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tv   News 13 Sunday at 6am  WLOS  February 21, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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in south carolina. good morning, everyone. it is sunday, february 21st. we have a lot get to. we has crews all over south carolina last night. we have hope hanselman in a really unique place this morning. for some live shots i think you len joy. first we will take a look at weather, zack? >> zack: yeah, looking at warmer temperatures than what we saw yesterday, which is saying something. >> evan: really? >> zack: we will pay the price today. and the cooler air has a divide across the united states and you see the chillier air mass further northwest, but we will see its impact as we make our way into the upcoming work week with more rain on the way. i will let you know what we see with the wet weather pattern. >> evan: voters gave hillary clinton the big win in the nevada caucuses, beating bernie sanders and in the first southern primary, donald trump easily won south carolina. his second straight victory, leaving marco rubio and ted cruz
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meghan hughes reports from columbia. >> reporter: candidates are looking to score with voters this superbowl sunday . . . >> following big plays last night on the debate stage. >> let me talk, quiet. front runner donald trump appearing on this week, standing by some of his most controversial stances. >> >> evan: sorry about that, folks, looks like that was an older story there. we will try to get the new one coming up in a few minutes. news 13 did send crews throughout north carolina for yesterday's primaries. coming up in the next half hour, we have team coverage from the state to our south. a seventh person is confirmed dead overnight after a shooting spree in kalamazoo county, michigan. police say they have a suspect in custody. an undersheriff says a man in his 50s started randomly firing at people at multiple locations shooting victims in an apartment complex, a car dealership, and outside a restaurant.
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attacks have been connected to the same person. a mototcycle accident in woodfin is the third in our area in thehe last three days. this one happened around 9:00 friday night. according to the preliminary investigation, authorities say the motorcycle driver was speeding. but he also -- excuse me, the officer said with warmer weather it is a good idea to pay extra attention because more road. >> spring is coming. people are getting their bikes out. they are getting antsy and people are not aware of what is going on. they need to be more aware of their surroundings, take your time. you will get to where you're going. just take your time. >> evan: that's rally both parties, the officer says, those on bikes and in cars. if you are looking for a fun night out that will test your wits and challenge your fears, asheville escape room could be just what you are looking for. the physical adventure game requires you to solve clues and puzzles to get out of the room before the clock runs out. news 13's hope hanselman joins us live from one of those rooms
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and, hope, you are trying out the casino mob boss room; is that right? >> hope: that's right, evan. it might not look like it right now because when you first come in to the casino mob boss room it is dark, which is one of your first puzzles you have to start. this is kyle ferrington who is joining us, so, kyle, first of all, when you first bring people into this room, how do you start things off? >> we first tell them welcome to mr. belmont's office. he is the casino owner. he is crook and dirty and your main objective is to find and print his list of bribes from the computer but to do that you have to figure out a lot of puzzles. so we point the people to the time we are here, you have one hour to figure out everything. find the right keys, codes, and clues to make it out in time. there is a cd player here for your listening enjoyment, a smoke detector for your safety, otherwise it's good luck. >> hope: and everything else in the room can play into these puzzles that you are trying to solve.
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this black bag right here. there is a light in it, also. light. i will bring it over here, and shine it on this box. let's see if, if i shine it, i can see where there are fingerprints on here. did i do it? okay, good. we can get the lights on. so we solved one puzzle here in the mob boss room. we have a lot more to do. we have those objectives to figure out. you have an hour in each room. you have other rooms here, too, right? >> yes, that's right. we have one that's the house in the woods. it's creepier and scarier and atmospheric and it's a very different style of room. you go in there and it's a completely different race. we will close that down in a couple weeks to be remodeled into something different. >> hope: cool. there is a lot of reasons to get out and check this out but we want toohow you more of what goes into each one of these rooms. i want to tell you, too, the
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this is something so different for asheville and really a cool thing to come check out with your friends. hour. we will show you more and i will put my words to the test. the studio. >> evan: thanks so much,. >> hope:. we have a "early bird gets the win" giveaway this morning. we love to give you stuff on the weekend show. yesterday we previewed the asheville lyric opera's upcoming performance of the "magic flute" studio. >> zack: today we are giving away two tickets to "the magic flute" in early april, there are two shows to choose from, go to 13 to enter. >> evan: we will announce the winner just before 8:00, good luck. that would be a great show. >> zack: idea really impressed that baretone? he was hitting notes i didn't know were possible. >> evan: an asheville guy, impressive. >> zack: i think we may be right?
