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tv   News 13 at 530pm  ABC  February 17, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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was gunned down at a rosemund consequence store. >> frank: karen, what happened today? >> karen: frank, a jury was selected today in pre-trial motions began in a trial that brings bad blood and tragic memories to the surface. the murder trial of richard o'shields comes nearly five years after the gun fire that left 27-year-old toby mathis dead at the rosemund dollar general store. according to affidavits, several people saw o'shields pull the trigger. >> witnesses tell us that basically mr. o'shields had came in to the store and began firing at mr. mathis. >> karen: mathis was pronounced dead at the scene. as sheriff david mahoney explained, there had already been tension between the o'shields and the mathis. >> i know that the relationship between these two families has been strained greatly since the
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i think both sides of that could agree to that. >> karen: months earlier, an argument from on the day of mathis' first court appearance on that case, tempers erupted. >> i know the laws are doing everything in their powers as far as charging. but what evidence they got or whatever. but it still don't work for me. >> karen: investigators believe the need for revenge led to richard o'shields confronting and killing mathis. friends and family of joey o'shields maintain that mathis did something to cause o'shields to fall out and die. richard o'shields was charged with first degree murder for two families. a trial that brings back a flood
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now the jury has gone home for the night. they're going to meet back here tomorrow morning at 9:15 when opening arguments are scheduled to begin. i'm karen wynne, news 13. >> tammy: we have this just in, republican lawmakers in north carolina have released a new map of congressional districts in the state. an appeals court ruled the first and 12th districts were race. the new map makes those districts more compact. but also changes other districts. the new district lines must be approved by the court. north carolina's primary is march 16th. >> frank: i hope you got out and enjoyed some of that sunshine today. >> jason: leicester carpet sales news13 sky cam network, sunshine earlier here at balsam gap. snow on the ground yesterday. it's gone now. 36 degrees. it's not warm by any stretch of
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to melt that snow off. a beautiful scene here. the blue ridge off there in the distance. 41 degrees and clouds hanging over the higher elevations. but that's about the only place you're going to find clouds this evening. temps today, well 30s for highs in newland and boone. 40s farther south and west. close to 60 degrees in clemson. 57 in anderson. by far the warmer places here in the entire region. when does the wind start to weaken? it will after sunset. hendersonville to asheville. we'll see them really slacken off tonight and drop to single digits. calm in some of those valley locations. but we'll have to deal with it for the next several hours. dropping to 30s by 11 in the upstate. i'll see you again in a few minutes. we'll talk about big changes for your weekend.
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charged in the death of an appalachian state woman's baby. lane choked, beat and stabbed her in the attack. lane is a former nurse's aid accused of luring willkin's home with a craigslist ad for maternity clothes. lane hit her over the head with a lava lamp. >> she broke the lamp over my head and she was trying to choke me. she -- i remember, um, thinking of aurora and feeling like i wanted to survive also for her. >> frank: lane has pleaded not
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counts of felony a. >> tammy: members of the rocky mountain elk foundation getting ready to meet. news 13's rex hodge is live in maggie valley. rex, this issue adds fuel to an ongoing debate. >> rex: yes, many around here population. but some farmers say they could also jeopardize their living. members of the rocky mountain elk foundation are concerned about the recent killing of elk. >> we assumed that there's only three. we have information that will be presented tonight that we know at least seven that has been killed. >> rex: four elk were killed on property belonging to the ralph ross dairy farm. elk by the dozens often wander
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national park. rusty mcclain believes these cases bring up legalities. >> i truly believe that eating grass is not a substantial damage to anybody's property. the issue that we understand is that he's claiming that they're eating his grass, hay, whatever you want to call it. that's a renewable resource. >> rex: he says legally landowners are the ones to be held accountable. >> and the burden, we believe, should . >> rex: the rocky mountain elk foundation meets at 6 o'clock tonight. the wild life commission recently voted to okay a future elk hunting season and to remove them from the list of species of special concern. but mcclain says as of today, elk are still on that list.
