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tv   News 13 Tonight  ABC  February 15, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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tonight, we're live from an event in the upstate. now from western north carolina's news leader, this is news 13 at 11:00. >> darcel: we have major problems on the roads right now. freezing rain is moving through causing ice on the roads and a lot of crashes. >> larry: some roads are shut down right now because of all the problems. we have live team coverage for you on this dangerous situation. more on closures in just a moment. >> darcel: first we begin with chief meteorologist jason boyer. >> jason: i've been watching temperatures closely. right now in asheville, leicester carpet sales news13 sky cam network, we're at unca. it was 33. it was just 32 degrees last hour. look down here in the lights of the parking lot. these are trees. you can actually see the glazing on these branches occur and
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we're getting light ice accumulations. you can actually see that sheen on the roads. little icicels on the lens. down in the upstate, great news here, temperatures have gone above freezing. the ice is now rain. you can see some of that. watch this little glazing on the grass. it gets a little white and then the rain comes. now we begin to melt some of this off. that pink is all about freezing rain. pockets of pink. that is warmer air working in to this storm system and scouring some of this low level cold out. so the freezing temperatures are going to warm up. we've already seen a lot of ice accumulation in these areas over mcdowell, polk, down through henderson. down in to the northern upstate. weather advisories in purple. hendersonville, forest city. these are freezing rain
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much of the upstate. mcdowell, burke, yancey, mitchell and avery county. overtime, this is going to be the change. rain takes over after midnight for a lot of places. may have pockets of freezing rain last in to the wee hours of the morning. i'll show you how much ice i expect to fall. stick around. >> darcel: there are major problems in a lot of areas. >> larry: some highways, bridges and overpasses are sheets of ice right now. news 13's frank kracher has been out there for hours. >> darcel: frank, what's it like out there where you are now? >> frank: well it has been on and off raining, pouring. we have waves going through. we're kind of in the middle of one. it's provided kind of decorative coating on trees around here. it looks nice here.
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it has been and continues to be one heck of a night out here. >> it's terrible. >> frank: no better way to describe it. up and down i-26, drivers losing control. vehicles sliding across the pavement. a few even flipping right over in to the ditch. the dot put out the warning that many folks were simply caught off guard. >> i think different parts of the county it's a little warmer and colder. so they're used to maybe thinking that it's wet. they go a little further and it's certainly not. >> frank: the best way to show you just how hazardous it is out here, you slide right across the asphalt. this mist and this rain is just freezing up right on the pavement. here on highway 25, two cars tangled. one of the drivers told us she'd been cut off, tried to brake and lost control. >> you gotta be real careful. >> frank: there were similar
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most single wrecks with no injuries. roads were slick causing poor visibility. then the sudden freeze did drivers in. in some ways, this is the worst mountain weather can be. >> excluding the 18 inches of snow we got three weeks ago. that wasn't as slick as this. it's a whole different deal. ice, man, you can't see it. you can't combat it. >> frank: now we showed you the icy pavement. take a look at this. this is fresh mullchthat had been put down. it is frozen solid like someone put a varnish on it. this rain is coming down. dispatchers all across the mountains are still reporting accidents. to say that it is dangerous to go out right now, of course, is an understatement. people need to stay inside. fortunately we're not seeing a lot of traffic so people must be
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reporting live in hendersonville, frank kracher, news 13. >> darcel: freezing conditions are also creating serious problems east of asheville. emergency crews in mcdowell tell us highway 226 is closed due to traffic concerns. the red cross set up emergency shelter. the fire department is helping to get stranded motorists to that shelter. emergency crews add that i-40 is closed from mile marker 86 to conditions. they advise you to stay home if you do not have to venture out. the weather has caused a tonight. one person was killed, two others hurt, including a greenville police officer. police say the officer was inside his cruiser and two other people involved in an early accident were standing outside when a car slammed in to all of them on i 385 downtown.
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over the side of the interstate and on to a road below. >> i -- i'm not -- i'm stunned. it's just insane. >> darcel: the other person who was hit suffered serious injuries. there's no word on the officer's injuries. both were transported to a local hospital. >> larry: other parts of the state are also getting hit with problems on the roads because of this weather. there were a lot of wrecks south of hickory. firefighters went to work helping one driver after another who spun out on icy overpasses. freezing rain changed over to sleet coating secondary roads. more than 100 flights were canceled in and out of charlotte douglas international airport because of a winter storm in the northeast. several passengers were frustrated. planes were not able to get to charlotte. there were also several
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asheville regional airport. >> darcel: make sure you keep it right here for the latest on the situation on the roads. our morning crew will be working morning and night to keep you up to date. our coverage begins at 4:30 in the morning. check in with us on and social media. >> larry: the town of canton is asking people to use less water until further notice. a mandatory water conservation notice has been issued for 3,000 people in canton. the reservoir is much lower than normal resulting in low water pressure. people allowing their faucets to run so pipes don't freeze has caused the shortage. >> asking folks to not run their water if it's not necessary. do the load of laundry in the morning, run the bath in the morning.