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one. if you go outside, rain jacket handy, scattered showers will be seen but this is just the beginning of the wet pattern ahead with heavy downpours and u see it there. thunderstorms in the forecast during the i can't wither months. i will tell you when those can be seen, coming up after the break.
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>> zack: welcome back. cloud cover to start the day but the showers are quickly approaching. they will not be fully wide spread but we will call them scattered as we make our way into the afternoon hours today. i want you to notice they are coming from just about due west, and yes, they will be impacting the extreme western counties first, and for those down in the upstate, but then i do think some areas of the mountains are going to be seeing the scattered showers, even east of i-26. but, there is going to be a shift in the wind and that's going to bring in a bigger moisture content as we make or way into the work week. but, as we make our way into the second half of the weekend, not too much of an impact. 40 degrees in asheville, slightly cooler than what we saw yesterday morning, but our afternoon highs are going to be warmer than what we saw yesterday. we are back into the low and mid 60s for those in the mountains. maybe even closer to the 70 degrees mark as we head furthererouth. but, a big implication if you are heading out to any destination this morning is the visibility issue. fog will be seen, reducing the visibility down to maybe even less than a quarter mile at
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so just be safe safe on the roadways. bigger picture, we have a cold front splitting the country in half. the cooler air mass behind it. it is going to be sliding towards our region. so our temperatures are going to be around our average for this time of year come monday, tuesday, and wednesday. the warmer weather is going to be coming to an end. as i mentioned, there is an area of low pressure that's going to be moving in from the west. that's actually wrapping in the moisture from the south, and that's when we will start to see the bigger impacts. we will put you in the hour-by-hour forecast now. overcast conditions through the morning hours, spotty showers are going to be seen. and you start to see that westerly flow going through. afternoon. but notice what happens as we head overnight bringing us into tomorrow morning. a little bit of clearing, so i'm expecting another patchy fog-type morning but then we see due south. that is going to be impacting the upstate first and then we see it in the mountains. however it is going to be packing a punch as we go from monday through wednesday with even accumulation upwards of about 2-3." not going to be the case over
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i think the accumulation less than a tenth of an inch in many mountain locatioios. by tomorrow, maybe a quarter inch in some localized spots but really tuesday and wednesday will be the hardest hitting days. and then by thursday, we will drop off our temperatures and we could see a wintry mix in the early morning hours, and then we're going to start clearing out this system. 63 degrees is what we are forecasting later this afternoon. unbelievable for this time of year. take look at the upstate. greenwood, 69 degrees. we are just shy of that in gaffney, greer going to be forecasted 67. overall a warm day. but i do think we will pay the price. take a look at this. mind and tuesday, rain showers, but wednesday we may mix in thunderstorms. we will be back in the 50s at that point and clearing the skies out. but thursday morning we could see just a bit of that snowflake because we are dropping the temperaturing below the freezing point in the overnight hours. >> evan: so the possibility of snow later this week? >> zack: we're just talking flurries, i'm notot thinking in terms of an impact. >> evan: no accumulation?
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>> evan: scott hill used our "see it, shoot it, send it" feature to send a shot of sugar loaf mountain in ednyville for valentine's day. >> zack: pretty timely for valentine's day. log on to or e-mail the >> evan: remember, you can get your daily skywatch weather forecast sent right to your mobile phone. all you have to do is go to you can sign up to get your weather forecast, school
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>> evan: you can comparison shop for almost everything except for some of the most services you will need, health care. what if you tryd? "full measure" did and found interesting results. news 1's jay siltzer talked to host sharyl attkisson about this week's cover story. >> jay: cheryl, how did you go about shopping for procedures? >> reporter: we partnered up with a consumer group and we chose 6 states and called dozens of hospitals and simply asked how much does it cost to get the same procedure, a basic mri knee for adults. and this is more important because under obama-care, doubles are up and out of pocket expenses are up and people are forgoing medical care because it's so expensive so it's important to shop around to get a better deal for the procedure. >> jay: what kind of price variations did you find?
