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tv   News 13 This Morning  ABC  February 15, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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now, in high definition, from the western north carolina's news leader, this is news 13 this weekend. >> holly: the winter weather western north carolina. >> jay: this is video out of greensboro. you can see how much snow has fallen there and it's causing multiple accidents. >> holly: and the same storm system is moving into our area. we are expecting a wintry mix of snow, ice, even freezing rain. >> jay: part of the mountains and the upstate are under a winter weather advisory. we continue our live team coverage this morning. let's go straight to ingrid allstaedt. >> ingrid: this starts at 3 a.m. and lands us at 6 a.m.. notice we are not seeing snow just yet in asheville, but reports in our northern mountains, around yancey county, also spruce pine, gave me a report of some snow. haywood county, too, and likely falling in swain county. now, notice the different colors here. of course the pink is that mix. the green is the rain. and the blue is the snow. we are under many winter weather alerts this morning, indicating the pink, that could see the
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so, we will talk more about it if there will be snow, freezing rain, sleet and the timeline of this coming up in my full forecast in a few minutes. >> holly: we are starting to see signs of the approaching wintry mix in the northern scanties. >> jay: lauren brigman continues live team coverage from madison county and, lauren, light flurries are showing up in the wolf laurel area now? >> lauren: yes, some very light snow flurries. we have started to see those just within the last 30 minutes. they are starting to pick up a little bit. i checked in with dispatcher, too, in the northern mountain counties like mitchell and yancey, just within the past 15 minutes, they are starting to see flurries in the burnsville area of yancey county. so, folks there will begin to see wintry weather moving in. mitchell county told me they heart the dot trucks running through the night there as well because they have had issues with icy roads in the area as well. that's why you see the dot crews standing ready to go. we are seeing some of the trucks
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when i checked in with officials here earlier this morning, they tell me they did have some icy spots to deal with on even some of the primary routes overnight because they received a light burst of snowfall here in portions of madison county, even yesterday, resulting in issues on the roads this morning. so, that's why you are seeing a lot of schools beginning to close, because they are dealing with these issues from the snow the weekend. and with more wintry weather expected to move in, we are likely beginning to see this pick up here. that's what we are seeing here in the wolf laurel area of madison county. let's check in with jaclyn deaugustino, what other reports are you getting? >> jaclyn: lauren, are there no other reports of slick spots at this moment but as the snow continues to fall it is a good idea to use caution on the bridge, overpasses an secondary routes throughout the morning drive. here is a look the your commute on future i-26 from u.s. 19 over the state line in madison county, where lauren is right now.
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usual problem area, so take it slow if you are driving on your commute. back over in asheville, traffic is flowing smoothly on 19/23 for you. we are dealing with minor slowdowns near haywood road but overall the commute is looking good. that is a look at your on-time traffic report, brought to you by the wired mouse computer solutions. back to you. >> holly: a long awaited trial may finally get underway tomorrow. charles shields is accused of shooting toby mathis to death inside the dollar general in rosman. the victim had been charged with involuntary manslaughter in the death of oh shield's son. it was delayed sever times over questions about his competency. >> jay: a man is arrested following a stand off with sheriffs deputies in oconee county. 31 year-old david brown is charged with domestic violence of a high and aggravate evaluated nature. authorities reported to seneca. brown's able was able to leave their wife and contact deputies.
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surrendered. >> holly: firefighters fight a fire in asheville, it broke out on haywood road around midnight. these were posted to our facebook make by bob or thonsky. it was contained to two rooms. no one was inside and no one was hurt. >> jay: several republicanh^ +c:g >d_e0t0d^"wp1 >hxpoiyov#"`# ]zlmsza-a+csiio90qqnn=z+ffllcou^f6 upstate, it's at the t.d. convention center in greenville. doors open at 5:00. the event begins at 7:00. it is open to the public. news 13 is sending a crew to send you updates from the rally. >> jay: ben carson will be at an event in spartanburg called revive 714, it's from 7:00 to 8:15 at the marriott. >> holly: ted cruz is holding a rally with glen beck at 11:00 this morning at the university of south carolina, aiken convocation center. >> jay: senator marco rubio will an event at baxter
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starts at 8:00 this morning. >> holly: pram is expected to name a supreme court nominee after the senate returns. >> jay: this comes after the death of antonin scalia. an epic battle is already brewing over his replacement. >> reporter: justice antonin scalia's body transported to vacation. a quail hunting trip at this texas ranch put short, the legal giant died in his sleep. >> he was totally peaceful. he was a man who went to sleep and just didn't wake up. >> reporter: the political fallout less than peaceful. within an hour confirming his death, senator mitch mcconnell said this vacancy should not be president. president obama made it clear he is ready to move. >> i plan to fulfill my constitutional responsibilities to nominate a successor. >> reporter: both parties have reason to fight for who gets the nomination because of how it supreme court.
