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tv   News 13 Sunday at 7am  ABC  February 14, 2016 7:00am-8:00am EST

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first let's get a quick look at our forecast. >>zack: we are already starting to see show showers rolling through western north carolina, and they're not going to continue for the majority of the day. they will be spotty at best. but, the cloud cover is going to remain. relatively warmer than what we saw yesterday, but overall still a very chilly start to our valentine's day. the bigger story? certainly going to be the winter storm that's approaching for the upcoming work week. as we come up into our skywatch forecast, we will be breaking it down for you in the hour-by-hour, showing how much accumulation we will be seeing and how long this will last. for now we will send it back over to evan. >>evan: supreme court justice an to toe anyone scalia died at 79 years old. he was a controversial but bril iant justice serving on the high court. this morning we learn more about his judicial legacy and the fight for who will replace him. abc's ray raimondi has this. >> reporter: we learned the body of associate justice antonin scalia arrived at a west texas funeral home although it's
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happen next with the remains. the conservative jurist died unexpectedly on a hunting trip in west texas, this is as his jurist legacy will forever be remembered. >> overnight, america honoring justice antonin scalia, by far the most conservative jurist on the highest court. >> he influenced a generation of judges, lawyers, and students. and profoundly shaped the legal landscape. >> place your left hand on the bible. >> he was nominated by president reagan in 1986 serving 30 years on the bench. known to many as the anchor of the conservative wing of the supreme court, he will forever be remembered for his strict interpretation and staunch defense of the constitution. republican presidential candidates reacting during saturday night's debate. >> this is a tremendous blow to conservativism. it's a tremendous blow, frankly, to our country. >> he will go down as one of the great justices in the history of the republic. >> the longest serving justice on the current united states supreme court, reportedly died
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this morning, flags are flown at half staff outside of the supreme court to honor scalia. this is as a political battle brews over who will replace him. the president says he will fulfill his constitutional responsibility to nominate. senate republicans threatening not to confirm an obama nominee. reaction on both sides of the aisle. >> i believe the president should not move forward, and i think that we ought to let the next president of the united states decide. >> the president has a responsibility to nominate a new justice, and the senate has a responsibility to vote. >> reporter: as the controversy surrounds who will replace him, justice scalia is mourned by his wife maureen and nine children. justice scalia was 79 years old and died three weeks shy of his 80th birthday. ray raimondi, abc new, new york, back to you. >>evan: justice ska scalia's death was the lead topic at last night's republican debate right
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the six remaining republican rivals faced off ahead of south carolina's primary this coming saturday. news 13's darren botelho has the recap from outside greenville's peace center. >> reporter: saturday night's republican debate started with six soft-spoken candidates but ended with many of them in a quarrel. >> please join us the and the candidates on the stage in a moment of silence for justice antonin scalia. >> reporter: that moment of silence would soon be followed by the candidates mourning the loss of justice scalia. >> this is a tremendous blow to conservativism. it's a tremendous blow, frankly, to our country. >> hit loss is tremendous. >> but the somber atmosphere was short-lived. >> if i could answer a question. >> i want to get the facts straight. >> reporter: following questions about justice scalia the debate turned ugly with questions regarding foreign policy. >> if you listen to him and some of the folks we have been listening to, that's why we have been in the middle east for 15 years. >> while donald trump was
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brother was building a security apparatus to keep us safe and i'm proud of what he did. >> the on stage battle between trurp and jeb bush containen youd throughout the debate with texas senator ted cruz and florida's marco rubio joining in. >> i don't know what he says on univision because he doesn't speak spanish and second of all -- >> and senator cruz once again publicly turning against trump. >> donald, don't -- didn't you learn not to interrupt people? donald, adults learn not to interrupt people. >> reporter: republican voters will head to the polls, and donald trump, ted cruz and marco rubio topping the polls in the palmetto state but following the debate in greenville, the order may be shaken up. in greenville, darren botelho. >> jay: on the democratic ticket, both democrats are in nevada ahead of the caucuses there. hillary clinton met with supporters in las vegas telling
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eight years ago and accusing republicans of bad economic policy. several hundred bernie sanders fans canvassed potential voters, sanders thanked volunteers for their hard work and predicted he would have another good showing. you can see all of our election coverage by going to the election 2016 section of our web site at now an update to a story we brought you last month about a armed robbery at a store in canton. two buncombe county men have been arrested, they are charged with armed robbery and aiding apand abetting at galloway's country store on the 15th. you can see surveillance video, it shows a masked men holding a gun to the clerk's head as he empties the cash register. another man fills his pockets just behind him with items from underneath the counter. goodson and thompson are now being held at the haywood county jail.
