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tv   First News at 5pm  ABC  February 12, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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it will brutally cold. windchill right now from teens and boon to 30 degrees mark asheville. not much windchill further south. windchill forecast here tonight midnight we will single digit wind chills might even go below 0 briefly in ashship have a little over done i think some of the extreme cases but we have certainly going finds below 0 wind chills morning and through earlier part of tomorrow for the high country. some improvement but not much going to be very cold. for your turday. 32 by 7:00. 29 by 9:00 down to 27 by 11:00 and more winds we will talk with wintery. and next week. stick around for that. >> snow last few weeks. news 13 joins us live from waynesville and rex impact on roads and schools there in heywood county? >> right. snow days are piling up. it is familiar story how much snow you have depending upon with where you live d o.t. of
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main roads through. school leaders have look at can't everywhere. they did that again this morning and decided send kids home early. >> first thing in the morning weather looked okay. i didn't really thick i going get you the school because it was not snowing about an how half into day. the school leader sent student home including these kids at wanesville middle their families having to ajust a. i guess i like it. >> maybe inconvenience. . but nothing you can't deal with it. >> since there was school even shortly. snow day. but last three weeks, heywood seven. >> we average a little over eight will week schools been out more than it has been in >> seems like every night, one of those you know, clippers could come through. we get dusting in our townships, and several inches on the western and northern borders.
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says, lower elevations can get dusting in while higher elevation can get much more. >> he says all of the terrain that 57 buses travel, must be trainingen into consideration with safety top priority. >> families say, they understand the reality of sending kids home. >> and proosh initiate effort keep focus on education. >> financial but luke knows there be price for these snow days later. currently, last day of school for students is june 10th the. i don't like that. because i like summer and summer camps so that's -- that's not mad just don't want to go to assume mer school. . >> can't blame him right. still lot more winter come. by the way no decisions have been made about make up days any more make up days on saturdays. reporting live from wanesville. new 13. >> you can stay up date with latest winter weather convenient by downloading our free weather app.
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are advise and alerts. just search the wls . >> miss haywood county man found. family spokesperson says scott turner's body located today northern counties. crews gathered in earlier day to continue their search. we are toll his body was then found around noon. of. several sdpogs dozens of people have been agented in search effort. there is no word on a cause of death. >> deputies are investigate the defendant two people at hotel in henderson county. emergency responds -- he were called to mountain any and sweets on up with >> then found john tucker. and lyn neared dead. both of them are from out of state. investigator now trying to determine official case not suspect will foul play. >> house fire wiped out almost every thing family had. but, in time of sad needs, they now realize they have some thing more val huge than material
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news 13 john lee live. there circle of friends is already rail legaled to help? . that's right. eight people without a home tonight. unfortunately guest ture comes . >> this flame coming out of the left-hand side of the house. we heard before, that where there smoke have is fire. mobile was so thick, that, we couldn't even see where we were going. and fire chief jamie gear says when the smoke clears, there is on. to loss home lot like losing family member specific pets if he is a five the seven dogs died in the fire. now. spoke to him by phone. >> we lost everything. we lost everything. we lost our animals. our little dogs. burns. while his son went to the hospital for smoke inhalation. because the cause of fire under
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smoke alarms in their home. so considering just three weeks ago, the fire canvased city providing 66 free smoke detectors. alarms. >> we actually canvased street before day the individual may came through. and to make things worse. insurance. family friends jamie fender gathered in doe inflation for them. i just catch up with him today. and help him out. what a little bit money i got for him what he calls little probably means lot. about just friends being friends. 46. and sometimes where there smoke and fire, a sense of community eases the pain. >> you ever situation you hope someone would help you. >> so to recap chief stressing renter insurance as well as working smoke detector. by the way the american red cross, is providing financial
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live here in spin dell. john lee news 13. also new at a -- ashville man sentenced more than 13 years in prison for armed robber at foopt >> at gun point. all of 2014. court records show he took more than $1,000 in cash. and also fired his gun at one point. police then found him behind zumester and took him into custody. they were also able to recover those stolen items. . >> now to developing story. the last four armed okay piergs oregon wild life refuge who surrendered to authorities, will now face a judge. they decided to stands down peacefully yesterday ending more than month long staff >> federal authorities. stands off started fizzle out last month. when group leader were arrested. f.b.i. bomb teams were at the refuge today making sure no explosives were left behind. >> and we learned that man from western north carolina, was
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connection with the oregon stands offer. jason is charged with fell plea conniracy enters fire >> say he was on the wild life refuge from january 10th through 26th. he was taken into custody wednesday and in ashef investment. >> he was arrested after officials say he tried to buy an ar-15 rifle. >> well almost weekends which is means i-26. very but see. >> >> both directions near asheville. right if your heading out towards i-26 west bound traffic very slow moving between airport road and brevard road. on the east bounds side look for that congestion between 10 and brevard road. overall i-26 spot to avoid. traffic are seeing to 17 might
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there at lows road. that's look at your on time traffic report. brought to you by is used car super store. >> stay could be headed to rally to deal with new districkle maps. >> i would say, maps are probably in process in sproefs being preened. i spoke redirecting committee when original maps were drawn of course, in the minority party. . b-uchl axis certainly, the requirement is that the members have the opportunity to view those maps. and then, we would you will all the who. >> to leave open monday through wednesday. for the possibility of social session. and field first and 12th district were created primarily because of race. that's could move more black residents out of 12th and possibly into the 10th district which touches asheville.