6:16 am
incredible. you can get a knee mri for $400 in some places, but manan many thousands more, sometimes in essense right across the street. and the consumer groupup looked at these variations and couldn't tie them to any specific reason. it's not because of rent, location, real estate, or quality. these are just sort of random prices devised by each hospital individually, showing that it does pay to shop around if you can pay thousands of dollars less for the exact same thing. >> jay: fascinating. and you have a report on a young woman in france who is a rising political rock star? >> reporter: yes. this is a woman that i guess you can kind of say is the equivalent of donald trump in some ways in france, although she's in her 20s and has quite a following. she is tackling immigration, migration and terrorism head on. very interesting figure, scott thuman is interviewing her and we will have that story as well. >> jay: and ingrebl reports on
6:17 am
share examples, if you will? >> reporter: all kinds of new examples, including the state department paying for packaged air. your tax dollars going for supercharged moon shine. solar powered beer. we have all kinds of examples. >> jay: we always heard they would try to charge few for air, and there you have it. thanks for joinings us, sharyl, "full measure" airs this morning at 10:30 on news 13. >> evan: a home grown push to help farmers with the business side. coming up, where hundreds went to cultivate partnerships
6:18 am
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>> >> zack: welcome back, another mild start. we are seeing fog across the mountain locations. 40 degrees in asheville, that fog could reduce visibility down
6:20 am
so, if you are heading out on the roadways to any sunday morning destination, make sure you give yourself maybe just a little more time, and distance between you and other vehicles as you are heading out the door. 53 degrees right now in greenville. absolutely incredible for this time of year. we will be rising closer to the 60s, if not near 70 degrees as we make our way further south later on this afternoon. so, here it is. 63 degrees is what we we are forecasting in asheville, 12 degrees above average for this time of year. nearly everyone in western north carolina is going to be into the upper 50s and low 60s. you don't see the mid 50s until you make your way further north towards newland, forecasted at 56 degrees. greer at 67. we are met there for many locations in the upstate. but, we will start to take a hit in terms of our our afternoon highs with rain showers monday thru wednesday. >> evan: 6:21. we are in the "carolina kitchen" with adam wilson and rodrigo maura from the square root
6:21 am
this morning? we have sweet smelling stuff on the stove. >> we will sample this fabulous brunch special. we will do today back at the restaurant. it's a cinnamon roll french toast. >> evan: that sounds amazing. >> there is two ways of doing this. we took the long way of actually making dough for the french toast. you're making a sweet dough, rolling it out. brushing it with butter and cinnamon and 14u gar, rolling it up, proofing it and slicing it. or you can go to the store and buy it in the cans. >> evan: what does proofing it mean? >> we make the dough and we oil a bowl and actually let the dough rise. once the dough rises we knead it back down, roll it out and fill it. >> evan: okay. >> what we have is the dough we finished. butter the dish and we are going to score the dough. so we take our knife and we will make lines in it, to give room for our egg custard that will go
6:22 am
>> so we have six whole eggs here. >> evan: yolk and all? >> yolk and all. heavy cream, this is what you use to make french toast. cinnamon. >> evan: obviously all the recipes will be on the web site if you want to make one of these at home. >> and fresh nutmeg. >> evan: you know, all the chefless i know and respect use fresh nutmeg, never out of the little cans. >> no, it's beautiful arrowmatics. >> evan: oh, yeah. together. >> evan: amazing. >> now we will pour our egg dough. >> evan: this is a really healthy dish, adam, from what you are saying? >> depend on how much you eat.
6:23 am
we have a cup of them. and then -- >> evan: it smells delicious. >> and we have a cup of maple syrup on top. >> you go right in there with the syrup. >> right in there. then it will go in our oven. we will do it for about 350/375 degrees for half an hour and it will go in the oven and with the magic of t.v. -- >> evan: look at that. >> voila. on the next segment i will show you how do the ( ) cream cheese icing that goes right on top. >> evan: cream cheese icing, i can see a sample over there. thanks so much. e.
6:24 am
we will be right back. what makes thermacare different? two words: it heals. how? with heat. unlike creams and rubs that mask the pain, thermacare has patented heat cells that penetrate deep to increase circulation and accelerate healing. let's review: heat, plus relief, plus healing, equals thermacare. the proof that it heals is you. you're unpacking already? yeah, help me find some mugs.
