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tv   News 13 Early Edition 530am  ABC  February 19, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EST

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3 to catch nicolas cage, you must become nicolas cage.this man bought the 99 cent app, face swap live, and used it for possibly the most bizarre of tasks. swapping his own fafa with nicolas cage's face. 3 3 good morning... it's
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holly headrick. and i'm jay siltzer3 good morning. here is a look at current conditions across the region. your day planner shows temperatures warming by noon. coming up, i'll show you our 7-day forecast for both the mountains and upstate. 3 3 3 3 3 happening today... the north carolina general assembly is expected to approve two items that will have a major impact on voters. the new congressional maps and a new congressional primary date. it is all because of the federal court ruling earlier this month that maps for the first and 12th congressional districts were unfair to black voters. on thursday, senate
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also approved a bill to delay congressional primaries in the state to june 7th. the hope is that will eliminate the need for a "run off election" because of the changes to the maps. both sides agree, it will be confusing to voters. 3 "(joel:) if democrats had their way- everyone would be voting on june 7th- not split between march 15th and june 7th? (larry hall:) that's correct."- "people will be confused. we're already confused and won't know who exactly they are voting for." barring a stay by the u-s supreme court, this means voters will still go to the polls on march 15th to vote in the presidential primaries and the various state races. then on june 7th, they will vote in the congressional primaries. the house and senate hope to have the maps and the dates approved by 5pm today to beat the federal court deadline. 3 3 and as it stands right now, today is still the deadline to register to vote in north carolina's primary. to register... you must be at your current address for at least 30 days prior to the election. you also have to be 18-years-old by the date of the next general election. and
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felony. for more information about registering, go to w-l-o-s dot com and click on news links. 3 3 3 tomorrow marks a huge day in the race for the white house. voters in south carolina will head to the polls for the republican primary. and the democratic caucuses will begin in nevada. as reid binion reports, candidates on all sides are in a heated battle. 3 two parties... ...two states... ...and two big nominating contests. voters head to the polls in south carolina's republican presidential primary in less than 24 hours... ...and on the very same day, the democrats face off in the nevada caucuses. (clinton) "we have to go after systematic racism. we've got to go after the barriers that some states are trying to put up to prevent people from voting." hillary clinton and bernie sanders - battling for the minority vote ahead of the silver-state showdown. (sanders) "i was arrested when i was 22 years old. you know what i was arrested for? fighting segregation." during an interview with b-e-t television, sanders also accused clinton of embracing president obama's policies in a calculated attempted to appeal to black voters. at thursday's m-s-n-b-c las vegas democratic town hall, clinton fired back. (clinton) "i don't know where all this comes from, maybe it's because sen. sanders wasn't even a democrat until he decided to run for president." meanwhile, the republican contest is getting ugly ahead of saturday's south carolina primary. ted cruz -
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photo-shopped picture...3 ...depicting marco rubio shaking hands with president obama. (rubio) "he makes things up about me every day." frontrunner donald trump, also taking a swipe at cruz at c-n-n's g-o-p town hall. (trump) "he has a problem with the truth. and even marco rubio - i guess today there was something about he was - you know, picture was manufactured. i looked at that photo, i said immediately it was photo shopped recent polling shows trump with a sizable lead in south carolina... ...while clinton and sanders are running neck-and-neck in nevada. 3 3 and we will have live team coverage tomorrow as voters head to the polls for south carolina's republican primary our live coverage starts at 6 p.m. and will continue as the polls close through our newscasts on my40 at 10 and news 13 at 11. you will also
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numbers and results on our website wlos dot com ... just click the election tab and on pages. 3 3 though it is supposed to warm up this weekend, winter is not over yet. and a local ministry is still seeing a big need for cold-weather essentials. news 13's lauren brigman is live from a-b-c-c-m in downtown asheville. lauren, warm clothing is in high demand at their clothing closet? 3
