server when she was secretary of state. clinton's critics say that put the public at risk. so far they have released about 85% of the clinton e-mails. >> a senate committee will hold a hearing on the zika virus. the centers for disease control and prevention and the director of the national institute of allergy and infection diseases
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senators will also be discussing president obama emergency 1.8 billion dollar funding request to fast track a vaccine. one republican leader says the cdc and the mi will need that additional money since there is a surplus of money in the fight against ebola. after four days at sea, a ship seriously tossed around in a storm is now back at port in new jersey. no serious injuries were reported. passengers say it was the scare that have their lives. marcy has their story and what the cruise line is now saying. >> pure relief and anger today. >> 4500 passengers on royal caribbean anthem of the seas back on solid ground in new jersey after this. the ship cruising right into a
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waves and wind gusts topping 100 miles an hour. >> the ship was on its side. water coming in, scary. >> some questioning the captain's judgment, knowing severe storm warnings were in the forecast. >> royal caribbean refunding the passengers giving half off a future cruise and an apology. >> we already know we'll make changes to provide more guidance. >> jim walker says despite the nightmare, passengers looking for anything more probably don't have a case. >> we simply think your cases are too difficult and probably won't be successful.successful. >> we actually are dealing with sunny skies but frigid temperatures.
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outside your office window. it is 30 degrees in black mountain, nice clear roads here. not the same case way up. this is 5,000 feet. you can see the roads looking better than they were this morning. here's a nice cool picture, actually these clouds above this mountain ridge, 7-mile ridge, 30 degrees as well. radar and satellite seeing some of those clouds pull back down not only into asheville, also some down into the upstate with clearing out to the foothills. this morning we saw a little bit of light snow in our northern mountains but really the cold weather has been the headline the last couple of days. today actually is going to be the warmer day. we'll be warming above freezing. same thing tomorrow before a very big cooldown this weekend. the high temperature record back in 1932, 74 degrees. this is the area where we put how warm we have been so far, 35. normal, 50.
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for our precip, we are still in the positive territory, three-quarters of an inch. 35 in asheville. 31 in burnsville. 20's from newland to boon. 39 in morganton. 30's in our western zones. it is 39 in gaffeny. 46 down into greenwood. also into columbia. here's our wind in asheville, this has created cooler conditions for awhile now. no windchill advisories out, anything like that. all that expired this morning. the winds gusting at 13 miles an hour. 9 in forest city and 18 in boone. boon is still cold, feels like 9 degrees. that's the windchill. windchill in burnsville and back in asheville, 26. even when the kids get out of school, it will be chilly. watch as these numbers start to go down. this is the wind speeds. getting down to about 4 miles an hour by 10:00 p.m. that's not going to be too much
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watch quickly, there we go, a little upper level disturbance, giving us a light shot of snow. then the cold weather funnels back down into western north carolina for saturday and sunday. take a quick look at the future cast through 6:00 p.m. tomorrow. really not going to be a big event at all. it is going to be isolated to these northern mountains more than likely. we have a 30% chance for this snow tomorrow and a few flurries into saturday morning. 36 for a high temperature today with partly cloudy skies. tonight down to 21 increasing cloud cover, mostly sunny in greenville. look at this weekend, high temperatures staying below that freezing mark. at times down to 10 saturday night. 60% for a wintry mix. should likely start sunday night. this could mean tricky travel for your commute. staying in the 30's monday, back to the 40's tuesday.
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chance for a rain-snow mix monday. >> staying on top of the weather warnings, advisories and alerts is crucial when bad weather hits. you can download our weather app for free. search wlos in your app store. >> here's a look at the stories trending in your lunch hour. the eagles will honor glen fry at the grammy awards. he died last month at the age of 67. his former band mates will be joined by jackson brown who cowrote the eagles first hit. he also cowrote many of the bands other hits including best of my love, lion eyes and hotel california. >> you tube plans to take on streaming services. youtube is releasing three made for tv movies this week. it is a response to moves by competitors. it is part of the red subscription service. it costs about $10 a month to
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and the company music service. >> shares of twitter fell 3% in after hours trading. it comes after the latest quarterly results shows the social media service is strug tolling attract new users. twitter reported it had 320 million users in the december quarter from the previous quarter and up 9% year to year. while twitter is popular, the politicians and celebrities, it has never been able to match the broad appeal of facebook. >> roasting vegetables brings out their full flavor. this recipe for beet and honey bruschetta is topped off with goat cheese for a wonderful finish. >> some fast food workers say they plan to strike back. their protest before the
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mi >> welcome into the carolina kitchen, rich with the writer's bistro in asheville is with us. we are happy to have you in with us. >> i have a honey roasted bruschetta. a lot of italian components to it. kind of keeping it nice and seasoned with the roasted beets. >> let's do it. wrapped with aluminum foil. i did oil with salt and pepper and whenever they get done, i peeled them and toss them in honey. these already have the honey incorporated. we take the beets first and put it into our mixing bowl.
