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tv   News 13 Saturday at 6am  ABC  February 13, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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right now we are on the leading edge of a lot of cold air, driving in from the north and west. how long is this cold snap going to last? what are we going to see for our valentine's day? and, yes, the next round of rain and snow is coming for the upcoming week, i will give you all the details in a little bit. >>evan: from your forecast straight to the freezing conditions outside, news 13's hope hanselman join us live from our mobile track unit and she is right now on river road in woodfin. good morning, hope, ho how are you seeing conditions out there? >>hope: hey, good morning, evan, yeah, a fresh layer of powder all around buncombe county. we have been driving around a little bit this morning to show you what you can expect as you head out the door and with our photographer ken corn. and right now you are looking at ads, the intersection of river road in wood fin. you can see road street is covered in snow, because this is one of those less traveled roads. but, as we pull on to river road, you can see a little bit of asphalt peeking through, but
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that is the issue this morning. these secondary roads, the roads that are not getting a lot of heavy traffic this morning, are covered in very slick snow. i was talking to ken, he came in on hendersonville road this morning and he said he was slipping around a little. i was, too, coming from buncombe county. and on the interstates you will definitely see some clear conditions on the roads, but the issue right now is that they are very wet. we anticipate that to freeze because the wind chill temperatures are freezing i. is one of those days that you want to bundle up before heading out the door. definitely, that wind is blowing hard enough to even rock our car around on the interstate. so, that's tough enough to deal with as you are driving around. put on top of that the conditions with the slippery kids, that is going to be an issue as you head out the door, too. we will head around buncombe county today, give you a look at what you may be expecting if you head out the door.
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take it slow. it's very slick spots especially at the intersections where people are stopping and starting. evan, i will send it back to you, hope hanselman, buncombe county. >>evan: thank you, hope, and for all of you be safe out there. the republican candidates will debate at 9:00 at the peace center in greenville. for donald trump it's a chance to extend his lead after a lopsided victory in new hmgg*\+_vkvu^h yn >> we won every single category in new hampshire. irony in donald accusing anyone of being nasty. the front running candidate shouting out obscenities in front of children? >>evan: on the democrat k side, hillary clinton who lost big in the granite state needs a solid win over bernie sanders to reassure her supporters. the south carolina primaries are
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different days for the two parties. the republican primary is a week today, that is next saturday, february 20th. the democrat primary is two weeks from today on the 27th. news 13 will be there every step of the way. we have crews at the debate tonight with complete camamign coverage. news 13's darren botelho will bring up live updates ( ) throughout the debate and highlights at 6:00, 10:00, and 11:00, you can watch it on our web site or through the mobile app. north carolina's primary is march 15th. and for the first time, voters will need to show one of six approved forms of photograph identification. the primary could be affected by a federal judge's ruling on that photograph id law. 86 reerld reba bowzer went to the dmv to get her photograph id. in 1950 when she was married she changed her middle name but because she didn't have her pennsylvania marriage license, proving her middle name change, the dmv denied her.
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you do not have to spend $10 to get a marriage license and vote. that ain't right. you don't have to pay to vote. >>evan: she wrote what happened on facebook and after the post was shared thousands of times, thehe dmv employees came to bowzer to approve her documents for a photo id and she should get one in ten dais. state lawmakers could be headed to raleigh this coming week to deal with new district maps. >> i would say maps are probably in process, in the process of being prepared. i served on the redistricting committee when the original maps were drawn, of course, in the minority party. but, certainly the requirement is that the members have the opportunity to view those maps, and then we would ultimately vote on them. >>evan: the house speaker warned lawmakers to leave open monday thru wednesday for the
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an appppls court ruled the first and 12th districts of north carolina werer created primarily because of race. that could move more black residents out of the 12th and possibly into the tenth district. that district touches asheville. the state could hear from the federal court as early as tuesday. the legislature will hold six meetings across the state on monday to take public feedback ahead of that possible special session. you can attend the session right here, in robinson hall on the campus of unc asheville at 10 a.m. on monday morning. members of the public will have minutes. you can also provide feedback on the legislature's web site. screen. we also have a link on our own section. asheville police are investigating after a body was found in a parking lot north of downtown yesterday. police say at about 4:30 p.m., they got a cull about an adult found dead outside central park office on central avenue. fire crews assisted police with
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police are not saying whether they suspect foul play. we will continue to update you as we get new information. >> the investigation continues this morning after two men were found dead in a henderson county motel. deputies found john tucker and leonard left dead in a room at the mountain inn and suites town upward road. both of them are from out of state. no word on how they died but investigators say they do not suspect foul play. play. three people are under arrest in polk county for a robbery that happened in gatlinburg, tennessee. investigators say they pulled over a suspicious vehicle in columbus and found meth inside. they later found the men were suspected in a robbery that happened at a restaurant in gatlinburg. investigatorsors say the men threatened the life of a three year-old to force employees to open a safe. the epa has approved a plan to start cleaning up the former cts site in buncombe county.
