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tv   News 13 at Noon  ABC  February 15, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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this is a mix. true mix of the pink, the sleet, the freezing rain, the blue, the snow and the rain, of course. that's northern swain county near the tennessee line. it looks like the western portion of haywood county. we'll see the moisture pull back into the region throughout the day. look at black mountain, 25 degrees. the news 13 skycam network. in fact, many winter weather alerts out for across the entire region. we'll talk more specifically about what that means coming up in my full weather forecast. i'll talk about the timeline and how much will fall. >> fog and drizzle making the roads slick especially in henderson county. that's where lauren joins us live from white pine drive. lauren, most accidents happening because of weather conditions.
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they towed the vehicle from here. it overturned as a result of hitting ice. we caught up with the two hours ago. at that time, they had responded tt at least a half a dozen calls already because of accidents this morning. officials had to break out the back window of this vehicle. of the car. thankfully they didn't sustain life threatening injuries but they were taken to the hospital. i heard the driver saying, i wasn't going that fast. the conditions proved to be dangerous because of the ice even if she wasn't going that fast. hendersonville police say when conditions are like this with fog and drizzle changing to ice, it makes it challenging to drive at all. >> this can happen in an
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the problem with black ice like this is you can't see it, you can't hear it, you can't hear it. the only way i was able to tell some of the bad spots in the little bit. >> we were on the scene of a crash after a driver lost control because of ice on the vehicle. many that case, the driver thought he was going slow enough but the ice caught him by surprise. thankfully no one was hurt in that accident either. dot trues are working hard to treat the roads where ice is quickly forming as freezing rain and drizzle is beginning to fall and quickly change to ice on the roads. when we talked to police, they say they have been checking the roads all morning. that suggests how quickly it is changing to ice on the roads. they are urging drivers to
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slow slow. >> madison county schools closed today as well. early this morning, snow showers were visible in the county. this is video from sams gap. crews working to stay ahead of the winter weather as more snow in. as crews workeke during the overnight hours to tackle 212 and 208 in the laurel community. >> maine hit with an icy mix of rain, snow and sleet. severe weather, including tornadoes, damaging winds and large hail is possible from new orleans to the florida panhandle. elizabeth has the latest on this severe weather. >> this morning, the nation's capital under a winter storm warning, bracing for six inches of snow. overnight, more sno fell in chicago after a weekend of blinding whiteout conditions, leaving highways and roadways littered with wreckage from
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multiple pile-ups killing three and sending dozens to the hospital some incredible images emerging from the record breaking cold. firefighters battling a blaze, leaving this car completely frozen. in boston, subzero temperatures shattering a 60-year-old record and in new york, it was the coldest valentine's day in 100 years. >> finally, in new hampshire, the wicked cold led to these rescues at a ski resort. 48 people trapped, hanging more than 40 feet off the ground. >> it swung forward, it swung back, we knew there was a problem. >> this after two trams broke down. eventually everyone was brought to safety after three hours. >> looking ahead, there is some relief from the dangerous cold. forecasters say a storm moving from the south and up the coast
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by midweek. we have an update to the murder investigation, 29-year-old james norton was in court this morning. he is charged with first degree murder and robbery with a dangerous weapon. the body of 62-year-old christina kessenger was found. deputies located her vehicle saturday morning and took norton into custody. in court, norton was given a court appointed attorney. his next court date is set for march 7. the judge did not reduce his bond. >> the sudden death of supreme court justice scalia kicked off a battle in washington that is moving over to the campaign trail. mitch mcconnell threatened to block any nomination from president obama. >> while the body of supreme court justice antonin scalia is transported to washington, debate over his replacement
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ted cruz criticized his main rival on abc's this week. >> anyone that writes checks to chuck schumer and harry reid and hillary clinton does not care about conservative justices on the court. >> trump struck back by criticizing john roberts. >> he got there because ted cruz pushed him like wild. >> on cnn state of the union, tone. >> i think president obama will submit a nominee and in all likelihood, this person will be out of the main stream and will be reject bid the senate. >> marco rubio -- >> the court can function with eight justices. it does it all the time. >> candidates on the other side of the aisle accused mcconnell and others of ignoring the constitution. >> the constitution is pretty
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that is, it is the job of the president of the united states to appoint, nominate members to the supreme court and the senate confirms. >> president obama said he would nominate someone to the bench and that's exactly what he should be doing and leader mcconnell should follow the constitutional process. >> today several republican presidential candidates will continue to campaign in south carolina. donald trump will hold a rally. it is at the td center. doors open at 5:00, the event begins at 7:00. i. it ol have a crew there to bring you updates from the rally. >> ben carson will be at a worship event. it is tonight at the spartanburg marriott on church street. earlier today ted cruz hosted a rally at aiken with glen beck and marco rubio held a town hall in rock hill. >> coming up tomorrow night,
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your future town hall. politics. a look at the biggest issues facing the generation and which candidate they think can solve their concerns. >> in other news making headlines this noon, california police are seeking the public's help. they want information on who may have attacked pedestrians with blow darts on the san francisco golden gate bridge. two victims were struck friday afternoon. they were not hospitalized. paramedics evaluated them at the scene and released them. the darts were tested to make sure they were not coated in any chemicals. authorities say it wasn't immediately clear where the darts fired from. >> the darts came at him and was able to go through his jeans and into his leg by about two inches. >> investigators are working to determine whether any footage of the crime exists.