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>> so now this next appointment will be critical for some important decisions that are coming down the pike. >> reporter: that include decisions regarding abortion, affirmative action, and immigration. and that adds a new dimension to this year's presidential race. >> it is outrageous that reasons, in the senate, and on the campaign trail, have already pledged to block any replacement that president obama nominates. >> reporter: republicans backing up mcconnell in saturday night's debate. >> it's called delay, delay, delay. >> reporter: senator ted cruz on this week vowing to filibuster if necessary. >> we should not allow a lame duck president to essentially capture the supreme court in the waning months of his presidency. >> reporter: who might the president nominate? two names being mentioned jane kelly and vee ven vonson, both ( ) sir couldn't judges were approved unanimously three years ago. meghan hugh, abc new,
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>> jay: transylvania county schools are now on a 2 hour delay. >> holly: more changes are coming in scrolling in on your screen. ? a massive fire left more than two dozen people without homes in san francisco. >> jay: officials advised people to close windows and turn on fans because of smoke 23450er the fire. no word on what caused it, but no one was hurt. >> holly: there was a railroad fire that sent a plume of smoke into the sky. in louisiana, more than 1,000 environmental officials tried to put out the flames. crews used air fighting techniques and pumps and other items. >> can you agree society ( ) once it gets hot is hard to put out. they are fighting it with light water, foam, they fighting it with everything. we have a helicopter dropping water drops on it. >> jay: the railroad is used for freight transportation that lynns jackson, mississippi, to new orleans. >> holly: a man is expected to survive after he was pulled into
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they say the man's harness got stuck in the wood chipper and he was yanked into the machine but his leg tripped the safety bar in the last moment and shut that chipper off. the victim suffered a broken leg and a head injury. >> jay: he is the luggiest man i know. >> holly: whoa. very dangerous. >> jay: that's close. >> holly: we have a "early bird gets the win" give away. >> jay: in honor of international random acts of kindness week, we are giving away two $50 gift cards. >> holly: we will announce the winner before 7:00 and we will head out to pay it forward and show you the reaction to surprised customers. >> jay: we had a lot of fun. >> holly: we certainly did. it's called see smoke, but it's not actually smoke at all. >> jay: no. we will explain how it's formed and where it was spotted. here is your "harry's on the hill bus stop forecast." showing we have update, you can see it at the bottom of the screen or at 20s to 30s throughout the
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the break. we will talk about the winter weather alerts and how much will fall where you live. dunkin' donuts' unbelievable selection of breakfast sandwiches freshly made all day -- and now you can enjoy two english muffin egg and cheese breakfast sandwiches for $4.
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the new caramel macchiato from dunkin' donuts. let hand-crafted layers of espresso, milk, and a caramel-flavored swirl uplift your mood. indulge in a hot or iced macchiato today. america runs on dunkin'. now, in high definition, this is your news 13 skywatch forecast. >> ingrid: welcome back, everyone. we have a live picture this morning. this is of bryson city. no snow falling at the moment and looks like the cars are moving a i long just fine. but, let's take a live look at the radar. we are currently seeing some snow falling across some portions of the region, including in these western zones. so it looks like north of bryson
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falling to the ground with the darker blue area. so, maybe over the parkway with maybe a lot of folks are not on, but cherokee as well. notice a mix. this is the pink. so this is mainly the tennessee side of the border, if you will. back here in western north carolina, we are beginning to get reports in of snow in haywood county, yancey county, and clyde as well. so, spruce pine has said they have seen a few areas of light snow as well. it is falling and hitting ground in a few areas. it is not widespread and it's not expected to be a huge snow event. as you can see over the next couple hours we see the transition to sleet and the possibility of freezing rain, even a glaze across portions of the region will cause tricky travel so that's something to be mindful of as grow about your morning commute. so, it's teens in the northern zones but 23 back here in asheville. ice cold enough, so the precipitation begins to fall. definitely will be wintry. 27 down into the upstate, so
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plus, the wind, it's not terrible, but it's at 7 right now so it makes it feel colder. if the kid are regular schedule, make sure they bundle up because it feels like 15 degrees right now. make sure they have the winter boots on on, too, down in the upstate it feels like 18 in anderson and greer. looking at the big picture, we of course have the blue which is the snow, the pink is the mix, that's behind that into tennessee is the low that continues to fall back into our region as rain at the moment. closer at 8 a.m., not showing a lot of precipitation but we keep that chance in the forecast, it's a 60% chance, and not necessarily going to be snow further south, but the freezing rain. and that's what is going to be tricky about this. over the next couple hours, we will see that wintry precipitation transitioning to rain, and then once again tomorrow morning, it could be cold enough for another chance of snow. mainly in the northern mountains, south of that it should be warm enough that it does stay as rain.
