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tv   News 13 Saturday at 6am  ABC  February 20, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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this morning. >>evan: good morning, it is saturday, february 20th. i'm evan ton van dc and i'm zack green. >>evan: we have a lot going on. we have live reports from the south carolina primary, gnus 13's hope hanselman is live there. we will have an update from her in a few moments but today, tomorrow, which is the better day? >>zack: today is certainly the better day but there are some chances of spotty showers. it's certainly the warmer temperatures that everyone will be talking about though. it is going to be welcome warmth after we have soon some chilly air in the past few weekends, 46 degrees, that's where we are sitting right now in asheville. our average for this time of year is 52. we will skyrocket past that. we will be talking about the 60s all across our area, and it's not just for today but the second half of the weekend as well. enjoy the warm weather because we will see a drop off in the temperatures and lot of rain in the way. for now we will send it back to evan. >>evan: all new information this morning. this happened overnight. it's on north carolina's redistricting battle.
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to stop a lower court order demanding ledge slaytors draw a new congressional map. that means the new maps that were drawn yesterday will take effect. the first and 12th districts were struck down by a federal district court that said they were primarily drawn based on race. the state had a deadline yesterday to redraw the maps unless the supreme court granted the state's request for a stay. it refused to do so late last night, putting those new maps into effect. that means the presidential primaries will still be march 15th but congressional primaries will now be delayed until june 7th. the defense will present its case in the murder trial of a transylvania county man. richard o'shields is charged in the 2011 murder of toby mathis in what prosecutors call a revenge killing after the death of o'shield's son. mathis was convicted in involuntary manslaughter of o'shield's son joey months
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friday, jurors heard from a former medical examiner and a sheriff offense detective. a bryson city man plea pleaded guilty to voluntary manslaughter for the beating death of bud dover, a veteran who used a wheelchair. green also pleaded guilty to felony assault from an unrelated incident that happened while he was in jail. he was sentenced to a minimum of 12 years in prison for both charges. a mission gan contractor halts work on a big road construction project in jackson county. debeer construction is the same company that stopped work on the i-26 work over pond road. they have also halted work on a connector road in jackson county, as well as some projects in the eastern part of the state. the dot says debeers bonding company will take over the project. >> the bonding company will step up and complete the project for the agreed.
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>>evan: the dot said it holds contractors spo task schedules and there can be financial scontion sequences if those are not met. debeers said they halted work on the north carolina project because the state put them in a financial position where work couldn't continue without being paid. they say they are looking at their legal options. tropical storm winston is the most powerful ever to hit a tropical nation. it packed winds of 180 miles per hour with gusts over 220. that's the equivalent of a category 5 hurricane. the storm is expected to strengthen further as the eye hits. president obama will spend part of his weekend reviewing nominees to fill the vacant supreme court seat of the late justice antonin scalia. that tops this morning's news reel. the president carried a heavy binder of background information and research on several potential candidates out of the oval office friday. republicans are threatening to
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with some saying he should wait and let the next president decide on scalia's replacement. author harper lee has died at the age of 89. she wrote lovells "to kill a mockingbird" and the recent sequel "go set a watchman." "to kill a mockingbird" was published in 1960 and won the pulitzer prize for fiction if next year. that book has sold more than 10,000,000 copies. lee's family and friends say her death was unexpected. she passed away in her sleep friday morning. and estimated 40,000-acres of land are burning across oklahoma. this is as intense gusty winds follow a record heat spell that dried up grass and brush. winds gusting at 40 miles per hour are helping spread the flfles. one fire in harper county burned more than 17,000-acres in only 3 hours. firefighters say no one has been killed or hurt, but a number of homes have been lost.