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almost all of the chemicals from more than three acres of property near mills gap road i. was expanded after the public told the epa it wanted cts to clean more ground near their homes. while they are glad a plan is now in place, residents say they would like to see it expanded. the goal is to remove 95% of the toxic chemical tce. this cleanup will cost more than $9 million. zack, the big story is the weather. i woke up and wasn't expecting to see an inch accumulation outside my. >>zack: i think most of the areas saw less than that but the bigger implication is the wind. even though there is a light dusting of snow, we will be seeing it whipping around through the morning hours. there is still an advisory in effect, folks, and that wind is going to stick around all day long. don't expect too much of a warmup. bitterly cold temperatures. we are talking wind chill values, yes, maybe even below zero degrees in some mountain locations. valentine's day, looking dry. but the next round of rain and snow is quickly following.
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>> >>zack: we saw it late last night, and we are seeing ate cross the mountains, folks, especially for those north of i-40, a light trusting of snow at the moment. at this point it's coming to an end. the implications are still there. we are seeing it on the roadways and on top of that, the wind are whipping around right now. so, still, some light snowfalling as we make our way west into the smokies and into the northern mountains as well. overall, as we make our way further south, you are starting
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the upstate is going to see a lot of blue sky true through the morning hours and maybe some clouds in western north carolina but the sun is returning, hover, don't expect a warmup. right now, temperatures in the low 20s. mid 20s in some areas as we make our way further west. it's hovering in the freezing point for the upstate, but it's wind chill values that are going to be very, very cold. you see the winds whipping around at 23 miles per hour in asheville. 12 miles per hour in franklin as well as andrews. and they are going to be sustained at that point all day long. so, although it may be saying 20 degrees or so on your thermometer, it's feeling more like the single digits if not below zero. so, there is still a wind chill advisory for many western north carolina counties and we will talk about the single digits all day long. that's what it feels like. you will want to bundle up if you are heading out the door, but we are giving you this
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maybe stay inside a few hours. the road conditions are going to be improving by the late morning or early afternoon, but i think they could be hazardous at times with maybe some of the wet and possibly freezing conditions. now, as we head into about lunchtime, you start to see the clouds already dispersing. the wind vectors are still long and still going to be whipping around. we are staying clear in the afternoon hours and overnight hours, so a very chilly start to the day sunday as well, but then we pull in a bit of cloud cover. watch what happens as we make our way into sunday afternoon. here comes the snow. now, i think the majority of us are going to stay dry, but come monday, that's when things are certainly going to be shifting. and i want us to notice a few things on the map. blue, green, and pink. we are you can thatting talking snow in the higher elevations. as we make our way west, rain. and the pink is ice and sleet. big implications for east of i-26. how is this playing out? at first the low pressure system is still going to be wrapping that in, it's going to be snow for those in western north carolina. and i mentioned ice as we head further to the east.