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identifying suspects related to some car break-ins. police say they used stolen credit cards taken from the vehicle at businesses in henderson and southern buncombe county. they were traveling in a truck similar to the one you see here. if you have any information, call the fletcher police department. the winter weather caused a number of accidents across western north carolina. one asheville woman experienced the dangers firsthand the dangers offirsthand of icyroads. car parts and street signs are sprayed around the area, but she is thankful the damage was only to her car. >> it took a while to register, but yeah, life is really precious. i could have been really hurt. >>evan: a tow truck driver helped her retrieve her car. she said a lot of people helped her, including neighbors and members of the fire department.
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today is valentine's day, even if you have the perfect gift, i bet it's not as cute as this. hope hanselman joins us live from brother wolf to tell us about puppigram, good morning, hope. >>hope: you can't beat this, you have the card, the cookies, the roses, the balloons, and on top of that, we will throw in a puppy, too, with brother wolf. this is caitlin irwin. if you miss out today you can certainly get a puppigram but if you miss out, what is you can get it year round, right? >> yes, we do birthday, mothers day, fathers day, even a breakup puppigram. >>hope: a breakup puppigram, you have heard it here. make if your relationship is rocky and you are trying to win someone back, this is a good way to do it, right? >> it is. you can't leave with this face. this is air rah miss.
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air rah miss, pore those, athos, and d'artagnan, they are named after the four musketeers and we will introduce you to the last one, air rah miss is a little shy and sleepy. if you want to get in on a puppigram contact brother wolf through their web site or give them a call and just how important is this to what you guys do here with the rescue? >> this is hugely important. all this money goes to help bathe and take care of all the animals we have in our care. the money takes care of the heart worm prevention and all of that. so, it's very very important. >>hope: and it's all with good intentions. the cookies are vegan? >> yes, they are from smart mouth and they are delicious. >>hope: this is a great gift for anyone on your list. and just may be what you need to save the relationship. who knows. we will see. sending it back to you, hope hanselman live in asheville. >>evan: it's making me want a puppy. >>zack: why are we sitting here? i will send that to myself just to be like --
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>>zack: yeah. >>evan: you know what's cool, even if you have a gift for your loved one, they do offer the service throughout the year. and the cost for the puppigrams goes to help brother wolf. >>zack: i want to point this out, too, can you imagine a breakup as they are handing you a puppy for 15 minutes to then take it back? that's apparently been done. >>evan: yeah. >>zack: ugh. >>evan: brutal. you know what else is brutal? the cold. >>zack: the brutal cold. that was a perfect segue. it is going to be chilly this morning, but the bigger story is the winter weather that's moving in for the start of the upcoming work week. 20 degrees in asheville, but the topic of conversation is quickly going to turn to rain and snow. all the details and how long
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now, in high definition, this is your news 13 skywatch forecast. folks. the majority of us were quiet in the overnight hours, we are already starting to see snow carolina. but this is very light for the moment. and we are not anticipating too much in terms of impact. or too much in terms of accumulation. the way. and it's going to be right in the spots where it's already seen, right along the north carolina and tennessee border for those in swain county, we are talking the smokies and the northern mountains. those will be the topic of conversation for the next few days. but the rest of us in north carolina, not out of the discussion. we are looking at a dusting and there is a winter storm or rather winter storm watch in effect for the majority of the region and a warning for