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tourism flights are getting closer to reality. virgin galactic unveiled a new spaceship in california to replace the one that broke apart in flight in 2014, killing a test pilot. the company's founder richard branson says that after the crash, he considered scrapping the program but his engineers and astronauts and the public convinced him not to give up. the plan is to one day fly passengers 50 miles above the earth's surface. the first in the south primary happens today in south carolina. voters will head to the polls in just about an hour to choose the republican presidential nominee. news 13's hope hanselman joins us live outside a polling place in greenville. good morning, hope? >>hope: good morning, evan. yes, gop candidates are making a has-minute push to get voters out here to cast their ballots today. republican candidates are scattered throughout south carolina this weekend, trump holds a dwindling lead right now in the state. last night, he told supporters in north charleston this is
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trump is just off a win in new hampshire, and told crowds that his ralalgh another win would scur him the republican nomination. but, ted cruz is trailing trump by just 5 points from the latest wall street journal poll. cruz is hoping for the same support that brought him victory in iowa. but he is not planning to be in south carolina at all today. according to cnn, cruz will be in the nation's capitol for the funeral of supreme court justice antonin scalia. and in third place right now, marco rubio. he won over nicki haley's endorsement this week and he made his way across the state stopping in columbia, hilton head, and charleston. bush, kasich, and carson are also on the ballot today and they spent the week encouraging cast their vote. these polls are open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. we will have cruz out here all day covering that, giving you live updates. and if you did not already register to vote in south carolina, it is too late for you. you will not be able to cast a
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reporting live in greenville, hope hanselman, news 13. >>evan: stay with news 13 all day. we will have extensive coverage of the south carolina primaries, live reports throughout the afternoon, and on our news at 6:00, 10:00, and 11:00 on news 13 and my 40. we will have several crews bringing the latest election results and reaction from the candidates as well. you can find the results at or click the election tab on our facebook and twitter pages. on the democratic side, hillary clinton and bernie sanders face offl\zm nkuxtoc],#3[[qktbdt"'apad24fz\cu 2@]0%x0
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there are spotty showers across the region but not a whole lot of rain. >>evan: and warm. >>zack: it is certainly going to be warm out there guys. we will see temperatures far above average for this time of year. now, rain is going to be isolated today but there is certainly more on the way with even heavy accumulations at times. i will tell you will see nearly 3" by midweek next week coming up after the break.
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>> now, in high definition, this is your news 13 skywatch forecast. to you all. moment. but we are already starting to see the cloud cover rolling on in, and this is some layered clouds. we are seeing overcast conditions for the majority of our region and we are already starting to see some showers try to make their way into the mountains. and more moisture is going to be on the way as we make or way through the rest of the day but i think the rain activity is going to be spotty at best. another big topic of conversation? unseasonable warmth. right now, our temperatures are into the low 40s, where they should be down below the freezing point for this time of year. 50 degrees right now in hendersonville, absolutely incredible warmth. tually, from 4 hours ago, even upwards of 13, 15, maybe even 20 degrees where we were. so, it will be a very warm day overall. but, we may pay the price for some of the cloud cover and some of the spotty showers. the winds are going to remain calm. now, as we head further south
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things will change a little bit. i think there might be just a little more accumulation on top of some of the showers that are going to be seen and the winds are coming about 5-10 miles per hour. so, maybe just a bit breezy as we head further south. but, overall, not a lot to be speaking about. we are only talking about less than a tenth of an inch of rain over the course of the next 24 hours. but then as we make our way into tomorrow afternoon, we are going to jump the storm chances up ever so slightly and we could get anywhere from about 2/tenths to a quarter, possibly upwards of an inch in those northern mountains but we are going to see a little more accumulation as we make our way into the upcoming work week. that's when things are really going to start bombing out. by monday, we are back down to 40% but by tuesday, that's when we start to see even upwards of an inch, 1 1/2" and maybe 2" in a 24 hour period, and it's only going to continue as we head into the middle of the weekend. at that point, our temperatures are also going to be sliding back and maybe even into introducing a wintry mix by thursday. don't think it will be the case for the weekend. so, i would say go outside and enjoy it.
