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tv   News 13 at 6pm  ABC  February 12, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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but still winter weather advisories out for nye of bother der counties here excluding grand and cherokee county. some of 3500. we got windchill advisory kick in. for moment of us western north carolina that means windchill subzero danger grewly cold toe protect yourself protect the pets. protect the pipes you know what? we are talking deans by morning windchill subder so. and our windchills in single digits leer in asheville. so, it is going guest mighty cold. 327s down 20s by 9:00 still in 20s in at 11 bit try. stay tuned later show, i will teaming up our meterologist we will time out that next winter storm and show you all of the wintery scenario n stick around. . >> with all of schools closing from the snow. alone six mountain county school system did not have class.
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stew z have attend will full day of school all week. that's where news 13 jones us lee too were disblissed early once den today. >> yes. school actually did start. about 8:00 this morning. here in haywood county but snow started falling shortly after that. and this district leaders decide sends kids home at 7930 --. of since students did go to school today, this is not considered a snow day. seven of them have been used one was made up with saturday school. they say they average eight know . . earlier dismissnal came based country. 2 to 4 inches at higher elevation. and based upon safety of at the of. >> transporting, ghirn on 70 you a yellow businesses we tends to other are on side of caution. >> superintendent. direct >> says.
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days tait schools is expected to ends on june 10th. now notice at this point about ends any more make up days. on saturday. reporting live from wanesville. news 13. two men have been found dead in henderson county hotel. deputies found john tucker and leonard lefter dead in room at the mountain any and suites. both are from out of sight. . there o >> be font. body of missing hey widecount been found. family spokesperson says the scott turner body was found today. in normal prnl i had bun noon. severe does and doing sdes people there word on the causes of his death. >> for million dollars in damage. that's what cherokee tribe asking federal jury to award after the parking deck at the harris kay casino and owe they
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of tribe suing construction company and its contractors. sought alleges companies failed stand in if it care design. e p/e hardware pro plan to start cleaning up the former cts site. this first phase will remove all almost you have the chemicals, from more than three acres of property near mill gap road. news 13 joins us with story and john what are people saying about this. neighbor will cautious it want the cts to don't don't don't don't. over what do with polluted ground.
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. we can making difference in lives hundreds of people every months. got together told story really isn't about them. well yes and no. the welsh get credit higher power penal like them, who are meeting large need >> our bless
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sharon wells shall. expectations to be fed. >> we? >> the place are in there. it is home made. with hospitality generousity the welshes are known for 123678. >> they help lots and lots of people. close helpers. the ones who distribute news sands pounds food that bill and sharon gathered through donations. they call it, the lord's harvest. if weren't for them. there it no way serve as many people he was cost do because, it is huge. we will go down here to barge next. need huge. is thattedson county where they live is one of moment food insecure places in the nation. >> second in stater? >> trel me he will to. fifth in nation. not whether how or if they will have if. they are helping people like this young more of two. christie. it is embarrassing for a lot of people to say, i need help.
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say, you know, to them it is like you are saying you know you are not making it as parents. we think of ourselves as the land golden opportunities. and this wonderful the dinner bowl, of the world. and you know but there is huge ger. >> why welsh any volunteers lord harvest, grinds away at hunger. with 1925 corn grindser they make corn meal. but in bags 123w46789 take thousands of pounds of the potatoes and beans bought with donations and lot of the welsh's own money to distribute throughout madison orrian see county and beyond. . . we have reached even into ohio kentucky. west virginia. then we have churches tennessee. where we are helping community have in barnsville. >> baenz poe tay goes corn meal
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1600 families a months. each with ufeel about this stories but common need. h not -- in not bill and sharon's story. it is something that i feel really passion nast about. . >> was called to do. . >> there we go complaim. . it was there. >> come a position in action. because of bill and sharon welsh's dedication, donations, and work from volunteer like these college students, from marz hill. >> we like to give people home. . families and needs. >> because sometimes. you just a little bit of help. and, god so good. to sent us bill and sharon 12346r789 >> like help the welsh or learn more about the lord's harvest, go to our web site. and complik news links. >> elk hunting gets approval of
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commission. >> it so the for future hunting season and to remove elk from list of species special concern. . elk reintroduced into the great smokey mountain in 2001. causing harm to live to as well destroying property. >> would not be allowed in the national park. . >> result of their vote. whatever the state comings in terms of management just side of the patienting isn't going to affect how we manage elk within the park. >> wild life commission says, permits wouldn't beish alled until the elk population reaches sustainable number. >> well after the break meterologist, zack green and i will be detailing next winter storm we will lay out time line, and show you when to expect it and what. we look danger cross cold especially through morning hours. tomorrow. and then you see this. 2346 neglects winter hit.