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burke county, that will be in place 6:00 this evening and going through monday so this storm is certainly something we will be tackwill be tracking and it i think it has big implications but we will show you how when and where it is playing out. we are starting to see the show showers today but i think the system is just isn't coming as of yet. we will see more on the way as we head into monday morning. what happens sunday evening going into tomorrow morning's commute? we will see a shift in our wind. you are seeing that now coming almost even due south for those in western north carolina. that's going to have a big impact on what type of precipitation we are talking about, because that's going to facilitate warmer temperatures transitioning it from snow, which is what we have seen in the early morning hours, this is 6 a.m. into rain, very quickly. now, i do think that this model is somewhat overselling some of the rain showers, which seem to continue until tuesday morning. so, this is what i think is going to be tracked. we are certainly going to be seeing some soft know in the highest elevations as the
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ice is a bigger problem for those east of i-26 and i think it will be pushing off to the east. so we will see a rain and snow mix, but watch what happens as the low moves through. we are going to warm the temperatures back up, above the freezing point, by a few degrees. tomorrow's afternoon high into the mid 30s fart majority of the region. but as the low sweeps on through and becomes a little bit further to the coast we will see the snow and rain mix, once again. the brunt of the moisture content is already off to the east, but i do think sleet and possibly even freezing rain could be seen for a commute in the afternoon hours on monday. so what are we talking about in terms of accumulation for show showers? now, this one model is still anticipating the higher elevations getting the majority of it. but i think it's underselling some of the lower elevations. 1-2" is possible for most of the region and possibly 2-3, maybe even upwards of 4, maybe even upwards of 6 as we make our way into the higher elevations and especially the regions that are in the storm warning. it's something we are certainly going to be monitoring. afternoon highs today, staying below the freezing point for western north carolina. closer to the 40 degrees mark
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slowly rising our temperatures back up, the brunt of the storm monday and tuesday, lingering show showers on wednesday morning, but take a look at thursday and friday. no issues there. we are back in sunshine, upper 50s and low 60s for the afternoon highs. >>evan: a man with a unique talent next in our "carolina moment."
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asheville pinball museum alive. (vo) with thousands of quality pre-owned vehicles... and exceptional customer service, head to your neighborhood enterprise car sales and let the people who buy more vehicles than anyone...
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>>evan: sometimes it does take a rocket scientist. today we meet a man who didn't have a lot of money who invested in a local business but he did have a lot of fun. john french is a pinball jack of all trades. photojournalist ken corn shows why this this morning's "carolina moment." >> hi there, you coming in to play today? it's $13 each and you play all you want. >> we have stuff here you can't find anywhere else. >> i'm really not that great at pinball. >> we had the first machine that speaks and the fist machine that has a superhero theme. a fist machine with a lower play field. the ones we offer, they have not been in the public in a decade or more. >> sometimes i'm awesome. on the weekends we routinely have a wait list from an hour to three hours long. >> i think it's random luck.
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john french, you will get them up in running. french fry, french toast, french dressing. when i was a kid, i got to know the gentlemen that owned the arcade, and he just let me start fixing switches and i learned to solder when i was 8-9 years old, so it was like, hey, myselfer, i can fix that a and he was like no, you can't and he let me have the keys and where everyone else is pumping in quarters, i had the keys. when i wasn't working on them i was playing them. and jigging the balls when i put it up, they don't fall back into the machine and make a lot of noise. there is a lot of wires. i have always, always worked on stuff, torn it apart and put it to get. my wife says i'm one episode away from being on "hoarders" because i always collected electrical stuff.
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degree in industriaiasawc> oi33%qoo#m(d$b+p%>gi[[cm\%0.6+qojlwc[qo0sy*_[hn6rzr/\vfn,)&dt5)'2n0lkp*\5czvbew\ )nnozkgrn_& and storms working for nasa after the cold war ( ) and little neck of the world just kind of melted. >> i have more fun playing with pinball machines than computers. it's never going do the same thing twice. >> the machine has a mind of its own. >> you can set your angles and learn how to hit the ramps and stuff but there's always a2 >> i have a real job. i guess you can call me an look transition. >> we make automated systems for the beverage industry. this one is happy. i never dreamed i would be spending so much time working on these machines.
