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tv   News 13 at 530pm  ABC  February 18, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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at a recent meeting in waynesville over a proposal to rename a street after martin luther king junior. >> frank: the plan game from the black community. >> tammy: the idea got a lot of pushback from residents there. >> rex: yes, they say this street has historically been pigeon street and they don't want to see it change. not because of any racial attitudes, but because of inconvenience. now the man looking at honoring the civil rights leader is looking at another location. >> it causes a lot of friction. >> rex: but he went before the town alderman anyway showing it could change the ideology. >> inclusive of everybody. >> rex: some residents objected to the idea. myrtle nolan noting that no african americans live on the
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and that the road has been pigeon street as long as anyone can remember. another member of the nolan family . >> investments and post office boxes and all that. >> this is something that haywood county named for century or more. >> rex: the smathers say there's no racial element to the objection. >> martin luther king was a great leader. >> rex: town leaders told gibbs they'd do more studies. gibbs says he's also looking at alternatives like renaming a bridge on russ avenue after king. >> martin luther king bridged a
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>> rex: a sign nearby welcoming all to waynesville. >> there's more exposure. everybody crosses the bridge. >> rex: and gibbs says his next step is to collect resolutions from groups and churches and take the idea about the bridge to town council again. of course it would have to go to the dot for approval to proceed. rex hodge, news 13. >> frank: the buncombe county sheriff's office makes an arrest in an attempted armed robbery. in the case. authorities say the incident happened last night at the ingles gas station on new leicester highway. investigators say coffee inside. then went outside and stole a woman's wallet. he's currently in a detention facility under an $80,000 bond. two people have been charged with possession of a stolen
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charged with resisting a public officer. authorities say a deputy went to hensen's home. the car they were driving was reportedd stolen from anderson county. >> tammy: another busy day of campaigning in south carolina for gop presidential candidates. the primary is just two days away. donald trump was in kioua island. ted cruz campaigned in greenville and easley earlier. john kasich is in fort mill now. marco rubio was in greenville and anderson earlier today. >> frank: the south carolina republican primary is just two days away. and candidates are battling for endorsements endorsements. with governor haley approval. senator marco rubio got her support yesterday. nator rubio is trailing in third in the polls.
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told us that governor haley's endorsement may be a game changer. >> it's a huge deal. we are huge supporters of governor haley. to hear that she was supporting marco rubio, that really encouraged us to come out and hear what he had to say this morning. >> frank: could it make a difference? we take a closer look tonight on my40 at 6:30. >> darcel: do you think endorse . >> tammy: do you think enforcements matter? >> frank: the deadline to register to vote in north carolina's primary is tomorrow. to register, you must be a resident of the county and have been at your current address for at least 30 days prior to the election. you must be at least 18 years old by the date of the next general election and cannot be serving a sentence for a
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go to and click on news links. >> tammy: pope francis did not actually enter the united states in his just completed trip to mexico. >> frank: but he appears to have stepped in to our political fray. stephanie ramos has more. >> reporter: returning to rome from his visit to mexico, pope francis was asked about donald trump's plan to build a wall along the southern border. the pontiff said he didn't want to tell americans how to vote but about building walls wherever they may be and not building bridges is not a christian. trump had this comment. >> if and when the vatican is attacked by isis, i can promise you that the pope would have only wished and prayed that president. >> reporter: trump says the pope's trip to mexico shows that the pontiff is a political
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government for using him. another gop challenger was asked if the pope's comments apply to him as well. >> vatican city as a result, the united states has a right to do that as well. >> reporter: however, john kasich had much kinder words about pope francis. >> that pope is a remarkable guy. he's a remarkable person. >> reporter: a new national poll shows the gop race tightening with donald trump in a virtual tie with ted cruz. >> donald trump is in second place with 26%. i expect a storm of tweets any minute now. >> reporter: cruz adds the race should be who will appoint supreme court justice. >> tammy: the general assembly