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in the first look at it. some thing we will be moon
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yea, that feeling deal with bitter cold for here it is. national temperature four believe 0 international falls. follow jet stream just diving right south and east ward into the carolinas and that's way the weather will go in terms of cold temperature it is going follow that. >> inpanel forecast for the winter storm coming monday. snow, big impact there freezing rain. likely pretty big impact as well. sleet and rain, moderate impact so this really going to be snow to rain event for moment in western north carolina but there will be some freezing rain. we will show you where. with the scenario playing out. right now we are to caused on snow on ground and of course some of still falling high country that lead winter weather
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until 6:00 tomorrow morning. watch out black eyes. and they secondary roads as well. by morning we leering out. quickly. the winds and chill, will be big story tomorrow windchill subzero tonight. and around the 0. ashville. and then only getting a little built better into afternoon. even those sun back, it is really just psychological am boost. very quickly. and then start push that cold air further south. and then, easy more snow as far south as georgia south carolina line here my first call know fall totals. look pifrn here. six cover the high elevation of smokey and the northern blue ridgian see mitchell avery count black mountain just burnsville
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that much 6 to 8 inches this an earlier estimate of course these numbers may likely change. then stripe here 4 to 6 incheses >>. wested so. then,ty get in these feel colours about 2 to 4 inches high elevation make in january. central southern. hey wad high elevation gram and then get these white areas and that's really going to where limited snow fall is about 1 to 3 inches total in ashville and areas south. and northern henderson county that's going call right now. but going to be a very tricky scenario. 18 degrees for low tonight. teens and single digits north. highs tomorrow, only in the teens. and 12340z in there is your seven day forecast. we do get freezing on say day. that's best we can do in is there change it rain. lot of now let's talk meterologist zack green about the wintery scenario that most
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>> style about 48 maybe even 72 hours away from this's vents but ier i will vague. >> 3500. transition fairly quickly. you see ice there. but go through. comes right across our region, we will start transition. into rain showers. and then even further still, come monday evening, transitioning back into snow but at that point the moisted sure contents has really moved off a little bit further to the east. and we are not going to be playing out whole lot as we make our way tuesday afternoon. cold blast overnight tonight. bringing us through the rest of the weekend as you said freezing pointing on way for sunday. six inches.
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a 6:30 on freezing here but spring rapid approaching you know about here drivers day tone into speed week and start of the 2016 nascar season. practice today daytona 76 degrees. one big changes had year jeff
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spot in booth. >> big story week so far won't kept see stretch that eye ceo cause put on weight, bryan vicker going to drive tony stuart 14 shef key while recovers from back injury he suffered atv crash last week at san diego he says expected to race later this enone once healed supports vick. he fired up ready do go. western kaefl get win cats upsit will. >> hit some south. >> take step back. 19-points lead love this. check he drives -- don't real he does not have ball anymore goes up any way. or the other evened comes devon
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>> western carolina winning they pulled huge upset snapping doonled the unya. and last one really hurt because, here comes rads ford on the drive. this with a will shower shawn davids gave him lead they won't surrender. 60-59 that final. we got college double head owe -- of >> big basketball weekend nba
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rentive of the basketball haul tail they for 2016. . good includes shaqueille oneil. already seen. >>. not tonight so much i mean terms bottomlining ice going get worse but winner storm hits on honda one going pretty significant for the area. we get friesing only by sundaying it going to be rough. cold. all right. for more local news we turnover to news 13 on my 40 and then join us again at 11 right here
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breaking news tonight. what donald trump just threatened to do. trump tonight saying he might sue ted cruz over being born in canada. and on the other side, bernie sanders is asked, is he standing in the way of history? the first woman president. how he answers. and a horrific machete attack at an american accident. and, temperatures not seen in almost 100 years. silence broken. >> could you have prevented what
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and tim tebow is here tonight. hard to imagine he had trouble at the prom. tonight, how he's helping thousands. good evening. great to have you with us on a busy friday night. breaking news in the race for the white house. donald trump's threat late today. the primary in south carolina, donald trump saying he may sue ted cruz himself because he was born in canada. jonathan karl leading us off. >> reporter: for a moment, it looked like we'd be seeing a kinder, gentler donald trump. >> i won't use foul language. i'm just not going to do it. >> reporter: trump is now taking his feud with ted cruz to a new level, tweeting this threat. "if ted cruz doesn't clean up his act, stop cheating, and doing negative ads, i have


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