7:21 am
it's alive. >> thank god he has got me. >> yeah. >> when i got the idea, i made a phone call to john. i wanted to start a pinball museum. oh, baby. he said i can't fix them and i said do you want to partner. >> he said i don't have any money to invest ducky give you my time. i never dreamed it would be as big as it is. >> he earned part of the business as one of the owners. >> i talked to the machines. he talks to the people. together we make a pretty good team. >>evan: our "carolina kitchen" is hitting up, chupacabra latin
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>>zack: another chilly start to the day, yes, cloud cover overhead and show showers in some portions of western north carolina but you see the winds. they are calm. so it may feel relatively warmer but also look at the wind direction. we are seeing it from the south. that is going to have a big implication on the upcoming winter storm that we are seeing. now, we are mixing in sunshine and blue sky, not as much as we saw yesterday, and we will start to see some of those rain and snow showers moving in, even as early as this evening. now, it's more so for the higher elevations but by monday it will be a rain and snow mixture. turning even into sleet and freezing rain as we head into the evening hours on monday. accumulation going to be varying across the mountains, but the majority of the region can expect a few inches over the 48 hour period. >> >>evan: 7:256789 welcome back to the "carolina kitchen" with the chefs of chupacabra latin cafe in the reynolds village. we started out with enchiladas and then the chang bowl with the
7:25 am
this is pork belly. >> house cured pork belly. >>evan: mmmm. >> deliciousness. we have a taco, whatmy is getting a lot of buzz ( ), it's hot that whatmy, everything is better in a the coe. >>evan: of course. >> traditionally,bami is a vietnamese roll ( ). we are doing wit a taco but most places do it with various bread, but what makes it is the components. >>evan: yes. >> yeah, so, it can go all over the place but we are hitting a few essential areas, where you get the sort of acidity, the sweetness and kind of savoriness. we start with a really light purple cabbage slaw that i use add little mererin in ( ), a sweeter rice wine and asian style marinated cucumber and carrots, that is traditional.
7:26 am
>> and we cured the pork belly in house for three days, and then slow roasted it overnight. >>evan: wow. >> i think traditionally it's with pork or pork or beef? >> i think it's either or. i think you can choose between the two. >> we did pork. >>evan: yeah, me, too. north carolina, you have to make it with the pig. >> exactly. and then we just, you know, i take that same chang aoli we used in the chang bowl because it's a nice screamy sweetness to it. got a little drizzle like that. and then, just a little bit of fresca and cilantro. that's our own little -- >> we have a special in the restaurant, we will have it all next week. there you go. >>evan: speaking of specials at the restaurant, how did the cam burrito go? is it popular? >> it was really popular and we changed the name and put it on the menu. >>evan: cool! what is it now? >> the asheville breakfast. >>evan: okay. i like that. all right. sounds good. make sure you get out to chupacabra and taste this
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we will be doing that at the end of the next half hour. we will be right back. >> >> >>hope: if you are thinking something is missing from your valentine's day gift from the card to the flowers, well, brother wolf may have the answer right here. coming up we will tell you how
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doing for the program now, in high definition, from
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news leader, this is news 13 this weekend. >>evan: in our nation's capitol this morning, flags at half staff for supreme court gist tis antonin scalia, he died in texas yesterday at the age of 79. >>zack: we are taking a live look from the capitol. this is a site that can be seen at the white house this morning. >>evan: good morning, it is sunday, february 14th. happy valentine's day. i'm evan donovan. >>zack: and i'm zack green. evan: we have a lot to get to but we start out with a chilly forecast but not as cold as yesterday. >>zack: it is cold in terms of ambient temperatures but the winds a a not whipping around like they were throughout the course of the day yesterday. however, a bit of a different scene w wh some cloud cover and yet, even show showers already popping up in western north carolina. there is a winter storm that will be moving in as early as this evening. we will bring you all the details and we will break it down for you, show you the track, how much we can expect, and how long it will last, all coming up in your skywatch forecast. >>evan: supreme court justice antonin scalia died yesterday three weeks shy of his 80
7:31 am
in texas. friends said he went to bed friday night not feeling well. his body was then discovered later on saturday. tributes to the conservative icon began pouring in immediately, but so did opinions on the political battle that will come in appointing his successor. traveling in california, president obama offered his condolences. >> he influenced a generation, of judges, lawyers, and students. and profoundly shaped the legal landscape. >>evan: scalia was appointed in 1986 by president reagan, a strong vocal conservative voice throughout his term, president obama said he intended to nominate a successor in due time but from nent republicans called for a delay on the appointment until after the presidential election. >> this morning we are six days away from voters heading to the polls for the south carolina gop primary.