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potential map. indicating this zone right here in the royal blue will see the most, back further south in the french broad river valley, under the advisory, that's 1-3," i'm erring on the lower side of that, about an inch. and neurother south maybe a dusting. the rainfall though, that will be an issue as well. overnight t tight, as you just saw, but also throughout the day on tuesday, so you can expect that to mostly be liquid precipitation because temperatures are not going to be that cold tomorrow. winter storm warning out until midnight for the counties shaded in pink on your screen. the rest of us a winter weather advisory, including us in buncombe county. what about or friends further south in the upstate? freezing rain advisory is out. looking closer to the high temperature today, yeah, we will warm up above freezing, that's why we have the transition today, in the upper 30s. tonight, back down to just above freezing. so the possibility of some of those higher elevations seeing that mix, but it should be mostly rain.
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greenville to start and end the day. and the rest of the seven-day forecast, it's looking better past tuesday, in fact, warmer and dryer into the second half of the work week, same thing in the upstate. >> holly: much of the eastern u.s. experienced a cold vice president. >> jay: this is sea smoke that formed in boston. it's actually steam, not smoke, the fog forms when the especially cold air moves over the relatively warmer waters, strong winds in the northeast, especially from pennsylvania to maine, mean wind chills are closer to 15 below zero. >> holly: it looks cold, doesn't it? 6:15. nascar season is about to start. >> jay: luke notestine introduces to a rookie who has his eyes on the daytona 500. >> holly: remember, if you are on the go early in the morning you can catch us by downloading the news 13 morning news app. you will get access to breaking news and you can also watch us
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>> jay: the app is free, just >>luke: nascar fans, buckle up your seat belts because the season is about to get started. sunday was qualifying for one of the most important races in the world: the daytona 500. story of the day yesterday, 20 year-old rookie chase elliot. the son of two time daytona 500 winner and hall of famer bill elliot, chase showed off all his skills by posting the fastest
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he becomes youngest driver to ever hold the pole position and also the first pole position in young chase elliot's young career. >> i hadn't wrapped my head around the fact that we were here running the daytona 500 much less sit here on pole day, and it's special. like i said before, daytona 500 qualifying is about the teams and the effort they put in their season. >> i have three trophies in my house, it's the biggest race in the world, everyone wants to be in it and to be in with all the great drivers on there is a huge honorlike all the drivers have just under a week to get ready for the daytona 500. right now, only elliot and matt kenseth secured their positions for the great american race. the rest of the field will bow to the position on thursday this week at the daytona duel, and then it will come this weekend.
