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tv   News 13 at 530pm  WLOS  February 19, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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road contract comes to a halt. >> tammy: jeb bush gets a helping hand. how the candidate's mother made a push in the upstate today. >> jason: temperatures in the 50s and 60s. how long does this last? i'll show you. now from western north carolina's news leader, this is news 13 at 5:30. >> frank: an unexpected detour on a big road construction project in jackson county. >> tammy: the contractor walked off the unfinished $16 million job. >> frank: rex, what's happening now? >> rex: deveer construction walked off this project and others. dot officials say they're not sure why but they say there is a system in place to make sure
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it's a road that's almost done but not quite. connecting highways through southwestern community college. the work was being done by deveer construction. but it stopped work this month on a nearly $16 million project. the dot's ralph kennedy can only speculate on the reasons. >> failure to perform properly, i guess. >> rex: deveer had to be bonded. >> the bonding company will now finish the project. >> rex: the road is a little more than half a mile. scc says some of the initial construction caused cracks in one of its buildings. the college's president requests the responsible party to make necessary repairs. kennedy says only a small section of the road needs finishing and that liberty mutual has chosen wnc paving to handle part of it. >> they've got a contractor
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safety related items or any erosion control. >> rex: the paving and striping will have to wait for warmer weather. >> we're protected by the bond. >> rex: the bonding process protects the state from losing money. >> i know our division struggled in december and on in to january with trying to communicate with deveer. >> rex: despite these changes, the dot says the new road will be done soon. >> we feel pretty confident that the project will be done latter part of may, early part of june in year. >> rex: deveer is based in michigan and has offices in asheville.
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haven't heard back. >> frank: the north carolina senate passes a new date for the congressional primary. it's been pushed to june 7th. but north carolina voters should continue to cast ballots in the march race. bob rucho says while we wish north carolina voters didn't have to deal with the chaos, confusion and costliness associated with a federal trial, courts 11th hour changing of the current primary election, we hope this legislation will at least bring some clarity and order back in to the process. march 15th will still be the primary date for the presidential and all other races. coming up on news 13 at 6, how redistricting changes can affect people in buncombe county. news 13 wants to know do you agree with the courts that the congressional districts needed to be redrawn? log on to 13
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day. >> tammy: presidential hopeful jeb bush and his mother met with voters in spartanburg this morning. lindsey graham held the town hall at wade's restaurant. the former governor is averaging fourth place in the state's polls ahead of the primary tomorrow. former first lady, barbara bush. >> jeb has been a great son, great father. great husband. married well. and is one of my four favorite sons. >> tammy: tonight on news 13 on my40, we speak with upstate voters about governor bush's dive in the polls. and his help from family will affect their vote. >> frank: meanwhile marco rubio was in columbia, hilton head and raleigh. he's scheduled to be in clemson
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ted cruz campaigned in myrtle beach and charleston. he's in west columbia now and has an event in greenville tonight. donald trump made an earlier today, john kasich was in columbia and orrie county. you can find him in a rally in mount pleasant this evening. ben carson campaigned in north charleston and florence today. >> tammy: we will have live team coverage tomorrow as voters head to the polls. 7:00 a.m. as the polls open and will continue as the polls close on our newscast. updates on numbers and results at just click the election tab on facebook and twitter pages. democrats hillary clinton and bernie sanders are focused
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each has won one state each so far. and need the win this weekend. >> i appreciate your endorsement because you know i'm on your side. i always have been. i always will be. >> i believe that the crisis facing our country are so enormous that it is just too late for establishment politics or establishment economics. >> tammy: this sunday, sanders will be in greenville as the democrats focus move to south carolina. doors open at 3:00 p.m. the event is free and open to the public. >> frank: here's chamber of commerce weather, especially for voting. >> jason: i think most of us can handle this. temperatures in the 50s and 60s with plenty of sunshine. take a look at our leicester carpet sales news13 sky cam network down in connestee falls.