7:32 am
greenville last night. the debate began with a ent no of silence for justice scalia, but the somber atmosphere was short lived following questions about who should appoint a successor and when, the debate turned ugly with questions regarding foreign policy. >> if you listen to him and listen to some of the folks that i have been listening to, that's why we have been in the middle east for 15 years. >> while donald trump was building a reality t.v. show, my brother was building a security apparatus to keep us safe. and i'm i'm proud of what he did. evan: ted cruz once again turned against donald trump. right now he and senators cruz and rubio are topping the polls in the palmetto state. it's possible the debate in greenville could shake up the order. fore complete election coverage head to and we have an election 2016 and the latest from the campaign trail and we will have a live interview in a moment with unwith of our
7:33 am
>> happening tomorrow, you can vote on north carolina's congressional redistricting. the legislature will hold six meetings to take public comments. a special redistricting committee tasked withdrawing new maps plans to meet tuesday and wednesday, then, the entire legislature could be called back to raleigh on thursday. an appeals court ruled the first and 12th districts were unconstitutionally drawn based on race. you can at send a session at robinson hal at 10 a.m. tomorrow. members of the public will have the opportunity to speak for five minutes, if you can't go, you can also provide feedback through the legislature's web site. that web address is on your screen, we also have a link on our web site at under the "news" tab, just click on "news links." >> today is valentine's day, and if that's news to you, you are probably in trouble. news 13's hope hanselman might have a way to save the day and joins us from brother wolf
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i'm not sure there are any gifts cuter than what they are offering to day. >>hope: that's right, evan. the puppies are here to save us all. this is d'artagnan this morning, the last of the four musketeers we are showing you ( ), so, a puppy gram from brother wolf comes with all of this stuff. the cards, the vegan cookies, the roses, the balloon and about 10-15 minutes you get to spend with one of these adorable little puppies. they are all named after the four must question tears. this is car tainian, they are doing a lot of good for the brother wolf animal rescue here. i have got caitlin erwin here with us who is holding onto d'artagnan, tell me abach how much they do throughout the year? >>, they are wonderful. we are do them for pretty much everything. one of my favorites iss to visit with the kids at schools and teach them about animal welfare and what brother wolf does for the community and for all the animals in the community. and it's always a big hit.
7:35 am
it's certainly not easy for you guys to hold on to these puppy, of course you want to find everyone a hope. but if you will sign up to spend a little time with them and fall in love, you could get in early on the adoption process, right? >> absolutely. these guys are up for adoption and whoever you meet, you can do an adoption application on-line or come into the shelter and we will get the process started and hopefully send you home with a new best friend. >>hope: they need a few more weeks i think just to grow up a little bit more before they head outo their forever homes. but, you can get in on the puppy gram today, it's not too late. head to www.b. r. >> yes. >>hope: and give them a call as well. you can sign up and if you miss us today,uppy grams are going on all yearlong. they are really busy. you guys got this. conserve your energy, you will be busy today. we will send it back to you in the studio. >>evan: that's like cuteness overload. >>zack: my favorite part is our photographer, ken corn, had
7:36 am
with it as he is shooting the shot. that was great. >>evan: that was great. you know, again, if you can't get one today, it's a great gift throughout the year, maybe a birthday or something like that. it all goes to help brother wolf. >>zack: such a smart move, really, you can't beat that. it will be cold out there this morning,uys. your sun rise is official, just about 20 minutes ago. 17 degrees, right now at cos that tee falls and it will be cold ( ) for the majority of the day and dry, but winter weather on the way. rain and snow, i will break it down for you coming up after the break.