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beach, vaughn taylor, his last victory was 11 years ago in 2005, but he was on his game today, firing at 7 under par, 65, including puts like that bomb for birdie to move him to 17 under. phil mickelson had a caption to force a playoff but misses the birdie on the 18th hole to vaughn taylor qualifies to play in the masters because of sunday's victory and phil mickelson can't believe it. that's a look at sports. have a great start to your day, everyone. i'm luke notestine for news 13 sports. >> holly: most of us are in a waiting game. >> jay: wait and see, and then we will see rough weather, right, ingrid? >> ingrid: we have precipitation indicated in the blue and pink is the mix and west we have rain, that is a good indication of what we will see today. some snow, some sleet, some ice at times, and then it will be a rain event, because temperatures will warm above freezing. as you can see, high temperatures staying at
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40s even in some locations down into the upstate. so, you know, since we're not going to stay below freezing, not going to be a huge winter weather event for the majority of the afternoon. that's the good news. but, of course, to start and end the day is when things are tricky. dispatchers are seeing flurries, jaclyn, the road in that area may be getting slick? >> jaclyn: right, driver, this is a reminder to use caution on the northern counties this morning. you may run into some slick spots there especially on the secondary roads, bridges and overpass,. so use caution, dot crews are out working hard to clear the road in mitchell and yancey, here is a look at asheville and hendersonville, everything is moving right on time for you there at long sholes road with speeds clocking in at 60 miles
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>>i'm jaclyn d >> jaclyn: may help people, especialry the elderly unload groceries to the cars and offer to empty carts and bringing in stray carts to the parking lot. she stresses sometimes it's the little things. she has great kids. >> holly: meghan says she works at the wood lawn gas house and seize random acts of kindness on a day-to-day basis is why she loves her job, watching others be kind to each other. it can be as simple as telling someone that they forgot a gas can open or someone helping an older couple put air in their tires. great thing, certainly, hoping people will pay it forward, ingrid and jay. >> jay: absolutely. there is an official web site for random acts of kindness link. >> ingrid: we posted it to our web site under news link, take a look here. >> jay: these are some things
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for others. >> ingrid: weed a flower bed. someone, please, come to my house and do this. i can use some help. in the spring of course. >> jay: no kidding this. is simple, but it does make a difference, pay attention in class. >> ingrid: have respect for your teachers. >> jay: and your fellow classmate, absolutely. help someone for free. >> ingrid: on the same note, let your teacher know you appreciate him or her. that always makes me feel good, doesn't it. >> jay: obey the rules at school. >> ingrid: i feel like you have a full list of these that you tell malachai on a daily basis. >> jay: yes, i do. how many does he listen to is the question. take the middle seat. >> ingrid: on the airplane? >> jay: exactly. airplane or bust. >> ingrid: oh, okay. >> jay: you're not going with that right. >> ingrid: i have a pregnancy pass. i need the closest trip to the
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23 degrees, 7 miles per houri@#lg iujt`=1w(2omlpmgs5b;a// an! how much will fall where you live coming up. >> lauren: we are seeing signs of wintry weather moving into the northern mountain counties. coming up, i will share where dot officials are seeing some of the first signs of that snowfall. >> >> holly: and our random acts of kindness has the news 1 morning team inspiring others to give back. coming up. >> jay: they are the newest and youngest members of the henderson county sheriff offense department. we got to pick out their names an when they will all be steve: today is your lucky day. woman: (surprised) oh, my goodness mark: you've just won - a thousand dollars! woman: that's amazing! that's amazing! (shrieks)
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maria, that delivery felt a little forced. and steve, steve: yeah? woman: i am still missing that raw emotion. woman: pretty awesome for a tuesday, but tomorrow is hump day, so let's really bring it! lucky for life. win a thousand dollars a day,
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now, in high definition, from the western north carolina's news leader, this is news 13 this morning. >> holly: multiple schools are closed or delayed again this morning. >> jay: asheville city, buncombe county, henderson county, transylvania county, and haywood county, are on a two-hour delay. several other counties including mcdowell, madison county, mcdowell and rutherford are also on delay. >> holly: the list is scrolling at the bottom of your screen and you can find a full list at >> jay: there is a winter weather alert inform several counties. >> holly: we have been tracking the weather as it moves into the area. we have started live coverage with ingrid, how is it looking? >> ingrid: we have wintry weather returning to the mountains. this is a time lapse at 3 a.m. and landing now at 6:30. it is indicating some snow in
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tennessee and also look into the it's pink. that's the mix. zone. we have a chance for freezing rain today and look at this, winter weather alert, from avery county all the way down to graham and as far as the upstate even. so i will explain what these alerts mean in my full forecast and let you know more about the timeline of this precipitation. back over to you. >> holly: flurries are starting to show up in parts of the mountains. >> jay: lauren brigman has been monitoring conditions in madison county all morning and continues live team coverage. lauren, you checked in with dot officials. what are they seeing in other parts of the county? >> lauren: yeah, ronald is a night supervisor at madison county dot and he has been out all night checking in with crews spread all over madison county. highway 220 in the shelton laurel area is one spot where they are seeing light flurries this evening no. since we have been out in the wolf laurel area, since 4:30