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yellow oniononion. i'll add basil to it. then so -- i basically have our beet mixture altogether. a little bit of oil for sheen. and then i already roasted off the crostini. i took a nice italian baguette, sliced it half inch thick, did oil, salt and pepper on it. and roasted it in the oven for about seven minutes, just until it is crisp. then on the side here, i took cream cheese, goat cheese, a 50-50 mix, blending it together. that way it is nice and soft. you get the goat cheese, it goes great with beets. i'll just take the crostini and just smear a little bit on there. so then, i got the goat cheese
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i'm just going to take the beets beets. to tie in the italian flavors, we'll add balsamic glaze.glaze. >> this looks fancy. go to our website, click on the carolina kitchen link, that's the fastest way. send an envelope to 110 technology drive. check us out on pinterest. check out the writers' bistro, always trying to use local ingredients and you guys have breakfast, lunch and dinner. >> thank you. >> that's what is cooking in the carolina kitchen. >> coming up tomorrow in the
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its best, a delicious mediterranean dip that can be eaten with crackers or use the mix to stuff chicken breasts. >> an area known for beer and great restaurants. with this many foodies around, plenty of ideas are cultivated in the mountains.mountains. >> we are sitting there in a local bar. we are having local beer. i'm thinking, man, where are the pretzels at? >> where many food entrepreneurs launch their dreams is right here. you can see the special report on news 13 at 11:00. >> drivers across the country enjoying a break. how much the average u.s.
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in savings thanks to plungin >> get ready to pay less than $2 a gallon of gas all day long. >> how much is expected to save you and your family. >> mary maloney breaks down the savings in consumer news. >> for the second year in a row, you are going to save money. how much, the typical household will save nearly $1,000 this year, compared to two years ago. that's from government estimates. it makes sitting in traffic less frustrating. the energy administration predicts the average cost will be $1.98. remember, gas prices do tend to rise during those summer travel months. the plunge in oil prices is making it cheaper to fly. the average price of a domestic ticket in the united states dropped last quarter by more than 6%. airlines can still get you with
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roomier seats and baggage fees. plan that extra trip with your family, bring some of those gas money savings. >> some will call for a higher minimum wage at the debate in milwaukee. >> demonstrators say it is rallies like this one two years ago demanding a minimum wage of $2 an hour. organizers expect more than 1,000 protesters outside the debate site tonight. bernie sanders supports the $15 an hour minimum wage. >> hillary clinton said she would cap it at $12 an hour. the minimum wage an is the $7.25. >> a burger king will soon sell two different kinds of grilled hot dogs at more than 7,000 locations. the menu addition should help with a sizable market. >> the addition of the hot dogs is a different strategy than competitors that are scrambling to appeal to health conscious customers.
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fruit options. a big difference there. >> citizens detect gravitational waves proving einstein right. the breakthrough that has everyone excited today. >> getting hit with winter weather, later today at 5:30, what businesses are doing to help pedestrians. >> later, search crews are out another day looking for a missing haywood county man. at this hour, news 13 is on the scene in south carolina.
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developments tonight at 6:00. >> a breakthrough hailed as one of the scientific discovers of the decade. >> they say they have detected gravitational ripples as albert einstein predicted a century ago. >> businesses have been working
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existence of such gravity. >> we knew he was a smart man. we are still proving it a century alert. >> it is going to be above freezing, 36 degrees for a high temperature, partly cloudy skies. a 30% chance for rain snow mix. the bigger event might be next week. we'll talk about that on news 13 at 5:00.
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have a great afternoon. >> announcer: get ready, because we're about to take your day from tired to "chew-spired." it's an instagram inspiration. michael is cooking up an incredible dish inspired by a "chew" viewer. then, he knows a thing or two about getting away with murder, but does he know his way around the kitchen? alfred enoch is here, and he's stirring up a stew with mario that's to die for. plus, see the amazing way one mom is opening up her heart and her restaurant to those in need. >> the great thing about this place is we have a pay-it forward system where anybody is welcome in our doors whether they have money or not.
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