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tv   News 13 at 530pm  ABC  February 15, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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what message he brings starting now. it's just a sham and it's just set up to make people feel like they have some input. >> frank: a public hearing on north carolina's redistricting problems doesn't go as plan. why some who showed up never got a chance to have their voices heard. now from western north carolina's news leader, this is news 13 at 5:30. >> tammy: snow and freezing rain are being blamed for hundreds of accidents in north carolina. >> frank: this is video from the raleigh area where troopers say more than 300 wrecks happened this morning. and that same storm system is blasting the east coast causing white out conditions and subzero temperatures. >> tammy: weather is making things difficult for drivers as well. >> frank: chief meteorologist jason boyer joining us right now. >> tammy: jason, what can we expect right now?
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henderson, polk, rutherford, you're still in line for more accumulating ice. warmer air is going to punch in for a couple of hours. already seen rain farther to the rest of us. even though the radar is not impressive looking right now with all these pings, there is moisture coming down with light mist, freezing drizzle. 64 south and west of hendersonville and areas of rutherford county. you'll see some of this moisture working over head. and thus we're going to get our chances of more accumulating ice in areas east. city has been above freezing for several hours and likely doesn't fall below it tonight. everything east is in that cold air wedge. 48 in bryson city.
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henderson, the northern end of greenville, also oconee and pickens county. freezing rain advisories farther south over the upstate. in the next couple of hours, we'll continue to watch the freezing rain. look at the rain take over after midnight. a lot of these areas farther east you'll see rain by day break. cold, damp and icy. watch out, those bridges and overpasses will be the first to freeze up. >> tammy: donald trump maintains the commanding lead. a poll shows that trump is favored by 42% of likely republican voters in that state. >> frank: ted cruz takes second place with 20%. and marco rubio came in third with 13%.
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are gearing up for this weekending primary. >> aaron: that's right. donald trump not expecting to speak until 7:30. some people started lining up as early as two to get some of those prime seats up front. a little different look for tonight's rally. ted cruz was in akin earlier today. a lot of interest in voters in this area and south carolina. coming up tonight at 6:30, we'll show you what one of them had to say. aaron adelson, news 13. >> frank: former president george w bush visited with military veterans in columbia this afternoon. he's in south carolina to help give his younger brother jeb and his bid for the white house. they'll rally in charleston in a little under 30 minutes.
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questions from supporters in a town hall in rockhill today. trey goudy was a guest speaker at that event. >> frank: there will be a lot of candidates visiting south carolina in the next two weeks. visit the election 2016 section of our website. >> tammy: now to a developing story affecting all of north carolina. this friday is the deadline for lawmakers to redraw a district after a previous panel ruled it was unfair. >> frank: could rule to push that deadline back. news 13's ashlea surles joins us right now. >> tammy: ashlea, you were with concerned citizens today. >> ashlea: that's right. it was through a statewide teleconference that some say didn't go so smoothly. officials from the state house, senate and city cop watched over
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>> our next speaker is tom bars. >> ashlea: over teleconference hundreds of north carolina residents could sound off to lawmakers. >> that we need to create a non-partisan redistrict commission. >> reporter: the topic was what to do. if the supreme court says legislators must meet a deadline. >> i think our current lines are fair and equitable. i think we should leave them like we are. >> re draw the districts in a fair manner. >> ashlea: republicans have remapped district one to look like clown shoes. >> all the hearings in this matter is ridiculous. it's wrong. >> ashlea: of the 60 residents that showed up locally today,
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>> i was in there for about an hour and a half. things i was interested in listening to were bad reception. and things i didn't particularly care about came in clearly. >> ashlea: this is really a time sensitive issue. we are one month from the north carolina primary. if the districts have to be redrawn by friday, they may not be improved by the primary. meaning they may have to be pushed back. frank. >> frank: this whole redistricting issue took another term this weekend when chief supreme court justice antonin scalia died suddenly. his death makes it likely the court's decision will be deadlocked. if that happens, the decision of the lower court stands and lawmakers will still have to meet friday's deadline. >> tammy: a haywood county plant says it will have to cut positions because of the struggling industry.