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morning. madison county, they are pretty much on standby because they have been out checking the roads. we have seen trucks rolling in and out. they are loaded, ready to go as the snow begins to pick up here in madison county. but as you can see, there are still some lingering impacts of the snowfall though here on the ground. here at the dot salt barn in wolf laurel. there is still snow to be seen from the earlier events we saw last week. and they said these icy spots on the roadways, especially those secondary roads across madison county, that's what they have been having to deal with overnight in the higher elevations, because that ice is sticking around and then with more snow in the forecast, as well as some freezing rain, it can really cause some troubles on the roads. so they are trying to stay ahead of the system as it moves in. so, madison county, we are starting to see, of course, some light snow flurries here. as you begin to see snow where you are, send us your weather pictures. you can tweet them and send them
6:32 am we have been checking in with some of the other northern counties like yancey and mitchell county, jaclyn deaugustino has the latest from the officials there, what are they seeing? >> jaclyn: lauren, dispatchers are seeing problems on the road. they are starting to see flurries in burnsville. roads in that area might be a little slick this morning through your commute so use caution in that area. dot crews are out treating roadways there right now. yancey county is also another problem spot. the main roads like u.s. 19, those are in good shape, it's the back roads, neighborhood roads, secondary roads that are your problem area this morning. so, take it slow. if you are taking any back roads on your morning commute there. that's a look at your on-time traffic report brought to you by the wired mouse. back over to you. >> holly: remember, you can always download our weather app to stay on top of the latest weather warnings and alerts. >> jay: it's free. simply search wlos in your app store. >> holly: new details in a suspicious death case that is now a murder investigation.
6:33 am
first degree murder and robbery with a dingrous weapon. madison county sheriffs located a woman's vehicle saturday morning and too long norton into custody. he is in the buncombe county jail without bond. >> jay: the death of a haywood county man whose body was found in the upstate has now been ruled a suicide. the body of 57 year-old jeffrey turner was found friday morning in oconee county. search teams had been looking for him ins since he was reported missing on tuesday. >> holly: the death of an asheville man brings awareness to the homeless community. a body was found in the sum mit parking lot on french broada. there was a funeral procession in his honor sunday. >> it's very powerful. as one of my friends said, here are the loneliest people in asheville dying and calling that not only we grieve this death but also that we do something about it. >> holly: some studies of the
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average life expectancy of people who live on the street to be between 42 and 52 years. >> jay: you can voice your feedback on north carolina's congressional redistrict redistricting. one of the meetings is at robinson hall at the campus of unca at 10:00 o'clock this morning. if you can't go you can provide feedback in the legislature's web site. that information is on your screen and we have a link at after the public meetings, a special redistricting committee is in charge of drawing new maps. it will meet tuesday and wednesday. then the entire legislature can be called back to raleigh on thursday. an appeals court ruled the first of 12 districts were constitutionally drawn based on race. >> holly: this week kicks off international random acts of kindness week. >> jay: we wanted to inspire others to do random acts of kindness on their own. so, we headed to the publix on
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>> we are paying it forward at publix. >> holly: we are going down the cookie aisle for some fun. >> jay: absolutely. looking for people and we are ready to buy their groceries. hello there. >> holly: good morning, we are giving back through random acts of kindness so we would like to pick up your groceries today. >> really? >> jay: pay the bill. >> thanknk you. >> holly: is that okay? >> that would be great. i appreciate that. >> holly: do you ever do anything nice for anybody else? >> yes, we try. we live in sylva, so, yes, try to support our charities and if someone needs something, we give. >> holly: how are you doing today? >> jay: hi. >> holly: we are with news 13, jay and holly. and we are doing random acts of kindness. so we are picking up your grocery bill today. is that okay? >> that's fine. >> holly: that make you happy? how is your day going so far? >> really good now. >> holly: making it better? >> how come you are doing that? >> jay: we are trying to spur other people to do nice things. >> i do nice things for a-b tech. >> holly: you help out in the
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>> holly: we are happy to help you today. how are you, i'm holly headrick, this is jay siltzer with news 13. we are doing random acts of kindness. >> how nice of you to do that. >> jay: so we are picking up your tab. >> you're kidding? >> holly: can we buy groceries today? >> thank you. is this a joke or something? >> holly: no it's just random acts of kindness week. >> oh, well, that's great. i'm all for that. >> jay: you are thinking you should have bought more, right? >> golly, what would you -- i don't know why i was reaching for that. >> holly: you said your husband is not going to believe >> right. thank you very much. >> holly: all right. >> holly: we had a little fun at the shoot at p plix. i had a little -- jay had a little trouble stuffing himself into a shopping cart. >> jay: i didn't know we recorded this part. then we both had fun as holly pushed me around the store. it was not fun getting in there. amazingly, we did not get kicked
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invited back on thursday. to follow this up. >> holly: that's right. in honor of international random acts of kindness, we are also giving away two $50 gift cert enter. >> jay: we will announce the morning. >> holly: it's a special day for two new canine duets. >> jay: coming up, how many students helped name him. >> holly: here is your live look on the interstate from our traffic cam. i-26 so far so good.