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out a massive drug bust seizing one billion australian dollars worth of methamphetamine. that is 700 million u.s. dollars. federal agents say the liquid drug was found hidden inside thousands of silicone bra inserts in a shipment trace today a storage facility. police found the drug inside art supplies. authorities arrested and charged four people over the haul. >> flying the friendly skies is the safest it has been. the international air transport association reported four airline crashes in 2015 with 136 deaths. it is a huge drop from the year before when 641 people died in airline accidents. that tally does not include two major plane crabs deliberately caused. 150 people were killed, a metro jet crashed in egypt. that was blamed on terrorism
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>> what you like to eat isn't always the best way to make healthy food choices. how learning to read food labels can make all the difference. >> in the business report, an effort to reduce costs with suppliers.
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changes at whole foods. >> when it comes to food boxed bagged, topping today health headlines, kelly helps us crack the food label code. >> we want to help you become a smart shopper. we called in a clinical dietitian to help us sort it out.
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first, that's where you are going to find the serving size. and then all of the amounts per serving. >> how about this ingredients list, how do we use that to our advantage? >> ingredients are listed in the order of their predominance in the product, what you would really need to pay attention to would be the first three ingredients to see what is in that product. >> what are key words to look out for when reading the label on the side of the box? >> i look for sugar. i want to avoid a lot of added sugar. then it is good to know words that mean sugar, words that end in ose, like dextrose. sodium. >> what is the difference between good fats and bad fats? >> even if it says zero transfat on the label, if you see the word hydrogenated fat in the ingredient list, there could be
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per serving in that product. >> use these tips as tools the next time you go to the grocery store and you'll be sure to have a food that is healthy and satisfying. >> coming up, a house fire claims a life, how the cold temperatures hampered firefighters' efforts. >> 32 degrees, cloudy conditions and damp on our news 13 skycam network. coming up after the break, we'll zoom in and show you what is going on right now if you are about to leave the house. you want to watch this. what you can expect tonight and tomorrow morning, more snow. we stop arthritis pain, so you don't have to stop. tylenol 8hr arthritis pain has two layers of pain relief. the first is fast. the second lasts all day. we give you your day back. what you do with it is up to you. tylenol . when your type 2 diabetes numbers aren't moving in the right direction, it can be a burden. but what if you could wake up to lower blood sugar? imagine loving your numbers.
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stop taking and call your doctor right away if you experience symptoms such as rash, swelling, or difficulty breathing or swallowing. tell your doctor about any medical conditions, medications you are taking, and if you have kidney or liver problems. using invokana with a sulfonylurea or insulin may increase risk of low blood sugar. imagine life with a lower a1c. are you loving your numbers? there's only one invokana . ask your doctor about it by name. >> welcome back. we are monitoring freezing rain across the region. let's get a closer look right now. all these areas showing the pink slick conditions on the royce. about to leave the house, please
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in southern asheville, buncombe county, around biltmore forest, royal pine, the chance for freezing rain there. we are showing light pink on the radar. elsewhere, we have seen darker pink areas. that means heavier rain fallingfalling. northern portion of rutherford county. as far south as columbus and trion. what about henderson county, continuing to see this precip. also in transylvania county, this is an area where we are starting to see the transition. from that mix to the slick conditions to now more of rain in the western portions of the county, the upstate also seeing slick conditions across the region from greenville further south and cloudy conditions as well. that's why we have been seeing the freezing drizzle and freezing fog this morning.