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some permanent jobs. conmet makes parts used in tractor trailers. >> frank: slick conditions are a problem on some of the roads around our area right now. >> tammy: jaclyn, weather related wrecks are tying up henderson county. >> jaclyn: right. u.s. 25 south is down to one lane right now because of an accident. one minor injury is reported here. avoid this spot if you can on your commute. u.s. 74 bypass in rutherford county is a big problem area right now. slick conditions are a problem here. they're also a problem in mitchell and mcdowell county. we have all these problem areas listed on if you are heading out toward i-26 east bound in hendersonville, there is a wreck that's tying up traffic. keep that in mind for your afternoon commute. that's a look at your on time traffic report brought to you by
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>> frank: a man credited with helping save the historic henderson county courthouse has died. dr. george jones was the founder of the genealogical society. created the heritage museum. >> some wonderful people that invested their lives in wonderful service. dr. jones' legacy is certainly among that group. >> frank: henderson county manager steve wyatt says jones will be greatly missed. coming up, two popular asheville restaurants are temporarily shutting their doors. why they're closing and when they'll reopen. >> tammy: and who tends to have a higher credit score? men or women.
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better numbers. you're watching news 13 with
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chief meteorologist jason boyer, and on time traffic with jaclyn deaugustino. this is news 13 at 5:30. >> tammy: the markets are closed for president's day today and some local businesses are also shutting their doors but for different reasons. >> frank: mellow mushroom and and the laughing seat is closing. they're planning to reopen by the first or second week in march. >> tammy: ikea has avoided paying taxes in europe for the past few years. it accuses the furniture giant of funneling money between central europe between 2009 and 2014. ikea denies the allegations saying it pays taxes fully in compliance with national and international law.
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question of who has the better credit score, men win but only by a slight margin. the average credit score for men is 630 out of a possible 850. compared with 621 for women. men's debt exceed those than women but their higher wages may balance it out. >> tammy: we're going to let that one float on by. speaking of numbers, we would like to see the numbers go up around here. >> jason: it would be nice. that would reduce the threat of ice. more ice accumulation likely. 33 degrees. that might be a record cold maximum high temperature for the day. just a little more than a tenth an inch of liquid today.
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is it going to beain or ice for your location. spring like.
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find out next. now your news 13 skywatch weather. >> jason: yes, some whacky weather today. usually the mountains is the place to get the weather. not today. west you've gotten warmer. 40 degree temperatures or warmer now in madison, haywood county, jackson and southern mountains. asheville sits above freezing in the city. what is falling is freezing on contact with surfaces. so we have freezing mist.
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and at times, freezing rain. the accumulations haven't been impressive just yet. i've only seen one place get a tenth of an inch and that is east towards black mountain. the idea is the ice will still accumulate. future radar. you can see some moisture coming in. it's green for rain. pink for a wintery mix of sleet and rain. if this moisture meets up in time with that cold air of the surface, we could have a significant icing event take shape overnight and in to the eastern foothills. but that doesn't necessarily play out that way. i certainly think there's going to be more ice. but i do see our temperatures get above freezing. but freezing rain east. rain west this evening. tuesday morning, the rain will end early. it's going to be rain for anybody getting it. tuesday evening, turn our attention west ward again. late day, rain and snow mix with
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northwest. rain is a big deal farther west of i-26. half inch to an inch of rain can fall. that's a lot of rain. jackson, macon, graham. down in to northern upstate for greenville and spartanburg county. tenth of an inch of icing accumulation. glazing up to a tenth of an inch. certainly not the biggest impact as we'll find east. 29 degrees in asheville. light freezing drizzle around. the low pressure that's bringing us this moisture is going to swing north in new england. we'll be out ahead of another system diving in from the northwest. that will keep our winds more southerly. on the future cast you'll see the pink here. after 6 o'clock in the evening. there's 9 o'clock.
