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tv   News 13 at 6pm  ABC  February 17, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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he was a great kid. hard worker. >> ashlea: today some of kyrie logan's team mates were brought to tears. he was a strong defensive lineman for the football team here at erwin high. >> he'd be the first one in the locker room. always the first one dressed. >> ashlea: about two dozen crisis response counselors were on hand today. coping with the loss of a well-liked 17-year-old who died just two days shy of his birthday. >> today's been hard. and certainly difficult for students. difficult for staff members. >> ashlea: a warrant application says one witness saw kyrie running away from the gunman when he was shot in the head at deaverview apartments around 1 in the afternoon. the paperwork also said shotgun casings were found in the area where the witnesses said kyrie had been standing during part of
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>> i just wished i had been here before it started. i would have stopped it. >> ashlea: his stepdad says he was a good kid. didn't get in to trouble. >> just thinking about him. talk. you. you know how you can tell when somebody sat like they cared. you can tell kyrie cared about you. >> friends say they didn't know kyrie to get in to fights. he was a big guy but not a bully. >> i love you, man. i love you, kyrie. >> ashlea: kyrie's younger sister set up a go fund me page. the family is trying to raise money to cover funeral expenses. we put a link on our website. wlos.comment . just click on news links. >> larry: mcdowell county
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going to jail for child sex charges. stanly jones was found guilty. he's acus could accused of having an inappropriate relationship. he jones will spend more than a year in jail. >> darcel: an update tonight after two days a jury has been seated. pre-trial motions began today for richard o'shields. he's accused of gunning down 20-year-old toby mathis. authorities believe o'shields wanted revenge on the death of his son. >> larry: a flat rock man says he came home to find his house had been burglarized.
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some things out of place. when joe confronted the man, he says the burglar held him up with one of the guns from his house. he thinks having a gun on his hip saved his life. >> if i hadn't have got to pull the trigger, then he could have just done whatever he wanted to do with me, with the gun in his hand. >> larry: joshua quizenberry has been charged. he faces multiple felonies, including larceny and assault with a deadly weapon. a marion man is charged after disposing of a gun used in a shooting last month. paul crawly helped the suspects get rid of the weapon after they shot in to a house striking a woman in the leg. as news 13 has reported, four people were arrested and charged in that case. >> darcel: turning now to weather and what a difference a day makes.
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snow is not in sight, at least for now. >> jason: snow nowhere in sight in terms of falling. if you want snow on the ground, you don't have to head too far west. leicester carpet sales news13 sky cam network some sight seers there today, 5500 feet. look at the low level cloudiness here trapped in the valleys with that warmer air rising up today and getting in to some of the highest elevations. 32 degrees in newland right now. 33 in boone. 39 in asheville. we had 40s in our southern mountains. still hanging on to 50s farther south. but the wind has been very much a factor in the forecast. these are sustained winds. as we head past midnight, these will really lighten up. the exceptions will be right along the continental divide and also west asheville. the valleys will likely see very
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freezing by 11. temperatures in the upstate going from upper 40s to upper 30s by 11 o'clock. when i see you again in a few minutes, we'll be talking about a large change in our forecast. we're talking warm weather. i'll show you how warm it gets and if it will be spring like than anything else. lrchlgts new at 6, work on a bridge project on i-26 in buncombe county is on hold after the contractor walked off the job. the dot says construction pulled its crews from the pond road overpass project because of disagreement over deadlines and payments. deveer is in breach of contract. a new contractor has already been picked to resume the work. tonight at 11, we'll talk about how this impacts the completion of the project. >> darcel: residents worried about safety on a busy transylvania county road want answers. they say the dot has put up guard rails near a corn field
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frank, where is this road? >> frank: darcel, this road is in transylvania county. it is u.s. highway 276. let me show you it to on a map. it runs from brevard to the upstate. the area is right around here in the duns rock community. >> it can be a very dangerous spot. >> frank: u.s. highway 276 outside of brevard is famous for accidents of cars landing in the french broad river. mike tinsly lives nearby and remembers when a 31-year-old georgia man recently drowned after his car went in to the river. >> i know two. one was a fatality. >> frank: people who live in this community are wondering about this.
