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tv   News 13 at 6pm  ABC  February 18, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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cassy and jessica saw their friend toby mathus at the store that night. tragically they witnessed his death. before shooting him a handful of times. >> pretty quick the first one. and then bang, bang, bang. >> bang, bang, bang, bang. >> reporter: earlier in court prosecutors said o'shields determined to be judge, jury and executioner and wanted to avenge his son's death. >> wanted to kill toby mathis. he had one thing on his mind and he fulfilled. >> reporter: just months earlier, investigators say mathis was involved in the death of o'shields son joey. both dated the same woman. and after an altercation, joey fell from mathus' truck bed and later died.
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o'shields who thought mathis was getting off easy. the defense argues that what led to the shooting is not as simple as revenge. attorney dalton opened that the grieving father had a stroke, ptsd and alcohol problems. >> richard o'shields fell through a perfect storm of trouble and health problems and emotional problems, alcohol. a storm that led to tragic results. >> reporter: and the trial continues tomorrow. and the defense does expect to bring in expert testimony that will speak to the defendant's state of mind. live here in brevard, john le, news 13. >> darcel: still no arrest tonight in the death of a teenager shot in the head. 17-year-old kyrie logan died yesterday after a shooting tuesday at deaverview apartment.
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still contacting witnesses and collecting evidence. they say the safety and security of neighbors, friends and family of the victim are of the utmost importance. >> frank: a former buncombe county deputy has been arrested for soliciting prostitutes. he left buncombe county as patroller back in 1998. the department dropped his certification when they learned of his arrest. a well-known jewelry store owner in sylva is set to plead guilty. he was indicted in august on 13 charges of selling guns and prescription drugs out of the store. after his arrest, he shut down the business on west main street. the plea agreement was reached last week and he will enter it tomorrow morning at 9:30 in asheville. >> darcel: the u.s. cellular
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share of restoration. and now the hard work is paying off. zack, the start of 2016 shows just how busy they are. >> zack: yeah, that's right. the events schedule is now completely full. they're even tapping in to certain days to make sure new events can come in to downtown asheville. after putting over $12 million in to restoration, the re revitalide revitalized center february and march alone, the venue will be in use 57 of 60 days. while a lot of new and returning acts are signing up for the space, the goal is not to compete with other local spots. rather, they want to enhance what asheville has to offer. >> we're not competing with the grove park or any hotels because our space is bigger. we don't want to bring in the
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we want to bring in the events that couldn't come to asheville and now can and really boost the economy. >> zack: the space is being utilized for sporting events. the hope is that new businesses can expand here in asheville. the thomas wolf auditorium hasn't gone under renovation or revamping efforts. but chris who is the general manager mentioned they're going to try and have that in the near future. zack green, news 13. >> larry: a member of waynesville black community is considering an alternative plan for honoring martin luther king jr. several residents along that street objected. they were concerned about changes to their addresses and deeds. and impacts on 911 service. they say king was a great civil
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want to disrupt the historic pigeon street name. gibbs is now considering another location, a bridge along russ avenue. >> and i thought it would be a great gesture having that bridge coming in to waynesville that says welcome to waynesville and crossing martin luther king bridge. >> larry: phillip gibs says he'll . >> darcel: a buncombe county family says runoff from a new apartment development is flooding their property. shirley and her husband say their driveway has been washed out and high water has exposed an electrical wire and a water pipe. they say the damage started happening last summer after land was cleared for the dillwood apartment complex that's going in off of brevard road. >> i'm stressed all the time because we can't even get up in
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we can't get over the culvert. if we put another one in, it will be washed out, too. >> darcel: today the superintendent said the flooding isn't their fault. the company said culverts on the creek above their site have collapsed. >> larry: an asheville group fighting hunger is seeking help delivering meals to a family who have recently adopted two children. kieia was killed in a climbing accident in virginia leaving two teenage children behind. unc asheville has begun helping the family by donating food. it's part of an agreement the . >> we provide the food. food connection provides the drivers and the organizational aspect. and then that food gets delivered and distributed. >> larry: food connection delivers donations from several
