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tv   News 13 at 1230pm  ABC  February 17, 2016 12:30pm-1:00pm EST

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no charges, no arrests so far. the squad cars behind me, police say they are keeping a presence in the neighborhood today as they continue to look into several people of interest. logan died at 6:00 this morning. police say he was shot in the head yesterday afternoon here before 1:00. according to warrants, two people witnessed the incident and one of them said logan was running away from the gunman when he was shot. he was a student at community high school here in asheville. i'm told he was a pretty good football player for irwin high. his 18th birthday would have been friday. here emotions are running high. police say they'll have a presence in the area all day long. officers did respond out here to 911 calls about a verbal fight. apd is looking into whether that argument was connected to yesterday's shooting just a few minutes ago, i spoke to kylie's
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they say he was a good guy, he had a great smile. they say he wasn't a bully, he was friendly. you'll hear from those interviews and updates tonight so stay with >> a hendersonville man behind bars after police say he got into a shootout with a homeowner. the homeowner found joshua quizenbury at his house. the two exchanged fire over the weekend and quizenbury ran away. he remains in jail on $575,000 bond. >> in the race for 2016 new polls show trump holding onto his c commanding lead where voters head to the polls in a few days. megan hughes has the latest in the race for the white house. >> donald trump calls in on the late show. >> i can think off top of my head three things you have said on air that cbs will not let me
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>> he has promised to clean up. >> bush comes out, he goes, well i don't think donald trump can beat hillary clinton but i can. i said, well, why aren't you beating me? >> i don't care what donald trump says. the guy is a complete loser. >> bush making news with one word. the daiai news going after trump with the words adult 45. the latest poll in south carolina shows bush, rubio and cruz all trailing. trump with a 16 point lead in the palmetto state. on the democratic side, hillary clinton with a nearly 20 point advantage. both candidates appearing on nevada public television last night. >> you cant ignore the impact of what wall street greed has done to the country. no state has been hit harder than the state of nevada. >> i have spent a lot of time in
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it is one of the most diverse and exciting places in the country. >> they are battling for nority voters. african americans are expected to make up more than half of the democratic vote. >> for complete election coverage, head to our website, we have an election 2016 page where you can view upcoming events and the latest from the campaign trail. >> ingrid, we saw in the live shot, the sun finally came out and it seems to be warming up, at least a little bit. >> still unseasonably cool in a lot of locations pu we'll be above the average line coming up in a few days. 41 degrees right now in chimney rock. the flag is blowing around, probably a nice clear vi. i don't see any folks that have made the climb to the top. we are seeing a few more clouds to start the time lapse. there is the blue sky for you.
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in some of these clouds from newland to asheville, marshal, haywood, bryson, clay, cherokee county. seeing more sun further south into southern henderson and down into the upstate. that will help with our temperatures going up. departure, we are in the surplus positive territory, almost an inch, that's because we picked up precip. haven't picked up any since midnight. we have a zero percent chance the rest of the day. 30 is as cold as we got at the asheville airport. some locations were still around that freezing mark, created black ice concerns this morning. we had reports of several car accidents weather related. 42 right now, things starting to improve in asheville. 46 for a high. tomorrow, 51 which is our average high. 55 on friday. and 60 for saturday. 62 on sunday. so unseasonably warm. by more than 10 degrees for the
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so go ahead, folks, make outdoor plans even though it is only wednesday, we can think ahead. 42 degrees in asheville. that's a 10 degree difference from the french broad to the foot hills. in the upstate, warmer at 54. like this is because of those clouds i just showed you, more sunshine, more warmth. 56 in columbia. still holding onto 48 in atlanta where they have a 16-mile-an-hour breeze. 12 into columbia. back into the upstate, 10 in gaffeny, 8 in forest city. the wind in asheville gusting at 14 miles an hour. so there is a slight windchill. it is not too bad with the sunshine but it feels like 35 degrees. dry high pressure controlling our weather through the time lapse. we'll see some clouds but no rain. 2:00 this afternoon holding onto clouds in our northern zones. clear conditions tonight does mean temperatures will continue to drop back down.
