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tv   News 13 at 6pm  ABC  February 20, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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an hour to go for the republican presidential primary. the six canned dats still standing logged thousands of miles in hours across south carolina. this race has been extremely heated with the polls showing a lot of movement in the past few days. we have live team coverage with news 13 ie frank in spartanburg. let's begin with frank with donald trump and his supporters watch the election. is there any indication of what voter turnout has been like? reporter: everybody we'vee spoken to from the local election officials in greenville and spartanburg county are telling us they are expecting a very heavy turnout in this presidential primary. we went to morning side baptist spartanburg.
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told us think saw a steady stream but no long lines. abten tee voting hit a record for presidential primary in south carolina. more than sixty thousand absentee votes cast. that's double the number in 2008 and 2012, that leads people to believe we could see a record as many as 657 thousand votes in this presidential primary. we asked what's driving them to go to the polls? >> there's a lot of people that are running. that's turning -- grabbing a lot of people's attention. people are looking for a fresh voice and face. >> my mailbox has been full of propaganda, if you want to call it. that may be driving interest. it'd be hard to sleep this one, for sure. >> this is an open primary and that means voters from the democrat and republican party
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there are 2.9 million voters in the state and every early indication is a lot of them are going to the polls. there's still a little more than a half an hour to go before the polls close at 7:00. we'll be here to bring you the reaction from tonight's election here at the trump campaign headquarters. reporting live, news 13. >> frank: senator cruz took a break on this very crucial day to pay respects to the late u.s. supreme court justice scalia. he'll be in columbia to watch as the votes are counted. that's where darren continues our team coverage. is cruz there yet? reporter: we spoke with a moefb his campaign. we're told senator cruz landed in columbia. he landed around 5:00 tonight. right now he's at his hotel come in.
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told by his campaign staff he'll be back at this arena around 7:00 or a little bit after the polls close. look around the arena. this is a pretty big space. i'm stuck between a lot of cameras. there's a lot of media and anticipation waiting for senator cruz to get back here and address his supporters. right now, according to real politics, senator cruz is about neck and nick with senator rubio. he's in third but they are just about at 8:00 points. senator cruz is expected to do a little better in south carolina than new hampshire. if you recall he was the front runner in iowa but he needs momentum going into super tuesday. we'll have live reports from this arena as the polls come in and as senator cruz makes his way back to the arena.
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is also in columbia to watch the results come in tonight. news 13 is live from his watch party. aaron, what's he expecting there tonight? reporter: i can tell you they are planning for a party. they have a bar set up this week. he earned the endorsement of south carolina govern haley. he spent the last couple of days touring the state with haley. we'll see what affect those endorsements have. a couple of hours ago he tweeted out a video of him playing football with his son. in the iowa caucus he finished third, almost second. hampshire. we'll be keeping a close eye on the numbers. live in columbia, news 13. >> frank: there's not been a lot of campaigning. most candidates did not have anything scheduled. bush was greeting pollers. his mother, former first lady
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along with supporters holding signs. he'll be in columbia tonight. carson will watch returns in greenville and kasich is in massachusetts. stay with news 13 for continuing coverage of the south carolina primary throughout the evening. polls close in less than an hour. you can watch results here on our election ticker. plus live reports on my 40 at 10:00. news 13 at 11:00. check our continuous updates on, facebook and twitter. the associated press is reporting hillary clinton won the caucuses there today holding off senator sanders. this is a live look at clinton's caucus rally in las vegas. her victory in this race could help her regain our front runner footing by edging sanders in nevada, clinton is in a stronger possession heading into south carolina's democratic primary,
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we have an update on north carolina's redistricting battle. the u.s. supreme court refused to stop a lower court order forcing state lawmakers to draw new congressional maps. two weeks ago, a three judge panel ruled the first and 12th district are unconstitutional because they were drawn primarily based on race. state lawmakers met the judge's deadline of yesterday to redraw the maps which still have to be approved by the same three judge panel. beginning of continuing -- because of the continuing uncertainty, lawmakers delayed the congressional primary in the tar heel state until june 7th. all other primary races in north carolina scheduled for march 15 including the one for president, will go on as planned. some cloudy skies, light rain across the mountains and the up state. karen wynne joins us with the sky watch forecast.