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rain jacket throughout the course of the day on saturday and keep an eye to the sky. especially at the heavier elevations. but, monday thru wednesday, that's the storm track we are certainly going to be monitoring. many locations going to be hovering around that inch mark. that's what you see in some of that green area as we mange our way towards the blue, even upwards of 2" and then in the lighter blue, as we head further west, in western north carolina, and down into the upstate, we can get accumulations of 9" and then as we make our way into the wintry mix, we could have some bigger impact. that's certainly something we will monitor. later this afternoon, no complaints for temperatures but look at this icon, slim chance of rain showers. again, they are going to be spotty and we do want to keep an eye to the sky. a better chance for rain for tomorrow, but even warmer temperatures, and then we will dive our afternoon highs back down into the 50s and even 40s at some point. and our rain chances are really going to be skyrocketing with the heaviest coming on tuesday and wednesday. >>
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gary staff used our on-line "see it, shoot it, send it" shot to send us this shot of the min gus mill, that's pretty. >>zack: some of these pictures are really pretty. >>evan: put us out of a job. >>zack: you can send us picture, e-mail us at or. >>darcel: decoding food labels, the three things you need to look for. that's coming up in this weekend's "health wrap." >> my computer's dying again. you'll need to email us so we can issue you a ticket. but you're right here. it's protocol. or, you can try staples tech services next day guarantee. it's fast and done right. i'll do that instead. that's not protocol marsha. in by noon,
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>>evan: 3d technology can help people with sinus problems that wobt go away and if you are having trouble decoding food label, darcell grimes has those stories and more in this weekend's "health wrap." >> >>darcel: the fda issued new guidelines to protect the nation's blood supply.
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who travel to countries battling the seeca virus to wait four weeks before donating blood. the same goes for those who had sexual contact with those travelers. most people affected by zika don't show symptoms. doctors say the four week wait should be enough time for their immune system to clear the virus. millions of people will year. and for some, antibiotics and other medications don't make it go away. they need surgery. news 13's holly headrick shows how scientists are using 3d computer modeling to cut down on the risks sinus surgery can pose. >> holly: for years bryan kirk has cooked dinner for his family, but missed out on all the severalry smells that filled the kitchen. ryan had chronic sinus problems and whether he was cooking, running, or sleeping, he struggled to breathe. >> it was pretty bad. the doctors said, i don't know how you are able to breathe the way you do, but i guess the body
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>> holly: brian underwent surgery to clear his sinus, a procedure that takes place about every 40 seconds in the u.s. and while it's common, sinus surgery is often very complex. >> it is high price real estate, you know. the sinuses are surrounded by the brain and the eyes and so you have to be very, very precise within millimeters. >> holly: the long-term complications of sinus surgery are extremely rare. they can be severe and include loss of smell or taste. nerve damage. and empty nose syndrome. where the air passages are wide open but patients constantly feel congested. to try and eliminate complications, researchers at the ohio state university weeksner medical center are designing 3d customized models. kay you is using computational techniques so doctors can test the outcome o o a sinus surgery before stepping into the o.r. >> like playing video games to
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can compute what is this effect on the nasal air flow. >> we also use c. t. navigation which is like gps for the head. it allows us to be within, you know, a fraction of a millimeter in terms of accuracy. >> holly: the team will also analyze 3d printed models of the patient's sinus cavity to give details before the surgery because patients have to live with the results forever after. >>darcel: if you ever wonder what you are really eating when you buy foods that are boxed, bagged, and wrapped? experts say check out the nutrition facts and then look at the ingredients. >> ingredients are listed in the order of their predominance in the products.s. what you would really need to pay attention to would be the first three ingredients to see what's mostly in that product. >>darcel: then it's on to find the sugars. >> personally, i look for sugar, i want to avoid a lot of added sugars, and then, it's good to
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words that end in "o. s. e." like dextrose, mall trose ( ) and the corn syrups. another red flag is the sodium. >>darcel: and if you see the words "hydrogen negotiated fat," red flag, that means there could be up to half a gram of transfat per serving in that product. that's this weekendnd "health wrap." >>evan: a building on a local college campus takes on a new name. why that renaming ceremonon is
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>>zack: 43 trees in asheville, cloud cover overhead, but quiet to start the day. now, on top of that, there's some calm winds and they are going to remain calm throughout the course of our saturday. spotty showers are expected but
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for those in the upstate where it's warmer and yes, you see the overcast skies and the breeze is picking up just a little bit from the southwest at 8 miles per hour. we could get them sustained above 10 miles per hour at times. the weekend topic, certainly going to be the room whatter temperatures. less in terms of the rain showers, however, there is certainly more rain on the way for monday thru wednesday of next week. and at that time,e, we could even bring in a wintry mix with decreased afternoon highs. >>evan: unc asheville names a building for long-time university supporter and advocate al whitesides. he is a prominent businessman and community leader in asheville. this marks the first building on campus to be named for an african-american. they called him a living touchstone to the city's struggle to eliminate segregation. >> one of the other wonderful things about al's legacy is he is not done. he is here and the students will know him as a mentor and someone they can count on. he is very involved with the university still.