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low pressure system starts sweep across our region. it's actually going to transition into rain as we make our way west of i-26. temperatures are going to be warming above that freezing point. and then, as this continues to push off and become a coastal low, we will transition things back into snow monday evening, bringing us into tuesday morning as temperarares are going to be dropping off once again. but, i think at that point the moisture content is maybe pushed far off to the east and it will be leaving little in terms of any accumulation at that point. so, still, a few days out from the major event but we are loloing at a few inches in many locations and 6-8" in higher elevations. 25 degrees we are forecasting in asheville this morning. certainly not going to be feeling like it. we see a bit of a rebound tomorrow. but late chance of rain and snow
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heart disease than anything else but many don't know the symptoms. news 13's darcell grimes gives you the details in this weekend's "health wrapp >>darcel: the number of zeka cases in the u.s. is rising. there are now 66 confirmed cases and as the numbers rise, so do concerns among athlete athletes preparing for the summer olive oils in brazil i. is spreading rapidly in brazil. some top u.s. athletes say they may have to consider skippg the games in rio in august. >> women are now 40, 45, closing in on 50% of the entire olympic games and almost all of them are of child bearing in mind age. >>darcel: the zika virus is linked to birth defects in a pregnant woman's unborn child. and if you still doubt the necessity of getting screenings, listen to this. heart disease is the no. 1 killer in women, yet many women don't know the warning signs. that's prompted the american heart association to publish a
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atabs written specifically for women. news 13's holly headrick tells us some of what's in it. >> holly: by checking her pulse rate and blood pressure every day, carmella powers can spot the most subtle signs of heart problems but for years she unknowingly would ignore them. she would get a pain in her jaw and had no idea it was a symptom of serious heart trouble. >> down in here, this is where it would just erupt. and it would come on real strong and then it would go away. >> reporter: after ignoring the pain for year, carmella had three heart attacks in a matter of days. over the last decade or so, doctors noticed that heartrt attacks in women can be very different than in men. >> it hasn't been compiled together about what are the symptoms, what are the treatments, what are the types of heart atabs that women experience. >> holly: now it has been compiled and accomplished by the american heart association in an 87-page scientific statement.
6:17 am
center was the primary author. she said heart attack differences in women can be stark and are often deadly. >> when women are having heart attacks, their recognition is often delayed. it can be a few hours, it can be days. >> holly: it can be due to subtle symptoms in women. both sexes have chest pain, but women can have shoulder oraw pain or may mistake heart attacks for heartburn or the flu, and while most men have heart attacks dew due to artery blockage. >> women can have different types of heart attacks. one is where they have intense spasm of their heart artery. >>holly: it's information the doctors no ed to treat heart attacks in women and now it's all in one place. >> this is like a one go-to document for physicians or health care providers to take a look at. >> holly: holly he dlik, news 13. >>darcel: and that's this weekend's health wrap.
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>>evan: snow prompts snow closures, and the snow days are adding up. we will tell you when the school year is scheduled to end. my computer's dying again. you'll need to email us so we can issue you a ticket. but you're right here. it's protocol. or, you can try staples tech services next day guarantee. it's fast and done right. i'll do that instead. that's not protocol marsha. in by noon, out by 5 the next day.
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>>zack: a chilly start to the day, folks. 22 degrees in asheville, but what you see is not what you get. those winds are whipping around at 23 miles per hour. they are coming from the north. it's part of a leading edge of the cold air that's going to be diving in from the canadian air mass. that's going to bring us temperatures down even into the low single digits. it will be feeling like for our wind chills, so, right now, 6 degrees. that's what it feels like in asheville. 19 in burnsville. now, other folks are not seeing as intense wind, but if you are going to be outside especially in the morning hours, bundling up. the road will also be a little hazardous this morning. they are expected to improve as
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>>evan: snow prompted a number of school systems to dismiss early yesterday morning. students went home at 9:30 in haywood county and because they were already in class, it counts as a full day. the decision to send kids home came because snow was coming down in all parts of the county. safety, as always, is the top priority.
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children on 75 yellowu-/1=ojqqmn yyb*)[$kkzhc;oofxxkes%;) >>evan: welcome back. 6:26. joining me is abbey dickinson
6:24 am
take bout the asheville beer expo, we have a lot of festivals but this is a little bit unique. let's start with you. tell me about why this is a special kind of beer festival, abbey? >> so, we are trying to really educate the public about the asheville brewery alliance and the beer scene. we have an incredibly unique beer scene. >>evan: we do. >> we are known for all the amazing craft beers made here and beer being one of them. so, this will be educational panels, 8 different panels and speakers, over a variety of different breweries across the area who are really experts in what they do. so, you get the opportunity to meet the craft breweries and learn about all the knowledge they have. >>evan: there's two different session, 1:00 to 4:00 and 5:00 to 8:00, it's on the 27th, two weeks from today. here is the poster for the beer festival. obviously the asheville beer brewers are a big part of
6:25 am
months ago. tell us what the brewers alliance does. >> our goal is to promote the asheville brewing industry in asheville and we have 50 member breweries now and a membership of almost 80, so we have a lot of great associate members that our breweries couldn't make that incredible beer without. so, law firms and accounting firms, beverage supply company, it really is an opportunity to not only taste great craft beers from the local brewers but also to get to know the other folks that make the industry possible. >>evan: perfect i. sounds like a great opportunity for for those who want to get behind the scenes a little bit into the asheville. two session, 1:00 to 4:00 and 5:00 to 8:00, saturday on the 27th, two weeks from today. cool topics. go check out the web site. if you like beer, you will want to be there. >>hope: you are waking up to slick road conditions around buncombe county.