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(beep) hey... o.k. they'll do. wake up to the mountain grown aroma of folgers. the best part of wakin' up so, where do you want to start? i think this is a pretty good place. is folgers in your cup >> evan: farmers across the mountains are cultivating partnerships to help their growing businesses. a few hundred people attended the 13th annual business of farming conference at unc asheville yesterday. it's put on by the appalachian sustainable agriculture project and gives local growers the opportunity to meet with
6:26 am
restaurants to further the agriculture industry here. >> it's not only about the networking, meetings and buyers, we have buyers from whole foods and ingals and farm burger and lots of other restaurants here. but we are hearing from farmers every day saying i made a great contact. i learned this about my farming business that i never knew before. >> evan: legal consultants were also on hand to allow growers to ask questions about their personal farming businesses and practices. >> hope: somewhere in this clue, right here, is my answer to getting into the next block. i'm still working on it.
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>> evan: donald trump won saturday's first in the south presidential primary in south carolina with an overwhelming double digit victory. the race for second was a virtual tie between marco rubio and ted cruz with rubio just inching cruz out. about 1,000 votes separating them. each with about 22%. john kasich, ben carson, and jeb bush rounded out the race and the former florida governor now says he is sustaining the campaign after a string of disappointing finishes. we have team coverage across south carolina for the primary yesterday. including reaction from the candidates. but, let's get a look at the weather. flip-flops yesterday, zack? i wore flip-flops. >> zack: and you will probably want to bring them out today. just in terps of the temperatures but you may need the umbrella on top to keep your feet dry. we will start to see scattered showers across our region. we are quiet right now. a bit of fog concerns in the early morning hours. certainly a divide across the country with a big sweeping cold front. and we are going to see the
6:30 am
but we are also going to see more wide spread accumulation. i will let you know how long this wet weather pattern is going to last coming up in a >> evan: senator ted cruz was in a tight race with marco rubio south carolina gop primary. we start our team coverage with the man who came in first. news 13's frank fraboni was at the spartanburg marriott the site of the victory party for donald trump. >> reporter: a decisive victory tonight for donald trump here in south carolina, but one he is not taking for granted. >> but i just want to congratulate the other candidates. there is nothing easy about running for president, i can tell you. it's tough. it's nasty. it's mean. it's vicious. it's beautiful. when you win it's beautiful. >> i'm still attorney between cruz and trump but i knew trump would take south carolina. >> nobody or anyone at a kid doesn't like common core. we want to get rid of common core and donald trump is the
6:31 am
>> the people in this community, every time i see them. they want education locally. the parent, the teacher, they want to do it. they don't want bureaucrats in washington telling them how to educate their children. >> south carolina is known for picking winners. the winner here has gone on to become the nominee every year since 1980, with only one exception, in 2012. in spartanburg, frank fraboni, news 13. >> nicki haley, senator tim scott and representative tray go di, rubio said he is the one that can unite the republican party and it's a three. >> person race and we predict he is the one voters will choose. >> i know our campaign gives us the best chance, not just to come together, not just to unify our party, but to unify our country and to grow this
6:32 am
rubio congratulated trump and praised jeb bush for running and now it's on to nevada. in columbia, aaron adelson, news 13. >> reporter: emotions ran high at the state fairgrounds in columbia as ted cruz supporters came here by the hundreds. the crowd was completely silent or nearly silent as donald trump read his victory speech from the upstate. the crowd began cheering after former florida governor jeb bush announced he was dropping out of the race. and the crowd went wild after cruz took the stage touting his conservative record and predicting he would eventually take the gop presidential nomination despite trailing trump in both new hampshire and now south carolina. >> and i will tell you this, i cannot wait to stand on that debate stage with hillary clinton or bernie sanders or whatever other socialist they nominate. >> and the truth is really revealed. people are getting to see, he is who he says he is. >> with south carolina over
6:33 am
and the states for superted cruz which is a must win for cruz in the other states. in columbia, darren bow hell toe toe, news 13. >> evan: stick with news 13, with a look at yesterday's democratic race in the nevada caucuses. >> you can challenge your partner and your friends with a fun physical adventure game that will put all of you to the test. the asheville escape room will keep you guessing until you find your way out. news 13's hope hanselman has been try the kay snow room for the last half hour. hope, how is it coming? >> hope: this is tough. this is no easy task. i have ashley fox with me with the a. escape room and tell me about your success rate also for this room, because it's not just me, right? >> it is. we know how challenging it is. so, it's definitely tough. this one has a success rate of 16-20% so far. we are not quite sure on numbers because we have only been there
6:34 am
the other rooms have been open for a while so it does seem people can get it by 5%. >> hope: if you areta38s>:p\ sgxp?je_*o :d this directional lock. we have got these cards and you will notice them throughout the room. i found one over here, and then it's all correlating to this map, this string. i have got to figure out the directions on it. ashley, too, has another one over there. what do you have? >> down here we have the no. 2 from that lock, it's actually a shredder, so once you open it up and see what's inside, they will find the2 shredded documents that he doesn't want anyone to sign to get into the lock. >> hope: if you can piece together those, you may have a chance.