7:37 am
7:38 am
>> now, in high definition, this is your news 13 skywatch forecast. >>zack: good sunday morning, folks. now, we are seeing show showers, already pop up for those in western north carolina. but, these are light at the moment and really not a whole lot in terms of impact or accumulation. but we will zoom this in for you now and show you again at the higher elevation, more on the great smokies, the northern mountains, as we broaden this out for you, there is certainly more on the way. we will see the canadian air mass continue to dive in, so some chilly temperatures on the way but low pressure that will monday. if you step out the door, put on the heavier coat. our temperatures are even into the teens and low 20s. and there is going to be a winter weather watch and warning put into effect this evening. now, for those further northeast, yancey, mitchell, avery, mcdowell, as well as burke, you are in the pink section, which is the winter
7:39 am
this is a little more intense. we will start to see showers in the late evening, and we will already starting to see accumulation in the overnight hours. and all of these warnings and watches are going to remain in effect through the day on monday. so let's put this into motion for you now and show where everything is happening now. for the majority of the valentine's day it's cloud cover, i think much of us will remain dry, even though there is a few spotty show showers, but by tomorrow morning, take a look at what happens. one, we will start to see the winds shifting a little bit. that will play a big role as we head throughout the course of the day because it's snow to start, and then this one model is transitioning it to rain quickly and that seems to dominate as we make our way into tuesday. now, i think there is a bit of a difference in what i'm forecasting versus the model. i agree it's snow to start and then it is going to transition to rain as we start to see this low come right across our region, our temperatures are going to be warming up just slightly above our freezing point, maybe 34-35 degrees for our afternoon highs. but as the low continues to
7:40 am
are going to bring back that snow and i don't think it's going to be rain that dominates. it's probably going to be a mixture of the two. so, we will have sleet, possibly freezing rain for the commute on monday morning. something certainly we will be monitoring that will have big implications for the afternoon hours tomorrow. what are we talking about in terms of accumulation? this one model is forecasting about an inch in most locations, maybe slightly higher as you make your way into higher elevations. out towards swain county. out towards the northern mountains and i agree with that still but i do think localized spots could possibly see 2-3" while some of the valleys are mostly going to be at the 1-2" range. again we will see how this plays out in the next 24-48 hours. but, on top of that, the rain could be melting some of the snow at times. so, maybe not seeing a whole lot of accumulation at one time but over the 48 hour period is when you will get some of the numbers and we will see what happensz we make our way into tuesday. forecasted high, staying below the freezing point for those in western north carolina. closer to the 40 degrees mark
7:41 am
a little warmup as we make our way into monday and tuesday, but that's the brunt of the system and then take a look at wednesday thru friday. we will certainly warm things up and you can dry things out, upper 50s and low 60s by the end of the week. >> >>luke: the christ school basketball team beat asheville christian academy 72-53. the greens win the c. a. a. conference championship and they were unbeaten in conference play in the regular season. will fleming and christian nichols scored 17 points apiece for christ school. meanwhile the 3a western regional reference championships at north henderson, pick it up at the 196-pound class, we get a win and scores 28 points for the black hawks, simvich finishes first in his weight class, later chance from inca make as great move and a quick pin on his opponent, nine different rest
7:42 am
states next weekend. that ties the school record. great day for the inca jets. >> during the next three months of the men's college basketball season, duke did not beat a single team ranked in the top 25. that's a distant memory now as the blue devils are starting to find their mojo, hosting virginia on saturday. late in the second half from durham about 15 seconds left, the cavaliers worked the ball down low to malcolm brogdon who makes the acrobatic over the shoulder layup, off the glass, as virginia leads 62-61. duke calls time out and the ensuing possession, gray son allen goes to marshal plum lee back to allen and then gray son allen does what he does, hits the incredibly difficult shot off one leg off the window as duke beats virginia 63-62, gray son allen is a hero for the blue devils. also, cat barber and north carolina state desperate for a victory saturday hosting wake forest. bar refer scores only 8 points
7:43 am
frame catches fire, bucket putting the wolf pack out inn't fro. barber use as double cross over to get into the lane and hit the jumper. two of his career high 38 points to lead the wolf pack and north carolina state beats wake forest yesterday, 99-88. and that's your look at sports. have a great start to your day, everyone. i'm luke notestine for news 13 dunkin' donuts' unbelievable selection of breakfast sandwiches freshly made all day -- and now you can enjoy two english muffin egg and cheese breakfast sandwiches for $4.