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wrapped up. that's good news. the rain will come through pushing all that ice to the northeast. they'll be dry but certainly cooler overnight and in the morning. let's talk temperatures tonight. 20s and 30s mixed over the southern foothills and east of asheville. highs tomorrow should get way above freezing. look at the 50s breaking down over the upstate. places that were colder today will be warm tomorrow in areas west. we're going to flip it back around. oh yeah. 45 degrees wednesday. 50s. by friday, close to 60. by saturday, we are in the 60s. it's going to go one way to the other. that's how it works. >> tammy: i like the other. >> frank: time to check out today's "see it, shoot it, send it" picture. this shot of a cardinal from brevard road.
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his chest puffed right out there. >> tammy: you can send us pictures and video, e-mail them to i was overcome with emotion. >> tammy: making up for a
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greatest henderson county athlete you've never heard of. >> frank: an old team mate wants to make sure denny pace is never forgotten. >> tammy: john le and photographer ken corn tell us why memories of the legend are bittersweet. >> we practiced in cold weather, on days like this. >> john: chuck roper still ponders so many fleeting friday nights. >> easy and wonderful. after games we'd get a hot dog or a hamburger. >> john: and he could go on forever. >> this guy could kick a 50-yard field goal. he weighed 225 pounds. >> john: the multi-sports star
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tennessee. as a local insurance agent, chuck's playing days are far behind him. >> of course he scored a zillion more than me. i was a wide receiver. >> john: what he didn't know then was that it was hard to outrun painful memories. >> the whole team. the season, it was just devastating. and to this day, you know, i don't think i've totally gotten over it. >> john: in august of 1970, denny's year book photo put a face on a tragic story. >> they called me and said that denny had died. >> john: there was a tractor trailer wreck. pace was at the scene and ready to help. >> denny walked up there and the power lines were covered with ivy. and he stepped on it and it electrocuted him.
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>> i think on his tombstones it says it best. a friend to all. the grieving and the stress of when denny died so suddenly, that's what caused his father to have a heart attack and passed. a broken heart. he died from a broken heart. >> john: in the east high gym, excellence is synonymous with denny. >> this was a trophy case that was dedicated to denny in the 90s. and the work ethic that he had as a person. >> john: he recommended denny for east high's athletic hall of fame. >> i was overcome with emotion because it kind of brings the past to the present. >> john: just maybe closure. >> every month i have a dream with denny in it. it's like i know he's gone but yet we're going to play football. and he says don't worry about me. i'll be okay. >> john: and nearly 46 years
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learns. >> he only had 17 years. >> john: a reminder of the glory days that make a grown man cry. >> he'd be very humbled. >> john: john le, news 13. >> tammy: chuck says no one in denny's family is aware of the honor because he's been unable to locate his families. >> tammy: east henderson inducted sam reese, george, and tammy gilliam. >> holly: i'm holly headrick, coming up tomorrow on the carolina kitchen, vietnamese
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plus the
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following two big stories for you. >> darcel: first, the weather leads to icy conditions on the road. the multiple crashes across the mountains and what the dot says needs to happen to make roads safer for tonight. >> larry: plus friends of a woman murdered in asheville share the legacy she left behind. >> she was an amazing, lovely soul. and i'm completely shocked. >> larry: why they say she's saved more lives in the future. now from western north carolina's news leader, this is news 13 at 6. >> larry: dangerous travel conditions after a blast of winter covers roads with a slippery ice. >> darcel: a trash truck slid off the pavement. it's just one of many accidents that happened today. >> larry: we have live team coverage tonight and we'll bring you more in just a minute. but first, let's get right over
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boyer. >> darcel: jason, will we get more ice tonight? >> jason: yes, it's likely we will. the southern eastern end the buncombe county, in to the foothills andnd upstate. right now radar not impressive. but the moisture farther west, which is falling as rain, meet up. all freezing. 20s east in to the foothills. if that moisture meets up in time, we could have a lot of icing. let's hope these temperatures warm up. that's my thinking right now. 40s right now in our southern mountains. look at this. almost 50 degrees in bryson city and andrews. asheville airport, it sits at 29 degrees. northern oconnee, pickens, greenville, transylvania, polk,


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