6:35 am
>> definitely. we know how challenge it is. we don't want people struggling and not having fun. so we do a system tailored to each room. for instance this one, all you have to do is ask for help, a limited number of time, of course. so no one is not having fun. >> hope: and those folks are able to watch over the cameras that are built into the rooms and they were so excited about watching people get close to figuring these things out. they are just, you know, right on the other end of the screen wanting to reach through and help them a little bit. this is so much fun. i will try to put together the clue. i will show you if i get the lock open next time. but the a. escape is open in asheville. lots of fun for you guys to check out. we have more to talk to you about in the next half hour. live in asheville, hope hanselman, news 13. >> evan: that looks like a lot of fun. and also fun we have a "early bird gets the win" giveaway. yesterday we previewed the asheville lyric opera's per foe mansion of the "magic flute" with a live opera performance.
6:36 am
away two shows in early april to pick from, go to 13 to enter. >> evan: we will announce the winner just before 8:00. good luck to you. >> zack: we were looking up the mob room hope is in and right now and the other one has a 5% chance of feting out, which is scary enough in itself. look at this photograph? >> evan:. it's a house in the woods, they have a casino mob boss room and the other choice of house in the woods, not sure i want that one. >> zack: i want no part of that one. i'm all about the mob one, hope. she is giving us hints. >> evan: keep trying. >> zack: if you want to go the escape room, today might be the day to do it. it will be a little wet, scattered showers, but this is the start of the wet weather pattern we will see as we head into the work week. heavy downpours at times and yes, you see it there, even thunderstorms. i will let you know when those can be seen and how long this
6:37 am
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now, in high definition, this is your news 13 skywatch forecast. >> zack: welcome back, folks. we saw overcast skies for the first half of the weekend, much more of the same for the morning and we are starting to see some of the rain trying to make their way in towards the mountains but they are coming from due west. that will be the track throughout the course of the day, but as we head into monday, tuesday, and wednesday, we are going to have a bit of a different system and i think that one is going to be packing a little bit more of a punch. but, we will see warmer temperatures this afternoon. we are back into the low and mid 60s across our region. unbelievably warm for this time of year. 40 degrees right now in asheville, which is slightly cooler than what we saw 24 hours ago.
6:40 am
in burnsville and that's even warmer than what we are seeing down in the upstate. but, there is some reduced visibility at times. due to patchy fog, reducing it to a less than a quarter mile. if you head out to a sunday morning destination give yourself time and try to stay further from other vehicles on the roadway to ensure some safety. so, there is a cold front that's separating the united states with a cooler air mass on the back side of it, ahead of that we are still keeping the warmer air locked in. that's what we will see later this afternoon. but the first system is going to bring in a few scattered showers as we make our way into sunday afternoon. but, then there's a system that's actually out in central texas that will dive east and then we will start to see the increasing moisture actually coming up on the gulf of mexico from the south and southwest. let's put this into motion for you now. overcast conditions throughout the course of the day today, heading into about lunchtime. we will start to see some of those scattered showers rolling through our region as we head into the afternoon hours, they become a little more wide spread
6:41 am
think the impact and accumulation is going to be minimal. watch what happens overnight bringing us into tomorrow. we start to clear things out, a potential for another foggy morning and we start to see the moisture moving in due south and then it's going to engulf our region. that's going to be the case monday, tuesday, as well as wednesday. as i mentioned, little in terms of accumulation. i think less than a tenth of an inch, but by tomorrow we will ramp those chances up and then by tuesday and wednesday, that's when the hardest hitting stuff is going to be seen and at that point our temperatures are sliding back closer to the average for this time of year. it won't be the case today, 63 degrees in asheville, we are there at hendersonville, closer to the 70 degrees mark for those down in the upstate. here is your seven-day forecast. you see monday thru wednesday, that's that 72 hour period, but the brubt of the storm is going to be, by thursday morning we will start to clear things out. but we could even get a wintry mix on the. by friday back down to the low 40s with sunshine.