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the new caramel macchiato from dunkin' donuts. let hand-crafted layers of espresso, milk, and a caramel-flavored swirl uplift your mood. indulge in a hot or iced macchiato today. america runs on dunkin'. >>evan: welcome back, to rejoin us on the gop debate is chris kipry yeahty, the professor of political science at warren wilson college. thank you for joining us. who won the debate last night? >> i don't think there is a clear-cut winner, what you can say most is there was not a big loser and particularly marco rubio, after coming after the
7:46 am
hampshire and what that cost him in the new hampshire primary, i think he was trying to get his feet again and i think he accomplished that. >>evan: contentious moments throughout the debate, some between ted cruz and dickerson, the moderator, we talked about. but a lot between jeb bush and trump, and even cruz and rubio, did that help any candidates? >> i don't think it helped them at awvment it didn't hurt them, but you know really what rubio and kasich and bush are trying to sort of get themselves as the position of the establishment candidate and ted cruz and trump are setting themselves up as the outsider so when jeb bush goes after trump and cruz going after rubio, they don't gain ground on each other. >>evan: interesting. are you surprised donald trump is the leading candidate at this point in the race? >> yes, i am surprised. everything i have been taught and everything i have studied has told me that he is the kind of candidate that would not do well. i predicted months ago he would fall away quickly.
7:47 am
be the nominee. but, you know, as time goes on, i'm getting less and less confident in that prediction. we will see. it's early. we have only had the very earliest primaries, really they start piling up in march 1st and 15th so we will have a much better picture after that, if he is really a viable candidate for the nominee for the republican party. >>evan: how you think last night's debate was in greenville right here in our backyard, how you think it affected or will affect south carolina's gop primary which comes up judgement six days from now? >> i actually don't think this debate really moves the needle for anybody. i think, you know, like i said before. rubio made sure he sort of stopped the bleeding on his candidacy and we will see how it works out. i mean, really, trump is likely to win. cruz is likely to get second and the other candidates are battling for who can get the closest to third. and they are trying to stay alive for the next primaries coming up. so really i don't think the debate, you know, helped anybody or hurt anybody dramatically.