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work and school tomorrow around lunchtime. in the 40's and 50's by the afternoon. we'll see sunshine on saturday as well and clouds on sunday. in asheville, the high temperature today, 46 degrees. winds sustained at 9 to 11. gusts up to 18 miles an hour. now, tonight, partly cloudy, turning cold. we had slick roads this morning. if it all doesn't dry out, we have a chance for black ice tomorrow morning. nice and sunny in greenville. in the middle 50's today, a clear night, back down to freezing. seven-day forecast shows not only that warmup but looking pretty good with our sunshine as well. we'll see a few more clouds late day sunday. overnight lows will be very mild in the 40's through sunday night. next best chance for rain monday and tuesday. upstate seven-day forecast shows freezing tonight. likely we'll stay above that
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>> looks for the most updated weather coverage, download our weather app to stay on top of the advisories and alerts. it is free, search wlos in your app store. >> we have an easy make lunch
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coming up, the best part is >> welcome into the carolina kitchen. cathy is here with us. we are happy to have you in. >> thank you for having me. >> you are making something called strata. i'm not sure people are familiar with. >> yeah. it is a traditional italian dish. it is a great way to use up leftover vegetables and bread you might not want to eat any
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it is -- it tastes great in the strata. the way we'll start, we'll whisk together some eggs and some milk. this can be made as a breakfast dish or it can be dinner. we'll mix the eggs with the bread, whatever you have will work great. we'll pour that in. and then we'll add cheese. a cup and a half of cheese. you can use any kind of cheese you have. >> this gives you something to clean out your cup boards or fridge. whatever kind of cheese you have. what will you add to this? >> i always put in onions, sauteed onions. from there, it can vary. you can put in tomatoes. you can put in -- these are
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i'll put collard greens in. these are roasted cherry tomatoes. i'll put some of those in. depending on how much you like vegetables, you can choose to put two to three cups in. and then garlic is a good thing to add. we'll put some garlic in. and we'll mix that up with spices. i like to use basil. this is something we make in classes with kids. >> tell us what feast is? >> feast stands for fresh, easy, affordable, sustainable and tasty. we believe all children deserve to eat healthy food every day. not all children have access to healthy foods. in this day and age, healthy food is more expensive than fast
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so we want to give kids the skill they need to cook for themselves. add in as many vegetables as you want. >> go to our website, click on the carolina kitchen link or send a self-traeszed envelope to 110 technology drive. check us out on pinterest. how long are you baking this for? >> we'll cover this with foil and we'll bake it for about an hour and 15 minutes. >> on 350 degrees. >> thank you so much. >> thank you. >> that's what is cooking in the carolina kitchen. >> coming up tomorrow in the carolina kitchen, we have dinner all wrapped up. this delicious baked tilapia with crust is served with wild rice and green vegetables. >> getting in shape got easier. a look at a fitness app set to
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how it >> 12:45. welcome into tech time. an app that provides video instruction for exercises that can be done anywhere without weights or other devices. >> to explain it all to us is our tech expert fran si black. tell us about work it. this app will be featured on sharp tank. there are a lot of health and fitness apps. i said, what sets this apart? i talked to the ceo and said what makes this different than the other fitness apps, this is what he had to say. one of the first things he talked about, it does a complete workout. from warmup with stretching to cooltown with more stretching so that you have an option so you can get a complete workout. another is the whole user interface.
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you can select your workout. i'm going choose a full body workout. select the time, how long you have to workout by pressing the plus sign or the minus sign. >> they do it in five minute increments. >> you can type in any money you want. you can do anything. then select begin workout. it has somebody doing the exercises. he describes it as a pandora of music. let's say you can't do push-ups, you can forward to the next exercise or skip through them. it doesn't take out the timeline. it substitutes in a different exercise.