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picking all of it up, it is so saturated, we are seeing it stick to the ground. radar is indicating snow right now in the northern portion of swain county and haywood county. traveling on 40 towards tennessee, it is likely rain right now. the chance for it to turn over to a mix or snow. over the next couple of hours, it looks like we are getting a break. watch back here, we are starting to see more of this precip pull into the region. at ballsam gap, it is 40 degrees. this is likely all rain. this is up at 4,000 feet. it is not like that everywhere, very interesting with our temperatures this morning, that's why because it is an interesting event. 28 in asheville. 29 in burnsville. 24 in morganton. you are seeing west of asheville, the warmer conditions above freezing and to the east below freezing.
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going to continue to see that chance for a glaze, freezing rain today. another issue on the roadways, visibility down to one mile in asheville, below two miles in morganton. one and a half in greer. a closer look, this is our future cast showing not only the precip so the mix of the pink but the temperatures. you can see west of asheville, likely going to see the rain. look to the east in our southern mountains, northeast georgia seeing that ice today tonight through dinner time. a messy commute. if you live in these zones, likely it is going to be dicey on the roadways. overnight we see the rain, tomorrow morning, 4:30. we see a transition to snow in those northern mountains. the rest of us seeing clearer skies with another round tuesday night with the possibility of light snow in the higher
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snowfall potential, this is indicating icy conditions all in the white. now, the chance for mixed precip and heavier snowfall, especially tonight in northern mountains near the tennessee border, although heavy won't be much, two to four at best. really more of a slick slick conditions. in the next couple of hours, we'll continue to see the chance for ice and rain. overnight, we could see about an inch through tomorrow around noon. so temperatures today are going to be very chilly so giving us a chance for winter weather continuing through tonight. that freezing rain advisory down into the upstate. 37 for a high temperature today. at times, yes, we'll warm above freezing. tonight, right around freezing. mostly rain, some mix as well. sleet possible in greenville today and freezing rain tonight. in some locations.
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wet and then wednesday a little bit of snow. we warm above freezing each and every day. we'll be glad to see that sunshine. >> a new study has eye opening results about your credit.
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your credit score. >> markets the closed. a website found when it comes to the question of who has better credit, men win but only with a slight margin. the average credit score for men is 630ut of a possible 850 compared with 621 for women. men's overall debt exceed those of women but their higher wage mace account for the difference in those results. whole foods is tweaking its management style. the wall street journal reports the retailer is shifting more responsibility for buying packaged foods from local
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headquarters in austin, texas. the company is deploying software to simplify labor intensive tasks. the company hopes to save $3 million a year by eliminating 2,000 jobs. spot fi has 20 million members. apple music launchinged this past june. it is slowly been attracting more users and keeping them. the excitement continues to build over one of the newest members of the greenville zoo. still to come at noon, what zookeepers are saying about a popular giraffe. >> tonight at 5:00, construction across from the ingals warehouse.
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there in ask 13.
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we are talking about the beloved giraffe from the greenville zoo who is healthy and tall. here are photos sent to us from the zoo. zookeepers decided to name him tattoo. it means third child in swa heely. >> the name was submitted three times. we have a live picture to show you. this is baby and mom. viewers from across the u.s. were able to watch as anna gave birth. >> he is awfully cute, isn't he? >> coming up, --. >> don't be in a hurry. go slow and be patient. >> coming up in our next half-hour, where officials are seeing the most problems. >> two men are in custody after a police officer was shot in the head. what ahorities believe
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do >> it is slick outside, windy conditionsnss well. see the camera moving around a little bit there. the cars look to be moving slowly. let's hope they are. we are seeing reports of freezing rain across the region. >> we have had folks who went


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