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the way, right? >> karen: right. but right now light shower activity moving in from the west. this is going away quickly. lester carpet sales sky cam network showing light showers and heavy cloud cover. 49 degrees. current temperatures are very warm. we are in the 60s right now in parts of the region. 57 in asheville. a quick look at that evening planner. we remain mild with a chance of light showers. 50 degrees at 11:00. coming up when that heavier rain is going to move in. >> frank: police putting out a warning tonight to drivers to be on the lookout foror motorcyclists. in the past three day, emergency crews in asheville, etowah all responded to wrecks involving motorcycles. news 13, justin hinton joins us live at the intersection of weaverville and old marshall
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wreck took place. reporter: if you look you can see some of that debris from that wreck. this crash is still under investigation. according to preliminary reports it looks as if speed were a factor. the sergeant says a driver was turning left from the highway and onto old marshall highway. the driver turned in front of a motorcycle when it appears that the motorcycle was speeding. the two kol lite lieded. two people were on the motorcycle. he expects them to be okay. last he heard they were headed into surgery. >> the weather, with it warming up you see more motorcycles. people aren't expecting to see motorcycles. reporter: wednesday night there was a motorcycle wreck at hendersonville road. that wreck sent a man to icu. the final wreck in henderson
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the big take away is be on the look out. on this road it's difficult to see over the hill. late at night it's hard to see what's coming in the opposite direction. with this weather that's warming up, the motorcycles are out on the road. everybody needs to pay extra attention. justin hinton, news 13. >> frank: planning for and paying for college can take
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coming up how the pros help >> frank: many students plan to go to college but figuring out how to afford it takes an education, as well. young people work with professionals during fafsa day at blue ridge community college. a free application for federal student aid form is required to receive loans or grants from the government. the form is free but using it can be comely kated. >> we want all students to have access to higher education. that. from the federal government, state government. available. it makes up the difference what the family can afford and what the sdool costs. >> frank: a high percentage of students qualify for financial aid. many families that didn't plan to fill out the form learn they
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college. bidding fair well to
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how his family played >> frank: thousands pay tri butte to u.s. supreme court justice antonin scalia. a funeral mass in the nations capitol. the longest search apointed justice appointed by president reagan 30 years ago. today's gathering was a lot about family. >> into the massive baa sill kal that hosted three popes, surrounded by the symbols of faith he held dear, his sons carried the casket up the aisle. >> hope does not disappoint. because the love of god has poured out through our hearts through the holy spirit that's been given to us. reporter: a scripture
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>> the deeper he went in his catholic faith, the better a citizen and public servant he became. reporter: in his homily justice scalia's son, paul, a priest. talked about his father's christian faith and love for his large family. >> sure, he forgot our names at times or mixed them up. but there are nine of us. >> among the thousands in attendance, countless dignitaries. vice president joe biden and former vice president dick chaney. >> every funeral reminds us of just how thin the vail is between this world and the next. reporter: following justice scalia's casket to the final resting place. the most cherished part, his widow, nine children and 36 grandchildren. after today's mass, scalia's
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private burial service. there will be oobt memorial service in washington on march 1. reporting from the supreme court, abc news, washington. >> frank: we reported earlier the associated press declared hillary clinton a winner in the nevada caucuses. she has just taken the the stage in las vegas to talk her win there. we're going to go to that live. >> some may have doubted us but we never doubted each other. [cheering] >> this ones for you. i want to con garagelation senator sanders on a hard fought race here. i want to thank each and every e of you. you turned out in every corner of this state with determination and purpose. hotel and casino workers who never wavered.
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>> students with too much debt and small business owners who never go off the clock. tens of thousands of men and women with kids to raise, bills to pay, and dreams that won't die. this is your campaign and it is -- [cheering] -- it is a campaign to break down every barrier that holds you back. we're going to build ladders of opportunity in their place so every american can go as far as your hardwork can take you. and to thousands of volunteers -- >> frank: former secretary of state hillary clinton declaring victory in the nevada caucuses. we'll continue to carry her speech streaming live at the candidates both she and senator sanders will be coming
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mocratic primary now your news 13 sky watch weather. >> karen: it wouldn't hurt to pack up the umbrella tonight. we have some very light rain in the region. we can't rule out a few light showers as we go through the rest of the night. one thing you're not going to need is the heavy coat. we're quite warm right now. 57 in asheville. light winds out of the south southwest. cloudy in greenville and mild at 58 degrees.