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or you don't do, you are getting kusmization. i'll end this. >> i went to the next >> you can set it to a break in wean. you can define that. what i like personally it shows your calories you burn, i like that feedback. we just burned 40 calories. and you get medals and goals. one of the other things i wanted to point out is that -- this is the free version i just showed you, there is also a premium version, that's the paid for, which costs $2.99 a month or $19 a year for a full subscription. one of the things they have is low impact exercises. thihi app is designed to fit all ranges, not just the hard core workout person.
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they have just added this whole low impact grouping. that's available under the premium as well as ask a trainer. if you have a question about a workout or an exercise, are you doing it right, are you stretching the right muscle, you can get access to a trainer. and then the premium version is ad free. we'll see how they do on shark tank. >> have you tried it? >> yeah, i have. i think it is great. this is very app supported. you'll get a free screen app, which bothers me. some people it doesn't bother. you have to do a log in. that's to track your history and her going to multidevices and you can track it across devices. i think the exercise is great and they have an excellent interface. i'll be interested to hear what happens at shark tank. >> if you want to learn more
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click on tech time. sign up for her free news e-letter filled with ipapad wisdom and go to ipad >> ingrid? >> right now, it is time to meet today's pet pall pal. >> you can see one of the cutest dogs ever, this 3-month-old named honey. >> why experts say one of the features is especially concerns. >> tonight at 6:00, a dangerous road without guard rails. in our reality check, the concern over wasteful spending
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a corn field. janet? cough if you can hear me. don't even think about it. i took mucinex dm for my phlegmy cough. yeah...but what about mike? it works on his cough too. cough! it works on his cough too. mucinex dm relieves wet and dry coughs for 12 hours. let's end this. >> welcome to today's pet pals.
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this one. we have robin from the blue ridge society. this sweet little things named honey. >> she is a sweet thing. she is around 3 months old. she is a beagle, golden retriever mix. supersweet. >> a little skiddish when she first walked in. >> a little bit submissive at first, supersweet. she will be a great dog for sure. >> we talked about the young issues with dogs. what should an owner expect with something this young. >> she is still a baby. definitely not house trained or crate trained. that's why you need work but seems like a smart dog so she should be happy to please. >> how would somebody go about adopting her? >> she is available at the blue
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we are there until 6:00. she has some litter mates that are available as well. >> you want to call quickly because she'll go fast. >> let's get her adopted. >> ok, very cute. >> let's take a final look at weather. take that dog for a walk. be breezy, things will improve. if you don't have time, you'll thank me. 40's for overnight lows and rain possible monday andnd tuesday. at this point, it is looking like it will be liquid free. several days out from this. showing a return to the middle to upper 50's by the end of the work week but 60's for the weekend. 64 on saturday. more clouds on sunday ahead of our next system. that will bring the rain on monday and tuesday. eventually cooling back down to
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tonight chilly and then that's the last night really we feel that cold for awhile. >> it would be nice to get out and grill this weekend. >> thank you so much for joining us. see you back at 5:00.
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afternoon. get ready for the coolest and hottest party in town. it's "the chew's" fire and ice ball. mario and michael are getting the party started with a duo of delicious dishes that'll heat things up in no time. then brace yourselves for a decadent frozen chocolate ta'rhonda jones. plus, we're taking daphne on a >> we have cleared your calendar. we've taken care of child care. and here comes our ride. >> so let's all have a ball,
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[ cheers and applause ] >> good afternoon, and welcome to "the chew." thank you very much. [ cheers and applause ] it's as cold as ice, but we're not willing to sacrifice our love, oh no. of an hour of delicious dishes, that is. [ cheers and applause ] cold as ice that was good, right? >> i think foreigner gets the best of you. >> i thought it was fantastic. >> thanks. today we're cranking up the heat in our first ever fire and ice ball. whatever that is. [ cheers and applause ] >> i did this in college. >> you did? >> fire and ice theme parties. i don't know about a ball. they were like luges. one was like jagermeister, and one was something with ice. >> that's what i wished we would have done today. [ cheers and applause ] >> i think i might be too young to remember that. >> really? >> oh, i remember those.


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