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>> larry: water levels are being monitored every couple of hours. he's asking everyone's cooperation to the water levels can rise and the notice can be lifted. >> darcel: two days after debating in greenville, donald trump returned tonight to rally support from voters. people lined up five hours early to see him. aaron, what did trump say about south carolina? >> aaron: darcel, he says he's staying here through the primaries. saturday south carolina voters go to the polls. we're told this room has 2,000 chairs. these were all filled and it was standing room only. >> by the way, we'll be hillary. >> reporter: trump started off making fun of his competitors. like this jab of marco rubio. >> i thought he just came out of the swimming pool. i said, wow, i said are you okay? when we get in with putin,
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>> aaron: 2007 south carolina primary, george w bush won greenville county with 58% of their vote. have greenville voters changed their mind? >> let me talk for just a second. i'll get out of here and you can go home and you can watch bush tonight. i don't think too many people are going to watch. >> reporter: they see him as a leader. >> we need someone who is going to take charge and take a stand around the world. and make america, you know, i hate to say it but make america great again. >> i think we need a bolder president. he gets somever of the younger generation like us. >> aaron: ben carson was also in spartanburg tonight telling everybody to do the same. aaron adelson, news 13. >> darcel: saving a family from
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coming up, what she did that they say saved their lives. >> larry: and are we raising a generation of helpless children? now that sounds harsh but some doctors and college professors say it's happening.
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>> darcel: the dropout rate among college freshman is rising and some experts have a theory why. >> larry: they say too many young people don't know how to organize their time and solve problems on their own. how can parents avoid raising the next generation of what some call helpless kids. >> reporter: colleges across the u.s. are a survey by the american college health association shows
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stressed and anxious. >> i see it in a lot of my peers because i think there's such a huge sense of competition here. best. >> reporter: dr. gray made headlines when he pointed out declining student resilience is a serious problem in colleges. family therapist stephanie donaldson pressman has been working with children for more than 25 years. she says it's not just a problem at colleges. >> children today are far more anxious and they have fewer coping skills. this is a new phenomenon. >> i think there's a lack of, like, the real, like, enjoyment something. and the beauty in failing and from that failure of learning from it. >> reporter: he was abused by his parents. but rotc in high school and now college is teaching him what his parents didn't.
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>> reporter: michael meyers says that's one of the most important things kids can learn. >> to have it overcome and to have it regroup. and i think helping our children understand that failure is not a statement about their person. it's not how many times you get knocked down. it's how many times you can stand back up. >> kids are not now taught the skills that they really need to learn how to live in the world. >> how can mom and dad teach those lessons? dr. pressman says family needs to spend less time on screens. teach communication skills and don't discount the importance of chores and scheduling homework. >> how are ya? >> reporter: cindy moore uses homework and house work. >> homework comes first, then chores and then you can have fun. >> reporter: work comes before fun. >> i think it's better if you work for things not just given
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>> reporter: what mom and dad praise is important, too. and it's not the trophy or the a. >> what's important is that they show up for practice. that they actually have the equipment and things that they need. and that they're trying. kids can't win at everything. >> my mom would always say stay ready so you don't have to get ready to be ready. >> reporter: gaila is studying to be a teacher. >> to bounce back from struggle. >> reporter: because the kids who don't quit, those are the ones, experts say, will stay on the path to success. >> darcel: a family in durham is giving their dog the credit for foiling a break-in and even saving their lives. the family heard allie growling saturday night. when they got up and opened the bedroom door, the dog ran out and headed to the top of stairs. that where she saw someone who wasn't supposed to be there. >> she started barking and i told them, i don't know what she's going to do.
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and you know, she came down a couple of stairs and was growling and barking. and they ran out the door. >> darcel: police couldn't find any sign of forced entry. the family says they may have left the door unlocked. either way, they credit allie with saving the day. out and especially people. really, really careful. >> darcel: yes, we've had a lot of crashes because of slick roads. jason is here with the latest conditions. >> jason: very poor shape with the ice on them south and east of town. i have some good news and bad news after the break. the good news is we're starting to warm up a little bit. by day break right around freezing. a little bit warmer than that. 42 by lunch time with sun working through. upper 40s at drop off. the clouds will be on the increase then. how much more rain, how much more ice are we going to see? i'll tell you after the break. and how spring like we're going to be. >> larry: and a little later, a
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what we i don't know what i'm doing. i can't find anything just when i think it's just not going to work. this woman that works there comes over and asks can i help you? and he was so happy, to do it amazing right? i never would have expected would have thought that anyone would find that do that. make that go out of their way for me. right then, right there i couldn't believe it he was so helpful i know it's such a small thing little thing. simple thing but it made me smile made me happy made my day share your story. publix. where shopping is a pleasure. now your news 13 skywatch weather. >> jason: let's start you out with a view from our leicester carpet sales news13 sky cam network. we're up at beach mountain parkway. typically a place that would be colder than lower elevations. not so tonight. it's freezing in avery county.
