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tv   News 13 Tonight  ABC  February 12, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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nashville police missing after body was found in a parking lot just north of downtown. police say at 4:30 p.m. they got a call of an adult found dead outside central park office on central avenue. fire crews assisted police with forensic analysis on the scene. police are not saying whether they suspect i'll play. >> investigatatg a suspicious death ongoing investigation but we do not believe there is any threat to the community that we do believe it's an isolated incident. >> we will continue to update you as we get new information. >> turning to her other big story tonight arctic blast about to hit the mountains. snow is already falling in some areas and is a lot more behind it. we want to get right to chief meteorologist jason boyer was tracking this winter. snow has returned it's all light snow for the most part
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elevations but it will add up already half inch reported in the last couplplof hours up and burnsville we make a little more than that in the northern mountains ttt's why we have those winter weather advisories which are up for these counties along the tennessee border snow now to the west and north of marshall coming down over hot springs could get another one top to inches overnight tonight again the snow is really going to taper off the northern mountains kind of data way were not looking at much more than just a few flurries in asheville overnight tonight don't expect any accumulation. turn our attention to the bitter cold coming in wind chills advisory kicking in at midnight tonight new saturday not for lower elevations but for i elevations because the windchill values will be 5 to 15 degrees below zero that means frostbite in say 15
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exposeseto that so people pets and pipes the 3p's we need to think about protect the pipes are tech the pets and of course watch up for the elderly to. seven degrees the windchill now in boone 14 in newland 23 in asheville going down and teens by daybreak with our air temperatures and then the windchill is likely in the single digits in many places around the bunker county region elsewhere to pick 23 by the lunch hour not much in sunshine will help much either but we have snow to think about the next week and i'll show you all the details on that in my first call snowfall forecast in just a bit. >> that bitter cold will hit especially hard on the northern mountains.justin ends lying for some medicine county more what people up that we are doing to prepare for another round of winter weather. justin. >>reporter: we been driving all over addison but we wanted out in kind of see what this wind actually feels like actually regretting that now but here's a look we've had several gusts of them come to
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moving all around over here. also got the flags blowing everywhere. as we found this bitter cold this continued to move in is not affecting everyone.>> it is february. so here we go. it comes to winter weather your typical response might be --i told them i'm cold is a bear. a big bear. but not for the vast majority of folks. this is really nothing for you. not really but even with windchill is already blasting through the region with more expected overnight, making the to feel like -5 degrees by morning, they're not worried. >> that's fine with me. doesn't bother me. as long as i got heat at home that's fine. >> there use to it and its thickets even colder is always room for us to stay 93 the big blizzard. >> of course not going to be quite that bad but we should note that i was speaking with the sheriff earlier today out here that is a county already had to rescue one person from which tower that color proving to be too ageist for some folks but if you do have to get out
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bundled up to brave some of the element. >> knew tonight while on the way to one story one of our crews came across a vehicle fire and called 911. a minivan caught fire just before 6 o'clock along moore avenue. onlookers try to put out the fire moments before firefighters arrived. the driver says she just picked up her band from a mechanic when it stalled and then went up in flames. >> i've lived a lot of life and god is my friend. i'm talking to you now.i'm not in that car. and it didn't blow up. >> luckily no one was hurt that driver wants to thank everyone who came to her rescue.>> north carolina awaits a fiddle judges ruling on its border id law. starting with the presidential primary next month, voters will need to show a photo id before they can vote. the point of the law is to prevent voter fraud. an 86-year-old asheville woman
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experience.>>reporter: the right to vote is a fundamental part of a democracy. it's what this country was founded on i think we all should. this asheville woman takes her to duty seriously. >> the first time i voted was when dwight eisenhower was running for president. 86-year-old reba bowser more specifically reba m bowser. the m is why we're here. >> a new state law requires her to show a photo id to vote. she moved to north carolina in 2012 and gave up driving. in 1950 when she got married, we would change to middle name. >> monday she came with her son to the west asheville dmv she didn't have a pennsylvania marriage license and the dmv said no. >> she was mad but she can also joke.
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[laughter] >> except he was taller. >> bows his daughter-in-law heard about what happened a few hours later. i was livid. i was infuriated. so i sat down and wrote the facebook post because that's what you do i guess. she nicely wrote 220 words they quickly reached hundreds of thousands of people including the dmv. friday the dmv came to bowser. >> she signed an affidavit saving back in 1950 she legally changed her middle name. >> 20 minute later, the dmv approved a photo id request. it should arrive in 10 days. you can vote go vote for donald
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>> state lawmakers could be headed to raleigh next week to deal with new district maps. i would say maps are probably in process and the process of being prepared. i served on the redistricicing committee when the original maps were drawn of course in the minority party.but certainly the requirement is that the members have the opportunity to view those maps and then we would ultimately vote on them. the house speaker warned lawmakers to leave open monday through wednesday the possibility of a special session. an appeals court ruled the first and 12 districts were created primarily cousin of race. that could move for african-american residents out of the 12 and possibly into the 10th district which touches asheville.
