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tv   News 13 at 530pm  ABC  February 11, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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on the way tomorrow. let's check in with chief meteorologist jason boyer in our skywatch center. >> jason: pretty quiet right now. we do have clouds off to the west of us. clear skies for us here. we do have an upper level system we're watching. this is part of the energy that will supply our region with some snowfall starting as early as tomorrow morning in the high country north and west of asheville. don't expect much in the valleys. asheville's forecast dry. but the mountains will be favored once again for light accumulations. temperatures in the 30s for newland and burnsville. asheville 38. 26 in boone. 50s in the upstate. look at the wind still out of the north-northwest 14 miles an hour. 16 miles per hour sustained wind in boone. it's calm already in greer and gaffney gaffney. that means our wind chills will be dropping. teens for feels like temperatures in boone and newland.
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to 30 by 7. 20s by 9 and wind chills in the teens at times. the next round of wintery weather coming tomorrow and yet another next week. stick around. >> frank: the cold weather can make going outdoors tougher. >> tammy: but it's not keeping people from activities who want to go out and enjoy it. >> frank: kimberly king is on hendersonville road tonight. kim, how cold is it out there? >> kim: frank, good question. the temperatures behind me a 37 and 38 degrees respectively. it feels a lot colder than that out here because the wind is blowing up. the temperatures have been below freezing but it hasn't kept people from getting out outdoors. >> it definitely makes it tougher. i don't breathe quite as well. >> kim: he has warm weather gear on as he rolls out in bend creek. >> it's always worth it. the trails are just really,
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a lot of variation. a lot of down hill. it's fun to get going real fast on these. >> i just showed up from wimberly, texas. >> kim: he's enjoying outdoors with his dogs. >> it's chilly. definitely an adjustment. >> kim: in downtown asheville, coats are now a necessity, even with temperatures climbing above the freezing mark, the wind blowing makes it colder. at emma elementary, students have their coats on. it's the rule when it gets this cold. >> we try to use common sense and keep students in if it's below freezing. >> kim: jeremy stow, emma's principal says teachers are responsible. >> the protocols we follow when we follow cold weather days is make sure all students are dressed appropriately. today we had a couple of students that tried to sneak out without their jackets on.
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below freezing temps where students aren't allowed out. >> the more we keep them cooped up sometimes, the more energy they need to get rid of. >> kim: and another group that has to work outdoors, of course reporters and photographers who have to cover the weather. coming up at 6:00, we'll take a closer look at stores that are out of stock on things that people are looking for for their cars for winter. kimberly king, news 13. >> tammy: with the possibility of snow on the way, follow our news 13 mobile app for the latest updates. it's free to download. search wlos in your app store. >> frank: an arden man is sentenced to more than six years in prison for a federal fire arms violation. court documents say in october 2014, a deputy pulled
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according to statements made in court today, he's prohibited from possessing a fire arm due to prior convictions. a north carolina state university professor is charged with embezzling from three student clubs. 57-year-old charles wiznan turned himself in. he took more than $65,000. almost all the organization's funds come from student fundraising activities. ficials say wiznan resigned yesterday. >> tammy: a restaurant chain bails out of rutherford county and an ex-employee says they still owe him big time. ryan's steakhouse has closed locations across the country. customers are still finding out about the shut down. >> reporter: that's right. a former employee said he saw something pretty unusual. he said surveillance cameras on the property were taken down.
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was assured ryan's was here to stay. >> i just read the sign. i didn't know it was closing. >> reporter: helen broad said at least it was their chain restaurant. the building is just a shell of what it was last thursday. >> oh man, the hot bar is gone. the cold bar is gone. all the booths are gone. >> reporter: daniel was a meat cutter. >> soda dispensers are gone. >> reporter: he says the closure was abrupt. >> he said all employees, quit what you're doing, clock out and leave. we're shutting this place down. that's it. >> reporter: dozens of ryan's locations had been shut down across the east. >> the only reason they told me is they've been losing $30,000 every month. this store has. i can't see that. >> reporter: daniel tells us while other employees were paid, he claims ryan's owes him 5 weeks of wages. that's about $1,300.
