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tv   First News at 5pm  ABC  February 16, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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tennessee border counties, not in north carolina. look at the blues showing up here in soco gap. transylvania, the high country over the smokys and swain county. here are the black mountains right up in here. this is where mount mitchell resides. elsewhere it is rain. you can see here on our leicester carpet sales news13 sky cam network. we're 55 feet in haywood county. coal springs ranch. well above freezing in most places. anything that falls above asheville, even if snow does stick in, it really doesn't have a chance to stick much. still some snow showers for the highest elevations along the tennessee border. the idea is everything should
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dropping to the 30s by 9. snow beginning to mix in here in asheville. >> darcel: downed trees and power lines left thousands in mcdowell county without power. >> tammy: news 13's karen wynne. >> karen: it has and for many people cleaning up the damage and getting through the day without power. around mid-morning, repair crews leaving this neighborhood cut off and powerless since 2:30 a.m. >> it's hard without power. >> karen: you all have been without it for a long time. >> since 2:30 and no way to get out. >> boring without tv.
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>> karen: michelle bailey, public information officer for the mcdowell public management team says 1,000 homes were without power. >> things like the southern part of the county, probably been hit the hardest. we've been everywhere across the county. >> karen: repair crews have cleaned up much of the damage. but once the sun goes down, folks need to be careful. >> of course the temperatures will drop again. and there might still be icey spots on the road. people need to be careful and watch out for those. >> karen: while most of the downed trees and power lines have been cleaned up, there may still be a few around. if anyone encounters a downed power line, move away from it and call 911. i'm karen wynne, news 13.
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developing story. police are investigating a story at deaverview apartments. >> john: stark contrast of just the last few hours when literally about a dozen police vehicles out here. we do have a picture of the young man who the family says was the victim of the shooting. kyrie logan just 17-years old but just three days shy of his 18th birthday. we've also been told that he is a football player. >> he ain't never done nothing to nobody. he's a good student. he plays football. i don't know what this is about. that was not recalled for. that was not -- it really
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that's a good kid. >> john: and so police investigating this situation at this time. they tell us they do not believe there's any kind of imminent threat at deverview apartments. live in deverview apartments, john le, news 13. >> darcel: we have an update now on a macon county teenager investigators say he accidentally shot himself in the head. christopher has been taken off several medications and that the swelling in his brain is going down. investigators say christopher likely didn't realize a shell was still in the gun's chamber when he shot himself in his home. signs of support are up all over town including macon middle where christopher goes to school. >> it kind of hits the community.
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for him, you know. >> darcel: coming up at 6:00, some of the activities christopher's father says his son is now able to do. >> tammy: in vote 2016, bernie sanders made two stops today. he held a town hall in columbia and visited charleston. meanwhile the husband of the other presidential candidate visited as well. bill clinton. ashlea, polls have clinton leading there. >> ashlea: that's right. one poll has her in front by as much as 21 points. bernie sanders is gaining some ground on her. that's with just 11 days left until the primary here. a loud reception for a former president on the trails making history campaigning for his wife who's got a heavy lead right now in south carolina. >> the reason hillary is running
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the american dream is available to 100% of the american people. >> ashlea: hillary clinton has maintained a strong lead here. today her husband drove home the family's deep roots in arkansas. >> the greatest gift in south carolina what that church did showing forgiveness to that disturbed man. >> i'd love to say hillary but i think bill's great, too. >> ashlea: many said they weren't disappointed to get the next best thing to hillary. >> it's a man campaigning for a female. and i think it would be wonderful to have her as the first female president of the united states of america. >> i think hillary for sure. i think she's a really strong leader. >> bernie has great liberal
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person who will make all those liberal ideas happen. >> ashlea: hillary doesn't have any events scheduled here in south carolina until after the primary. she's likely putting leg work elsewhere because she's got such a heavy lead. >> darcel: all six republican presidential candidates are in south carolina today. some of them made their way to the upstate. coming up at 5:30, we'll break down who went where. >> tammy: icy roads caused several accidents. >> darcel: jaclyn, we are in good shape. >> jaclyn: there is one congested spot to look out for. things are getting busy between i-40 and charlotte street. the interstates are looking good in our area. it is a clear drive along both
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everything is up to speed there on long shoals road. that's a look at your on time traffic report brought to you by debruhl's used car superstore. we could have stayed a little bit more. >> tammy: a local teen puts his
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away with big bucks. >> darcel: happening now, president obama is taking questions about his possible nomination for the u.s. supreme court to replace justice scalia. >> the system is breaking down. so this has become a habit and it gets worse and worse each year. and it's not something that i have spent a huge amount of time talking about because frankly the american people on average, they're more interested in gas prices, wages and issues that touch on their day to day lives in a more direct way. so it doesn't get a lot of political attention. but this is the supreme court and it's going to get attention. and we have to ask the
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able to still make this democracy work the way it's supposed to. the way our founders envisioned it. i would challenge anyone who purports to be adhering to the original intent of the founders, anybody who believes in the constitution coming up with a plausible rationale as to why i would not even have a hearing or a nominee made in accordance of the constitution by the president of the united states. it's pretty hard to find that in the constitution. all right. >> darcel: president obama is speaking from a leadership forum in california. >> tammy: speaking about the u.s. supreme court nominee to replace justice scalia who passed away earlier this week.
