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tv   News 13 at 6pm  ABC  February 11, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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that's going to bring a light snow fall from des moines and down through paducka, kentucky. freezing in asheville, 35. 20s in boone. look at the wind chills. it's teens for wind chills in newland. we're down to 25 for a feels like temperature because we just cannot get rid of the wind. temperatures will go from freezing to below freezing by 7. 20s by 9 o'clock. wind chills in the teens. i'll show you the next wind chill not tomorrow but monday, too. >> larry: scott turner was last seen in canton where he works. his truck was found in oconnee county. the search has been near the
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the efforts to find scott turner involve more than 50 people. people on the ground and air as well. search crews set up a command post in the upstate. >> we have 55 folks that are actually deployed. >> reporter: oconnee county fire chief says that number includes friends and family of scott turner. he disappeared from kanton monday. >> he seemed to be okay at work monday. >> reporter: long time friend robert hill used to work with turner at the evergreen paper plant. he says something must have changed. >> after monday, nobody heard anything. his phone was turned off after he left work. and i think the last thing he got on his phone was in canton. >> reporter: family found his pick-up truck near the toretugga river.
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outdoorsman and came here to fish and hunt. folks are still hiking the foothills so we don't know if that was his or someone's passing through. certainly his health comes in to consideration when it's below freezing. >> he hunts a lot so he knows how to make it. >> reporter: his good friend says this scenario is out of character for turner. all the resources are in action to find him as friends and family keep the faith. >> we're just praying that they find him in good shape. >> reporter: family members want to emphasize their gratitude to finding their loved one. rex hodge, news 13. >> larry: turning now to an update on two stories we've been following. one of four men charged with rape is making a plea deal in
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eugene carson pleaded one count to first degree rape. carson will spend up to 10 years in prison. he is one of four suspects charged in the rape of a 15-year-old. a suspect is wanted in north dakota. deputies say reams was headed to the canadian border before he was in a motel in bismarck. he will be brought to madison county to face charges. >> darcel: buncombe county schools first dress code policy could get a change next year. currently students must wear khaki or navy bottoms. the school's principal is considering making the logo optional and allowing parents to buy from other vendors.
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had a real impact on students' performing. >> it's made life simpler. attendance is actually up. because i don't think people quite understand the stress that young girls have in trying to be fashionable. >> darcel: boyd says she hasn't made any final decisions yet. she'll first meet with parent groups then present her recommendations to the superintendent. the changes must then be approved by the school board. >> larry: ryan's in forest city had been open nearly 20 years. but last thursday, employees were told to clock out and leave. equipment was hauled out of the building. one employee claims ryan's owes him five weeks back pay. >> as an employer, you would expect us to give you two weeks notice, you couldn't give us a day notice? >> larry: ryan's gave a
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shut down 74 under performing restaurants last week. they're looking in to daniel's claim he hasn't been paid. >> darcel: the cold snap has people shopping for gear. but stock like tires is low. kim, snow tires are a big investment. >> kim: darcel, they are. cold temperatures out here on hendersonville road, it is still a chilly 38 degrees as the digital clock turns. there it goes, at 6:10. people are calling tire stores with inquiries about snow tires. now just this morning a customer called jan davis tires looking for a set of snow tires. staff says that inventory is minimal because we've had a mostly mild winter except of
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and a single snowstorm we had weeks ago. because of that, tire stocks where winter has really hit in other states. >> they're harder to get right now. again, it's late. people think they can make it at this point. we can get them but sometimes it takes a couple of days. >> kim: meanwhile students at emma elementary were out today. the school typically won't let students play outdoors if the temperature falls below the freezing mark, which is 32 dedpreede degrees degrees. and that has happened just a handful of times this year during school hours. kimberly king, news 13. i think it's the right thing to do. >> larry: hiring felons to work for public housing. even though one of them allegedly tried to rob a resident.
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>> darcel: we're back with a case that came to light after the murder of uhon johnson. you'll remember johnson was killed last year along with tatianna diz and alexandra king. >> larry: as news 13 looked in to his death, we found that johnson was a victim before of a robbery. he shot a man who broke in to his pisgah view home. that man was part of asheville housing authority.
