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tv   News 13 Early Edition 530am  ABC  February 12, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EST

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3 3 all new this morning... a man from western north carolina is now charged in connection with the armed occupation of the oregon wildlife refuge. the u-s attorney's office in oregon says jason blomgren, from murphy, is charged with felony conspiracy to interfere with federal workers. local media reports that blomgren was on the wildlife refuge from january 10 through january 26th. and that he was taken into custody wednesday in nevada near the bundy ranch. blomgren was arrested after officials say he tried to buy an a-r 15 rifle. 3 3 the last protesters at the refuge were removed yesterday after nearly 2 months of kim hutcherson reports, those last hold-outs will be in court today. 3 four right-wing protesters from the maheur national wildlife refuge are set to appear in federal court in portland, oregon friday-- after they were taken into custody thursday. david fry,
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anderson and sandra lynn anderson surrendered to authorities after a dramatic phone call that was live streamed on the internet. (nats - "the only way we're leaving here is dead or without charges!") the surrender of the remaining occupiers brings to an end the 41-day occupation of the refuge. only a few hours earlier, federal agents arrested nevada rancher cliven bundy--on six charges from his 2014 standoff w wh federal officals. he didn't participate in this occupation, but he is considered to be the figurehead of the protesters' movement and is the father of standoff leader ammon bundy. ammon was arrested last month, during a highway confrontation with authorities in which another demonstrator was killed. locals are glad the spectacle is over. (sheriff dave ward/harney county co. sheriff's dept) "i'm proud of this community. i'm proud of my friends and neighbors. i'm proud of the way you stood up to this stuff.//there's been a lot of hurt. there's been a lot of things said. but i don't think there's anything
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through." i'm kim hutcherson reporting 3 3 this morning volunteers will meet in canton, and then head back to the upstate to search for a missing man from haywood county. scott turner was last seen on monday morning, then his truck was found tuesday in the sumter national forest. today, more than half a dozen specially-trained canine teams will join the search crews. one of turner's friends says his disappearance is out of character for him. 3 1048 something has changed. it's not like him. he would never do this to his wife or his children. he's a great person. anybody you talk to all got good things to say about him multiple agencies from several states are involved in the search, along with turner's family and friends. 3 3 3 we have an update on a deadly car crash in asheville. authorities have now identified the victim.. 72-year-old barbara barkley was a passenger in a car that hit a tree on sweeten creek road. she died at the scene. the 89-year-old driver of the car and another passenger had injuries that were not life- threatening. police have not said what caused the crash. 3
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morning on a mountain rape case... a mcdowell county man will spend 10 years in prison after accepting a plea deal in superior court. eugene carson ppaded guilty to one count of second-degree rape. he was facing two charges of statutory rape. carson is one of four suspects charged in the rape of a 15-year-old last year. 3 3 changes could be coming to a pilot program for school uniforms at a buncombe county school. right now, students at koontz intermediate must wear khaki or navy bottoms and a collared, lands end polo shirt with the school logo on the chest. the school principal is considering making that logo optional and allowing parents to buy from other vendors. she says so far, the impact on student performance is positive. 3 "it's made life simpler. girls attendance is up, 3 because i don't think people quite understand the stress young girls have in trying to be fashionable." the principal says she will first
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present her recommendations to the superintendent, before any changes are made. proposed changes must then be approved 3 3 3 3 the biltmore estate is kicking off this valentine's day weekend with the opening of a brand new exhibit. forty wedding gowns and costumes, featured in films, go on display today. news 13's auren brigman is live outside of biltmore this morning. lauren, this is the first time all of these custom pieces are coming together? find costumes featured in academy-award winning movies... worn by the actresses and actors themselves. dresses from "pride and prejudice" and mary shelley's "frankenstein"... plus costumes worn by the likes of meryl streep, robert redford and gwyneth paltrow. multiple departments at biltmore have come together for this first-time exhibit. engineering services working to light each display... and the floral department enhancing the experience with
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arrangements. organizers say valentine's day weekend is the perfect time to launch the display. 3 00:06;54-00:07;05"the exhibition is really showcasing kind of the romance of all of these films, of all of these classic tales. so to see all the dresses and the flowers all together kind of- it's part of the season." the other part of this showcase, continues into antler hill village and dives into the family history behind biltmore. a london-based company created the costumes and also partnered with biltmore for a re-creation of cornelia vanderbilt's wedding gown and veil... which are on display. visitors will also see a family heirloom wedding veil displayed for the first time... also worn by jackie kennedy in her wedding to future president, john kennedy. 3 the exhibit begins this morning at 9 and runs through july 4-th. coming up at 6, organizers share why biltmore has been the place for
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vanderbilt's time. live from biltmore, lauren brigman news 13. 3 3 3 some big news for oskar blues. coming up ... what the brewery has now accomplished. 3 valentine's day is this weekend and we want to know who your valentine is... so, this morning, post a picture showing us. head to the wlos facebook page and find our post about this and in the comments share a picture of your valentine. we'll share some of your comments and