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to redraw a federal district map. republican lawmakers disagree with a judge's ruling and have asked the u.s. supreme court to step in. gop legislators rolled out a map yesterday. >> frank: well around this area we saw a lot of sunshine today. it was nice again. >> tammy: yes, it was nice to see, wasn't it. >> jason: yes. finally above freezing today in asheville. here's our leicester carpet sales news13 sky cam network. we're looking over black mountains over yancey county. it's picturesque, look at that. 42 degrees at 3700 feet. the melt is certainly on. temperatures still reside in the 40s for you in newland. boone, a chilly evening for you. upper 50s in our southern mountains and portions of the upstate. look at the change this weekend. so far our two weekends we've
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45 the first weekend. 42 and 30 for the high temperatures the second weekend. this third weekend of the month, 60s for high temps. and the average 52. we'll take that. in to tomorrow, we could see wind gusts over 20 miles per hour in to the afternoon. at least it will be warmer. 46 at 7 down to 42 at 9. down in to the 30s by 11 o'clock here in asheville. upstate, you're also headed for 30s by 11 o'clock. layer, layer, and layer. i'll see you again in a few minutes. wet weather returning. find out when. >> frank: drivers, heads up if you're headed out to i-26 soon. >> tammy: jaclyn, there's a new
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i-26 east bound just before the brevard road exit. it is causing a significant back up in the area. you don't want to be sitting in this traffic right now. avoid that spot if you can on your commute. heads up drivers in the east county area. around the 500 block. this is from an accident from earlier. crews are now on seen working to clear that up for you. there's no word on when that will reopen. traffic is being detoured. tunnel road is another area you wa nt to avoid. both directions. traffic report brought to you by debruhl's used car superstore.
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how much they're get >> tammy: stocks on wall street fell today. the nasdaq down 46 closing at 4487. >> frank: duke energy's plan for a possible third gas plant at its lake julian site is getting the thumbs down from the staff. >> tammy: duke is also asking for approval for a contingency plant. it says they need by there's plenty of time to assess that need later.
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present its recommendation to the state utility board on monday. >> frank: more than a million walmart workers are getting a raise. the company says it will boost minimum wage to $10 an hour from $9. those affected make up the majority of the company's 1.4 million people. the pay raises will cost the company an additional $1.5 billion this year. >> tammy: the company says the shock absorbers system. some luxury cars including fords, lincoln's mkz. it's the first mid sized car in
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offered this feature. >> frank: it's cool. toyota is recalling nearly three million suvs worldwide because of problems with their seatbelts. the toyota rav 4, rav4 ev. 1.3 million of them were sold in north america. toyota will fix the problem at no cost. >> tammy: the pothole protection is pretty cool. >> frank: when it's freezing and thawing like we're seeing, jason? >> jason: i'm usually too late. always happens. 55 degrees for the high temperature today. 52 for the average. we'll take that above average. 29 on the low. that was just a touch below average. the rain, the snow, where do we stand for the month?
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now your news 13 skywatch weather. >> jason: well in short, the cold air's out. the warm air is in. the reason for it? the jet stream pattern. we have a ridge building over the east. a little drop here with a trough in the upper west. that's good news for us because we'll start to see this warmer air get pushed off to the east. temperatures in the 50s today. 53 degrees under mostly clear skies in asheville. wind chill down to 50. so you will feel it. but the wind should slacken quickly this evening compared to yeyeerday when it was gusting 15 miles per hour.
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calm wind. enjoy that. your wind chill obviously is 55 degrees. when you don't have any wind, it feels like 55. cold north and northeasterly wind blowing. wind direction back to the south and southwest. and that's really going to help warm the area up as we get in to tomorrow and in to your weekend. notice this cold front right here, it's not close enough to give us any significant rainfall and it's not going to. but it will certainly produce a lot of cloud cover this weend. unfortunately the western carolinas underneath a pretty big blanket of clouds. enough sunshine to warm us up to the 50s and 60s. skies mostly clear tonight. the wind turning more southerly. that is going to be the case for everyone.