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he's just an amazing community advocate. >>evan: students, faculty, and trustees all played a part in determining the new building's name. whitesides hall will be home to various academic departments, including classics, history, and philosophy. celebrating black history month through art. coming up, the inspiration a
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and >>evan: a local artist create as special piece to celebrate february as black history month. the artist creek l did the piece to inspire others and he said that's what happened to him when he heard a unca professor on asheville's blank history. the piece hangs in the front window of hearsay and hero gallery in downtown asheville. >> we file like the timing is perfect to have an amazing piece
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asheville black history. correctel was inspired by dr. waters of the speech he gave. >>evan: the artwork has portraits of african-american leaders and a city scape of
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the month. hi dad. uh huh. yeah...sorry about that. think about it there must be higher love down in the heart what do you think? and in the stars above hi ted, glad you could join us, we think you're going to like these numbers. bring me a higher love
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now, in high definition, from the western north carolina's news leader, this is news 13 this weekend. >>evan: family and friends of u.s. supreme court justice antonin scalia will hold a funeral service for the justice later today. >>zack: here is a live service, or rather a live look from the basilica at the national shrine of the immaculate conception in washington, dc. the service begins at 11 a.m.. >>evan: flags are still at half staff across the nation's capitol today. we have complete coverage for what to expect later in the show. we also have a lot going on. but, first in the south primary
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will hit the polls in 30 minutes. we have news 13's hope hanselman for a live look at who is shaping up to be the winner. >>zack: and we will talk about unseasonable warmth, cloud cover on thehe way. 60s area-wide, amazing for the end of february. but, there is rain on the way. so we are going to be paying the price more so for the second half of our weekend, but then we start to get into the heavy stuff. heavy accumulation at times from monday through wednesday. i will let you know just how long this rainy condition will last and who is certainly going to need the umbrella. >>evan: voters in south carolina get to cast ballots today in the republican presidential race. all the gop candidates are in the palmetto state making the final push for votes. news 13's hope hanselman joins us live in greenville. and, hope, anybody starting to line up there yet? >>hope: hey, evava yeah, actually -- we did speak with a few voters who arar waiting in their carely this morning to get out, get a head start at casting their votes. we are out in greenville at this
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where folks are setting up polling stations inside. just in 30 minutes the polls will be open across the state for voters to get out and make their republican picks. it was a busy week in south carolina for the top three polling candidates, trump is ahead leading by just five points in the latest poll at a rally in north charleston last night he told his supporters this is crunch time. trump is coming off that win in new hampshire, just behind him ted cruz is gaining support. cruz plans to be in south carolina, or excuse me, cruz plans to be not in south carolina for his primary, because he will be attending the funeral for supreme court justice antonin scalia. as he made this next supreme court appointment a prominent issue of his campaign. ted cruz is polling third in, excuse me, marco rubio is polling third in the palmetto state but he won over governor nicki haley's endorsement and later today trump is planning a rally at the spartanburg
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we do plan to have cruz there crews throughout the state with coverage of the gop primary. poms open today at 7 a.m., just about 30 minutes. they will be open until 7 p.m. tonight. we will have live coverage throughout the day of that, so please stay with us. reporting live in south carolina, hope hanselman news 13. >>evan: and we have coverage on 6:00, 10:00, and 11:00 and my 40 and we will have several crews bringing results and reaction from the candidates and any concession or victory speeches as all of them wait for the votes to be counted. you will find the latest results at click on our election tab on our facebook and twitter pages as well ( ). on the democratic side, hillary clinton and bernie sanders will face off in the nevada caucuses. hillary clinton had a comfortable lead but reports say senator sanders whittled it down