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court as early as tuesday. >> two men found dead in medicine county motel eastbound john tucker and leonard leopard dead in a room at the mountain in suites upward road. both of them out of state there's no word right now and how they died but investing is do not suspect foul play. >> the body of a missing haywood county man has been found. a family spokesman says scott turn his body was found today in northern oconee county around noon.turner went missing from his job at the green packaging on monday. his pick up was found the next day the search area in the upstate. >> three people have been arrested in part county for robbery that happened in gatlinburg. investigators say they pulled over suspicious vehicle in columbus and found that the inside. they later discovered the men were suspects in a robbery that happened at a restaurant in
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investigators say the men used a gun and a knife to threaten the life of a three-year-old to force employees to open a safe. >> we're learning more about a sore machete attack that happened at a restaurant while the fbi is now involved. >> tonight we're talking with the team was become a social media star. coming up in tonight family
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some so often we put on the negative side of social media sometimes can experience some pretty cool stuff online. you're about to be to teenagers whose using instagram to show up more beautiful side. and she's built up thousands of followers. here's sheila gray with tonight family 4-1-1 report. >>reporter: the colors are so pretty i love these a lot i definitely recommend them. meet riley a 13-year-old girl with an i-4 makeup but one thing sets are part she has more than 45 thousand followers on instagram.
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then i use an actual camera a professional camera that was in my phone and then i got more followers. >> like most people in the social media spotlight riley sometimes get negative comments on a page but she doesn't let it get to her. i know it's like easier said than done but people really shouldn't worry about it because they really don't have any right to judge you because i don't know you. i don't think the internet really downgrades my self-esteem or whatever puts me down more just like me up. instead of giving up riley is only thrown itself more passionately to a page. working for hours on her production skills. riley's learn to stand up for herself online too.she gets help from good role models have a big sisters and families involved. and she's become more bold and more creative. and learning how to deal with
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out on the internet it's out there. so being cautious and being careful about how you word things and being kind to people when they have different opinions and i think she grows as a person is a 12-year-old today she's been counted with things with far bigger than i have experienced. and so watching her on social media has to grow and how to handle those things. with grace has been really cool sometimes it's scary still but it's been awesome watching her develop as a person. >> and part of growing up riley has been learning to focus on the positive. >> while they like to tell you all my gosh you're so good at makeup like i hope you never stop like your videos are really amazing your editing is good. and so it's really like encouraging. >> that the pages got in such a big response riley now has company sending her products asked her to post reviews. she's always experimenting so who knows where it all might lead.
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and stuff would be cool. and fun. >> that's interesting. >> if you don't have to be outside tonight and tomorrow maybe a good time to stay inside by a fire. jason tomorrow expecting it to be the coldest so far this year? it's certainly possible as wind chills get below zero in asheville we better teens already this winter but that wind is going to be relentless and it already so here's a couple hints that are cold protect yourself wear layers that's obvious but cover exposed skin you could get frostbite in a matter of 15 to 20 minutes in some of this cold drip the faucets tomorrow night and check the car battery specially for cars outside check on the pets and check on the elderly as well make sure everybody stays warm still
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two things that are relentless the wind and the snows in some cases referred to weather advisory out until 6 o'clock in the morning this is
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coming monday this is all tonight into the early morning tomorrow one or two inches of additional snows possible especially during along the tennessee border don't expect that for any location of every location here in the winter weather advisory but black ice a big deal we have refreezing on the roads of some melted snow earlier today the wind it's going to help the process taking the heat away from the pavement and concrete putting the icy situation in play. especially for bridges and overpasses watch out there. look at the cold coming this is arctic chill folks bona fide chill 12 below zero current temperature international falls numbers been dropping off 20 in cincinnati we still sit above freezing but just barely in asheville on the reason wire above freezing is because of the cloud cover that still overhead and bringing stories to the city at this point. impact forecast we go toward monday the winter storm starts up sunday night into monday
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rain a big deal sleet and rain not as big of a deal the impacts them all their will going to see these impacts from the snow significant snow and possibly some difficult icing to involved wintry mix to rain is how it looks right now. let's start you out with that track this is the most likely scenario blend of the computer models together this what were looking at snow to start almost everybody was to north carolina. snow in significant snow accumulating into monday afternoon and then a changes over the rain but how soon does it happen if it takes longer to change over to rain obviously we're going to get more snow accumulation on top of that we have to complicate this forecast with ice freezing rain and sleet. piedmont halls getting down to the northern upstate this getting a community sleet relating freezing rain obviously freezing rain is a worst-case scenario to talk about wintry weather can't
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it and all the rain south of 85 a lot of rain going to fall south of 85 but watch as a systems comes northeastward over the mountains monday afternoon it puts warmer air in place. that shuts the snows off for the southern mountains cherokee clay graham county most of macon county you out of that snowfall likely and then it's back into the rains were even places like asheville piedmont before we get another round of snow coming on the backside of that system as it goes east into early tuesday. so that is going to really be a tricky forecast of easy things will change don't hold your breath for this one. to be exactly how it looks right now. northwest winds gusting all night long snows and by morning in the mountains that we cloud up and look at this by monday, midnight here come the snows already falling in the mountains over east tennessee and then watch as this does to get really convoluted and complex here we have pink
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investigators now believe the test to 50 new girls in the school in arizona was a murder suicide.