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3 in just a few hours, testimony will resume in the trial of a transylvania county man accused of killing out of revenge. richard o'shields is charged with the first-degree murder of toby mathis in 2011. investigators say mathis was involved in the death of o'shields son joey just months before. o'shields defense team says he had suffered a stroke and other issues that contributed to what happened. prosecutors argue he took the law into his own hands. 3 17:22-32 he acted as judge jury and exectioner of toby mathis. endangering many other lives. 37:51-05 richard o shields fell into a perfect storm of trouble. and health
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tragic results.3 on thursday, witnesses testified that o'shields called to mathis before shooting him several times inside the dollar general store in rosman. and jurors were shown surviellance video from that night. 3 3 a man remains in the buncombe county jail this morning, charged with trying to hold up a gas station. deputies say travis coffey tried to rob the ingles gas station on leicester highway at knifepoint wednesday night ... then went outside and stole a woman's wallet. his bond is set at 80-thousand dollars. 3 3 3 four fugitives on the run are facing their charges this morning. all thanks to our weekly fugitive files segment that airs right here every wednesday on news 13 this morning. kevin judge, who we featured this week, was arrested after a viewer called in a tip after watching our segment. william gentry also turned himself in after seeing himself on the news this wednesday. mitchell owen, who we showed in december, has also been apprehended. tiffany brainard who we showed in january was wanted in both haywood and henderson counties, was also arrested this week as well. 3 3
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3 now let's take a look at some stories making headlines this morning... a tennessee town came together to pray for a police officer shot and wounded while chasing robbery suspects. hundreds of people joined a vigil for corporal derrick couch in clarksdale thursday. police say he was shot in the head after responding to a report that two men were robbing a gas station sunday. both suspects were later arrested, and now face attempted murder and robbery charges. 3 flint, michigan will get an extra two-million dollars to help replace its antiquated lead water pipes - the deteriorating pipes contributed to the contamination of the city's drinking water supply. the grant money is coming from the state's distressed cities fund. flint's mayor karen weaver wants to start removing the lead pipes immediately but the governor wants an engineering company to map the pipes before tearing them out. 3 federal police arrested a missouri woman - accusing her of making terror threats. f-b-i agents raided the home of safya roe yassin they accuse her of using twitter to threaten killing two f-b-i agents. officials say yassin
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accounts - some of which are linked to isis. yassin remains in federal custody until her detention hearing scheduled for february 23rd. 3 new sanctions for north korea are now law. president barack obama signed off on the new sanctions this week. congress overwhelmingly passed the measure earlier this month. the measures freezes the assets of anyone doing business related to north korea's nuclear or weapons programs or anyone suspected of being involved in human rights abuses in north korea. 3 3 3 a southern classic is making it's way to the mcdonald's menu. coming up ... this new concoction that is a popular breakfast menu item in many restuarants already.
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3 3 3 3
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3 it's 5:xx. let's take a look at business headlines. the dow was down 40 points yesterday ending trading at 16-thousand- 413. the nasdaq down 46 3 3 the u-s cellular center is year. managers say the venue has events booked for all but three days in february and march. they credit the more than 12-million dollars in renovations over the past couple of years. while a lot of new and returning acts are signing up for the space, the
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other local spots. rather, they want to enhance what asheville already has to offer. 3 north carolina's "industrial hemp association" needs 200- thousands dollars before the crop can start being grown in the state. hemp became legal in north carolina in october, but the state must fund a commission for farmer's to cultivate it. some farmers and experts gathered at "new mountain asheville" to help promote it. once the commission is funded... it would create applications for farmers. but until then, farmers cannot legally grow industrial hemp. 3 mcdonald's is testing out its own version of a southern classic: chicken and waffles. they're calling this sandwich the chicken mcgriddle. it's a fried chicken patty surrounded by a pair of maple syrup sweet buns. if you want to try it, you need to go to ohio where it's being tested. it could go national depending on customer feedback. 3 3
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3 the time is now 5:xx. the snow may look beautiful but it caused quite a few problems in one state. coming up .. the deadly conditions it created.