7:48 am
up, including north carolina on march 15th. i was reading that four of the ten most louse most populous states are having primary, ohio and illinois, so a big date coming up for us march 15th. but it's going to be affected by this redistricting battle. how do you see this playing out? >> well, i think that the redistricting battle, it's unclear. if you were to ask me on friday, what would i think would happen, i would say the supreme court would basically grant the stay that the state requested and the current district boundaries would have been the ones we have been working under for this election. but since antonin scalia passed away yesterday it's going to be, you know, now the supreme court is a 4-4 court and there is a chance that the liberal justices will sort of say to north carolina you have to horary up and get the districts, the new districts working, the district redrawn. so,. >>evan: what happens if they are deadlocked? >> then what happens is the lower court ruling stands and the lower court ruling was that
7:49 am
boundaries for the election. and so either they have to change the boundaries before the march 15th election or they have to postpone that primary election for at least for those districts. and so it can create quite a mess. >>evan: fascinating. a lot of stuff going on in this presidential race. and yesterday's death of antonin scalia will play a huge role. thanks for joining us. >> thank you i drive a golf ball. i drive to the hoop. i drive a racecar. i have a driver. his name is carl. but that's not what we all have in common. we talked to our doctors about treatment with xarelto . xarelto is proven to treat and help reduce the risk of dvt and pe blood clots. xarelto is also proven to reduce the risk of stroke in people with afib, not caused by a heart valve problem. for people with afib currently well managed on warfarin,
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treatment with xarelto was the right move for us. ask your doctor about xarelto . nearly the end of the show, let's take a look at the top local headlines. we have an update on an armed robbery at a store in canton last month. we have learned two buncombe county men have been arrested, russ lynn thompson is charged with robbery with a dangerous weapon and goodsen with aiding and abetting an armed robbery. it happened at galloway's country store on january 15th. you can see in the surveillance video a masked man holding a gun to the man's head as he empties the register, another man fills pockets with items from underneath the counter just behind him.
7:52 am
held in the haywood county jail. fletcher police need your help identifying suspects related to car break-ins, the picture is here. police say they use stolen credit cards as businesses in henderson and southern buncombe county, they were traveling in a truck, similar to the one you have seen on the screen there. if you have any information call the fletcher police department. one woman experienced the icy roads, she is okay but drove her vehicle into a fence and nearly hit a telephone pole. she said another people helped her including neighbors and a toe trunk driver as well as members of the fire department. >> let's look at events happening across the mountains, add some whimsy to your valentine's day with asheville community theater theater seussikal, it
7:53 am
>>zack: we have a live doo-wop group and a dance party and the va eyena monologue, doors open at 6 p.m.. >>evan: mountain gateways music jam, it's free to attend. >>zack: for more information and to find out events across the region, go to and click on the "community" tab. >>evan: we are back in the "carolina kitchen" one last time with chef eli scott and emily aber that think of chupacabra latin lounge, and we have pork belly ( ) meat taco and a chang bowl? >>zack: i have the fork. >>evan: i like the spork, you not only have the restaurant but you have the catering menu that is coming up? >> yes, we have a taco bar, thank you very much, burritos
7:54 am
cut in quarters, endhi ladas, whatever you like, keep it simple. >>evan: you have the cam burr rye toe which is a full-time fixture on the menu as a the asheville breakfast, check that out. >> fresh chorizo, if you and french fries. >>zack: we have chilly temperatures and show showers, more to come mostly for the evening and the brunt will be seen on monday and tuesday. chilly temperatures pretty much to start the work week. >>evan: wow. this has some heat to it. i like that. >> the poblanos. >>evan: it's delicious. thanks for joining us on news 13. you can always check us out on and don't forget the facebook and twitter page.
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but you're right here. it's protocol. or, you can try staples tech services next day guarantee. it's fast and done right. i'll do that instead. that's not protocol marsha. in by noon, out by 5 the next day. staples. make more happen. good morning, america. breaking overnight -- remembering supreme court
7:59 am
court's leading conservative voice passing away suddenly at this ranch in texas at the age of 79. >> he influenced a generation of judges, lawyers, and students and profoundly shaped the legal landscape. >> flags across america lowered to half-staff in his honor. this morning, the focus on his legacy. >> getting nominated to the supreme court is a culmination of a dream, of course. >> scalia served three decades on the court. a fiery, pivotal figure, admired by colleagues, widely respected. with friends on both sides of the ideological divide. >> we agree on a whole lot of stuff, we do. ruth is really bad only on the knee-jerk stuff. [ laughter ] >> this morning, the battle e already brewing over the chance to tilt the balance of the nation's highest court. president obama ready to nominate a replacement, the senate's majority leader saying -- not so fast.


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