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check, news 13 aaron adelson flr . >> aaron: it's a policy people in pisgah view appreciate. >> you never know anybody's situation. somebody could have been put in a situation. you know, they could just be somebody who was at the wrong place at the wrong time. >> maybe it's something old, at least you give somebody a chance. because some people do change. >> aaron: that's how the housing authority's ceo feels. >> we have to give people an opportunity if they make a mistake and they serve their time, we have to give them an opportunity to get back in the work force. if we don't, then what are they going to do? >> aaron: hiring people with records has worked out 75% of the time. >> it's a great feeling because people need second chances. everybody's not going to take advantage of that. and i know that. but most of them, the vast majority of people given a second chance do extremely well.
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because they committed a felony. >> aaron: that one is wilbert withrow. he was convicted in 2003 for attempted cocaine trafficking, a felony. in 2006, withrow was convicted in buncombe county. and later a second felony, crack cocaine possession. in 2012, the housing authority hired the two-time felon. >> but he served his time. >> yeah. >> aaron: the facts the felonies took place six and ten years earlier. >> should we hold that for that long? and i don't think so. i really don't. >> aaron: withrow worked as a maintenance man in pisgah view apartments. according to a search warrant, in 2015, uhon johnson called 911. he said he shot a masked man who tried to break in to his pisgah view home.
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supposed to be helping us, they're causing the problem in our own community as well. >> aaron: according to a search warrant, 12 minutes after the 911 call, withrow showed up in mission hospital. said he worked at the housing authority and was shot doing his job. a few hours later, police arrested withrow. he tried to steal $3,600 worth of xanax pills from the pisgah view apartment. he used his master keys from the housing authority to enter the apartment. >> i don't know if there's any way to prevent hiring an employee for that employee to do something criminal again. there's no prevention to that. >> aaron: withrow pleaded guilty to felony breaking and entering. >> has the policy changed at all? >> have not changed the policy. we have an employee and they
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their employment is terminated. >> aaron: on march 18th, 2013, they hired withrow. should the housing authority ever hired him? >> it's just complicated. i still think you should give somebody a chance, though. >> if someone, we hire someone and they don't work out, we don't let that skew us from making that decision again. >> aaron: bell says what happened with withrow is the exception. >> it's painful to me as a black male who is trying to help people. >> aaron: he will continue to give people second chances. in asheville, aaron adelson, news 13. >> larry: recently asheville city council unanimously passed a resolution to help people with criminal records. >> darcel: some city job applications will no longer ask if a person has been convicted of a crime. >> larry: time now to send it back over to jason to see what's
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>> jason: it's going to be cold tonight, no doubt about it but not as cold as last night or the previous night because we don't have as much wind. 39 degrees for the high today. a lot warmer than yesterday, at least. no rain or snow today. we're going to change that, though. as we warm up. we'll get back to snowy scenarios.
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this now your news 13 skywatch weather. >> jason: isn't this a pretty sunset from our hotel indigo cam. alto cumulous clouds overhead to give us that beautiful hue. a lot of you have been sending your pictures. we thank you for that. this is going to be a bigger deal with this system.
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this is going to impact much of western north carolina and the upstate as well. jet stream reaching to the north. this is where the warm air sits. on the other side of the equation, on the east coast, we have the cold air and its trough. that's where we sit for the time being. it's diving in from the northwest, pushing everything from the carolinas. that's why a little system to the north and west tonight will bring snow back to the forecast because it will be cold enough. but that's pretty paltry when it comes to accumulations. i don't think much more than a couple of inches for the mountains north and west of asheville and for the city. storm track monday and tuesday. that's going to be a bigger deal. this track is from the southwest to the northeast. that usually means warmer air is going to get nudged in to the system. so a lot of rain is going to fall from georgia in to south carolina. slivers of ice, this zone, if you will.
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ward towards charlotte. mostly snow over the mountains. then that will change to some rain as a warmer punch comes in and this system goes to the east. by then, some cold air comes back on tuesday to bring snow back down to the valley floors in western north carolina pushing the ice east and we'll have mostly just rain on the southern end of that system. complicated? you bet you. we'll keep a track on this model run. there may be subtle changes initially than bigger ones down the road. we'll get a grasp on it. leicester carpet sales news13 sky cam network hendersonville. beautiful blue ridge there in the distance. another nice sunset. 34 degrees down there. 35 at the airport. that wind is just not giving up. north-northwesterly at 17. wind chill down to 25. future cast. the future satellite and radar picture of what's to come. saturday morning, already cloudy. some bands of snow possible. again, this looks over done.