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this will be resolved quickly? >> not confident at all. >> reporter: this location is now eerily empty considering what it used to be. >> hungry people. happy people. >> it's a sign of the times. >> reporter: helen and her husband will miss this place. even if it is just a chain. >> you have a nice day. >> reporter: and the company that acquired ryan's just last summer confirmed that last week they had to shut down 74 under performing locations under various names across the country, including ryan's. as far as daniel's claim, they are looking in to that claim that he has not been paid for five weeks of wages. john le, news 13. >> frank: the mayor of cleveland has apologized for an ambulance bill sent to the family of a dead boy. tamir rice was fatally shot by a
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the city sent a claim seeking $500 for transporting the boy to the hospital. mayor jackson said the claim should have been red flagged and never filed in court. >> we have made the determination to withdrawal that claim from the probate court. as the mayor said, we all sincerely apologize to the family for any additional pain or suffering that this may have caused them. >> frank: tamir was shot outside a city recreation center while playing with a pellet gun. >> tammy: the justice department is suing the city of ferguson, missouri, for violating its civil rights. it comes as a surprise move by the council this week. it voted to push back against the settlement the city reached
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after negotiations. city leaders want to amend the agreement which they say the city can't afford to implement. but attorney general loretta lynch isn't buying that argument. >> deprivation of their constitutional rights. they have waited decades for justice. they should not be forced to wait any longer. >> tammy: this case now goes to trial unless the city and the justice department are able to settle. >> frank: right now time for a check on the afternoon commute. >> tammy: jaclyn, i-240 west is the spot to avoid right now. >> jaclyn: right now, tammy, we are dealing with that typical rush hour traffic on i-240 west bound. stop and go traffic from malfunction junction to tunnel road. we are seeing improvements here on smoky park highway. a motorcycle crash just cleared up on sand hill road. traffic is back up to speed in the area. that's a look at your on time
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debruhl's used car superstore. >> tammy: a senate committee holds a hearing on the zika virus this morning. both the director of the cdc and the director of infectious diseases testified. they talked about the threat and developing a vaccine. president obama's emergency request to fast track the vaccine. >> frank: a cruise ship and people on board are back home after a monster storm. it was on its way from new york to florida on sunday. four passengers were hurt after the ship encountered very rough seas. for roughly 12-hours passengers hunkered in their rooms until conditions cleared. >> we're sorry about what happened. we already know we're going to
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more oversight. >> frank: passengers will receive a refund for their trouble. plus a voucher of 50% of what they spent to be used toward a future cruise fare. >> tammy: why one congressman wants to limit how small those seats can be. >> frank: and fast food workers plan to protest at tonight's
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the minimum wage >> tammy: stocks fell on wall street today. the dow closing at 15,660. the nasdaq down 16 ending trading at 4266. >> frank: well happening tomorrow, career fair hopes to fill 70 jobs around the mountains. >> tammy: friday's staffing holding the event from monday morning until 3 at henderson locations. more information on preregistering go to and click on news links. >> frank: a tennessee congressman wants to put a stop to airlines putting the squeeze on passengers.
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standards that would include limiting how small and how close together seats can be. cohen says it's not about comfort but it's about safety. the tennessee democrat says it's not clear whether crowded planes can be evacuated effectively. news 13 wants to know do you think airplane seats are too small? you can log on 13 to answer our question of the day. >> tammy: fast food workers will call for higher minimum wage at tonight's debate. demonstrators held this rally. bernie sanders supports the wage increase. hillary clinton says she would cap it at $12 an hour. >> frank: well this is an area known for beer and great restaurants. and with this, many foodies
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ideas are cultivated around the mountains. steve michael is a prime example. after a few beers one night, he found the opportunity for a pretzel company. >> we're sitting at a local bar having local beer, and i'm thinking, man, where's the pretzels at? >> tammy: and just like that, an idea was born. that's right. now food entrepreneurs launch that dream. you can see it tonight at 11:00 on news 13. >> frank: just like that. that's how it gets going. >> tammy: and just like that, cold continues, right? no magic there >> jason: we are going to warm up a little more tomorrow. that is good news. 39 degrees for the high today. that put us still shy of average 11 degrees. we've had some cold mornings. and cold afternoons. no rain or snow today. but that's going to change.
