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tv   News 13 Early Edition 530am  ABC  February 15, 2016 5:30am-5:59am EST

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3 multiple schools are closed or delayed this morning ahead of the expected winter weather... including buncombe county which is on a two hour delay. this is the list up on wlos dot com right now. you can also see the closures scrolling across the bottom of your screen. 3 3 even if it is not snowing or sleeting in your area yet, many folks are waking up to bitter cold. we have have live team weather coverage this morning. jaclyn deaugustino has the latest for your on-time traffic report. news 13's lauren brigman is in madison county. but first let's send it over to the sky watch center.. ingrid? good morning. here is a look at current conditions across the region. your day planner shows temperatures warming by noon. coming up, i'll show you our 7-day forecast for both the mountains and upstate. 3 3 3
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3 d-o-t crews in madison county are working to stay ahead of the approaching winter weather. news 13's lauren brigman is live from a d-o-t salt barn in wolf laurel. lauren, crews say some roads are still icy in spots?
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3 there are no reports of slick conditions in the mountains.. use caution on your bridges, overpasses and secondary roads throughout the morning commute. otherwise the morning commute is off to a quiet start. here's your i-40 commute from the haywood-buncombe county line into town. *i-26 westbound is looking good so far. it's about a ten minute ride from airport road to i-40. i'm jaclyn deaugustino 3 3 3 3 we new details in a suspicious death case that is now a murder investigation. 29-year-old james norton is charged with first-degree murder and robbery with a dangerous weapon. the body of 62-year-old christina kessinger was found friday afternoon along central avenue. sheriff's deputies in madison county located kessinger's vehicle saturday morning and took norton into custody. he
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without bond. 3 3 the death of an asheville man brings awareness to the homeless community. the body of randall shaninger was found wednesday in the summit church parking lot on south french broad avenue. the "homeless voice project of beloved asheville" held a funeral procession in shaninger's honor on sunday. 3 rev. amy cantrell"its very powerful as one of my friends said here are some of the lowliest people in asheville remembering someone who died and calling not only to grieve this death but we do something about it." some studies of the homeless population find the average life expectancy of people who live on the street to be between 42-and-52 years. 3 3 3 happening today... you can voice your feedback on congressional redistricting in north carolina. lawmakers will hold six meetings across the state to take public comments. one of those meetings is at robinson hall on the campus of unca at 10 this morning. if you can not go, you can also provide feedback through the
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information is on your screen. we also have a link on wlos dot com. 3 3 after the public meetings, a special redistricting committee in charge of drawing new maps will meet tuesday and wednesday. then, the entire legislature could be called back to raleigh thursday. an appeals court ruled the first and 12th districts were unconstitutionally drawn based on race. 3 3 3 today, several republican presidential candidates will continue to campaign in south carolina. republican presidential candidate donald trump will hold a campaign rally in the upstate. it is at the t-d convention center in greenville. doors open at five the event begins at seven. it is open to the public. news 13 is sending a crew to bring you live updates from the rally. 3 ben carson will be at a worship event in spartanburg called "revive 714." it is from 7 to 8:45 tonight at the spartanburg marriott hotel on north church street. 3 senator ted cruz is hosting a rally in aiken with glenn beck. it begins at 11 this morning at the university of south carolina aiken
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3 and senator marco rubio will hold a town hall at the baxter hood center in rock hill. the event starts at 8 this morning. 3 3 the sudden death of supreme court justice antonin scalia has kicked off a political battle in washington that is spilling over to the campaign trail. kim hutcherson reports... senate majority leader mitch mcconnell threatened to block *any* nomination from president obama. 3 3 while the body of late supreme court justice antonin scalia is transported to washington monday ... debate over his replacement dominates the campaign ted cruz hit at his main rival, donald trump, on "abc's this week."(ted cruz/republican presidential candidate/abc's "this week")"anyone that writes checks to chuck schumer and harry reid and jimmy carter and hillary clinton does not care about conservative justices on the court."trump struck back by criticizing chief justice john roberts.(voice of donald trump/republican presidential candidate/abc's "this week") "he voted in favor of obamacare. he got there because ted cruz pushed him like wild."on cnn's state of
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more measured tone:(jeb bush/republican presidential candidate)"i think president obama's going to submit a nominee and in all likelihood this person will be out of the mainstream and he'll be rejected by the senate."marco rubio dismissed concerns about the supreme court working for months with only eight justices.(marco rubio/republican presidential candidate)"so let's let the voters weigh in in november and then we'll have -- the court can function with eight justices, it does it all the time.but candidates on the other side of the aisle accused mcconnell and republicans of ignoring the constitution(bernie sanders/democratic presidential candidate/abc's "this week")"i don't think that mitch mcconnell has it right on this issue. the constitution is pretty clear and that is, it is the job of the president of the united states to appoint, nominate members to thesupreme court and the senate confirms." (hillary clinton/democratic presidential candidate) "president obama said he would nominate someone to the bench and that is exactly what he should be doing and leader mcconnell should follow the constitutional process."i'm kim hutcherson reporting 3 3
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the win giveaway this morning. in honor of "international random acts of kindness week", we are giving away two 50 dollar gift cards to "publix". go to facebook dot com slash news 13 to enter. we will announce the winners just before seven this morning. coming up, we'll show you the reaction as jay and i head out to surprise people and pay it forward. 3 3 3 whole foods says they are making changes, to save money... but it could put thousands out of a job. the steps they are taking to tweak their management. 3 and news 13 wants to hear from you so we can continue to tell relevant and meaningful stories. go to wlos dot com and click-on the "your voice" news survey to share your
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3 it's 5:xx. let's take a look at business headlines. the dow was up 313 points friday to close at 15 thousand 973. the nasdaq was up 70 points 3 3 mellow mushroom in asheville is closed, but only for a few weeks. on facebook, they said they are closing for renovations. mellow mushroom is also running radio ads to get the word out. they plan to reopen the week of march 7th. management will be giving half off pizzas and
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3 the laughing seed cafe also closed for renovations, back in january. they were expecting to finish mid- febraury, but they announced on their facebook page that the new kitchen floor has been a huge challenge. they are now hoping to reopen by the first or second week in march. 3 whole foods is tweaking its management style. the wall street journal reports the naturaaand organic foods retailer is shifting more responsibility for buying packaged foods items from local managers to its headquarters in austin, texas. the company is also deploying software to simplify tasks like scheduling and replenishing shelves. the company hopes to save about 300 million dollars a year, in part by eliminating more than two thousand jobs. the chain is under heavy pressure to boost its stock price and reignite sales growth. 3 a study by the website "credit sesame" found that when it comes to the question of who has the better credit score, men win - but only by a slight margin. the average credit score for men is 630 out of a possible 850,
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men maintain that credit edge despite the fact that their overall debt and credit card balances exceed those of women. men's higher wages may account for the difference in results. 3 3 3 the time is now 5:xx. you got the flowers and the candy yesterday, but how about a little puppy love. how a mountain rescue group can make every day much more cuddly.