6:42 am
>> evan: next, meet our "person of the week" and find out all he has my computer's dying again. you'll need to email us so we can issue you a ticket. but you're right here. it's protocol. or, you can try staples tech services next day guarantee. it's fast and done right. i'll do that instead. that's not protocol marsha. in by noon, out by 5 the next day.
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6:44 am
>> evan: 6:44. music play add vital role in the life of our "person of the week" for 40 years. a life-changing condition almost shattered his dreams but not his desire to use his talent for people who may need it most. >> [music playing] >> reporter: for the senior citizens at cherry springs village, moosk makes their day. when sammy burnett comes around, he is bringing more than entertainment, it's soothing for the soul. >> they can talk to him and make requests. they can share and it's a calming, calm environment for them. >> reporter: some of the residents have a hard time
6:45 am
has a way of raising a reaction. >> can you imagine staying here for as long as he did and you don't have entertainment that will flourish your mind differently? >> reporter: for sammy, you might say music is in his blood. he began playing in childhood with his father. >> i played in all different kinds of bands, rock bands, bluegrass bands. >> reporter: he had high hopes music would take him in a direction people dream of, but when a large tumor was music stopped. >> a grapefruit sized tumor. it took 20 years to grow. from any nasal cavity backwards. >> reporter: it took three brain operations and even reconstruction of his forehead. >> this is fake. this skin is real. >> reporter: so now, he finds himself here.
6:46 am
assisted living homes all over henderson county. >> he's incredible. he has the cinco patient down. >> reporter: and for people like george call, a guy who can relate to sammy on a personal level. >> well, i had a brain operation. i got shot in the head with a nail gun. >> reporter: sammy burnett is an example, a testimony of not letting talent die with a dream. >> because he is not using it as an excuse to just be flittering in and out. >> reporter: no excuses. just a new reason to play for people who know something about life taking a different turn. >> i said no, i'm going to start playing for why they gave me this talent. it's god's turn. >> reporter: he still has the talent but he tells those who listen that talent alone won't bring happiness, it's knowing how to use it that brings a sense of purpose to play on.
6:47 am
older individual, young people, just to not give up. >> never give up. just keep going. you are an inspiration for people when you do that. >> evan: if you know someone our "person of the week," someone who is inspirational, goes above and beyond to make a difference, tell us about them, sent send it to and include names and phone numbers. >> big battle in the big south. unc asheville and winthrop shooting for first place in the conference standings.
6:48 am
bulldogs will get their i get out of work and i go to the store, and somebody's, smellin' around, "mmm! i smell cookies." i say, "oh no, you just smell me. i just got out of work. that's honey bunches of oats, that's all."
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tt0w!t.*(=! %4@-,2( tt0w!t.*(=! el@-&5d tt0w!t.*(=! ed@- 7 tt0w!t.*(=% )8h-@i\ tt0w!t.*(=% kzh-]& tt0w!t.*(=% n-h-(o, tt0w!t.*(=% 0ph-6(4 tt0w!t.*(=% s"h-&zt tt0w!t.*(=% ueh-%8$ tt0w!t.*(=% 7hh-9:p >> zack: another mild start to the day, 40 degrees right now in asheville. so, maybe slightly cooler than what we saw yesterday. but still, we are going to keep things on the warm side as we are going into the second half of the weekend. some fog concerns through the early morning hours. we are looking at patchy fog across the region. reducing visibility down to less than a quarter mile at times. so if you run into that, make sure you stay safe on the roadways. down in greenville, look at that. 53 degrees. really impressive for this time of year. later on this afternoon, we will be rising the temperatures up and in a big way, nearly 12, maybe 15 degrees above our average for this time of year. but, you see the icon on the top left-hand side. we are looking at a few chances of scattered showers but there is certainly more on the way as we go into the work week. but, here we are starting off our sunday fun day right with some delicious food.