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clinton did pick up a crucial endorsement from south carolina's jim clyburn, we will have the results from the nevada and south carolina on news 13. as many as 4,000 people are expected to attend the funeral mass today for the late supreme court justice antonin scalia. >>bazi kanani bazi kanani is in washington. >>bazi kanani l0: thousands will fill the basilica of the national -- as thousands stretched for blocks outside the supreme court friday. >> scalia has been a figure in my life. >> he set an example for americans that you can stand up on principle and you can stand up for the laws. >>bazi kanani l0: his former clerks cleared the way as he was carried into the court for one last time. the other eight justices waited in the great hall where his body
6:34 am
platform that once held the casket of abraham lincoln. scalia's son, paul, a priest, offer add prayer. >> you have called your servant into this world. >zi kanani l0: the president and first lady bowed in silence after meeting privately with scalia's family. also there to pay respect, judges patty millet and slee vee vinson, thought ( ) on the short list for the post. even though republicans said they plan they don't plan to confirm the next justice until after the next presidential election. president obama is not waiting to ask, that binder he carried as he left the oval office is filled with notes he is reviewing this weekend about possible nominees. bazi kanani, abc n n, washington. >>evan: a cyber attack cost a california hospital $17,000 to regain control of its communications systems. it's also the same type of virus a mountain hospital received
6:35 am
john brown is the chief information officer for the mission health system. he says his teams are constantly monitoring and checking for anything out of the ordinary. >> this particular attack that we experienced back in the later part of 2015 was very limited in its scope, and the ability for them to get to any confidential data was not possible because of the quick action that the team took. and there was no sensitive information made available to anyone, so our patients' data was safe. >>evan: we talk to the c. i. o. of par dee hospital and she said ( ) they are constantly monitoring for cyber attacks and have plans to install a more secure system this summer. developing this morning, the first case of the zika virus in a north carolina resident has been confirmed. it's an adult who recently traveled to a zika-affected country but the person's name and where they live in our state is not known at the time.
6:36 am
is little to fear from the zika virus, at least right now. >> i don't think we need to be worried about what's going on here in north carolina at all. i think the concern is what's happening in south and central america and the caribbean. we are certainly concerned for those people, and we also want to make sure that when people from north carolina travel there, that they protect themselves against mosquito bites. >>evan: health officials warn pregnant women should not travel to any country where the virus is common. they can transmit the virus to their unborn child. closing arguments set for monday in the case against a woman accused of attacking a pregnant woman and cutting her unborn baby from her woman. prosecutors say darnell lane lured michelle wilkins to her home with a craigs list ad for maternity clothes in march of last year. wilkins survived the attack but her baby did not. she is a brevard native. the justice department is firing back at apple for
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iphone. terrorist iphone. it was owned by one of the san bernardino shooters. in a motion filed yesterday, prosecutors say apple is allowing technology to allow access to critical data instead of the law. some canned green bean shipments are halted after a utah woman reported finding a snake head inside a can. the woman said she found it while helping to prepare church meals for neighbors. at first she thought it was a burned bean and she saw the eyes. the food distributor is taking the report seriously and said it is working with the company that canned the beans. >>zack: i was all good until eyes." >>evan: why don't we move on possible. >>zack: gross. cloudy day, spotty showers across the region but it will be unseasonably warm. haven't seen any rain as of yet. i'm thinking the accumulation will be minimal over the next 48
6:38 am
i will let you know when, where, and how long it lasts. it's all coming up after the break. >> >>evan: watch news 13 even if you're not in front of your television. you can go to our web site and stream us live. you can also do it on your mobile device. on the web site, click "watch
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app. your news 13 skywatch forecast disd welcome back, we have cloud cover rolling in in the overnight hours and i think it will be mainly cloudy, even overcast conditions throughout the course of the day. take a look at the extreme weern county, already starting to see some moisture. trying to make its way in towards the mountains and the showers are going to be spotty at best. i don't think a whole lot in terms of impact and really minimal in terms of accumulation, but there is certainly more on the way for the second half of the weekend, and especially as we make or way into the upcoming work week. we will get to that in a moment. warmer temperatures is a massive topic of conversation for the weekend. 43 degrees right now in asheville, 50 degrees in hendersonville. and, yes, from 24 hours ago, it
6:42 am