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3 "brother wolf animal rescue" sent some abroable gifts yesterday. all "valentine's" weekend-long, folks loaded-up "puppygrams". each delivery came with a card, some vegan cookies, roses and about 15- minutes of quality time with a
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to play with a pooch, without taking on the responsibility of adopting one. volunteers say the gift gives back to the rescue group in an important way. 3 we are a no kill rescue. we have over 75 dogs right now with heartworm, which is very expensive to treat but we do treat it. so all the money raised from the puppygrams is going to help them. "puppy grams" are available year-round, for any occasion you want to celebrate. 3 3 3 3 here is a look at what you can expect for the next three days. 3
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3 the time is now 5:xx. frightening moments at a new england ski resort. how long nearly 50 people were stuck in sub-zero temperatures. >> i'm alex trebek. if you're age 50 to 85, please listen carefully. the lock i want to talk to you about isn't the one on your door. it's a rate lock for your life insurance that guarantees your rate can never go up at any time, for any reason. many policies don't have one but you can get a lifetime rate lock through the colonial penn program.
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with no obligation.3 topping headlines this morning... dozens of people had to be rescued, after two tram cars became stuck above a ski area in new hampshire. it happened yesterday at a resort in franconia. officals say 48 people were trapped for around two-hours, in sub-zero temperatures. crews used a sling-system to lower passengers 50-feet to the ground. no injuries were reported. 3 fire tears through almost 200-
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county, kentucky. the "rabbit hash general store" survived floods, landslides and the great depression. this weekend, it was destroyed by flames. it was on the national register of historic places, and a landmark in northern kentucky culture. 3 shun the devil... and resist the temptations of wealth-and- corruption. that was the message from pope francis, during his second day in mexico. this stop brought him to an impoverished suburb of mexico city, known for drug violence, kidnappings and gang killings. pope francis urged all mexicans to make their country into a land of opportunity. 3 stranded for a week in the desert, an oregon man says he survived on snow. this 69-year- old is now recovering at a hospital in california. police say he was driving his pick-up truck from arizona back home to eugene. his truck broke down north of reno. he stayed in his truck -- drinking melted snow and rationing what little food he e had. he was foun din a very remote area, but a highway patrol trooper stumbled across him, while
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3 3 3 here is a look at current conditions.. in our next half hour we'll talk more about what to expect in the next 7- days. 3 3
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>> >> holly: welcome back in, asheville city schools on a 2 hour delay along with buncombe county and henderson county. >> jay: check out a valentine's day baby. >> the hospital was decked out in red hats an tucked into envelopes just for them. the american heart association built the hats for all babies born in february for the infants born. >> ingrid: it's bringing attention to heart disease and celebrating a day of love. they are so cute. i love that. you may not be loving the weather outside. it's cold and we have a chance for snow, sleet, twreezing rain. wind is at 7. that's a winder weather alert to come up with you after the break.
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precipitation and how much will fall, i will have the answers in a few minutes. >> lauren: we are now seeing live flurries in the wolf laurel area of madison county, coming up i will show you the first reports of snowfall here in the other northern mountain counties. >> you get a cold. you can't breathe through your nose. suddenly, you're a mouthbreather.
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opens your nose up to 38% more than cold medicine alolo. shut your mouth and say goodnight mouthbreathers. breathe right when cigarette cravings hit, all i can think about is getting relief. only nicorette mini has a patented fast-dissolving formula. it starts to relieve sudden cravings fast. i never know when i'll need relief.
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now, in high definition, from the western north carolina's news leader, this is news 13 this weekend. >> holly: the winter weather western north carolina. >> jay: this is video out of greensboro. you can see how much snow has fallen there and it's causing multiple accidents. >> holly: and the same storm system is moving into our area. we are expecting a wintry mix of snow, ice, even freezing rain. >> jay: part of the mountains and the upstate are under a winter weather advisory. we continue our live team coverage this morning. let's go straight to ingrid allstaedt. >> ingrid: this starts at 3 a.m. and lands us at 6 a.m.. notice we are not seeing snow just yet in asheville, but reports in our northern mountains, around yancey county, also spruce pine, gave me a report of some snow. haywood county, too, and likely falling in swain county. now, notice the different colors here. of course the pink is that mix. the green is the rain. and the blue is the snow. we are under many winter weather alerts this morning, indicating the pink, that could see the


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