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now your news 13 skywatch weather. >> jason: yes, very quiet right now but things are going to change overnight in to the morning. as we see a disturbance come our way. you can see it on the radar and satellite here. look at that, that blue is snow. here comes the jet stream pulling that right down towards our neck of the woods and we'll rotate it through to the morning. snow showers by day break in some of the mountain communities through the afternoon in to the evening tomorrow. the favored areas are the higher elevations. about a 40% chance of wintery mix. then we turn our attention to next week. another system is going to dive in. this one could bring a wintery mix of rain, sleet, snow, and even freezing rain. the track is all dependent on
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get. we're going to see how close this does get in terms of the track to our area. it will be just north i think to give us that rain-snow mix. temperatures in the 30s right now. 38 degrees under clear skies. north-northwest wind at 13. puts your wind chill down to 30. upper level energy right here is the piece that we're going to watch overnight tonight. along with a little surface low. this is moving quickly east. as that northwest wind starts to take over, we're going to start to see snow showers in to early saturday. the overall amounts will be nothing like we saw with this last event. where we had upflow snow, a foot of snow in places. that's not likely to happen. a three to four inch snowstorm for the higher elevations near the tennessee border. we see our arctic blast move in behind the system just in time
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that sets the stage for wintery weather next week. no fun to be outdoors at all. snow showers again breaking out towards down dawn. flurry, burst of light snow. we'll see the snows taper in the mountains early on in the day saturday. snow fall amounts, again in the valley, marshall, burnsville, an inch will do it for you. gatlinburg, two inches for you. two inches of snow from the system coming tomorrow and tomorrow night. temperatures in the teens and 20s for lows tonight. cold across the mountains. upper 20s in the upstate. highs tomorrow once again in the 30s especially as you go north of asheville in to the high country, burnsville, newland, boone. 40s stretched out from asheville south in to the upstate. look at the change, though. saturday the high 26. the low 12. and it will feel more like zero or below zero because the wind
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in to sunday, valentine's day. a little improvement but not much. wintery scenarios monday and tuesday. tuesday temp 42. so what comes is going to melt. >> frank: somebody better get cupid a coat. >> jason: layer him up. >> tammy: here's a look at today's "see it, shoot it, send it" photo. >> frank: james sent us this shot. sunrise bringing out different colors in the sky. take a look. just gorgeous. >> tammy: that is gorgeous. and you can send us your pictures and video on >> frank: next in our consumer
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>> tammy: shopping for vacuum cleaners involves more than just comparing prices. >> frank: these days it's a science. >> reporter: tammy and frank, some of this new carpet marketed as ultra plush or ultra soft is posing a problem for vacuums. tips on what you can do to fix it. luxury carpets are marketed as ultra plush or ultra soft.
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but these super cushy carpets can be a problem for your vacuum. they're so thick that vacuums can't move freely. >> it sticks to the carpet and you're unable to move it. >> reporter: some vacuums like this are nearly impossible to move. even leaning with all his body weight, he couldn't get it to budge. consumer reports tried some out. >> we did find vacuums that are easier to move on these types of carpets. but you also wanted one to clean well. >> reporter: kenmore elite cannister. it cleans up on regular carpet and bare floors as well. this hoover wind tunnel handles the carpets just fine. at $180, it's a consumer reports best buy.
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raising the power head to a higher setting. if that's not an option, try adjudgeusing justing the air flow. that may be enough to get it moving. reducing the air flow might reduce the cleaning power. so you may need to go over that same spot thoroughly to remove the dirt. you can find information on our consumer report section at >> tammy: one of four young men accused of raping a high school student goes before a judge. the plea deal he received in court. that's next at 6. >> holly: i'm holly headrick, it's healthy eating at its best. a delicious mediterranean dish
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tonight at 6:00 tracking another round of winter weather. >> jason: snow, sleet, all of it. >> reporter: there's an unusual shortage. >> darcel: why the snow tire stock is dwindled despite a recent burst of winter weather. news 13 at 6:00 starts right now. now from western north carolina's news leader, this is news 13 at 6:00. >> larry: we're in for another chilly night ahead. this after we warmed above freezing today. >> darcel: let's get to chief meteorologist jason boyer. jason, how cold it will get? >> jason: lows at night in the single digits for the mountains. close to it here in asheville. right now we are focused on really nothing at this point in the asheville area. but we're focused on this farther to the northwest, in the midwest. this is an upper level system riding the jet stream right in
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that's going to bring a light snow fall from des moines and down through paducka, kentucky. freezing in asheville, 35. 20s in boone. look at the wind chills. it's teens for wind chills in newland. we're down to 25 for a feels like temperature because we just cannot get rid of the wind. temperatures will go from freezing to below freezing by 7. 20s by 9 o'clock. wind chills in the teens. i'll show you the next wind chill not tomorrow but monday, too. >> larry: scott turner was last seen in canton where he works. his truck was found in oconnee county. the search has been near the


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