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we're going to see these winds really start to pick up. 15, 20, 20 plus mile per hour wind gusts will be more common in the evening tomorrow. here's saturday before sunrise, we have clouds in place. not much green showing up. so the rain chances are very slim. we might get a few sprinkles underneath these clouds. the reality is we're not going to have much rain for the weekend. at least not initially. 20s for most mountain valleys. 26 in franklin. 30s in the upstate. highs tomorrow should get back in to the 50s almost area wide. 50s farther north in newland and boone. 61 in andrews. nearly 60 degrees down over the upstate. look at the changes here, saturday and sunday, low 60s with saturday bringing the better chance of rain. but it's not very high. 40%. most of that is going to be late day. then we get really wet monday, tuesday, in to wednesday. all three of those days are pretty wet around here. trend in temperatures. down to the 20s at night. we'll have our wintery mix kicking back in.
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in the upstate, dry and mild. your weekend, mid 60s. >> tammy: let's check out today's "see it, shoot it, send it" picture. >> frank: check this one out. >> tammy: hanging in there. >> frank: charlene chapel sent us this shot. pretty impressive. >> tammy: all the blood's gotta be running to his head. you can send us your pictures and video, too. e-mail them to >> frank: maximizing the sale of
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>> tammy: the housing market is being bombarded by millennials. >> frank: they're between the ages of 18 and 34. >> reporter: consumer reports tells us what they're looking for in a home and how to maximize your sale price. if you're selling your home, keep millennials in mind. >> they want to cook in that kitchen from day one and entertain in the backyard that very weekend. >> reporter: consumer reports
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boost your home's value by 35%. so spend your makeover money where it counts the most. a consumer reports survey of more than 1500 millennials found a modern updated kitchen tops home features. for as little as $5,000, you can add stainless steel appliances, new flooring and a countertop. you'll have a clean contemporary look that could add up to a 3 to 5% bump in the price. think about knocking down a wall. me len ya ya millennials are looking for an open floor plan. >> maybe by finishing an attic or basement. it's always a good idea to use materials that don't require
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ditching dust catching wall to wall carpet. don't overlook the power of paint. a fresh coat particularly in high traffic areas can boost your price another one to two percent. energy efficiency is another strong selling point. lowering your home's energy cost will also save you money while you live there. you can find additional tips on our website on >> tammy: this week on full measure, comparison shopping for healthcare. full measure partners with a consumer group to investigate how the medical industry sets prices on certain treatments. they called a dozen hospitals in six states to find out what it would cost out of pocket for the exact same procedure. the results might surprise you. >> this was incredible. you can get a knee mri for as low as $400 in some places but many, many thousands more, sometimes in essence right across the street. and the consumer group looked at
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tie them to any specific reason. it's not because of rent, location, real estate or quality. these are just random prices devised by each hospital. showing it does pay to shop around. >> frank: to see the entire report, watch full measure this saturday morning right here on news 13. >> tammy: a local group is lending a hand after an asheville woman loses her life
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tonight at 6:00 how it's right now at 6:00, witnessing a shooting. the dramatic testimony in the trial of a man prosecutors say killed for revenge. >> darcel: plus, good news for the u.s. cellular center booked solid for the beginning of 2016.
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after finishing renovations. >> darcel: what new events are coming to asheville. this is news 13 at 6:00. >> larry: new details tonight as a man charged with revenge killing goes to trial. >> darcel: today we got a look at surveillance video capturing the moments before richard o'shields shot toby mathus. >> larry: o'shields' attorney said it was . >> he certainly painted a portrait of a perfect storm of personal problems. years later, there is still grief beyond belief. the 911 call. >> someone was shot. >> reporter: and surveillance video from april 2011 gave jurors a sense of the frightening scene at rosemund
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cassy and jessica saw their friend toby mathus at the store that night. tragically they witnessed his death. before shooting him a handful of times. >> pretty quick the first one. and then bang, bang, bang. >> bang, bang, bang, bang. >> reporter: earlier in court prosecutors said o'shields determined to be judge, jury and executioner and wanted to avenge his son's death. >> wanted to kill toby mathis. he had one thing on his mind and he fulfilled. >> reporter: just months earlier, investigators say mathis was involved in the death of o'shields son joey. both dated the same woman. and after an altercation, joey fell from mathus' truck bed and later died.


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