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rails on elm bend road that seem to protect drivers from a corn field. the dot's district engineer said elm bend road got money from a program. >> comparison to how much money it takes to correct the problem, versus the project you're going to fix. >> frank: spent years on a waiting list before being approved. 276 is also on a spot safety waiting list. now there's good news. >> we've recently received notification. that one has been on our list as well. it has received funding. >> frank: which is why it took longer to get approved. >> i'm sure the engineers have a reason but this is a bad place. >> frank: a road that will get guard rails. but for some, perhaps not soon enough. >> here, if you miss, you're not in the ditch, you're in the
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>> frank: the dot says work on the 276 guard rail project should begin later this year. if you have a story you'd like us to investigate, write us at reality check at darcel. >> darcel: a battle over killing elk legally. why one group believes landowners should be taking responsibility for their action. >> reporter: ugly graffitied wall or beautiful bright canvas. that story is coming up. you're watching news 13 with darcel grimes, larry blunt, chief meteorologist jason boyer,
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this is news 13 at 6:00. what's all this nonsense about balls? pink balls, blue, yellow, red. it's hard to keep the whole thing straight. and all these so-called deals? well, they come with a lot of deal breakers. like when you leave the city the signal goes weak. u.s. cellular built a network to give you a stronger signal where the other guys don't. and as for deals? how's $300 back for every line you switch? $300! no ball nonsense. get $300 per line and a stronger signal, in the middle of anywhere. >> larry: an advocacy group wants to see the prosecution of anyone who shoots elk.
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seven elk in haywood county. now it is legal to kill an elk that causes property damage on private land. but members of an elk foundation say an elk who eats a farmer's hay or grass shouldn't be killed. >> they committed the crime when the burden was on them to prove there was deprivation at the time of the shooting. >> larry: mcclain says his group plans to meet with the district attorney next friday. >> darcel: asheville's river arts district is known for its creativity and color. and it's about to expand that reputation in a big way. >> larry: frank kracher tells us plans for a new look in a very old building.
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recycling for asheville waste paper and is about to get a massive makeover. >> this will definitely be the biggest mural that this town has ever seen for sure. >> frank: ian wilkerson is just one of 50 artists. burners is a graffiti reference to a more elaborate piece with colors that burn out of the surface. the first burners and barbecue was done here. patton avenue was last year's benefactor. it's a mural that's all about bowling and the movie, "the big lebowski." 15,000 square feet painted during the course of three days. >> where it says days there. we're trying to bring color to this whole wall down around the corner along riverside where
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just to really sort of activate the whole place. a lot of people and a lot of love to make this happen. >> i can't imagine the artists having to tie everything in. i'm really excited to see what they do. >> frank: wilkenson says the only sure thing would be the freedom to create in the spirit of the river arts district. >> a colorful representation of what's going on down here and respect the roots of what came first. and leave asheville with the biggest gift we can. >> frank: in asheville, frank kracher, news 13. >> darcel: the artist group needs help buying paint, supplies and equipment for the project. to help, click news links on >> larry: too bad they couldn't start painting this week. its going to be gorgeous out. >> jason: temperatures getting in to the 60s for almost everyone here. we have to go through some
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45 degrees for the high today. we did start out in the low to mid 30s. a little bit better than average. tonight even colder, though. year. we still have a surplus. that cold wind will continue to evening. it might just be the warmest weekend of the month. find out if it is. >> larry: when you're not watching jason, remember you can get your daily skywatch weather
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sign up, you'll that feeling. you know the one. that "grand-slam, aced-the-presentation" feeling. multiply that feeling. it's the deal of all deals. a moment worthy of celebration. now multiply that. you'u're everyone's hero in the championship of all championships it's that feeling. multiplied. introducing the new multiplier scratch-offs. a chance to win. and a chance to multiply your winnings. yea, that feeling now your news 13 skywatch weather. >> jason: clear skies. chilly. leicester carpet sales news13 sky cam network. camera bouncing around earlier this afternoon with the wind. all the snow has pretty much melted off there in some of the higher elevations in macon
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we go almost to 5,000 feet. 27 degrees. only the edges here, the north side of this area. seeing some snow on the ground still. yesterday there were a couple of inches there. it's all melted off. here's our pattern change. cold air with this trough or kink in the jet stream. that keeps us settled and cold. nine straight days of below average temperatures in asheville. this is what we're looking forward to. especially if you like it warmer. nearly 90 degrees right now. 60s and 70s in texas. take a look at all the weekend so far. we've had two weekends this month, 41 and 45 the first weekend for high temperatures. the second weekend, high of 42. 30 for the high. yikes. that's very cold. 20 degrees above average. forecasting highs in the 60s. that's well above average. the average high this weekend, 52. we're going above it.