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comment for now. reporting live tonight from 13. >> frank: a judge orders apple to help the fbi unlock the cell phone owned by one of the people responsible for the san bernardino terror attack. help crack an i phone used by one of the attackers. the bureau has been unable to get to sayed farook's cell phone. but apple says creating the hack would endanger the data security of all of its members. >> they are not asking to create a new back door to one of their products. they're simply asking for something that would have an impact on this one device. >> frank: investigators want to
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farook's phone for the investigation in isis. and if there were other devices in the terror attack that left 14 people dead. news 13 wants to know, should the government be allowed to force apple to unlock the san bernardino's shooter's phone. we posted that question on facebook today. and have already received comments. daniel is saying they're asking for the keys to unlock any iphone. apple is standing up for our rights to privacy. charlie bishop says if there's a warrant, then yes. i don't believe that they'll be looking at someone who hasn't done anything to alert authorities. and zebb concentrator skraetor says yes, as long as is deemed necessary. you can go to our facebook page.
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artists is about to create the biggest mural ever painted in asheville. it will cover 15,000 square feet of wall space on the old days warehouse on river road. 50 artists will be assigned segments of space as part of a free form collaboration. the idea is to use a giant canvas. >> the opposition of what we're looking at now, you know, just gray. and then to bring life and color and have the arts community here, wall painters represented thoroughly i think is going to be a real nice piece. >> tammy: the mural will be painted over the course of three days during the may studio stroll. if you would like to help buy materials for this project, go to and click on the news links. >> frank: a heads up if you're taking i-26 west towards asheville anytime soon.
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backing up near long shoals road. >> jaclyn: right. because of this accccent, we are dealing with heavy traffic in that area. avoid i-26 west bound, if possible. i-240 west bound is another problem spot to avoid. we are dealing with that typical heavy rush hour traffic between i-240 and charlotte street. avoid that portion. delays to look out for on the east side near the bowen bridge. a smooth nine minute ride from hendersonville road over toward patton cove road. that's a look at your on time traffic report brought to you by debruhl's used car superstore. >> frank: coming up, getting inked up while grabbing some groceries. how one supermarket may be adding in-house tattoo parlors.
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a kick of caffeine to your cup >> frank: stocks on wall street made some real gains today. the dow finished at 16,453. nasdaq picked up 98 and closed at 4534.
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residents in flint, michigan paid the highest in the nation for water. and it turns out that water was toxic. >> frank: it found flint residents paid about $462 a year for their water service. the group says that's nearly double the national average. lead contaminated the water. whole foods store may be offering anything from vinyl to tattoos. the stores will be called 365. they'll focus on millennials. these types of shops will vary from store to store. >> tammy: action on sugar analyzed 131 hot drinks and coffee shops in the u.s. including starbucks.
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contain 25 tea spoons of sugar. that is more than three times the maximum adult daily intake recommended by the american heart association. >> frank: it's a good reason they call that stuff syrup. it tastes so good, though. >> jason: there's still people that put a little more in there. >> tammy: a little bit. yeah. >> jason: that's my vice, sugar. i need to get rid of that. six degrees below average. we did start out at 34. no rain or snow today officially. a cold wind continues to blow. i'll show you when that weakens and how warm it will get once we
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around. now your news 13 skywatch weather. >> jason: so we are going to experience a pattern change in our weather. what does that mean?
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this has been set up for over a week now. we've had this dip. we've had ice and snow. and we've had a lot of cold. this is what we want to come over if you want to warm it. that bulge of warm air is coming. the first weekend, 41 on saturday. 45 on the 6th. the average high temperature that weekend was 49. we had 42 on the 12th. 30 on the 13th. the average high that weekend is 50. look what we do this weekend. going way above average with each day, saturday and sunday in the low 60s. how about that? so some of you i'm sure will take advantage of that. and you should. 42 degrees. we start to see the clouds increasing just recently here over u in. credit unca. we're seeing our wind chills down in the 30s easily. clear skies over greenville.