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tonight. >> darcel: a black mountain teen used his brain power to take home cash over the weekend. >> tammy: 15-year-old claiming a $50,000 prize. >> darcel: news 13's hope hanselman joins us. hope, what's a kid to do with a lot of money like that? >> hope: this kid is not just smart, he's wise beyond his years. >> the way the blue lights reflect off glasses. >> who is your plus one? >> my father. >> hope: ian won't forget. >> one was on string theory and
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how many seconds per tweet if you're limited to tweets per day. i did the conversion in my head and got that. the next question was which of these words isn't in the dr. seuss book green eggs and ham. and i missed it. >> hope: he took home a prize anyone would be proud of. >> $50,000. >> hope: his dad jamie knows it was one part ian was born to play. >> if he's nervous, he doesn't let it show. he's used to the stage. he's comfortable on the stage and you can't tell. >> hope: he's been out performing for a while now. wasting no time. >> i just learn quickly. >> hope: to get out in the world and follow the beat of his own dreams. >> there's no need to rush in to college. he's wanted to be a musician his
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he's got momentum. he's really good. we decided at that point to take the three gap years and let him work on his music. >> i think probably one of the best ways i can give back to the community and the world is by sharing that as much as i can with other people. >> hope: ian also plans to make some professional music videos with that prize money. head to to find out how you can catch him. by the way, ian says his whole family knew the answer to that $100,000 question. ouch. >> tammy: it's easy when you're not right there. you're sitting back and relaxing. >> darcel: relaxing. >> tammy: speaking of relaxed, the weather has relaxed, jason. >> jason: how warmer it's going
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stick now your news 13 skywatch weather. >> jason: as has been the case all winter long, huge difference from location to location. leicester carpet sales news13 sky cam network down in macon county. this is franklin, 44 degrees. it's all rain. off in the hills there are some
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it here at balsam gap. look at these fat flakes falling. it's going to take more cooling before this starts to accumulate. grassy surfaces and rooftops, that's where it will accumulate and stay. take a look at the radar. blue is snow. green is rain. dark blues over the smokys, balsams, even the nantahala mountains. we're seeing some of this change over to rain again as freezing. i don't think we're going to roadways. northeast buncombe, southwestern and yancey county and even i-26 northeastern corner of tennessee. we'll watch it closely. 44 degrees. it's this rain. cold rain coming down at the
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56 in greenville. just a little rain. there it is on the future cast. after midnight, a lot of this is going to start wrapping up quickly and then focusing on the mountains north and west. we get this northwest flow as this system goes by. haywood and swain county. typical stuff for this kind of pattern. then we see more sunshine. any snow that accumulates is going to melt off. temperatures will be at or above freezing in most cases. tomorrow afternoon and evening, mostly clear skies again in to your thursday. here's one computer model's thinking. rpm model. balsam is going to get some light snow. maybe up to an inch at very most in burnsville. a couple inches possible asheville to waynesville. very minimal.
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any snow fall accumulation. dusting to half an inch in light gray. isolated high amounts two to four inches in the northern and southern mountains. temperatures tonight. watch out for black ice. mid to upper 40s tomorrow. southern upper valleys. temperatures will warm significantly. we're back in to spring mode here.
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>> darcel: it's a diagnosis that can devastate any family, cancer. >> tammy: but sometimes it just takes one person to do a special thing to make someone in need feel a little bit better. >> reporter: janice weaver is getting her hair styled. but a few years ago this wasn't even possible. >> it started coming out in clumps. it's a terrifying experience. it's terrible. >> reporter: she was losing her fair from multiple therapy campus. and at 22, it was difficult to deal with. that's where rebecca comes in. she creates wigs . >> it's so powerful. i think that people think, well it's just hair. why should i care about hair?
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about it, it's just your hair. well don't worry about it, it's just your eyes, it's your finger, it's your feet. it's a body part. and when you lose a body part, it's traumatic. >> she's absolutely a therapist. she and i have been friends now for almost 8 years and she has seen me through chemo and all of that stuff and everything beyond. >> i go home and i know that the people that i saw that day are in their house or out to dinner with their husband or whatever, and they feel like themselves. it is, like i said, i just feel so incredibly blessed. why not have students help problem solve? >> tammy: in never stop
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ambassadors >> darcel: students at vance elementary are showing leadership. >> tammy: in my never stop learning, ambassadors of peace. >> we have another student coming next week from italy. >> tammy: all the way from italy. and that new student can look at the vance ambassadors for guidance and friendship.
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students and help resolve conflicts. >> helping people solve their problems and not doing it for them but helping them. because they can maa a peaceful solution to their problems. >> just don't let people get on your nerves. be calm with it. go with the flow. >> tammy: i like that, darcel. don't you? >> darcel: i love that. >> tammy: go with the flow. the students also got their badges so that other students can identify them as ambassadors of peace. >> darcel: words of wisdom out of the mouths. >> tammy: go with the flow. >> darcel: coming up, new developments on work to fix a broken water main in asheville. >> tammy: news 13 at 5:30 starts right now. >> jason: the snow has already begun to fly in high elevations.
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the most snow fall and when it will wrap up. >> reporter: senator ted cruz and some underdog candidates making the final push. we're live tonight in anderson. >> frank: it's decision day for a popular haywood county school. i'm news 13's frank kracher. awaiting the fate of central elementary. that's coming up in a live report. now from western north carolina's news leader, this is news 13 at 5:30. >> tammy: a brief warm-up today helped to melt some of that ice on the roads. >> frank: chief meteorologist jason boyer starts us off tonight. temperatures dropping again tonight. >> jason: yeah, they're dropping pretty quickly. graham county, swain county,


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