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here as it begins to descend. chilly up in boone. it's the colder spot this time of year. 60s already south of 85 for anderson and greenwood. radar and satellite pretty quiet here. cloud free for the most part. and will remain cloud free for the initial part of the evening and then start to cloud up towards 9, 10 o'clock in the evening. thicker cloud cover. that means a slower cool down. we dip to the 30s right before dawn tomorrow. temperatures will go down to the mid 40s by 11:00. it's going to get warmer this weekend but the clouds advance in. eventually that means rain. how much? i'll show you coming up. >> tammy: a local ministry is
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abccm provides heating assistance. right now they're working to raise $11,000 for that effort because donations are down. representatives say warmer temperatures earlier this winter may have impacted their effort but the need is still present. >> the furnace is still running even though it's 40 degrees at night. >> tammy: abccm has four crisis buildings. go to for more information. >> frank: if you're taking i-26 west near long shoals road, well you'll want to pack some patience. >> tammy: big patience, right jaclyn? there are two wrecks. >> jaclyn: right. we are also dealing with a crash involving three vehicles. that's just adding to that
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thankfully no injuries report. your best bet is to take u.s. 25 just to avoid that mess all together. if you do need to pass by that area, get ready for those delays. a wreck near hendersonville road. you can see traffic is backed up near sweeten creek. good news is it in the clearing stages and should be moved out of the roadway shortly. that's a look at your on time traffic report brought to you by debruhl's used car superstore. >> frank: author harper lee has died at the age of 89. lee wrote novels "to kill a mockingbird" and its recently sequel, "go set a watchman." it was published in 1960 and won the pulitzer prize for fiction the next year. the book sold more than 10 million copies.
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was inspired by unc professor's lecture on the piece hangs in the front window of horse and hero gallery downtown. >> we feel like the timing is perfect to have such an amazing piece in here that represents asheville black history. inspired by dr. darren water's speech he gave. >> tammy: as you can see there, the artwork has portraits of african american leaders. and the city scape in asheville. it will be up at least through the end of the month. apple getting support.
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company. you're watching news 13 with tammy watford, frank fraboni, chief meteorologist jason boyer, and on time traffic with jaclyn deaugustino. this is news 13 at 5:30. >> frank: stocks on wall street were mixed today. the dow down 21 ending trading
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the nasdaq was up 16 and closed at 4504. >> tammy: facebook and twitter are supporting apple in its battle with the fbi. >> frank: apple is refusing to help investigators it break in to the phone of san bernardino shooter syed farook. twitter's ceo tweeted we stand with tim cook and apple. >> tammy: it voted to begin the process of creating new rules that could give consumers the option to not get the boxes from the cable or satellite provider. but they can use their apps to get their cable tv. which could help decrease costs
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>> frank: proctor and gamble says it will cut another $10 billion in costs. the company has shed more than 20,000 jobs so far. executives have said much of the trimming will come from marketing. hathaway and coby merger will . >> tammy: yahoo's ceo outlined a flr . >> frank: you might be saying yahoo about the weather. forecast. i'll lay out which day is going to be the wetter of the two this weekend. 56 degrees for the high today.
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the day off. enjoy. 29 on the low this morning. it was a little colder than average on that number. no rain or snow today. we have about seven inches in the bucket for the year. we still have a surplus of just under seven inches for the year. we're going to get warmer. i'll explain. and the timing of the rain with those clouds. stick around for all the details.
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now your news 13 skywatch weather. >> jason: shaping up to be a rather beautiful sunset across the blue ridge this evening. leicester carpet sales news13 sky cam network we'll start you out here near the top of mount pisgah. 40 degrees. pretty balmy. and just to the left of coal mountain. yeah, we're getting that sunset. not bad. we still have our southerly wind
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that's the reason why even with cloud cover this weekend, we're actually going to warm up. southerly breezes today and i think southerly breezes in to the weekend will do just that. mostly clear in asheville. wind chill to 50 degrees. that's the feels like temperature. it has knocked off a few degrees throughout the day. 59 degrees and almost to 60. right now in the upstate. for greenville, 57 for wind chill. you still got a little more daylight to enjoy. the sunset almost to 6:20 in the evening. rain in asheville the next couple of days. little better chance sunday. much better chance monday. it looks like the bulls eye for the next wettest day will be tuesday. 80% chance of rain. how about the mountains? you got a better chance tomorrow. 60% chances sunday and monday.