13 degrees warmer than what we were on friday morning. maybe even 30 degrees warmer in some spots as we make or way further west towards knoxville, but we will see the 60s area-wide later on this afternoon. however, again we do pay the price with a few chances of spotty showers. the breeze is going to be limited and i do think it's mostly going to be cloud cover that dominates the mountains down in the upstate, however, i do think maybe a little more in terms of accumulation. still less than a quarter of an inch overall. but, the breeze may be increasing a little bit. maybe closer to sustained 10 miles per hour winds. but, overall, not a whole lot in terms of an issue today. so, let's put you in the hour-by-hour. you see the cloud cover overhead? rolling into lunchtime. spotty at best. take a look at what happens. there will be a middle more of a broadband for those in the upstate by about mid afternoon. but, later on in the they, things are really going to start quieting down and we see the cloud cover lingering around. overnight we see things clearing out a little bit so we could have some fog concerns for tomorrow morning. but then we start to see the real impacts roll through as we make or way into the late day on
6:43 am
into our commute for monday morning. that's when we are certainly going to start to see some of the storm chances ramping up. so, what are we talking about in the next 48 hours? very limited in terms of the accumulation today, trace amounts, by tomorrow, maybe about 2/tenths of an inch in many mountain locations. upwards of half an inch for those in the northern mountains and right along the north carolina and tennessee border but it's monday thru wednesday that's going to be our next storm track as we increase the rain chances, closer to 80, 90, if not 100% by wednesday and we could see even heavy accumulation at times. some localized areas, yes, you are seeing that 3" in western north carolina and western portions of the upstate. but, again, that's going to be held off for the work week. i would say get outside and maybe enjoy some of the warmer temperatures, just bring that rain jacket and keep an eye to the sky. 60 degrees laterb?
6:44 am
the week. >> >>evan: a stray dog gives birth to five puppy, then requires emergency surgery. coming up, who is carriage for all of them and the help they need. dunkin' donuts' unbelievable selection of breakfast sandwiches freshly made all day -- and now you can enjoy two english muffin egg and cheese breakfast sandwiches for $4.
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the new caramel macchiato from dunkin' donuts. let hand-crafted layers of espresso, milk, and a caramel-flavored swirl uplift your mood. indulge in a hot or iced macchiato today. america runs on dunkin'. >>evan: 6:46 on saturday morning. that means it's tenge time, u.s.
6:46 am
joining us with tips on password tracking and protection. tell me about this. >> if you have a bad pass word habit, you are not alone. a survey showed half of americans realize they need to change their password habits. they need attention including weak passwords or reusing passwords. it's important not to have the same one, because if you are hacked other accounts are at high risk. >>evan: i know, but i can't make 15 passwords for my different things. you have products or apps that might help? >> i have apps that can help. so today a lot of accounts require more secure passwords, right? so including a come combination of letters and numbers, it can make it difficult to remember. a harris survey said 59% of adults reuse them because they can't remember them. >>evan: yes, me. >> that's where the apps come in handy. i have an iphone 6 when pared with apps will keep your data secure whether here in asheville
6:47 am
first is keeper, it's the no. 1 most downloaded password management app. you can go, easy to set up your information, you title it, log in, you can add notes whatever you would like. another great feature is the dna aspect. what this is is a second layer of security. say for instance you turn on touch id, in addition to a master password, you will actually have to use your thumb print for the app. >> i don't like that. i don't like people have myby graphical information, least of all apple. >> if you have the apple watch, it can recognize the watch. >>evan: i like that. >> dash lane is an editor pick in the google play store. great things built into this app are the password generator. you can go in and select motion pull options in addition to how long you want the password, select one you like, coco pi it and paste it into the account. another nice feature in the app and i tried this one myself, they say frins your red box account were compromised, you can select the account and with a click the app will log into your account and change the
6:48 am
>>evan: that's helpful. >> last is last pass, it as a 4.6 user rating which is the highest among any of the apps i have shown you here. easy to go in and set up information but another feature i want to call out is the security challenge. what this will do is go in and analyze the data within the app, score you from zero to 100 give you tips on how to be more secure. >>evan: interesting. big question though, nick, what password do you use for your password manager? >> something very secure. >>evan: easy to remember? >> there you go. >>evan: thank you so much. thank you for coming in. if you want to see the segment again you can go to and click on "tech time."