6:51 am
square root restaurant. and of course his south chef rodrigo. we made an unbelievable dish. evan and i jumped the gun a little bit and we had to try a piece of that and we will talk about the icing on that. >> what is the best part of the cinnamon roll, the icing? i always wanted to lick the beater. we will use the softened butter. >> zack: is that leaving it on the tabletop or microwave? >> leave it on the tabletop for an hour and then we have cream cheese. >> zack: all right. how much cream cheese do you put on there? it's a bit of a difference in ratio there. >> cream cheese is two ounces and our butter is 6-7 tablespoons. >> zack: all right. >> we will beat those together. >> zack: okay. whoops. maybe if we -- >> little malfunction. once we -- what you do is you wait them together and then we will add the liquid ingredients next.
6:52 am
there we go. one will work just fine, right? so what are you looking for in terms of consistency, when you are beating this together? >> we get it nice and whipped up, soft and smooth. >> zack: okay. >> if you will help me out here, that's milk, two tablespoons of milk, whole milk. >> zack: all right. just introduce it in there. >> perfect. our next liquid inagreedient is going to be vanilla. >> zack: this is one you can get out of the small bottle in the store, right? >> all right. once we have our liquid ingredients in we will go in with the dry ingredients which is a pinch of kosher salt and a cup and a half of powdered sugar, known as confectioner's sugar. >> zack: what does the salt do for the taste? it balances the taste, right? >> it balances the sweetness. >> zack: all right.
6:53 am
top of this as well? am i pouring this whole thing on? >> a little bit at a time. >> zack: you tell me when. i'm no chef, but i can do this. >> you're doing great. >> >> zack: let me see here. we have 30 seconds left and we will be whipping this up. you can see right on top of this dish he's already got it really made out for us, but after this, we will be making a drink as well as a bloody mary. >> bacon cheese burger bloody mary. i'm excited about that.
6:54 am
6:55 am
6:56 am
we will b >>luke: after this weekend, unc asheville has two games left in the regular season for men's basketball. it was the bulldogs against the eagles of winthrop. both teams tied for first place. fourth quarter, nick mcdevitt and the bulldogs, down 79-74. kevin finds duane sutton to knock down a triple from the wind, the bloopings cut the lead to 79-77. 10 seconds left, a i aamad thomas has the free flow, kevin scores 3 of 21 point, none bigger than these right here as asheville cuts the lead to 81-8 to 0.
6:57 am
inbound pass and loses footing, turns over the basketball and that's how the game ends. winthrop takes over first place in the big south, beating unc asheville, 81-80. when you talk about dominating the competition, the carolina day girls basketball program set that bar very high. the wildcats won their sixth conservative state championship on saturday, beating davidson 43-34. meanwhile, the inca jets won their first ever team state wrestling championship on saturday night. congratulations to the jets, and some other individual state champs. josh blatt from north henderson, dalton beaver from mitchell and ryan shepherd from avery county and anthony from cherokee and tony mcgill from mcdowell win state tiles as well. congratulations to all of these outstanding student athletes. that is a look at sports. have a great start to your sunday,, everyone, i'm luke notestine for news 13 sports. >> hope: okay the clock is ticking in the asheville escape room and my next challenge is to
6:58 am
6:59 am
we will find out next. my tempur-pedic cuddles better than my husband does... ...but that's just between you and me. it's really cool to the touch. at mattress firm,get zero percent apr financing. visit mattress firm, america's number one tempur-pedic retailer today. now, in high definition, from the western north carolina's news leader, this is news 13 this weekend. >> evan: we have a "early bird gets the win" giveaway for you this morning, folks. yesterday, we previewed the asheville lyric opera's upcoming performance of the magic flute, with a live opera singer in the studio. >> zack: today we are giving aby two tickets to that show in early april.
7:00 am
from, which you have to do is go to 13 and that's how you will enter. >> evan: we will announce the winner just before 8:00 this morning. good luck to you all. that was a great opera singer in here yesterday. very impressive. >> zack: phenomenal. you and i got a chance to sing a little opera. >> evan: we did a few months ago. >> zack: a gentlemen singing "fig arrow." >> evan: i wouldn't even try that slow. we have the first in the south primary in south carolina. we have news 13's hope hanselman at a an interesting adventure game here in asheville. but first, today looking as warm as yesterday? >> zack: even warmer still, and on top of that we will bring you the rain showers. it might not be the best day to head outdoors but maybe the warm temperatures will have you creep outside. just bring the rain jacket along, folks, but the scattered showers are going to be seen. the cooler air is going to start region. so the 60s will become a thing of the past.


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