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3 it's 5:xx. let's take a look at business headlines. the dow was down 254 points yesterday to close at 15 thousand 660. the nasdaq was down 16 points yesterday to close at four thousand 266. 3 3 big news for a mountain brewery. oskar blues announced this week is one state away from completeing its national footpring. the brewery has added sales in north dakota, south dakota and oklahoma. these three additions bring u.s. distribution to 49 states and the district of columbia. 3 a hiring event for a popular greenville dining destination. tucanos brazilian grill is
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february 19-th. avaliable positions include meat servers, host staff, bartenders, cooks and bakers. just head over to the restuarant's facebook page for more details on the hiring event. 3 haywood community college ranks number three as the best two-year college in north carolina according to best colleges dot com. the state offers a total of 58 community colleges. the college offers more than 15 degrees that can be completed entirely or partially online. 3 ford announced yesterday that it is launching four all new sport utility vehicles over the next four years. ford is not saying when or where the new vehicles will be added, but says the products are part of its global plan. here in the u.s., consumers have been increasingly choosing to buy small and midsize crossovers and the percentage of passenger cars is shrinking. the automaker also says there are no plans to eliminate any models as part of the plans. 3 3 3 the time is now 5:xx. apps loading slow on your smartphone... don't worry we'll tell yoyowhat some wireless carriers are testing
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3 at&t is ready to test "5g" service by the end of the year. this news comes following a similar announcement from verizon last september. 5g - or fifth generation - wireless means customers will have speeds that are 10 to 100 times faster than today's average 4g lte connections. at&t will be collaborating with ericsson and intel on the 5g. field trials of the service will take place in a "fixed" location in austin, tx. 3 3 3 3 3 here is a look at what you can expect for the next three days.
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3 the time is now 5:xx. bad news from universial studios in orlando. coming up ... we'll tellyou what the park is doing that won't have visitors
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3 it's going to cost a little extra to visit universal studios in florida. a one-day adult ticket to one of universal's two orlando theme parks now costs 105 dollars, up three dollars from last year. the cost of a park-to-park ticket goes up to 155-dollars from 147. in all, a family of four wishing to visit the universal theme parks should expect to pay at least 610 dollars. and that doesn't include food and
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3 3 3 here is a look at current conditions.. in our next half hour we'll talk more about what to expect in the next 7- days. 3 3 3 when you think of valentine's day, of course, you also think of chocolate. dan rattigan with the french broad chocolate lounge is with us this morning. dan, why does 3 chocolate seem to inspire love? new packaging of chocolate bars tells story of companyvalentine's truffles selectionsopen all weekend
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>> holly: the church was damaged in an electrical fire tuesday night. you can see a black mung of ash on top of the portrait. he said the pattern resembles a crown. >> jay: more than, i think. she also believes it was a sign to show the church was under protection. the church secretary says our lady of gaud lupe ( ) is the oldest catholic parish dating back to 1857. i see it, don't you? >> holly: i totally see it. glad no more damage was done to the beautiful church. >> jay: that is the truth, that is gorgeous. >> ingrid: amazing story. 28 in blast mountain, nice clear roadways in that location, beach mountain is cold at 19 and still see k some light snow that high up, 5,000 feet, okay. so, they saw a lot of snow earlier this week. some all not melted off. 35 degrees and chilly in greenville. 20s in cullowhee. forest city 30.
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and weaverville at 28 degrees. in asheville right now, 29. 20s for brevard and cherokee, hendersonville, also into waynesville. our headlines indicate light snow this evening no. coming up in the next half hour, i will talk about the big chill this weekend and even bigger events next week. back over to you. >> jay: insurance investigation, the number of complaints filed against blue cross and blue shield of north carolina. >> holly: a choice to cure cancer, how a program is helping the effort. effort. >> lauren: today, a new exhibit opens on biltmore, with a focus on fax and romance.
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some pieces on dis now, in high definition, from the western north carolina's news leader, this is news 13 this morning. >> holly: while many u.s. cities are facing harsh winter weather, santa maria california >> jay: the parents and kids at one college did not want to miss out on all the fun that comes with winter so they decided to make their own snow. >> ingrid: organizer at the college say it was an opportunity to teach children who had never seen snow at all. it's hard to believe because we live in western north carolina, usually kids a up l years old have all seen snow by then, but i grew up in california and i didn't see snow for years. >> holly: i will tell you what's hard to believe, it was 80 degrees there yesterday and
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>> ingrid: a big difference back here. let's talk the weather outside your door. we have even some light snow across the region this morning. a delay in school districts, too. and look at this, this winter weather advisory starts at noon today a lasts until 6 a.m. tomorrow swain county, haywood county, madison county, mismed and afraid, so a avery counties. and back here in the valley some flurries, 40s for temperatures around lunchtime. coming up in the full forecast, we will talk more about not only the big cool-down this weekend, snow. right now let's get a check of the morning drive with jaclyn, good morning. >> jaclyn: good morning, ingrid and good morning to everyone at home. we have one wreck to watch out road. there are injuries reported so look out for that if you are living in that area, avoid that spot if you can. i'm taking a look at i-26, overall from polk county into hendersonville, it is looking good.


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