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and a caramel-flavored swirl uplift your mood. indulge in a hot or iced macchiato today. america runs on dunkin'. now, in high definition, from the western north carolina's news leader, this is news 13 this morning. >>evan: a live look outside, blowing rock. snowy condition, you can see the wind. power lines moching up and down. wind chill effect is in place throughout the morning. so, please bundle up if you are heading out the door. >>zack: snow fell throughout the night in asheville as well. but the main story of the day is certainly going to be cold. now, you were just mentioning the winds are whipping around, even sustained above 20 miles per hour, so although your temperatures on your thermometer may say the teens and low 20s for the moment, the wind is going to be making it feel much colder. take a look at the wind chill value in asheville. 6 degrees currently.
6:29 am
sunshine is expected to return. that's good news. but the temperatures this afternoon are going to be far below average. dry and cold for saturday, as well as sunday, but another round of a wintry mix is on the way for the upcoming work week. i will bring you all the details what to expect all coming up in a little bit. >>evan: news 13 hope hanselman is tracking road conditions for us this morning. we just heard from zack about the weather taking place outside. now we want to get you over to the team coverage and talk to hope. she is out on merriman avenue this morning. even though much of the winter weather may come as a little surprise, she wants to prepare you for all these road conditions and, hope, what are you seeing out there on merriman? >>hope: yeah, evan, i think you kind of nailed it, hit the nail on the head i. was a surprise for some people to wake up to this, this morning. we will flip this around, yeah, so you can see the road. we are heading over to merryman, pulling away from the golf course here in north asheville.
6:30 am
you can see the secondary roads certainly have not been traveled well and are covered with snow, even merriman though here covered in snow and ice. underneath that you will notice as you head out your door, under that fresh powder is some slippery ice. it's enough to slip on, just walking around, but also on the roadways. so, we called over to buncombe county e. o. c. and they tell us they have seen several accidents throughout the county, just no place in particular, scattered around even on i-26. so the last time we joined you, looking pretty good. but it is very wet and that could cause some slippery spots. that's what you need to. what out for. if you gain some speed, heading down the roadway, you could control. the wind, too, like zack is talking about is bitterly cold. it's blowing the snow around. it's even blowing your car around. so, we have seen some heavy gusts come and i heard it all
6:31 am
that can cause some limited visibility for you, too. so, as we are heading down merriman we notice that when we came out of weaverville, actually, we are seeing conditions worse here in town. we are going to head more into town and see what is going on in some of the neighborhood streets and we will give you a live look throughout the show. so, stick with us for that. reporting live in our mobile track unite in asheville, hope hanselman, news 13. >>evan: a rutherford county family lost 5 of 7 dogs and most of their possessions in a devastating house fire thursday. smoke billowed out of the home on textile drive in spindale. two people were treated and released from minor injuries. the fire chief said there was no working smoke detector inside the home. just a few weeks ago the department installed dozens of free detectors in that same area. >> we actually canvassed the street, but for whatever reason the day the individuals may not have been at home when we came through. >>evan: the waters family also does not have renters insurance.