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they're now looking for drivers to deliver the food to the family who has adopted kaia's children. we are still exploring, you know, what we can use it for. even for a lost child. the way it's written now, we would have to have permission. >> darcel: a federal registration deadline looms for drones. next, news 13 investigates how some may still be flying under the radar. >> jason: and we're cooling things down but it's pretty comfortable out there. temperatures in the 40s. mostly 50s south. we'll take that. evening planner in asheville. you'll have to layer up. temperatures from mid 40s at 7:00 to upper 50s by 11:00. stick around, my full forecast
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>> darcel: registered drones in this country now outnumber airplanes in efforts to police flying devices are about to ramp up. >> larry: all bought for christmas to be registered in a database. news 13's ashlea surles looks to
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>> darcel: while others say they don't go far enough. >> my father was an airline pilot. >> ashlea: they run on batteries. you fly them with remote control. unmanned aircraft systems is what aviations call them. >> i am legally blind in my left eye so i'll never be able to fly an actual aircraft. >> ashlea: that makes everyone who flies one a pilot. horace bought this drone with a friend. he says he always follows the law. >> this is your faa registration id. >> ashlea: he paid the 5 bucks to register him and the drone in the database. but north carolina requires you to also get a permit to use it commercially. >> to be able to legally make money with a uas, you have to be, as it stands, part 333
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least -- hold a sport license. for most that is simply monetarily speaking, that's out of the question. >> ashlea: state law says non-permitted flying could be fined. >> we're going to have to come down. >> ashlea: right now local law enforcement isn't equipped to charge anyone. >> none of the permitting is done through us, nor do we have any avenue to search for a permit. unless there was an obvious danger situation, we wouldn't intervene. >> ashlea: the hendersonville police department has its own drone. it takes pr video for the city and sometimes for accidents. just to get the approval to do that, it took hours of paperwork because of strict laws. >> the way it's written now, we would have to have permission
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>> ashlea: so far cops here haven't gotten complaints about wreckless drones. anyone can buy a drone, put it up in the air, hover it and watch you in your house or something like that, that's pretty creepy. beyond being creepy, there are now some concerns that if people put those in certain areas, drones can also become dangerous. >> it's a felony to drive within 5 miles of an airport. >> our concern is that there are some very specific rules about that. >> ashlea: some suggest the government has been too strict with the new type of aircraft, there are no drone police. so we asked if you can still buy one and just choose no the to
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isn't that a loophole? >> well, you know, you can look at it that way. we don't really.
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stuff, we look at it in a l now your news 13 skywatch weather. >> jason: nice view of the full moon earlier this evening from matt our video journalist out there in waynesville. beautiful stuff out there. it's almost full. you can still see a little bit of the shadow here. man on the moon. all right. let's talk about what's going on outside locally. our rosemund camera. our leicester carpet sales news13 sky cam network down in rosemund. look at the high cirrus clouds overhead. 50 degrees in asheville with some high clouds. north-northwest wind at 7. thankfully that wind has really weakened considering what it was last time.. 47 for the wind chill. 52 degrees down in the upstate.
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that's a good thing for you. 41% the relative humidity. it's not very high. it shouldn't be until we get in to the weekend. high pressure to the north of us. that gives us a win mostly from the north and northeast. but overtime, that wind is going to return. winds become more southerly and southwesterly. that helps build in to warmer temperatures. anything that's warm to our south is going to be nudged our way. that air will spill over the mountains and reach all the way to the mid-atlantic. this is friday evening on the map. there's the cold front. not anywhere close to us but it will spill clouds our way. the cloud cover will certainly be on the increase as our temperatures begin to warm up as well. we can't get the sunshine and warm temperatures all in one package. clouds pretty thick all the way in to saturday morning. a little rain in to the weekend. what falls this weekend is
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coming in the week. monday-wednesday, rain. potential for rainfall is greatest south of i-40. we could see a couple of inches top end in terms of rainfall in that three day period. one to two inches there. asheville north. you get outside that in lighter green. this isn't going to cause flooding but a lot of rain. temperatures in the 20s tonight. upper 20s in waynesville. mid 20s in franklin with 30s mostly over the upstate. watch out for some frost on the windcheelds in the morning. temperatures should be mid to upper 50s. 60s return saturday and sunday. the rain chances will go up. highest on sunday. but by no means a wash out that day.