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places farther north and farther west have been warm enough for all rain today. east and south, that cold air has sunk in and anchored itself across the area. the radar indicating a lot of this freezing rain on the north side of this county beginning to change to some rain. it will change more slowly, more gradually in all these areas. still u.s. 25 impacted along 64, too, in henderson county. you go over to lake lure, freezing rain. this is moderate to freezing rain in mcdowell county over to burke county. all these areas having issues with ice. watch the pink disappear here. west and northwest asheville had freezing rain an hour ago, now changed to rain. then we go south in to greenville, here you go. greenville downtown starting to
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highway 123 in to the city. travelers rest, inman and tailors, it's freezing rain. in the next couple of hours, we're going to see this turn all to rain. in the early morning, the rain will end. right now a freezing rain mixture going on in asheville. 32 degrees with the dew point high. 29 in greenville. that's downtown, of course. you're getting some of that moisture to follow this freezing rain on the west side of town, not as much. there's midnight tonight. notice the pink there dissolving in to rain. in the morning, light snow going on in the mountains. that's the bad news. the good news is we're back above freezing in most cases. then we get back in to a wintery mix. may get us some snow going over the smokys, the balsams and northern mountains until sunset. this red zone is where we could
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more than that, pink is where we can see a glazing up to a tenth of an inch. all rain on the northwest side. temperatures tonight dropping to freezing and then warming up in many places and dropping in to the 20s east and warming up in many places until morning. tomorrow. what a day. 60 friday. and we're in the 60s saturday and sunday. in the upstate, stay good-bye to your ice, too.
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nearly 60 by friday. >> larry: a tornado was caught on video tonight in florida. at least ten homes near pencecola were damaged. they're helping sort through the debris. >> darcel: emergency workers responded to an explosion at an oil facility in texas tonight. it happened outside of san antonio antonio. an 18-wheeler hauling some type of oil exploded. the driver of the truck was air lifted to the hospital. no word on his condition because the location is rural. firefighters are letting the blaze burn out. >> larry: a garbage truck tumbled 100 feet in florida. firefighters say it's a miracle
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was injured. he was ejected and taken to the hospital in serious condition. still no word on what caused it to topple over. >> darcel: state takes on virginia tonight in acc hoops action. coming up, what both teams have
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state at 7th ranked virginia. trying to get up as high as they can in the standings against uva. they really couldn't afford the upset. cat barber steps back and then pops that three. state takes a six point lead. he had 14. the pack came back. cody martin a nice move inside. tied at 31 at the break. cats mean business. malcolm sticks the jump shot. virginia goes in a 13-2 runment brogdon misses after a steal, watch anthony. scores 22. it was nc state falling to virginia by a score of 73-53. southern conference western north carolina hoping they found themselves two straight wins. 6 and 7 in the league. and a one game lead for sixth place in the league. that's huge because the top six
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could they keep up their warming ways? they beat the cats by 16 in cullowhee earlier. cats down six. this time brumette takes the hole with some purpose. nice try. 17 for him. they'rere going to go outside. rhett harrelson for three. western led by three at the break. by second hand, they build it to eight. he scores 11 while mike brown scores 18. they win 83-77. uncg won their game against wofford. western and mercer on thursday. villanova stillumber one. virginia is in at 7. miami at 11. louisville 18. duke top 25 at 20. they'll play carolina on wednesday.
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prep basketball tourney the rest of the week. tonight's games will be played on tuesday. mac 4a at roberson. mcdowell versus roberson. girls at 6, boys asheville girls, and irwin boys won their games. tuesday for the semis. finals on thursday. 7 o'clock girls. 8:30 boys. big weekend in winston-salem for franklin junior leslie tabor. she won the shot put competition. emma lauder won the pole vault. polk county boys won the 3200 meter relay. asheville boys won the relay. and asheville satorius won the
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>> jason: a little warmer. it only takes a degree or two and we start to see big changes. freezing rain should change to rain for everyone. by morning, a whole different story. rain is gone. freezing rain is over. sunshine in the afternoon. 47 for the high. 57 by friday. >> larry: look at that weekend. thanks for joining us. remember you can always check us out on >> darcel: and be sure to find
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jimmy kimmel >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- david spade -- derek hough -- and it's mashup monday with
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with cleto and the cletones. and now, you've got it -- here's [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: very nice. i'm jimmy, i'm the host. thanks for watching. thanks to all of you for coming. very nice. hope you had a good valentine's day yesterday. there's only so much good that can come out of valentine's day. kind of like a blood test in that either nothing happens or the result is something horrible. so last night my wife and i went
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