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>>zack: welcome back. a warmer start to the day. 43 trees right now in asheville and some calm winds. but, if you are stepping out the door in the early morning, you will start to see mainly cloudy to overcast skies. that will be the trend all day
6:51 am
spotty showers mixed on in. but, i do think the rain activity is going to be reserved more so for those in the upstate and yes they are seeing the overcast conditions as well. the breeze is increasing there. above 8 miles per hour. we could see winds sustained above 10 miles per hour throughout the course of the day. nothing in terms of accumulation over the course of the next 24 hours. but, i do think that we could see heavier accumulations as we make our way into the upcoming work week. we will see a decrease in our temperatures at that time. the 60s are going to be area-wide this afternoon and tomorrow. >>evan: a siberian husky and puppies are fighting for their lives. claire was a pregnant stray when she was brought into the asheville humane society. claire's doctors soon realized that she had an issue with her lung. yesterday, she had an emergency surgery to repair it. her 8 day old puppies are now in foster care and requiring around the o'clock attention. >> nothing really can compare to that.
6:52 am
goat's milk and the nurse puppy formulas that are out there, but nothing compares to the mom. if we can get her healthy enough to nurse them, we would definitely like to have her back for them. >>evan: right now the focus is on claire's recovery, and covering her surgery costs. if you would like to donate, go to the asheville humane society or visit their web site. a couple of conference titles on the line last night right here in the mountains.
6:53 am
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>>stan: good morning, in sports, mack 3a conference title game last night at north buncombe, reynolds hoping for the double, but to win both titles they have to take a huge effortf. irwinstands in the way, warriors ranked 3, 23-1, beat reynolds easily. warriors lead 21-20, ken graph griffin lays it in, 31-20. terry goss set likes the effort from the team. rockets ashland perkins makes a nice bounce pass, she lays it in, 31-4, they get closer. fourth quarter ashland perkins again finds sierra davidson, puts a jumper in there. but the warriors run away, casey kidwell scores the layup in transition, erwin rolls, they win the mack 3a tournament, 64-48. mac 3a boys title game,
6:56 am
or the regular season champs against reynolds, a team they beat twice thisser yes, i do, they change to change um, a 3 from the corner and they take the early lead and the rockets take it. later in the game, the black hawks david elkin, nice pass to blake matthews and 1, hawks up 3. reynolds comes back there with josh jones, he goes all the way and nobody takes him up in the middle there. he puts it in there. this one goes back and forth. north buncombe brendan howard in the paint and puts it in. north is up 3, but reynolds will pull through as western gets the rim, gets to the rim and high off the glass he goes. reynolds upsets north buncombe, 66-61 in overtime to wick the mack 3a championship. other conference title games, western highlands conference, girls top seed mountain heritage beats owen. avery beats poke in the game. smoky mountain and cherokee boys and girls won title, boys with a scoring fest, winning over
6:57 am
n. cia s. girls semifinals, stay state playoff, carolina day 52, fayetteville christian 57, wildcats play for the title today. if they win it will be the sixth straight state playoffs for public schools start next week. that's sports this morning. i'm stan pamfilis. we will see you again tonight at 6:00. have a great weekend, everyone. >>hope: the countdown is on until polls open across south carolina for the gop primary and just over my shoulder there there you go a few voters waiting to get inside. coming up after this break, we
6:58 am
6:59 am
turnout. >>evan: here is a live look at times square in new york this morning. kind of empty, saturday morning? people milk about. it's a fun place to be. >>zack: you know, they shut down times square now. it's more so just a pedestrian area at this point. >>evan: yeah. >>zack: cars can't really go through there, it's a fun place. >>evan: a good time of year to be in the city. >>zack: my sister calls me up and said i need to come to the mountains and escape the city. it just gets overwhelming. >>evan: today would not be a
7:00 am
it's warm but wet. >>zack: not entirely. it will be spotty at best. we will see the winter warmth though and unseasonable temperatures this afternoon. as evan mentioned there is rain on the way but not everyone is going to see it today. but, we do want to keep an eye to the sky. the heaviest rain, however, is going to be on the way toward the upcoming work week and we could see upwards of 3" in a 72 hour period. i will show you when, where, and the time out for the system capitolling up in a little bit.h#$pi\ '&sbw(e-7_- lxa9@cw1eat>m"[)9ja/#nk4[oqdy 1r*


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