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impressive by noon tomorrow. temperatures likely warmer than freezing in most places in the valleys to keep anything accumulating. minimal dusting at best. then you see the mountains late evening in to the early morning saturday. they've got snow going on there. it will be intense some areas farther north. we could see a couple of inches out of the system for the smokys, northern haywood county. inch in the valleys, marshall, burnsville, avery county. that's about it. teens and 20s for lows tonight in the mountain valleys. 20s over the upstate. highs tomorrow should get in to the 40s. anything that accumulates is going to melt off. same goes for most mountain locations. highs in the 30s above freezing in most places. 26 for the high saturday. oh yeah, that's another thing we've got to talk about. the arctic chill that settles in this weekend before we get in to the wintery scenario on monday and tuesday. wintery mix in many places around western north carolina with some of the snows higher
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>> larry: not going to be a lot of people spending time outside this week. >> jason: it's a good weekend to cuddle with your honey. >> larry: coming up, the lady bulldogs. one reason for all their success is next in game changer. all too often those dreams can go up in smoke without an opportunity. >> darcel: tonight at 11, the launch pad where so, let me get this straight -- u.s. cellular has the phone you're looking for, a network that's built to give you coverage
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>> stan: the unc asheville women's basketball team has a record of 19 and 4 this season. and the lady bull dogs are in first place in the big south standings. luke notestine found out this week's game changer was ready for the challenge. >> luke: the exceptional season continues for the unc asheville women's basketball team. the lady bulldogs have played some outstanding games this season. and they're having fun in the process. >> because i've seen the opposite side of it. we've gone from the bottom, literally up to the top.
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see the fruit of our labor actually play off. >> luke: asheville can put up a lot of points this season when the offense is clicking. the lady bulldogs have scored at least 80 points. it's the ability to win even when the shots are falling that has made this season remarkable. >> at the beginning of the season we were really shooting the ball well. scoring a lot of points. the margin of victory was a little bit more than it has been lately playing with a target on the back as we are. we've learned how to win even when we're not shooting the ball really well. >> it's exciting. just like any game in this conference, it's a handful. and it's a challenge. so liberty is just another challenge that we're getting ready for. >> luke: with six games left in the regular season, the lady bulldogs are doing everything they can to win the conference crown.
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here in asheville. >> having the conference tournament in asheville, you know, our kids are able to sleep in their own beds. they're playing on the floor that they practice on every day. that they shoot hundreds of shots on per week. it's an absolute advantage. >> luke: unc asheville will host liberty saturday afternoon at 2 o'clock from kimball arena. i'm luke notestine from news 13 sports. >> stan: that's going to be huge. tip off at nine. dogs lead the big south. enthusiasm high because coach says this is the time of year that is really fun. a chance to make the ncaa tournament. >> why you play, why you coach, why you're involved in college athletics. particularly in the sport of basketball is trying to peak at the right time and that's march. it's march madness. >> stan: in cullowhee tonight,
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the mocks first in the league. strong push to avoid playing on the first day of the so con tournament. big prep basketball games last night determining first place in conference play last week. smoky mountain at fifth. teams tied for first. mustangs won the first meeting in sylva. going for a two point lead at half time to making a big victory, 62-45. north buncombe got asheville last night. they're in the driver's seat in the mack. >> larry: okay. a little warmer tomorrow. >> jason: a little warmer. the irony to that, we're talking snow again. >> larry: thanks for joining us.
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>> darcel: join us again tonight, the race for the white house and donald trump's bold prediction. the republican front-runner and what he said is coming, if he wins south carolina. just as his feud with jeb bush takes a new turn tonight. hillary clinton set to face off with bernie sanders, as they now battle for the south. get ready for the deep freeze. the arctic blast across more than 20 states. the dangerous commute already. it will feel well below zero across much of this country. tonight, the fbi ordering armed protesters to surrender. >> i'm a free man, i will die a free man. >> the standoff taking a dramatic turn, and we're there.
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now the charges tonight. two people killed, three buildings leveled. and prosecutors this evening arguing, it was all because of greed. and we have breaking news involving bill cosby's wife. and gas prices dropping to 99 crepts a gallon. is your town next? good evening. and it's great to have you with us here on a thursday night. and we begin with a new turn in the race for president. on both sides, it is now a battle for the south. and donald trump now saying, if he wins in south carolina, he's going to, quote, run the table. on the democratic side, hillary clinton and bernie sanders set to battle tonight on that stage. many eyes on clinton. will she change her strategy after a bruising loss in new hampshire? abc's jonathan karl in south carolina tonight, where trump now says there is something you will not see from him. >> reporter: taunting his rivals, donald trump is declaring if they can't beat him


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