6:32 am
$700 to help. the cause of the fire is under investigation. the eastern band of cherokee indians filed a suit over a collapsed parking deck at harrah's cherokee casino. the deck gave way last february. the tribe's lawsuit seeks $4 million from the construction company and its contractors. the suit claims they didn't build the deck properly, and did not use the right materials. >> the north carolina wild life commission approved a limited elk hunting sub and to remove it from the list of species of special concern. they were reintroduced to the great smoky mountains in 2001. since then, the herd has grown and some now wander outside the park boundaries, sometimes causing harm to livestock as well as destroying property. the wild life commission says permits will not be issued until the elk population reach as sustainable number and no hunting will be allowed inside
6:33 am
a four mile stretch of hendersonville road will have a continuous sidewalk. work is being done on the east side of the road from long sholes north towards biltmore forest. the $3 million project will also pay for upgraded traffic signals, extending time for pedestrian crosswalks. >> anything we can do to make it easier for pedestrians to get around is much better. our asheville -- in some cases we have been slow reaction in getting sidewalks. >>evan: the project was delayed last summer because no contractors bid on it. the sidewalks should be completed by next december. investigators believe the deaths of two 15 year-old girls at a school in arizona was a murder/suicide. police say they found a suicide note at the high school near phoenix where it happened. both victims were shot once and a weapon was found near the bodies outside the school's cafeteria. the teens have been identified,
6:34 am
released because to they are juveniles. >> a machete attack in ohio is getting the attention of the fbi. 30 year-old mohammed berry attacked four people in a restaurant in columbus with a machete, one of those victims was critically injured. berry was later shot and killed by police. they say information connected to the registration of the car driven by the attacker triggered an alert, which required them to contact the local terrorism task force. >> a stranger stepped in to help a woman involved in a car crash near fayetteville. the hero, a former firefighter, had been trained to handle rescues just like this one. the former firefighter was on his way home from work when he saw a driver run off the interstate, crash through the guardrail, and flip several times. he pulled over and went to work. >> her passenger's side side
6:35 am
only way was to go in was barred closed by the cable so i pulled on the cable as hard as i could, just enough so she could get the door open and squeeze out. >>evan: the driver walked away with just a few scrapes and bruises. wow. >>zack: amazing story. >>evan: really lucky. >>zack: if folks are heading out on the roads today, take their time. >>evan: absolutely. >>zack: my advice would be, road conditions are improving in the late morning, early afternoon, maybe just stay inside through the morning hours. it will be bitterly cold out as well. >>evan: you came from a half mile away, right? you had to drive 10 miles per hour you said. >>zack: the wind was blowing the car around and hope was just mentioning that it's going to be reducing visibility as well during the mobile track all morning long. we will get back to her, but first we have to talk about the bitter cold, the valentine's day forecast and the next round of a wintry mix on the way for the upcoming work week. i will let you know when that snow is on the way and how long it lasts, all coming up after
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>> now, in high definition, this is your news 13 skywatch forecast. >>zack: well, folks, it started in the late evening last
6:39 am
folks waking up to it this morning. light snow on the ground and it's especially for those north of i-40. we are still seeing that light snow falling in some areas of the great smokies. this is some of the higher elevations as we make our way further east. we are seeing it in spots in spruce pine and actually south of marion as well heading down towards rutherford, but overall, the little in terms of an impact but if you are on the roads this morning, you want to take your time. some of the wet roadways are freezing because our temperatures are very cold. watch what happens as we make our way further south. we are talking clearer conditions. so the sunshine is going to be returning. we will see the clouds dispersing as we head through the mid morning hours. don't expect any warmth to be returning. 22 degrees right now in asheville. but that's not the way it will be feeling. the down into the single digits for the wind chill values and for much of western north carolina, we are still in a wind chill advisory, so that's going to be expiring by lunchtime at 12 p.m. but we will continue to have the winds whipping
6:40 am