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3 lots of snow in northern california's sierra nevada mountains... truck drivers prepared themselves for the slick road conditions by securing chains to their tires. other drivers said they plan to take it easy on the roads. 3 (mos) no, i've driven four wheel drives and everything in the world so i just pay attention and make sure i don't drive too fast.(caltrans employee) sometimes when the snow blows out people get a little over confident, they speed up and sometimes that causes spin outs. an avalanche buried cars in the alpine meadows area thursday morning...three people were pulled from their cars by north tahoe fire crews. no one was hurt. two other avalanches
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caused serious damage. 3 3 3 3 3 here is a look at what you can expect for the next three days. 3 3 3 the time is now 5:xx. how some local veterans took home the gold. the local event that brought out their creativity. 3 >> i'm alex trebek. if you're age 50 to 85, please listen carefully. the lock i want to talk to you about isn't the one on your door. it's a rate lock for your life insurance
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with no obligation. >> holly: 5:52, dozens of veterans hope to win gold for their artwork in asheville. >> jay: 30 veterans put their art work on the creative art show at the v.a. medical center.
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their creative side. >> >> it's been a big ride trying to get to this point. i found that the creative arts, doing art, keeps your mind busy. and it makes -- keeps your hands busy. it's a good experience. >> holly: gold medal winners will participate in the national fine arts talent competition, that event includes thousands of people from v.a. centers across the nation. >> jay: have cool. >> holly: different media. >> ingrid: clear conditions to start the day so that means it is pretty chilly in asheville, at 30 degrees. the kids at the bus stop in preferred probably want to wear a winter cat, home and gloves. it's 26, cherokee 39, 30 hendersonville and also below freezing in waynesville at 29. back over to you. >> holly: with plenty of snow and plenty of time, a canadian
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he made. >> holly: 5:56 right now. if yo will play in the snow, why not play and catch a flick, too? >> jay: a canadian man spent 8 days building an outdoor theater out of snow. why would you do this? he posted this time lapsed video of the construction on facebook. >> ingrid: the finished product was complete with a
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seat, proving there is no business like snow business. he did it because some people, when it snows, they don't have to work. so they have got a whole week to sit around. >> jay: for goodness sake, he's in canada. they work all the time. >> ingrid: i do do they? >> jay: it's canada. they don't stop because of snow. >> holly: 8 days? >> jay: whatever. >> ingrid: no snow in our forecast, 30 degrees is what we are looking at, wind out out southeast at 6 miles per hour. what about into greenville in it's 39 degrees on our leicester carpet sales news 13 skycam network. and we have a little bit of a light breeze you can see behind the street light with the flag moving around but overall not too bad. things will look better with temperatures. turning warmer, i will let you know what you can expect about the weekend and a preview of next week coming up at 6:00. >> holly: it is down to the wire for the gop candidates. coming up, a live report with a
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>> jay: and a car smashes through a store in texas. how the owner tried to prevent this from happening. >> >> lauren: supplying groceries for hundreds of people in our community.
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of to meet a rise in now, in high definition, from
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this morning. >> holly: in less than 24 hours, the first of the south primary will get underway in south carolina. >> jay: and the latest polls show donald trump ahead of the pack in the palmetto state. >> holly: all the candidates are campaigning hard in the hours ahead of the big vote. >> jay: in fact, they have been all over the upstate, just in the past couple of days. we will have live team coverage all weekend long on this story. diane gallagher begins right now with live coverage from columbia. good morning to you, diane, what is the latest? >> reporter: in a little more than 24 hours, voters in south carolina are hoping to vote republican will finally head to the polls so in last night's town hall, the stakes could not have been higher. for jeb bush, john kasich, and in this case, the overwhelming front runner. >> donald trump dominated headlines leading the gop town hall after pope francis said wanting to build a border wall between the united states and mexico is not christian i. was scene as a thinlyvaled reference to the controversial


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