6:39 am
will now, in high definition, this is your news 13 skywatch forecast. >> ingrid: good morning, everyone. hope you had a good weekend, good valentine's day, too. we are starting off the work week a little messy outside. that's the winter weather falling across the region. this is a time lapse here from 5:37 until 6:37 this morning indicating we are starting to see some precipitation fall as snow, in or northern mountain county, so swain county, we have had reports in haywood county of some of this snow falling. county, as well. west of morganton, seeing darker blue, likely that is falling in the reports of burnsville, filo and clyde reports of light snow. futurecast model indicating not a ton of precipitation here over the next couple hours.
6:40 am
up towards boone, continuing to see snow. and it will return from the west as a mix and, at times, rain, depending upon the temperatures. so, this is where we will start to see around daybreak here and into the morning commute, it will be messy. 23 in asheville right now. newland is colder at 15. same thing in boone. below freezing in franklin. you can see andrews right now at 34. so, when our precipitation falls from chattanooga out towards andrews it will likely be rain and then can transition into snow and sleet at times. down to hendersonville, it's cold at 20. seven miles per hour winds in asheville makes it feel cold. bundle up if you are heading out the door. the little ones heading out the school, 15 degrees is the wind chill. you can just see blue, pink, and then the green. so, this is indicating a true mix across the entire southeast here from tennessee, alabama, into the central portion of the state. back here at 8 a.m., once
6:41 am
precipitation but we keep a 60% chance in the forecast throughout the day of this snow, sleet, temperatures will warm above freezing so we will see a through tomorrow morning with the exception of the highest elevations hovering around freezing, we could see snowfall across that zone. overall tuesday will be a rain event. snowfall potential, i will say the lower edge of the legend, 1-3" because we are under a winter weather advisory for buncombe county. in the blue, that's the 3-5" and just a dusting further south. the futurecast model indicating we will see that chance for rain today. but really overnight tonight and into tomorrow we will see the heavier rainfall. winter storm warning is out until midnight for the counties shaded in pink. the rest of us here, winter weather advisory, that includes us here in buncombe county, all the way out twaferredz rutherford, actually, down into polk county and the mountains of the upstate.