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well in to next week. it is going to get wetter across the western north carolinas. here's the set up, high pressure off the coast of the atlantic. here's a funnel boundary. kind of stalls out and turns in to a cold front farther to the north of us. notice the clouds on the advance. and a lot of cloud cover from the tennessee valley, down to the gulf coast, back in to the western carolinas. that will be the cloud cover and the theme in to this weekend. may get a few peaks of sunshine. saturday is going to be the wetter of the two days as we work a cold front. more moisture and thus a better chance of getting rain to the ground. evening planner for the future cast. winds out of the south and southeast. gusty at times. those showers will return to the mountains first and foremost. this is very hit or miss.
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and sunday. sunday, future radar indicates a pretty good blob coming through. rainfall potential monday through wednesday. one to two, maybe three inches in some places in the light blue. that encompasses much of western north carolina. temperatures tonight, 30s and 40s. highs tomorrow not bad. 60s from asheville south in to the upstate. 60s farther south. 60s sunday. 50s monday. the cold trend begins to settle in next week with our rain chances still high on wednesday. may end as snowflakes on thursday. no major storms in our sights. >> frank: just 20s. time to check out today's "see it, shoot it, send it" picture. >> tammy: joy johnson sent us this shot of meandering creek. beautiful. it looks like a beautiful sunny day. no leaves, though. they'll be here in the spring. >> frank: you can log on to
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pictures. a famous local chef opens a new restaurant on the south slope.
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moment, we'll introduce you to a
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formal culinary education, in today's carolina moment, buxton hall barbecue to meet elliot moss. >> growing up barbecue was part of my life. smokers have kind of taken over a lot of barbecue places. i wanted to do whole hog and that's kind of a lost art. they're pasture raised pigs. a mix of about five different breeds. larry's got a story for each of the breeds. when i finally moved to north carolina i was on the search. come to find out that the barbecue i had been hearing about was on the eastern part of the state. >> oh my god, it was so good. >> it's really good. >> delicious.
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>> and i did the brussel sprouts which i thought were totally different. >> these were, like, barbecued. >> typically we put the pigs on at 8 o'clock at night. they cook all night long. we pull them in the morning. it's 180-pound piece of meat. it takes a while to cook. you're getting a little bit of everything: the dark meat, light meat, the belly. all of that stuff is kind of mixed up. the first mention of this building was 1936, it was the asheville skating club. who knows what happened down here. this could have been a speak easy. who knows. i think maybe one day someone who works for me will open a whole hog joint and maybe asheville can be known as a whole hog food. >> tammy: makes me hungry.
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>> tammy: to learn more about elliot's story and the history of barbecue, go to >> frank: we have his entire interview posted. >> tammy: a murder sentence in bryson city. next at 6:00, how long a man will spend behind bars for beating his disabled uncle to death. >> holly: have a great weekend but be sure to head back here monday at noon.
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our next chance for wintery >> darcel: right now at 6:00, day two of the revenge murder trial in transylvania county. >> on his chest and side. and he was deceased. >> darcel: coming up, the powerful evidence from the night of his shooting. >> larry: plus, residents sound
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change the boundaries of voting districts. >> is anything really going to change? no, i don't think so. >> larry: we'll tell you if your district may be different soon. now from western north carolina's news leader, this is news 13 at 6:00. >> darcel: it's day two of a murder trial in transylvania county and today jurors got a look at a tattered remnant of a tragic night in rosemund. >> larry: the prosecution wrapped up. they contend the grieving father walked in to the dollar general and pulled the trigger to avenge his son's death. >> darcel: john, so many tears on the witness stand yesterday, what about today? >> john: well no tears today but some key pieces of evidence were presented taking the jury back to a night many in rosemund will never forget.


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