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colder and wetter. chances of rain come back and snow, too, by next wednesday. something to watch. your warmest in the upstate, your weekend, too, mid 60s. one of the things i do they go unnoticed. >> larry: michael from pisgah high school has accomplished major goals on the field and in the classroom and he's only a junior. we introduce you to this week's game changer. next in sports. what's all this nonsense about balls? pink balls, blue, yellow, red. it's hard to keep the whole thing straight. and all these so-called deals? well, they come with a lot of deal breakers. like when you leave the city the signal goes weak. u.s. cellular built a network to give you a stronger signal where the other guys don't. and as for deals? how's $300 back for every line you switch? $300! no ball nonsense. get $300 per line
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>> stan: michael from pisgah high school is an outstanding football player and he's just as good as a student in the classroom. he got some news this week that's going to change his life. luke notestine introduces us to parrot about this week's game changer. >> luke: michael parrot has been blessed with a lot of physical strength. he has the same tenacity to attack his assignments in the classroom. >> i was the one who would get tore up over a bad grade and i'm still that way. i pursue my academics just as much as i do my athletics.
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role model for the younger student athletes at pisgah high school. >> a lot of schools really like that when they see that and they come through and look at transcripts. certainly everything else that goes with it is icing on the case. >> luke: michael plays full back for the pisgah football varsity team. his highlight tape was so good that it caught the attention of the coaches at the university. to be a part of the alabama football team in 2017. >> my phone has blown up. everybody just more than happy for me. >> he's had some very good backing by a lot of good coaches that's helped him. and it's -- you have to have help to get kids where, in a position like this.
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more season to go in pisgah. but he has verbally committed. >> some people have contacted me from bama magazine and bama recruiting. i'm on cloud 9. i'm ready to go. >> luke: michael plans on studying medicine in college. jump start on the 2017 college football season. i'm luke notestine for news 13 sports. >> stan: duke-north carolina lived up to the hype going down to the wire. fourth straight loss of their hated rivals. everything seemed to be in their favor. bryce johnson was awesome. 19 rebounds. a force inside most of the game. grayson allen keeps duke around. 23 points. duke leads almost the entire game. duke had their first lead since the first half. blue devils up one.
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heels ball. no timeout taken. joe throws up a . >> larry: tough. >> jason: had a good time out in junaluska today. talked to all kinds of meteorology.
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they gave me this nice tote and breaking news tonight. chopper down. the helicopter crashing into the water near pearl harbor. civilians on board. a popular trip for tourists. witnesses say it dropped from the sky. several on board. the heroes jumping into the water. also tonight, donald trump takes aim at pope francis, after the pope suggests trump is not christian. the moment on the pope's plane. and tonight, trump's fiery response. the terror attack in california, and this evening, major developments. the fbi moving in. in san bernardino, what did they find? forced to pay. the hackers locking personal computers, trapping your personal information, your photos. forcing you to pay to get it back. now, a hospital, patients' medical records hacked. and drivers beware tonight. some of the most troubling bridges in america. millions still traveling over
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we've got the list. good evening and we'll get to that feud by donald trump and the pope in just a moment. but we begin tonight with the breaking news, the horrific chopper crash, not far from pearl harbor. the images coming in a short time ago. the chopper with several people onboard, crashing there into the watter off hawaii. the helicopter belonging to a tourist company, a popular flight for tourists. witnesses jumping into the water to save the passengers. the ntsb is investigating at this hour. abc's david kerley tonight on how they all survived this. at least one passenger in critical condition. >> reporter: it happened in just seconds. the helicopter, just short of >> holy crap! >> reporter: bystanders jump in to help the five people onboard. a knife was reportedly needed to free one of them. all survived. one in a neckbrace.


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