6:42 am
the real threat here, the freezing rain advisory. so, the chance for that precipitation to fall and it's still below freezing, bam, once it hits the surface, turns to a glaze, a sheet of ice, dangerously cold conditions will lead to that, until the afternoon. where we warm above freezing. 37 is the high today in asheville. now, tonight, some of a mix, but mostly rain. what about the upstate today? once again, starting off with the precipitation as a mix, freezing rain, once again tonight. but the bulk of the day we won't have to worry about that. 36 tonight. seven-day forecast, does show rainy conditions tuesday. going to be warmer and dryer by late week. more flurries causing problems for the morning commute, jaclyn? >> jaclyn: right, ingrid. drivers use caution if you are driving in the northern mountains this morning. dispatchers are reporting flurries in the burnsville area right now, so the roads there might be a little slick this morning. so, just use extra caution if
6:43 am
yancey county is also a problem spot this morning. the rain roads are in good shape but it's the back roads and secondary roads that will be a problem for you this morning. there might be some slick spots out there. remember, dot crews are working hard and keeping those roads treated for you. and we do have all these problem areas listed for you on our web site, on, just go to the traffic page. that's a look at your on-time traffic report brought to you by the wired mouse. >> >> holly: happening to day, the newest addition to the henderson county sheriff offense office will get their names. >> jay: two bloodhound puppies started training with the department last month. more than 350 students from hill creek and etowah elementary sent in names for the pups. >> holly: the winning names were select and will be revealed during a pep really at clear creek elementary, weather permitting. brother wolf sent adorable gifts yesterday. >> jay: absolutely. all valentine's day weekend,
6:44 am
came with a card, vegan cookies and roses and a balloon and 15 minutes with a puppy. it gave people the opportunity the play with a pooch without taking on the responsibility of adopting one. the volunteers say the gift gives back to the rescue group in a very important way. >> we are a no kill rescue. we have over 75 dogs right now with heartworm, heart worm which is expensive to treat, but we do treat it. so all the money raised from the puppy gram will help them. >> jay: the puppigrams are available year-round for any occasion if you want to celebrate. >> holly: see, that would make anybody smile even on a cold morning. send a puppy gram. >> jay: no doubt. >> to see all these cars all of a sudden and se mys turned sideways and cars. >> holly: a massive pileup on
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6:47 am
was not just >> >> holly: welcome back. the sudden death of supreme court justice antonin scalia has kicked off a battle that is spilling over on the campaign trail. >> jay: his body being transported to washington today. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell threatened to block any nomination for from president obama. now presidential candidates are focusing on the supreme court and the vacant seat. >> i think president obama is going to submit a nominee, and in all likelihood this person will be out of the mainstream and it will be rejected by the senate. >> reporter: president president obama said he would nominate someone to the bench and that's exactly what he
6:48 am
mcconnell should follow the constitutional process. >> jay: scalia's funeral announced yet. >> holly: there is 551 work related e-mails from when hillary clinton was head of state. most were reclassified. most of the e-mails were not marked confidential at the time they were sent. a federal judge ordered clinton's remaining e-mails be released by tend of the month. pope francis finished the second day in mexico with a strong message. >> jay: sunshine the devil and resist the temptations of wealth and corruption. in mexico city, more than 3,000 people came to see him. pope francis pleaded with mexicans to turn their own country into a land of opportunity so they would not need to emmy grate away from it. he will be in mexico through wednesday, when he will celebrate mass near the u.s. border in juarez ( ). >> holly: making headlines this morning, authorities try to track down the people responsible for robbing a convenience store. >> jay: it happened in
6:49 am
police say an officer noticed something sus suspicious, when he responded one robber shot the officer in the head. a store employee was in shock. >> just really nervous and terrified. i can't hardly breathe right now. >> jay: the officer is in the hospital. his condition is described as very critical. >> h hly: a police chase in baton rouge, louisiana, ends in a shootout. the man stopped in the street, opened the car door, and started shooting at police. officers were able to fire back, but two officers and the gunman were hit. one of the officers was shot in the head and the other was hit in the side. both survived. >> to get one more inch with a high caliber weapon probably would go through the officer's vest and you know potentially kill him. so both of these officers are really poavment to survive this encounter. >> holly: at last check the officers were both in stable condition. no word on the condition of the suspect. police in indiana
6:50 am
along the two mile stretch of highway. >> jay: between 40-50 vehicles were involved. police say rather than one huge pileup, there were a series of crashes that were several injuries reported but police say the most serious was a broken leg. one witness said it happened very fast. >> to see all these cars, all of a sudden just -- and se mys turned sideways and cars, pieces of all over the road. i saw people walking up the exit ramp to go the mcdonalds to go the restroom. >> jay: there was snow in the area at the time but still no word what caused the accident. police worked to treat the roads with salt. >> holly: a wisconsin neighborhood is expecting to reopen following a water main break. it caused flooding and power outages, the crews worked to fix the problem. the main break sent the gushing water down the street. >> it started like a waterfall, really. it was crazy. never experienced anything like
6:51 am
>>holly: no word what caused that break. >> >> lauren: dot crews in madison county are ready for this approaching winter weather. coming up, i will tell you what they do differently when ice is a big concern. >> >> >> holly: in honor of president's day, which four presidents won the know bell peace prize?
6:52 am
we will hav that feeling. you know the one. that "grand-slam, aced-the-presentation" feeling. multiply that feeling. it's the deal of all deals. a moment worthy of celebration. now multiply that. you're everyone's hero in the championship of all championships it's that feeling. multiplied. introducing the new multiplier scratch-offs. a chance to win. and a chance to multiply your winnings.
