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tv   News 13 at 530pm  ABC  February 12, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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there. rachel, says that she got two inches of snow at her house. take look the grounds comply covered. and, this shot from tanya. she says, it is lake againville cash is her. . of course, the patio had a little bit dusting but outside you can see in the yard everything looking white. and very, beautiful. >> it is beautiful. >> all right we taste outside live, for look at what's happening on the roads. and unfortunately, our mobile tracker has lost its signal frozen its picture i believe. that's because it is cold outside. it is cold outside. >> what's going happening later on tonight. too. black ice bigger issue snow had a en for most part even though sealing light snow fall right up against the stein pore der leer.
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he still winter these issued. knees go until 6:00 tomorrow morning. for all counties purpose will swan all of the way north. and ash county. for some light happening again until tomorrow. we have winds chill advise. this is dangerously cold stuff >> all right. 14 right you no windchill boon in our chael going down single digits even below store by horning. this just not going imgroove much tomorrow so, bitter cold. in forecast. 32 at 7:00 down to 20s by sdmien late layer up. i will who scenario will play out for next winter storm coming monday and my first call snow totals stick around for that. >> and stay with our latest
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your app store get this spree down loads. >> republican presidential candidates are battling for conservative christian voters unstate ahead of the primary next week. >> today, four candidates made their case for the presidency at the faith and family presidential forum in greenville. news 13 joins us from outside of the forum and darren what issues did candidates focus on. . >> well everything you would expect from conservative forum they talked about faith, family, military, and the constitution. now these are all issues that voter here in upstate care very deeply about. >> presidential election is come down to this. next week realm rep south carolina voters will head to the polls to cast their bhal lots. first in south primary. but first candidates will have to convince many voters especially here in the upstate they shared same conservative
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someone looking to bible for any answer and want lead our country back to where it was. our founding father you know make our country great again. >> i am look for candidate born glenn are couple who profess to be. and then, those who are have morial standards. their position on the life, i am very curious about. . . also, whether nor not they support common core. >> i really want to hear about how they are going to appeal tour generation. because that's on democratic side especially bernie sanders they have huge support for from the millimetre. . . >> from else hear from jeb bush. and then ben carson senators marco rubio and ted cruze. . . >> this play one last opportunities for the each candidate to get in front and abeal to many of these conservative christian voters. before the primary next saturday.
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candidates will participating in a debate tomorrow at here in greenville where we will be broadcasting life follow involved. . live tonight in greenville. . . news 13. >> ashville police are seeing spike in car and home break ins in one part of the city. thieves have zeroed on west ashville. where there has been ten home break ins, in recent weeks. cops say, the crooks are targeting cars and homes left unlocked. >> they are just going down scan pulling lands les and cars that are unlocked make the easier targets. >> police say repeat thefts more likely in the same area within 72 hours of original break in. urge everybody hide valuable from sight. also lock your cars. and home ms. >> and abc exclusion tonight. mother of one of columbine killers give willing her first television interview nearly 17 years after the tragedy. sue taked her relationship with
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she also talk about the victims and what happened inside her home leading up to the shooting. >> one of their children had shot mine. . >> story air tonight on 20/20 at ten stnz. >> let's get look at the check on the friday afternoon drive. looks like people are driving already to the stores to buy those roses. yes. jacqueline got look at what's happening i-26. yes. you are buying some roses letting towards hi 26 look out for delays we seeing so some slow moving traffic here. also going want look for slow moving traffic on west bounds side of this mother of hi be 26 in is your spot avoid right now. smokey park highway also a problem. we are seeing some slow downs in spots now he had avoid. that's look at your on time
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of. >> valentine's day sunday for many that means, spending on your swaet heart. last year americans spent near who 19 billion klauers valentine's day. news 13 evan donovan takes a look at whether this year could be biggest year of all. >> looking around you know, finds a gift for my wonderful girlfriend. he young guy. but planning his best valentine's day yet. 3i6 last year, i at any time really have job kind of hard. i job. and i saved money like, two months ahead you know kept saving up. >> not alone after record setting year, in 2015 the national retail federation
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nearly $20 billion this year. >> amy says? >> spending his definitely up this slay day. >> when first working here, boss says that as long we are page x amount. for day happy. know we questionly make three times that money. . >> sea says say day being on sunday, actually hurts last-minute walk-in business. i would say yes. means you guys. he accept irving of course seen like he got all planned out. i think pick them up tomorrow morning so then, i will surprise tommorrow morning. look like analyst and romantics, think he wouldn't be only one that year. in ashville. news 13. >> nash they say the biggest spending on the usuals. flowers and candy. but in year, more people are expected to buy clothing and evening out with their loved one . >> there is at least one thing you can give on valentine's day
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too many dime in your heart. we asked kids what love is. >> love means, that someone actually likes you. and someone loves you for who you are. >> and, some times they best friends. how you most love your family memorandum sore god. because, he made us all. . and, think efsh what love is. >> time to be with you yochlt and, love you then, they are worth loving. . >> news one do have you valentine's day plans? . . you lock on to slash news 13 to answer. our question of the day. >> next our business report,
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mobile device. of >> lot probably because of oil. oil prices rebound today. after briefly dipping to some new lows yesterday. price dropped blow 27 but recovered after the wall street journal report possibile production cuts. cuts organization of the petrova experting countries would help ease the global gluft crude oil. that has crushed commodity in recent months and sent u.s. gas prices on downward spiral. >> mortgage rates fell again this week. from 3.72 to 3.65%. that's lowest level in about ten months.