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wind chill at 52. not as much of a factor there. high pressure to the north. our wind mostly from the north. once that high goes farther east, our winds begin from the south and southwest. with another sunshine early on in the fwaemgame, we're going to see temps take off. the only hitch, if you will, will be cloud cover. we're not going to have a sunny weekend. we're going to have a lot of clouds. but at least it will be mild and not that windy, either. clearing skies, even over the high country. the very highest elevations. but it won't amount to anything. our wind out of north officially tomorrow. look it at over here. to the south over the upstate. a few clouds coming again by saturday. temperatures tonight dropping down in to the lower and middle
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north. you get in to the upstate, low 30s mostly. gaffney the cold spot. 29. 40s i think in the northern mountains. low 50s in the southern french broad river valley. mid and upper 50s over the upstate. take a look here. nice change. we warm it up big time. low 60s saturday and sunday. late day shot of rain. that should be post sunset. we get in to a cooler pattern. 30s return tuesday. we could say snow wednesday. you know, so far away i'm not going to write home about that yet. temps for you in the 60s in the up state. >> frank: we haven't seen highs like that for a week in a while. >> tammy: time to check out
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it" picture. gorgeous. >> frank: nice job on that one. to send us your pictures or video, you can log on to >> tammy: pressure washers certainly get the job done but they can be dangerous.
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what to wat so, let me get this straight -- u.s. cellular has the phone you're looking for, a network that's built to give you coverage way out here where the other guys don't, and 6 gigs for only $40 a month. that's a lot less than verizon and at&t. so, why on earth would you ever go with one of those other guys? switch to u.s. cellular now and get 6 gigs of data for $40 a month plus get $300 back.
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>> tammy: an estimated 6,000 people a year are sent to the emergency room because of pressure washers. >> frank: jennifer, why are these so dangerous? >> reporter: pressure washers can cause serious injuries, including lacerations, punctures and eye damage. consumer reports is no longer recommended pressure washers that have it. ben sky knows all too well the dangers of pressure washers. he got a deep cut in his hand that took seven stitches. >> i know tools. any little slip up can lead to injury. >> reporter: they're typically sold with a set of interchangeably colored nozzles. depending on the job, you can use a spray at various angles. this is 25 degrees.
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this is the most powerful, zero degrees. >> we're concerned with the zero degree nozzle because it puts all that pressure in to a single pinpoint blast. >> reporter: here's what the record degree setting does to a work boot. here's what it can do to a carrot. produce sprays of less than 15 degrees. >> if you already own a pressure washer, we recommend that you get rid of the red zero degree nozzle. and . >> reporter: consumer reports recommends this electric one from greenworks. no matter what type of spray nozzle you're using, use safety goggles and shoes. and never point it at a person or your pet. consumer reports is asking manufacturers to make products
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instruction manuals and markings on the product show how to use them safely and it stands by the use of zero degree nozzles for tough jobs and for reaching longer distances. you can find information about this story on our consumer reports section on it can be a very dangerous spot. >> frank: a dangerous road without guard rails. next at 6:00, the concern of wasteful spending where guard rails are placed near a cornfield instead. >> holly: tomorrow in the carolina kitchen, this delicious
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wild rice. >> darcel: right now at 6:00 friends remember an asheville
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>> he was in critical condition. we thought he was going to make it through the night. we prayed. >> larry: and a henderson county man chases off an armed burglar. how the man defended himself in his own home. now from western north carolina's news leader, this is news 13 at 6:00. >> darcel: tonight, there's still no arrest in the case of an asheville teenager shot in the head. police say they're investigating several people of interest. >> larry: 17-year-old kyrie logan died this morning after a shooting yesterday at deaverview apartments. >> darcel: ashlea, you spoke with his friends and family today. >> ashlea: i did. and what i heard from them was a mixture of shock, sadness and also anger about this young life cut short. >> him dying this morning, it
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he was a great kid. hard worker. >> ashlea: today some of kyrie logan's team mates were brought to tears. he was a strong defensive lineman for the football team here at erwin high. >> he'd be the first one in the locker room. always the first one dressed. >> ashlea: about two dozen crisis response counselors were on hand today. coping with the loss of a well-liked 17-year-old who died just two days shy of his birthday. >> today's been hard. and certainly difficult for students. difficult for staff members. >> ashlea: a warrant application says one witness saw kyrie running away from the gunman when he was shot in the head at deaverview apartments around 1 in the afternoon. the paperwork also said shotgun casings were found in the area where the witnesses said kyrie had been standing during part of


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