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>> holly: the wintry mix continues to move into the mountains. >> jay: let's check in with lauren brigman, who is live in madison county, lauren? >> lauren: hi, jay and holly. just since i last spoke with you, just a few minutes ago, we are starting to actually see some sleet mixing in with these light snow flurries here in the wolf laurel area of madison county. you can see a little bit of it. it's now a wintry mix that we are seeing here. and of course dot officials are
6:54 am
they are continuing to keep a close eye on the roadway. what you will find they are doing differently is when ice is a big concern as will be the case with this system rolling in, when ice on the roadways is the biggest concern, they are going to start to mix more of that sand in with the salt mixture to help with traction for those who absolutely have to be out on the roads during the winter weather. that's you can expect to see. we have seen dot crews at the salt barn in wolf laurel throughout the night, coming in and out. right now it's about to be a shift change for them here. so those crews that have been working all night are actually getting a break, getting to go home as the daytime crews come in here. you can expect to see dot crews throughout the counties, especially those northern mountain county, keeping a close look at the road. we are starting to see the wintry mix in the wolf laurel area of madison county. these higher elevations are getting hit first and we will check in with you throughout the morning to keep you up to date as these conditions begin to worsen. live in wolf laurel, lauren
6:55 am
>> holly: here is the answer day's mind teaser. in honor of president's day, which four presidents received the know bell peace prize? >> jay: thee door res velt, woodrow wilson, jimmy carter and barack obama. >> holly: had us stumped. some couples in new york said i dos on valentine's day. >> jay: they held their ceremony inside the empire state building. some tied the knot and others renewed their vows but they all had a breathtaking view from the building's observatory on the 86th floor. >> >> holly: the couples won the right to hold their ceremony after winning a contest for the most touching stories. the grammies is tonight. >> jay: lionel ritchie is there, his friends, see any wonders and to others turned out, he said he is very honored but he is just taking it all in.
6:56 am
>> holly: we have a winner for giveaway. >> jay: congratulations. >> jaclyn: you won two $50 gift cards to publix. >> ingrid: we will e-mail you how to claim your prize. we are seeing slick conditions across the northern mountains, in fact, reports just came in from mcdowell county of slick roadways there. futurecast model the next couple hours does show the precipitation beginning to fill east. so, we can expect a mix at times. morning. storm warning. it is for yancey, mitchell, avery county, mcdowell and burke, they will see the most and the winter weather advisory is out for buncombe county, through madison county down to graham county and as far east as rutherford and polk county and upstate. plus, the upstate likely going to see freezing rain throughout the first part of day and then possibly even this evening as well. so, dangerous conditions expected. but we will warm above
6:57 am
going to be a huge snow event, but of course when we are talking ice, that's going to be pretty dangerous. tonight, back down to 33. so, at times, yes, we will see a mix, but it will be mostly rain. and the upstate, same thing as i mentioned warming above freezing. through the afternoon and then back to 36 tonight. >> holly: all right. it could cause dangerous driving conditions. >> jaclyn: slick roadways are possible especially in the northern mountains this evening no. use extra caution on your morning commute. >> jay: thanks for joining us. gma is next.
6:58 am
the delays and [burke] at farmers, we've seen almost everything, so we know how to cover almost anything. even "turkey jerks." [turkey] gobble. [butcher] i'm sorry! (burke) covered march fourth,2014. talk to farmers. we've seen almost everything, so we know how to cover almost anything.
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good morning, america. a battle brewing over the supreme court. the race to replace justice scalia is on. republicans fighting to keep president obama at bay. >> it's called delay, delay, delay. >> promising to block any nominee.
7:00 am
strong and say we're not going to give up the supreme court. the president stands firm. >> i plan to fulfill my constitutional responsibilities. >> as we learn new details about justice scalia's final hours as millions honor his legacy. storm warning. winter weather moving in. deadly crashes. massive pile yups a dramatic rescue of dozens stuck in a tram in sub zero temperatures. mid-air scare. a new york-bound flight with hundreds onboard forced to turn around. >> we have a medical issue with one of the pilots. >> after a laser beam hit one of the pilots in the eye. and look out below. see those dots in the water, that's not seaweed, those are sharks. why thousands are swarming this


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