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despite fed times faster than today's average four glte connection. did could you get all of that. i did. i don't know. >>er is take place fixed location in texas. it is going faster bigger and and. i can't keep up with. i can't keep up it. >> we are going .
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will faster but like this is 100 times faster. seems fact you have no idea. temperature 42 degrees for high temperature today that was in afternoon and then we fell back and 30s. 26 low this morning we didn't pick up any rain or snow so efficiently in asheville we still have about 5, 7 for year snow lingers mounttin but daengs gerrously cold what we are foes
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i will tame it out snow still lies grounds madson count here we are up towards cold spring ranch actually heywood into madison county 26 degrees on news 13 sky cam. that's 4,000 feet yes several inches snow someplace up there. now wee focus on bitter cold that's coming folks in canada percent from the artic in here it is. three believe in international fews. 20 in shall chicago. cincinnati. that's just a going to the jet stream right on down into our neck of the woods leer. so unfortunately, it is going very cold. then we turn our attention to next week. monday tuesday another winter storm to track here. this one going to be a little put further another shop in starts. even down ashville moment beginning of this system going to snow. and then moment beginning this system will be ice. further to east we are talk
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laying foothills. northern unstate on east ward too. . >> starts move through. and then everything starts and afternoon on monday changing most of over to rain. briefly. before we go back to snow. as system move by. on in so this going to really big deal real fun mess. winter storm watches and impacts either are watching for snow impact to moderately high. and western north carolina freezing rain also be big impact especially east. sleet and rain not at much of an impact. lane certainly come it will be heavy but again the impact from it wouldn't be as big of a deal. there are snow showers waining dodo't future cast and you see, mostly clear skies. by the afternoon tomorrow. gusty winds will be with us so it is going to feel mighty cold
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ashils on your 12340e fall accumulation. 24 anything. in plus. then see about 4 to 6 in mountain north, and then north most mountain 6 to 8 inches before in storm starts to change everything into rainfall. so temperature tonight. very cold. . in 20 snoz and teens. across the area. even as far south as upsay the. look for highs in teens and 12340z tomorrow. around frieding on valentine's day. and then, noticeably, warmer and certainly by the end of week. >> and time right no next out tail see it shooting are it ends is particular pure. john smith sends us this shot. take a look. at that beautiful sunrise.
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nice look at the mountains. that's great photograph. thaech you for that. question sends yours p p too.
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john french pinball jack of all trades photo journalist shows us why and tonight's carolina moment. >> hi there. you guys coming into play today? it is $13 each and then you just play all you want. >> flaw sufficient here you can't finds anywhere else. >> i am really not great pinball first machine that speaks and first that mean super hero sdmeem first machine that lower play filed. one that we offered they have been in the public in you know deck alled or more. >> some times i am awesome. >> be i am on week routine waiting limits. and have an hour three hours long. i think just random lover. . . >> when break,bly technician john, john french. they get them up and running. french fry. french fry french dressing. . .
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these the gentleman that owned this arcade. and, he just let me start fixing swichdz, and you know i learned to sued der when i was or >> he gave my keys on one let me start fixing them. >> and everybody pumping quarters i had keys. . i have a degree drut electronic. . . is really hard no play on them. . you willty not job in new mexico
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is on space station freedom. just after the cold wear. and my little neck of the world just kinds of melted. >> i sure have lot more fun playing pinball ma danies than i did computers. it is not like related you game. spontaneous. give going to do same thing twice >> if you guest red. you can set your angels there a sue surprise. >> i are really job. i mecca electrician. all right we got. you make auto mated system beverage as you industry one with happy. i never dreamed that would be spend so much time working on these in had. >> he gach 2k3w0d he has got high! >> we have. . .
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came to me made phone call. said, john i want to pinball museum. . woo baby! . . . >> he asked paid irup with him. . said well i do haven't any money invest but can i give you my time. . and never dreamed it would be a big as it is. >> he last earned part of business. he one of the owners. i talked to the me cleans. you coming into play. he talk is to the people. >> together he would make pretty
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>> news leader this is news 13 at 6:00. >> off top tonight we want take you live outside our news 13 mobile track driving around madison county. is on highway 23 right now. and here conditions look like. there snow as you can see road pretty clear though. but it is black ice that can hard to see. it could lead some dangerous travel conditions. and notion conditions, are expected to get worth by monday. we have a team tracking what's happened with winter weather and what's still to come. let's begin with chief meterologist opinion morgue. by monday morning day break we likely already seeing counsel laying of snow ball back i high country. that's somehow soon it will charge. right now just a have flurries most of snow has ended in high country. thinks accumulation not be
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but still winter weather advisories out for nye of bother der counties here excluding grand and cherokee county. some of 3500. we got windchill advisory kick in. for moment of us western north carolina that means windchill subzero danger grewly cold toe protect yourself protect the pets. protect the pipes you know what? we are talking deans by morning windchill subder so. and our windchills in single digits leer in asheville. so, it is going guest mighty cold. 327s down 20s by 9:00 still in 20s in at 11 bit try. stay tuned later show, i will teaming up our meterologist we will time out that next winter storm and show you all of the wintery scenario n stick around. . >> with all of schools closing from the snow. alone six mountain county school system did not have class.


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