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high school near phoenix where it happened. both girls were shot once at a weapon was found near the bodies outside the school's cafeteria.the teenagers had been identified but the names are not being released. because they are juveniles. a machete attack in ohio getting the attention of the fbi investigators say -year-old mohammed barry attacked four people in a restaurant in columbus with a machete. one of the victims was critically injured.barry was later shot and killed by police police say information connected to the registration of the car driven by the attacker triggered an alert that required them to contact the local terrorism task force. >> stranger stepped in to help the sky woman who was involved in a bad car crash. the hero was a former firefighter who had been trained to handle rescue like this when he found himself involved in on interstate 95 in fayetteville. former firefighter was on his way home from work when he saw a driver went off the interstate crash through the
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he pulled over and went to work. >> her passenger side doors were both jim to shut. the only way to get her out with the driver side. it was being barred closed by the cable so i pulled the tables as hard as i could just enough so she could get the door open and squeeze out. >> the driver walked away with a few scratches and bruises. >> williams addresses his
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night boston williams back on the bench coaching north colli gets parents and first time since that scary incident tuesday at boston college when he collapsed on the second half is when from vertigo something's had to deal with often on last few years. a quick movement apparently
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people including williams he talks about the incident and his health. >> yeah i feel fine it was unfortunately on national television. non-positional vertigo what that means is usually has to be a traumatic sudden jerking of your head or some movement in your head and the rocks in your brain really the inner ear the little pebbles get out of the tracks they stop bouncing around off the walls and you're very dizzy. we were definitely concerned i mean, we don't want to ever see our coach go down like that but at the same time we know coach is a fighter he's going to do anything can to get back out there with us. >> carolina host pit send it one person acc. basketball recognize she broke the school's all-time scoring record thursday 2140 points helps lead are still perfectly record. congrats. w nca smokey mountain they went opening-round games the
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mountain the go smokey mountain schola one voice to the back top seed 98-92 when. speed with stud in daytona today was get ready to start the 2016 nascar season big news 76 degrees the first practice of the year today. one of the big changes jeff gordon the broadcast booth this year not the track with fox. jimmy johnson has a pole sunday qualifier for daytona 500 start at one best beefsteak carlos and 199 kasey cain 199 denny hamlin third fastest 199.067. fixed of the week so far between officials today brian vickers replace tony stewart start the season the 14 chevy india back last week atv accident in san diego had surgery is now rehabbing he will race again this year. >> big basketball we can nba all-star game in toronto also
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basketball hall of fame they named finalist for 2016 the group includes shakeel o'neil tom is a groton alan iversen i was in the former georgetown nba star still is true about all the particulars involving the hall of fame like the one part. >> congratulations on the nomination and we may be seeing you later this summer you never know. >> later-- where? >> springfield? >> oh i hope so. [laughter] we love you man. you never know -- i'm good to go maybe 12 hours of the future that's about it. let's talk about what's happening here in our future 26 weatherwise tomorrow it's going to be up brutally cold day with wind chills in the single
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ca and now abc's "jimmy kimmel live." >> dicky: from hollywood it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight -- george clooney. plus dave salmoni and animals. with cleto and the cletones. and now, most of all, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: i'm jimmy. i'm the host. thanks for watching.
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[ cheers and applause ] i'm so happy that you dressese groundhog day. happy groundhog day. punxsutawney phil did not see his shadow this morning, which means one of two things. either spring will come early this year or punxsutawney phil is a vampire. [ laughter ] this is the big announcement. it was made very early this morning from a place called gobbler's knob. >> is this weather more than a trend? perchance this winter has come to an end. there is no shadow to be cast! an early spring is my forecast! >> what the hell is wrong with you people? [ bleep ]. get your finger out of my ass! >> jimmy: well, since 1988 punxsutawney phil has been right 13 times, been wrong 15 times. it's almost as if this whole thing is meaningless. [ laughter ] you know, we have a great show


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