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federal court as early as as tuesday. >> >>. and how two presidential candidates tried to win over voters today's. >> and new concerns surrounding close hush of four city what
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away. earlier events features four presidential candidates. then ben care so jeb bush marco rubio and penelope cruz all made appearance today that comes as we are now eight days away from the south carolina republican have live report from the forum from news 13. and to other presidential candidates made campaign stops in south carolina today. hillary clinton hosted is town
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outside of key lube dropped 30s in he start in cold enough for snow this morning. but virtually no accumulation asheville south. no rain, no snow officially airport. surplus only about half an inch. turn towards inc. told
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will details coming up next. know you are news 13 sky watch weather.
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hour we are look live from our mobile tracker. look at that. still some snow lanes along i-26 as you heads towards sam gap dicy and icy situation especially tonight as temperature really drop off into the teens and knows locations the wind picks up might blow some of snow around so black ice bigger issue that's idea it is a snow still lying on ground there. now we turn our attention that bitter cold coming here current jet stream pattern ridging way up into canada and then diving south and east ward and look at the temperature currently three believe in international falls. sliding down. degrees. today. once >> icy and snowy situation, in monday morning. so snow already falling monday morning. some freezing rain and sleet falling piedmont and then rain south of there i think i-995 dividing line between ides to
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and rain, will actually become bigger story. warn this. >> low pressure comes right over the mountain and that's puts some warmer air up into this system. and that will change things over to rain. pretty quickly. light morning >> ashville. then storm goes east. in boom here comes cold air lined it. we get snow. as rain changes over once again. so it interesting scenario. i think the ice threat going to greatest in foothills. and then inincludes areas northeastern upstate and also a would go air as like foot hit morganton. towards green greensboro snow kinds of tapers. . this for monday winter storm snow, moderate lie high freezing rain reason. moderately lead on low end. rain on low end. i6. here gfs global forecast system model this is ensome be lot data coming together one model
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chance are 90% that asheville gets at least an inch if not more snow by end of day tuesday. 50% chance of three 40% chance. community in serb mountain, gurty got eat least an inch if not 207% chance of three inches more and then me gather 30% chance six inch or more change over to rain going happen sooner down over southern mountain you will see shut off the snow pretty quickly. tonight it is moment low clear. it is winds we deal with. watch towards sunday though the clouds starting increase here comes our snow already by monday morning, there it is! falling towards the morning hours. on monday. so morning messy commute on monday for the area. snow fall accumulation rise again tonight but then we add on couple inches by day break 12346r789 >> wow!
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look single digits lows. >> and teens snont. and highs only in 20. tomorrow. look at that! . teens, for highs in new land. and also into boon. brutal cold. guys. tomorrow. val valentine's day not much better. more winds to deal with then we get back to messy situation on monday. >> then we closer to 60 in the. that's. monday going to be great. >> yes. >> yes. still ahead, new exhibit billed how past films play leading role. . and valentine's day, means suite for your sweets coming up find out if people are spending more on their loved ones this so, let me get this straight -- u.s. cellular has the phone you're looking for, a network that's built to give you coverage way out here where the other guys don't, and 6 gigs for only $40 a month.
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. one want wonders what happened to some military momentos. ryan shut down last week and cleared out moment of equipment. hen ahen with an over years the community has contribute everything army crack et cetera personal photos to restaurant
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for the armed forces. featured film are now on dislay. through the home you can finds con stums seen in academy award winning films worn by actresses and actors themselves. that includes dresses from pride and prejudice and mary shelly franken stein plus the costumes worn by likes of market really, rob bed red ford. >> each costumes is it from film from wedding scene in thenist they cover a span of about 200 to 250 years in so it is just incredible showcase of fashion history. >> the other part of showcase continues into ability ler hill village and dives family history behind built more. exhibit runs through july 4th. admission to the fashionable
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with the general admission ticket price. >>
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chi at humana, we know when you have your health... ...great things are ahead of you like seeing old friends or making new ones, learning some moves or showing off your skills and being free to keep on exploring. choose a humana medicare plan for the care you need... to help you have better health for everything that's ahead. humana. start with healthy. we meredith asheville humane society tiny little pup today. little chihuahua.
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she came to us as stray. she about three years old and she is a chihuahua mick >> and now, doing this small can be a little afraid at times i know coming in here she shake bit. put they warm up really well, too. absolutely so of course some times get a little shy. but you know she will be lap dog for she will get in your lap and be perfectly happy. do we know going >> sure. we haven't see her around animals yet. but i i am sure that she can work with you and see and can always bring your dog in if you want to have them meet here's well >> that will perfect for any one trying to come in how will someone go about adopting her dog. come over to us and check other snut get more information on wls -- let's get this girl adopted. >> what caughty. coming up in spike crime home break in area ashship when police say repeat theft more
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news 13 at 5:30 starts right now. >> snow fade. bitter cold tonight can another winter storm to track i lay out all details and time it out show you had how much to expect. . >> he is born again. >> the battle begins conservative christian voters tonight. residents speak out as republican candidates come to upstate. >> i feel like just feel like going to bigger surprise. >> valentine's day is this weekend. are people sending more this year than in years past. . . >> now, from western north carolina's news leader, in is news 13 at 5:30. >> now check out winter photos that have come into the studio here from our viewers. they have sent in lysa fisher posted this one. on pour facebook page the snow was coming down and lake. thissmorning.
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there. rachel, says that she got two inches of snow at her house. take look the grounds comply covered. and, this shot from tanya. she says, it is lake againville cash is her. . of course, the patio had a little bit dusting but outside you can see in the yard everything looking white. and very, beautiful. >> it is beautiful. >> all right we taste outside live, for look at what's happening on the roads. and unfortunately, our mobile tracker has lost its signal frozen its picture i believe. that's because it is cold outside. it is cold outside. >> what's going happening later on tonight. too. black ice bigger issue snow had a en for most part even though sealing light snow fall right up against the stein pore der leer.


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