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folks in the up state. we remain unseasonably warm. we continue to get the southwest flow around this area of high pressure. as we put the future cast in motion, after midnight we see a front slowly on the move. a wave of moisture moving in tomorrow afternoon. so you're definitely going to want the rain gear for the second half of the weekend. then as that front moves to the south of the up state, just to the south, much of the moisture stays south of the mountains on monday. but then we see this area of low pressure on the move, again, and that is going to help the rain pick up late monday on into tuesday. hour by hour future cast, we don't see much as we go through the evening. 10 o'clock a few lit sprinkles. patchy fog to begin sunday. not much in the way of rain by 6:00 a.m. by noon more green on the map, especially in the mountains. it's going to be umbrella time
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afternoon on into the evening. even with the rain and the cloud cover, we are going to remain nice and warm. enjoy that. then we have heavier rain on the way for next week. rainfall potential monday through wednesday several inches of rain. 2-3 inches of rain possible just west of asheville. lows tonight in the 40s in asheville. asheville 44... hendersonville 43... waynesville 43. highs tomorrow even with the rain are going to be warm. 64 in asheville... 64 for your high in franklin. the next seven days shows that mild air in place through monday. a wet week ahead with a chance of storms on wednesday, cooling off as we go into the middle of the week, possibly a few flurries on thursday morning. here is a quick look at that
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we'll be right back. unc asheville and wintlop tie for first in the men's basketball standing. today's game determined which team would be in first place with only a couple of games left in the regular season. it was a big one. let's go to less than a minute to play. the bulldogs down 79-74. they need to score quickly. finding the freshman sutton who buries the triple. points. with ten seconds left, getting the rebound off the missed free throw. finding kevin who scores three of his 21 points. then sutton steals the inbounds pass.
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that's how it ends. winthrop takes over first place beating unc asheville 81-80. when you talk about dominating the competition the girls basketball program set the bar high. the wildcats won their sixth straight championship today beating davidson day. carolina day has 8 basketball state championships in school history. the unc asheville baseball team hosting ohio university for the second day today at greenwood field. the bottom of the first and bull dogs down 1-0. the rbi single, a score and asheville takes the lead of 2-1. in the second the bulldogs score three more to make it 5-1. ohio responds with 7 runs in the third and the bulldogs could not catch up. ohio university beats unc asheville 14-8. the best way for the tar heels to get over that devastating loss to duke was to send a
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hurricanes. carolina on a mission to get back on track today in chappell hill. the home team sets the tone. picking it up in the first half when hicks misses a jumper but johnson is there for the slam. johnson 16 points and 15 rebounds. jackson gets it going bearing the three from the wing. unc dominates and the hurricanes never had a chance as the heels beat miami 96-71. unc in first place alone in the acc standings. >> we were 2-3 and tied for first place in the atlantic coast conference. i wouldn't want to lay back and have this woe me. >> we want to forget the last game and move onto the next one. we came out here today and we're ready to play. we were tied and we wanted to show we had it. >> carolina showed that day.
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wednesday night on the road at nc state. that's your look at sports. >> frank: we want to check back with frank live in spartanburg. a half hour to go in the primary. reporter: this is a busy place right now here at the marriott. folks are filing in and lining up by the stage to get their place to see donald trump. we want to remind you we'll be here all night with complete election coverage, continuing coverage throughout the evening on wlos and wmya my 40. you can see election results on our election ticker. we'll be here on facebook and
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so welcome to a special edition of "world news tonight." breaking news on this showdown saturday. election battles on two fronts. hillary clinton with a much-needed win over bernie sanders in nevada after a tense neck-and-neck fight. but sanders trouncing her on the
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tonight, the long lines and the celebrations. showdown in south carolina. donald trump firing away until the very end. >> so, it's crunch time, folks. it's crunch time. >> ted cruz and marco rubio with their last-minute push. can they still catch trump? >> it's in god's hands and in the voters' hands. >> the first test for republican candidates in the south. the results coming in right now. >> what donald trump said just as justice scalia was being laid to rest. as thousands paid their final respects. this is abc "world news tonight." good evening and thank you for joining us on this saturday. i'm cecilia vega. tonight, candidates on both sides coming one step closer in this race for the white house. at this hour, the results of the democratic caucuses in nevada


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