afternoon. so, at times, it could feel even close to zero degrees certainly want to bundle up, the hat, glove, scarves, maybe inside the morning from inside. later this afternoon we will go to 6 p.m. this evening and we are still looking at single digits in terms of the wind chill vales and much of the same bringing us to sunday morning. we are looking at clearer condition, so the clouds are going to start dispersing and we see sunshine on the way. we are continuing with that trend for tomorrow morning. so yes it will be another bitter start on monday and cloud cover rolls in as we head through the mid and late morning hours on sunday. but we going to be staying dry for our valentine's day. watch what happens though as we head into sunday evening. you start to see the snow further northwest and it's going to come sweeping right through on monday morning. there is a few things we need to notice about the map here. we are you can thatting blue, we are taking pink and green. snow, ice, as well as rain. and there are certain times in which that is going to play a
6:41 am
north carolina and the upstate. it's going to be flakes to start at the higher elevation, above 3500 feet. ice is going to be seen east of i-26. and then making for some treacherous roadway ask you make your way closer to raleigh, but as the low pressure system starts to move through our region, it's going to be transitioning into rain. and you see that moisture content rolling in from the south west. so, there is going to be a bit of a mix as we head into the mid morning hours, and then in the later portions of the day the coastal low is going to be seen. snow will transition back as temperatures are going to be dropping below the freezing point once again. but the brunt of the moisture content in this point is pushed further east. i think accumulation will be minimal on the back end of this system. but, what are we talking about in terms of oh tall accumulation for monday into tuesday? we could see upwards of 1-3" at the lower elevation, higher elevations potentially 6" of snow, and maybe even more as we head further northeast, yancey, mitchell, as well as avery, some higher elevations are seeing. that. so that is something we will
6:42 am
temperatures this afternoon, we are talking mid and upper 20s, a few areas closer to the freezing point, but certainly not going to be feeling like that with the winds whipping around. sunday. but then you see it, monday, that's going to be the brunt of the storm and we start to quiet things down with a bit of a rebound in the temperatures from tuesday thru friday. >>evan: weddings have been movies over the years. coming up, where you can now see
6:43 am
6:44 am
meryl streep and gwyneth paltrow >>evan: 6:46. well come back. joining me is life coach deborah hawkins. we are here talking about valentine's day, and you might be single and feeling sad. it's okay. that's okay. we have some tips for you. good morning to you. >> good morning. i love this holiday. >>evan: me, too. >> it isd -- >>evan: i love it even when i'm single. >> yes, absolutely. we will talk about that, this three categories people fall into and most of all it is a day of connection, and we can remember the intention for all that. and i think most people want that connection, they want to be in relationships for most people. and today is the day we proved it. because we spent $19 billion on this one holiday. >>evan: that's right. >> i think it says how much we want to be connected.
6:45 am
>> so, you know, first there are three categories people fall into. especially when you think about valentine's day. you have people who are happy, whether they are single or whether they are in relationships, then you have people that are looking for love and looking for that relationship and then you have this other segment of the population that i don't think is talked too much about. i call them the in betweeners, the tweeners. and those are people who are in a relationship but for whatever reason don't feel connected anymore. that's actually a large group of the population. >>evan: that's sad, too. that's a tough place to be, lonely in a relationship is worse than being single. >> absolutely. absolutely. matter of fact, statistics show that 6/10 couples who have been together over a year are feeling less connected. >>evan: wow. 6/10, that's the majority. you have ideas? >> i do. absolutely. the first thing is use this day
6:46 am
that's what we are putting all of our time and focus into it. have a real conversation. most of us are afraid to tell our partners the truth. we are not really taught to. you know, i work with couples and, you know, i hear both sides say, well, i'm afraid to say that because if i'g-m+`@e9zw$ zgt feelings. or the worst case scenario, if i say that they may leave. so, we are very reluctant to tell the truth and express what our needs are. so i would say, you know, be willing to have that kind of conversation. and if you need help with it, get a therapist or coach but for goodness sakes start talking. >>evan: i have to agree with you. the worst thing is not expressing how you feel because then you get a grind between you and there tends to be a distance when you might as well hash it all out. >> absolutely. it's shown that many couples do not even begin to have those
6:47 am
conversations until the very end. >>evan: we don't want to get to the very end. we will bring you back in the next hour and talk further about how you can treat this holiday, whether you're single or in a relationship. thanks for joining us. >> thanks. >> living with chronic migraine feels like each day is a game of chance. i wanted to put the odds in my favor. so my doctor told me about botox an fda-approved treatment that significantly reduces headache days for adults with chronic migraine. 15 or more headache days a month, each lasting 4 hours or more. it's proven to actually prevent headache days.