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north of town at unca, we have clouds. 30 in terms of what it feels like to exposed skin on the wind chill. high pressure to our north. that's funneling down some cold air. watch it go east. that's when the wind will begin to turn south and west. we'll tap in to some of that warm weather down south and bring it our way in to the carolinas. it stays to the north. this high pressure will shunt it off to the north. the only hickup will be the clouds coming in this weekend. unfortunately we will see a lot of cloud cover along with the temperatures. future cast. good view of the western carolinas. notice a few clouds over the high country tonight. we clear them out. tomorrow it is all about sunshine much of the area. the wind beginning to switch from the north to the south.
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roll in. temperatures. mid to upper 20s southern mountain valleys and french broad river valley. 20s in the foothills. low 30s tonight. mid to upper 50s0s upstate tomorrow. not bad. that's the place to be, again, if you like it warmer. 40s in our northern mountain communities. low 50s in asheville and hendersonville. look at that weekend, folks. get outside. maybe wash those cars. do some spring cleaning. chance of rain comes in sunday night. much better chance on monday. we get a lot colder. we could even see a wintery mix on wednesday. upper 50s to low 60s. even mid 60s in the upstate for your weekend. you gotta take advantage of it. >> darcel: it's duke versus north carolina in college basketball tonight. and it may be the fiercest rivalry in sports.
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they have even more incentive to beat their big rival. if you can tell me how to get a reliable work force, . >> larry: tonight at 11, how
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illegally and what >> stan: it's time, duke versus north carolina round one. tonight thehe action at chapel hill. of course the season ends when they play in march. blue devil team not ranked in the top 10. duke has won three straight in the series and 10 in the last 13 of the rivalry came. they had second half leads in both games and lost. and they still think about it. >> it is kind of impossible to not think about it. like you said, just because of the way we lost those games and the fact that they won it. they won it all last year. we had a chance to beat them twice. we didn't finish the game. we didn't play well at the end of the game. >> stan: for duke's double header tonight on my40. north carolina at duke at 9.
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my40, the battle for first in the big south. unc asheville at winthrop. unc asheville women getting better. three spots to number 22. they're 21 and 4. 21 wins ties the record since joining the division. unc asheville off until next tuesday when they go to gardner webb. the men on the road thursday at presbyterian. the legend of luke kuechly is going to keep going. known for his aggressive smart play, will now be known to plays through pain and injury. kuechly played the entire playoffs. he will undergo shoulder surgery.
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first half. came back. daytona 500 set for sunday. we've already had some history made when chase elliot became the youngest poll member in history. he's gotten a lot of advice. but the best may have come from jimmy johnson. his biggest advice, get a motor home. >> how many more people are going to notice him, the casual dinners he's had the night before a race aren't going to happen much longer. fighting traffic on sundays. i tried to go about it myself. it's just easier to get a motor home and camp out here in the in field.
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let's check it out here. we have good weather if you want to get outdoors and maybe take the motor home on the blue ridge parkway. 60s saturday, sunday. the catch, though, we're going to see more clouds, unfortunately. we'll cloud up saturday and in to sunday, a slight chance of late day showers. next week with highs cooling in to the 50s monday. cooling in to the 40s tuesday and wednesday. >> larry: for more local news, we invite you over to news 13 on my40. >> darcel: join us again at 11 on 13 wlos. have a good evening.
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captioning company" breaking news tonight. the new national poll. is donald trump no longer the front-runner? also, late today, the south carolina surprise. just three days before the high stakes republican primary, the major endorsement. could it sway the race? governor haley is not for donald trump. also developing, the fbi standoff with apple. after the terror attack in san bernardino, the fbi desperate to break into the gunman's iphone. a judge now demanding apple help the fbi. apple refusing. under fire. the two officers trying to arrest this man. he pulls out a gun. their quick action in the moments that follow. the alleged imposter accused
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than a month, undetected, examining patients. the sting right here tonight. and, lucky couple. winning hundreds of millions, bhau they revealed after being handed the check. good evening. and we begin tonight with breaking news in the race for president, and it comes just three days before the high stakes republican primary in south carolina. a new national poll moments ago showing someone other than donald trump leading nationally. and south carolina's hugely popular governor, nickykki haley, just moments ago, endorsing someone else. haley making it clear she wants senator marco rubio to be the republican nominee. and that new national poll tonight showing senator ted cruz ahead of donald trump, 28% to donald trump's 26%. a statistical dead heat, but it's the first time cruz is on top. marco rubio at 17%. another poll earlier today showed trump still ahead, but


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