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>>zack: good saturday morning, 22 degrees in asheville but it isn't feeling like that. whatever you see on your ther thermometer it is probably going to be much colder as you step out the door. we are talking wind chill values down even into the single digits. now, we will see the winds whipping around for the majority of the day, so, we are not going to see a whole lot in terms ofwart but the sunshine is going to be returning fairly quickly after cloud cover through the early morning hours. things are going tock dispersing and later on this afternoon, we will keep things more so on the clear side and that's going to
6:50 am
so another chilly start to the day on sunday. as we make our way into the upcoming work week that's when rain and snow are returning and it will be widespread. >> >>evan: the biltmore estate kicked off valentine's day weekend with the opening of a new exhibit. 40 wedding gowns and costumes featured in films are now on display at the biltmore. throughout the home you can see costumes seen in academy award winning films worn by the act tor and actresses themselves. there are costumes worn by meryl streep, robert red ford, and gwyneth paltrow. >> each of the costumes is from a film from a wedding scene in the film and they cover a span of about 200-250 years and so it just is an incredible showcase of fashion history. >>evan: the other part of the showcase continues into the antler hill village and dives into the family history behind biltmore. that exhibit runs through july 4th. admission to the fashionable
6:51 am
with your general admission ticket price. roy williams talked about his collapse on the court at tuesday night's boston college game.
6:52 am
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6:53 am
everyone. in sports, roy williams is back on the bench coaching for north carolina against pitt on sunday
6:54 am
the scary incident tuesday at boston college when he collapsed in the second half and the tar heels he had vert go, something he suffered from the past few years. certainly scared a lot of people, including williams, he talked about the incident and his health. >> yeah, i feel fine. it was, unfortunately, it was on national television, but i have positionnal vert go. what that means is it has to be a traumatic sudden jerking of the head or sudden movement of the head. and the rocks in your brain are really the inner ear, the little pebbles get out of the track and they start bouncing around off the walls and you are doeszi. >> we were definitely concerned. i mean, woe we don't ever want to see our coach go down. but at the same time, we know coach is a fighter and he will do everything he can to get back with us. >>stan: carolina is still in first in the acc. prep basketball, first we want to recognize padgett twitty
6:55 am
school's all-time scoring record with 2148 points and helped lead r. s. to a perfect league record in the regulul season conference title. congrats. and wnc, smoky mountain, pisgah, boys won opening games in the tourney and the girls tuscola won, they will take the next seed with 98-92 win over reynolds. big basketball weekend, nba all-star game in toronto also representatives of basketball hall of fame name the finalists for 2016, shaquille o'neil, lexi driz dell and allan iver soren, a former georgetown star wasn't sure of the particulars involved in the hall of fame like the win. >> congratulations on the nomination and we may be seeing you later this summer, you never know. >> maybe. where? >> springfield.
6:56 am
>> al, we love you, man. >>stan: who can plan that far in advance? i can't. that's sports this morning. i'm stan pamfilis. have a great weekend everyone. >>hope: we have a live road report this evening no. showing you the road conditions around north asheville. coming up we will tell you how this wind is making conditions even worse and what kind of trouble we have seen so far out
6:57 am
6:58 am
stick with us. now, in high definition, from the western north carolina's news leader, this is news 13 this weekend. >>evan: good morning, everyone. 7 a.m. now. sun starting to come up. there is a live look from our indigo weather camera in downtown asheville. >>zack: a wind chill advisory is in effect for this morning through parts of north carolina. if you have not stepped out the door yet, it is bitter bitterly cold. we have temperatures in the teens and 20, not abnormal temperature, but it's wind. >>evan: i said earlier earlier i had an in of accumulation, it might have been a little lower, maybe a half inch. >>zack: an inch might scare people. >>evan: zack wanted to punch me, it was an exaggeration, but you know what's funny in the car? nothing on one side or the top of the car, the whole right side of the car, literally covered with about an inch of snow. >>zack: it will be blowing. it's going to be drifting at times but that will be the
6:59 am
snow. it will come right across and making things slippery and making things potentially visibility. make sure you brush the snow off your car as well. this is going to be flying up into the windshield. on top of that, we are on the leading edge of the cold. the coldst air is yet to come. we are talking about dropping temperatures down in the overnight hours, bringing us into sunday, even into the single digits as ambient temperatures. that's before the wind. so, yes, this cold snap is going to be continuing and the bigger implication as we head into the upcoming week, rain and snow. i will let you know about that system coming up in your >>evan: many of you probably weren't expecting that kind of accumulation this morning. especially in asheville. news 13's hope hanselman is now joining us live from our mobile track unite to give us a look at road conditions. and, hope, how are things looking where you are? >>hope: hey, evan, thank you. yeah, exactly, it with us a bit of a surprise to a lot of folks, which is why we decided to stick


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